Work anniversaries are an opportunity to thank your team for all of their hard work and accomplishments, and to celebrate all of the prospects that lie ahead for your organization.

Even if you are aware of how much you respect your team members, a little reminder can go a long way.

Therefore, giving work anniversary gifts for these significant dates are a simple way to remind your team how much you appreciate them.

In this piece, we’ll go over 27 ideas to make your work anniversary gifts a success, including:

  • Insulated ceramic bottle
  • Artisanal gourmet tower
  • Poppies grow kit

Let’s jump right in.

Table of Contents

What’s a Work Anniversary Gift?

  1. Insulated Ceramic Bottle
  2. Artisanal Gourmet Tower
  3. Poppies Grow Kit
  4. Eco-Commuter Bundle 
  5. Tabletop Fire Pit
  6. Beach Blanket Drawstring
  7. Fabric Wireless Charging Pad
  8. Wireless Charging Journal
  9. Wireless Charging Dock Station
  10. Phone Sanitizer with Wireless Charging Pad
  11. Eco-friendly Computer Backpack
  12. Virtual Reality Headset with Headphones
  13. Daylight Desk Lamp
  14. Sleek Presentation Portfolio
  15. 7-in-1 Game Set 
  16. Wine Cast Set
  17. Champagne Flute Gift Set
  18. Recyclable Scented Candle
  19. Aluminum Photo Frame
  20. Outdoor Wellness Set
  21. Woven Fabric Bluetooth Speaker
  22. Wireless Mouse & Pad
  23. Outdoor Gear Bag
  24. Custom Apparel
  25. “Thank You” Gift Bag
  26. Gin & Tonic Cocktail Kit
  27. Handwritten Note

Anniversary Celebration Tips

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s a Work Anniversary Gift?

A work anniversary gift is a customized item that’s given away to thank your employees for their work and dedication throughout the years they have been with your company.

To start with, a successful year with your staff positions your organization for future success.

Employee turnover creates more havoc than most of us would like to acknowledge.

According to Employee Benefit News (EBN) estimates, turnover costs $15,000 per person, including the expense of rehiring and training.

Employee turnover also contributes to lower productivity simply because fewer team members are available to complete tasks.

As the surviving workers are overburdened with more work to make up the difference, their stress levels grow, making them significantly less likely to perform to their full potential.

This decrease in staff productivity is also a financial loss for your company.

According to a HubSpot analysis, wasted productivity costs U.S. firms a staggering $1.8 trillion per year.

Being genuinely interested in your workers and their growth at your firm is one of the most excellent methods to reduce employee turnover.

On a related note, according to SHRM, 80% of HR experts said their company had an employee appreciation strategy, and work anniversary gifts are considered part of this plan.

Hence, celebrating key occasions such as work anniversaries is one fantastic way to show your staff how much you care (and keep them motivated to stay employed with you). 

Before we go into the 27 work anniversary gift ideas, let’s go over some important tips:

1. Keep a record of everyone’s accomplishments

It’s vital to track when everyone on your staff joins and how long they’ve been with your company.

We advocate for maintaining a centralized calendar to which everyone has access; this allows your team to celebrate each milestone together, contributing to a more pleasant company atmosphere.

2. Personalize gifts

The best work anniversary present will be tailored to that unique employee.

Each member of your organization’s team is unique, so make their presents one-of-a-kind and tailored to them, their personalities, and their distinguishing characteristics (as well as their interests, when possible!)

3. Keep gifts balanced

Keep track of how much you spend on each present and stick to it.

You’ll want to ensure that every employee feels valued and that no one is unappreciated.

When it comes to presenting unique and customized presents, this might be a little more difficult; therefore, it’s crucial to consider the cost of each gift.

4. Set up a fund for work anniversary gifts

If you set aside money for certain occasions, you’ll be able to provide more fabulous presents and stay within your budget.

Employees can detect sincere attempts, so when firms neglect to spend for employee engagement, they often find themselves scrambling at the last minute or skipping recognition entirely.

However, if you plan ahead of time for work anniversaries, you’ll be far more prepared to create an impression with a thoughtful present.

5. Celebrate based on tenure

The typical employee stays with a business for 4-5 years.

As a result, it is critical to recognize team members who have stayed loyal year after year.

 As a result, we recommend organizing your award program around tenure.

In addition, increase your budget for personnel who have been with your organization for five years or more.

These team members are significant to your business, so make sure you uniquely express your gratitude.

Now, let’s take a look at our 27 work anniversary gift ideas which your employees are sure to love (and get lots of use out of).

1. Insulated Ceramic Bottle

This insulated ceramic bottle looks great for an employee work anniversary gift.

Just take a look at how colorful and vibrant it is! You can customize an insulated ceramic bottle to match your company’s branding to really personalize it, and even add your staff members’ name to it for an extra personal touch.

This leakproof, ceramic-coated flask offers a pure, unmistakable flavor with every drink while also keeping your coffee boiling hot.

2. Artisanal Gourmet Tower

We all love some yummy snacks.

These artisanal gourmet delicacies take center stage in this simple 13″ tall tower, ideal for employee recognition.

You can also pair it up with a gift voucher to make a valuable gift basket.

Your loyal employees will be highly impressed with this one, whether they’re on a remote team or in the physical office.

3. Poppies Grow Kit

Plants are thoughtful gifts that show appreciation for any occasion or special day. With that in mind, this poppies grow kit makes for a beautiful and personalized gift.

This kit provides everything your employee would need to care for and grow a houseplant. The little clay kit has a glazed interior and comes with a system that delivers water and nutrients to the plant’s roots to make it even easier to care for.

This planter has you covered whether you forget to water, overwater, or do both.

4. Eco-Commuter Bundle

This eco-commuter bundle is both a great sustainable present choice and an employee appreciation gift.

It makes a cool company swag item as it has everything you need for your lunchtime meal.

It has a lightweight lunch container that is ideal for bringing your salad, grain bowl, or leftovers.

Moreover, you get to say “no more plastic utensils” with this set of stainless steel cutlery, as it comes in a silicone carrying box to keep things organized and clean (and easy to carry).

Author’s Note: You can pair this item with a customized coffee mug for a great office bundle.

5. Tabletop Fire Pit

This tabletop fire pit is a unique gift and is entirely out of the box.

With your frosted corporate logo design blazing through the reflection and warmth of the blue glass pebbles, your staff will watch the flame dance behind the windproof glass.

When fully fueled, the fire pit will burn for 2-3 hours without emitting any smoke, soot, or ash, which is a great bonus.

This item also comes with a ceramic fiber cotton wick that produces a lovely flame with a steady burn.

Let’s check out the next item on our list.

6. Beach Blanket Drawstring

This beach blanket drawstring will look amazing with your company logo imprinted on top.

This microfiber beach blanket is ideal for spending the day at the beach.

In addition, the blanket folds up into a drawstring pouch, making it simple to pack and travel with!

7. Fabric Wireless Charging Pad

This high-tech item is a special gift and is here to make a statement.

Just take a look at how cool your gift can look!

The fabric wireless charging pad has specific charging areas for iPhones, Apple Watches, and Airpods/Airpod Pros.

It provides up to 7.5W of power to iPhones and other compatible devices.

In addition, the built-in Apple watch charger magnetically keeps the watch in place while charging, making it extra convenient.

It is compatible with the majority of plastic phone/Airpods cases.

Another great bonus is that it’s packaged in a high-quality gift box to make one of the best work anniversary gifts.

Moreover, it makes the perfect gift for millennial staff who are interested in tech-related products (or any other techie geeks on your team, for that matter).

8. Wireless Charging Journal

Another cool tech item? Sign us up!

This wireless charging journal is a game-changer and makes a great anniversary gift choice for all the right reasons.

You can charge your smartphone wirelessly with this journal.

To use this specialty journal as a charger, attach the front wireless charging pad to a power source using a Micro to USB connection.

This wireless charging journal also comes with an elastic cover, a pen loop, 80 pages of cream-lined paper, and a great gift box to celebrate all of your employee’s great work.

9. Wireless Charging Dock Station

This wireless charging dock station looks very sleek, and many employees who are a fan of simple but modern design will love its simple design and convenience.

This item makes for a great work anniversary gift as it combines a fast wireless charging surface with a smartwatch charger stand, true wireless earbuds charging slot, phone/tablet stand, and two organizing compartments into one single piece.

Very practical! Don’t you think?

Let’s see what’s next on the list.

10. Phone Sanitizer with Wireless Charging Pad

This item is the whole combination when it comes to functionality and health & wellness.

This UV phone sanitizer with a wireless charging pad kills 99% of germs tested using UV-C light technology.

Also, there are no worries about UV light exposure, as the sanitization will be halted immediately as the lid is opened.

The wireless pad provides 5W wireless charging, is compatible with most plastic phone covers, and comes with a USB to type C charging cable.

Author’s Tip: You can include some reusable face masks with this item to create an excellent-looking care package that shows how much you care about your employees’ health and well-being.

11. Eco-friendly Computer Backpack

We all need a sturdy computer backpack. This one includes durability while being sustainable all in one.

Also, it has an incredible design and doesn’t look anything like any traditional backpack.

The zipped front pocket is ideal for displaying your brand, and there are two slash pockets to keep you organized.

The backpack also has a cushioned 15″ computer sleeve and a zippered mesh pocket located within the main zippered compartment.

Another premium extra is the cushioned adjustable shoulder straps and sternum buckle that make the backpack comfortable even on extended hikes in the woods. This personalized gift can go right from the office and directly into an outdoorsy adventure.

Author’s Tip: Pair this item with an anniversary card and personalized message to make it memorable. In addition, this cool backpack makes for a great Christmas gift, so if your employee’s work anniversary hits the holiday mark simultaneously, this one is a winner.

12. Virtual Reality Headset with Headphones

VR is definitely in and has been trending for some time now, so you will impress your employees with this one-of-a-kind corporate gift.

This virtual reality headset comes with headphones that connect straight to your smartphone.

In addition, the cushioned headgear makes it possible to enjoy virtual reality in comfort because of the adjustable head strap. The one-size-fits-all sizing makes for an incredibly convenient choice, as well.

13. Daylight Desk Lamp

This daylight desk lamp is the perfect way to say thank you.

As we keep spending more time indoors – especially while working remote – this gift is very thoughtful.

This daylight lamp, which comes in three different light hues (white, natural, and warm), will provide you with your daily dose of sunlight while keeping you alert and focused.

14. Sleek Presentation Portfolio

This sleek presentation portfolio is a wonderful employee anniversary gift, especially when hitting a 1-year work anniversary. 

This item will leave your staff excited for their next big assignment or presentation.

It includes a zipped closing, a comfortable cushioned handle, a 1″ three-ring binder to organize files and documents, and an integrated pen loop.

It also has an internal organizer with a file folder and many business card slots.

Chic and versatile all at the same time!

Let’s keep going with our list.

15. 7-in-1 Game Set 

This 7-in-1 game screams lots of fun!

This set contains checkers, chess, and backgammon game boards and pieces, 28 dominoes, a cribbage board and pegs, a regular deck of cards, four dice, and an instruction manual.

It is truly an all-in-one gift that will offer hours upon hours of fun, even when there’s no wi-fi!

16. Wine Cast Set

A wine cast set for happy hours makes a great gift choice.

The set has everything you need, from bamboo-accented capping to a pourer and a corkscrew to take any wine bottle to the next level.

Just be sure to confirm that your employee enjoys wine before gifting a gift like this.

17. Champagne Flute Gift Set

A champagne flute gift set? We say yes to this classy yet very cool-looking one.

The gift set contains four champagne flutes, each with a double-wall stainless steel construction and a copper vacuum to keep drinks cold for 24 hours – or hot for 6 hours.

Furthermore, these champagne glasses are packaged in a special holographic box and feature a durable protective coating to prevent condensation.

18. Recyclable Scented Candle

Your staff will love to burn this recyclable scented candle on a day off and just relax.

This candle is made entirely of natural soy and is handcrafted. It is also sustainably sourced and manufactured.

19. Aluminum Photo Frame

Photo frames are a classic gift that will never go out of style.

This one is made of aluminum which is very durable and suitable for both desks and walls.

Author’s Tip: You can include a photo of your celebrated employee with the whole team as a token of appreciation. You can also give them a shout-out on any of your social media pages to show your gratitude. 

20. Outdoor Wellness Set

This outdoor wellness set contains a 0.33oz pen sprayer of hand sanitizer, SPF30 sunblock, after-burn mist, insect repellent, and after-bite spray.

All components are stored in a robust carrying case making it perfect for travel, and is a fantastic gift option for the employees who enjoy the outdoors.

21. Woven Fabric Bluetooth Speaker

You will impress your employees with this high-quality gift.

The woven fabric Bluetooth speaker is a 5-watt speaker that produces excellent sound.

The volume and playback settings for this custom speaker are printed on the front of the elegant, woven fabric.

In addition, the speaker includes a built-in microphone, sounds great, and offers you the ability to chat hands-free.

22. Wireless Mouse & Pad

A wireless mouse and pad will always come in very handy.

The wireless mouse and pad are ideal for anyone who works in multiple locations.

The mouse pad can be utilized as a safe travel case for the wireless mouse when not in use.

23. Outdoor Gear Bag

This outdoor gear bag is excellent for all the explorers out there.

The bag is great for any adventure and is appropriate for both experienced and inexperienced outdoor enthusiasts.

In addition, it has a dual-zippered drop-bottom compartment that is ideal for packing and organizing.

24. Custom Apparel 

When it comes to apparel, the choices are endless.

Try to choose an item your employee likes, or one that will be practical for the weather where they are located. For instance, if they like polo shirts, you can get them a customized clothing item.

In addition, you can personalize your celebrated employee an item in their favorite color to make it more unique.

25. “Thank You” Gift Bag

The name of this gift speaks for itself.

This gift includes a specially mixed berry nut mix – many people’s favorite snack – making it an ideal way to say “thank you”.

It is ideal as a stand-alone surprise or gift, or can be matched with stemless wine glasses for added enjoyment.

26. Gin & Tonic Cocktail Kit

Everyone enjoys a fabulous cocktail party, and with this item, your staff will be able to make their yummy drinks.

This cocktail kit comes with an excellent nut mix for snacking, and you can choose from various ribbons to decorate it with to make your own personal touch.

27. Handwritten Note

In an age of digital conveniences, old-fashioned handwritten anniversary cards signify much work and attention.

You can always pair a handwritten note with any gift, and it will always remain a winner.

Anniversary Celebration Tips

We have a few tips for you on how to celebrate 5 years and 5+ years of corporate and employee milestones:

  • How to celebrate a 5-year work anniversary

Keeping someone for five years is an achievement that should be recognized!

When it comes to years of service presents, the five-year mark is a beautiful place to start with employee rewards.

An immersive gift that allows your employee to create memories or engage with your team is an excellent way to commemorate this significant work anniversary.

  • 5th work anniversary gift:

Airbnb and similar platforms make it simple to connect people with fascinating, rewarding excursions and experiences they would not have believed possible otherwise.

If your firm can afford to send an employee away for the weekend, do so.

The cost of an experience may vary from less than $10 per person to well over $100 per person, depending on the duration and complexity of the activities; however, online experiences are often less expensive.

In addition, you can seize the opportunity and offer your celebrated employees some outdoor branded items to prepare them for their getaway.

  • How to celebrate a 10-year work anniversary

Your colleague has earned a great deal of respect and recognition from your organization and team after ten years, so work anniversary gift ideas for workers with this level of employment should represent the exceptional quality of their time with you.

Recognize their successes with a present equal to their years of hard work, and from now on, no scrimping is permitted!

  • Paid sabbatical:

After ten years on your team, your employee undoubtedly deserves a month off.

A one-month paid sabbatical enables people to spend time with their families, work on a passion project, or go on a vacation they’ve wanted to take, all without the obligations or stress of work.

Author’s Tip: To enhance your employee’s time off, feel free to pamper them with some swag items to make them feel more appreciated.

  • How to celebrate a 15-year work anniversary

Your company’s connection with your employee has outlasted most marriages at 15 years!

So reward your employees with a large present and company-wide recognition; it’s not every day that you find an employee committed to the long term.

  • Work anniversary gift ideas for 15 years of service:

They can get a $2,500 gift of their choice.

This employee has demonstrated their dedication to the firm for the last 15 years, and this should be rewarded lavishly!

Moreover, you should provide your employee an in-office appreciation, such as a team-wide cake celebration and a gift of their choice worth around $2,500.

This might take the form of a trip, paid time off, or anything else under the sun!

Author’s Tip: You can always choose some luxury branded products for your celebrated staff to make the experience even more special.

Our post has come to an end; let’s wrap up.

Now Over to You

We hope you will get to use our list very soon to celebrate all of your great employees

Remember that you can always create your swag pop-up shop and let your staff pick their anniversary gifts to make their work anniversaries memorable.

If you need any further assistance or have any other questions, feel free to get back to us anytime.

Thank you for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Should I give my employees work anniversary gifts?

Yes, you should consider giving your employees work anniversary gifts to enhance your company culture and work environment. 

Public recognition and feeling appreciated come with the perks of developing a more stable workspace as you will minimize turnover and foster employee loyalty. 

 Q2. What are some good work anniversary gifts for employees?

Some good work anniversary gifts for employees include

  • Paid time off
  • Handwritten note/greeting card 
  • Custom apparel
  • Plant grow kit
  • Tabletop fire pit

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