The Top 20 Corporate Gifts for Employees & Why They Matter

Corporate gifting is all about showing your employees that you value their hard work and connecting with them on a […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

Corporate gifting is all about showing your employees that you value their hard work and connecting with them on a personal level.

We at PRG, have discussed the importance and benefits of giving promotional gifts to employees quite a few times in the past. 

This time, we’re going to show you some branded items that are trending at the moment, which means that they’re ideal corporate gifts for employees. 

We want to show you that there are plenty of options in terms of appreciation gifts for employees that can be more thoughtful than an Amazon gift card. 

More specifically, we’re going to:

  • Discuss why corporate gifts for employees matter
  • Take you through a list of the top twenty corporate gifts

Feel free to jump straight into the item you’re most interested in or read the whole post to get inspired. 

Here we go. 

Table of Contents

Why Do Corporate Gifts for Your Employees Matter?

Gift #1: Gourmet Snacks

Gift #2: Fun Desk Items

Gift #3: Tea Gift Set

Gift #4: Coloring Kit

Gift #5: Self-care Botanical Kit

Gift #6: Premium Backpack

Gift #7: Hydration Reservoir

Gift #8: Solar Power Bank

Gift #9: Collapsible Cup

Gift #10: RFID Gift Set

Gift #11: 5-in-1 Charging Cable

Gift #12: Screen Cleaner

Gift #13: Writing Pad

Gift #14: Camera Sunglasses

Gift #15: Branded T-shirt

Gift #16: Picnic Basket

Gift #17: Tote Bag

Gift #18: Face Masks and Coverings

Gift #19: Wireless Earbuds

Gift #20: Branded Drinkware

Why Do Corporate Gifts for Your Employees Matter?

Before we get into describing the most popular branded products for employees, we want to discuss some of the main reasons why corporate gifting matters

We understand that companies might be hesitant when it comes to making their own merch and sharing it with their employees, mostly because of the cost and sometimes because they think it’s not necessary. 

However, corporate gifting can be incredibly beneficial. 

We’ve been in the swag industry for some decades now, so here’s what our experience has taught us. 

Reason #1: Enhance personal connections

The first reason why creating and giving away gifts to your employees is important is because, through gift-giving, you enhance personal connections with them

In other words, by trying to find the best products to offer to your employees as gifts, you naturally get to know them better and you connect with them on a deeper level.

Working with someone can give you insights in terms of their personalities, what they like, and how they usually spend their time, but when it comes to creating a personal connection that’ll last over time, you need something more than simply working on a project together. 

Plus, a study has shown that 87% of millennials – the generation now entering and dominating the workforce – who receive a promotional product are more likely to recall a brand. 

That’s a statistically significant finding because memorability in this context can significantly enhance connection. 

To put it simply, employee gifts, especially when they’re thought through and of high quality, can be way into your employees’ hearts. 

Reason #2: Let your employees know they’re valued

The second reason why a personalized gift to an employee is always a good idea is that appreciation gifts do exactly what their name suggests; they show your employees that they’re valued members of the team

In fact, research shows that 81% of employees feel valued and appreciated when they get business gifts from their employers. 

Do we need to say anything more?

The same way getting a gift from a family member or a friend would be an expression of their love and respect to you, a simple Christmas gift in the holiday season or a welcome gift to a new employee shows honest employee appreciation. 

Reason #3: Create a strong corporate culture

One of the most important reasons why corporate gift-giving can be so beneficial for companies is because the process of sharing unique gifts with their team members helps them create and maintain a strong corporate culture. 

By this, we mean that the best corporate gifts, whether it’s a client gift or a gift to an employee, which is our main focus here, can carry and communicate a company’s message and its beliefs. 

A recent piece of research informs us that 90% of employees, in particular employees who are satisfied in their jobs and the way the organization they work for operates, are more likely to proudly represent their companies in public and wear or use promotional products with the company name or the company’s logo. 

We’ve seen the numbers. 

Wanna see the products?

Let’s get into it. 

Gift #1: Gourmet Snacks

We’re going to start unwrapping our list of the hottest corporate gifts for employees with a custom gift box full of gourmet snacks

Food gifts belong to the most popular branded items because they appeal to virtually anyone. 

The reason is simple. 

There’s such a big variety of customizable snacks and candy that you’ll definitely find snacks and treats that any gift recipient will like. 

Avoid snacks that contain allergens or make sure to do a bit of research in terms of your employees’ dietary needs before opting for a gift like this.  

Author’s Tip: With the festive season approaching, we suggest that you start creating gourmet snacks boxes as holiday gifts for your employees. 

Gift #2: Fun Desk Items

Being surrounded by items that make us happy is essential, especially when working from home

That’s why we think a set of fun and useful desk items and office supplies couldn’t be missing from this corporate gifts list. 

When we talk about desk items, we’re not suggesting that you offer your remote employees a couple of pens – although high-quality, branded pens are always welcome! 

Instead, make a thoughtful gift set that includes some office essentials, such as a desk lamp, a deluxe branded notebook, a tablet or laptop stand, and a felt board with letters they can use to write inspirational notes in the mornings. 

Gift #3: Tea Gift Set

We’re in mid-autumn already and people are starting to spend more and more time indoors. 

A great gift for employees this time of the year is a tea gift set

This special gift could also work fantastically as a heartwarming gift for employees who’ve just moved into a new house or as a corporate Christmas gift

Gift #4: Coloring Kit

The fourth gift we have for you is a coloring kit

Give your employees the chance to express their creative selves and channel their anxiety and stress into a relaxing hobby. 

A coloring kit that includes watercolor pencils and a coloring book can be a great spare time activity that’ll allow them to be more focused and calm. 

Gift #5: Self-care Botanical Set

We couldn’t love this gift idea more!

A self-care botanical set is a very popular – and one of the most thoughtful – options when it comes to employee gifting. 

The contents of such a wellness and care package can vary from essential oil diffusers and roll-ons to plant seeds, succulents, and calming self-care products. 

We totally recommend it as a birthday gift for employees or any other special occasion.

Gift #6: Premium Backpack

Who wouldn’t love getting a premium backpack from their employer?

A deluxe branded backpack is one of the most popular merch items because it’s very handy, easy to customize, and offers endless options in terms of size, pricing, colors, etc. 

Plus, depending on the type of backpack, your employees can use it to go to work, go jogging, go travelling, and generally do a number of other activities. 

Gift #7: Hydration Reservoir

Together with a sports backpack or any energy snacks, you could also give your employees a super cool branded hydration reservoir

This isn’t your ordinary swag item. 

It’s extremely useful for those active employees of yours who go jogging every morning or evenings after work. 

It’s lightweight, which means you can easily carry it on your sling bag when doing sports. 

Also, it’s unique compared to other items and will show how imaginative you can be with your gifts. 

Gift #8: Solar Power Bank

Who doesn’t love a good power bank that allows them to stay connected with their electronic devices that always tend to run out of battery. 

We’ve all been in the unpleasant situation of being out and about when suddenly your phone’s battery dies and you can’t even contact your friends or send that very important business email. 

Don’t want to bring up any unpleasant memories but yeah, a power bank is always handy. 

And if it’s a solar power bank like the one shown above, then that’s even better, right?

Gift #9: Collapsible Cup

Reusable cups are becoming more and more popular in terms of corporate gift ideas, with companies all over the world making their own in order to share them with their audience and employees. 

In one sentence, a collapsible cup that can be used and washed a trillion times is a great eco-friendly idea for a gift

Your employees will use it again and again and you’ll know you’ve offered them something that keeps them company in their everyday routine. 

Gift #10: RFID Gift Set

We find this gift set to be one of the most useful on this list. 

As you can see, it’s an RFID travel gift set that includes a number of very handy – when travelling as well as in general – items, such as an RFID wallet, a power bank, and a stylus pen. 

An RFID wallet can be particularly useful when travelling or you’re simply out and about because the RFID technology protects your personal information by blocking anyone who might try to steal your bank card details.

Gift #11: 5-in-1 Charging Cable

Cables are many people’s nightmares because they are almost always cluttered and messy. 

However, with a 5-in-1 charging cable like the one we’re showing you here, your employees won’t have to worry about their chargers being clean and tidy.  

A perfect gift for employees who are in their home office or generally anyone who wants to have their workspace tidy and uncluttered. 

Gift #12: Screen Cleaner

If you’ve experienced working with a computer or if you’re simply using any electronic device in your daily life, which you very likely do, then you know how dirty screens can be. 

A branded screen cleaner might be a small gift, but it’s one of the most practical gifts for employees. 

Whether their work involves working with screens of any kind or not, a screen cleaner will be used by anyone in the family to clean their personal devices. 

Author’s Tip: Consider creating a tech gift basket with various items like a Bluetooth speaker, a Kindle, a laptop stand, and a bottle of screen cleaner.

Gift #13: Writing Pad

We love a cool, old school writing pad when we can find one. 

This branded item comes with various pockets with hook and loop closures that fit most tablets. 

Also, you can use a writing pad to keep your business cards, phone, and pens safe and all in one place.

Gift #14: Camera Sunglasses

Gift idea number fourteen is a pair of camera sunglasses

You may think… why on Earth would one of my employees want a pair of camera sunglasses?

The answer is simple!

A pair of these allows the wearer to take videos and photographs and capture any moment. 

This means that your employees can use them to make memories with their loved ones and have lots of fun when looking back at the videos and photos their sunglasses grabbed. 

Gift #15: Branded T-shirt

The ever popular branded t-shirt is yet another top corporate gift for employees.

There’s a reason why promotional tees are pretty much everywhere we look at on a daily basis. 

They offer various customization options and they can be worn by anyone. 

Plus, they are very successful in terms of advertising a business, so you better make them look as fabulous as humanly possible.

Gift #16: Picnic Blanket

Thinking about corporate gifting in terms of what you can give your employees that they’ll use together with their loved ones and enjoy as much as they can, a picnic blanket is definitely a great option.

Its water resistant backing makes it very convenient and comfy for memorable outdoors experiences.

Gift #17: Tote Bag

Promotional tote bags are like custom t-shirts which we discussed a little further up in this post. 

They are, in fact, a merchandise staple which you definitely want your employees to have from you. 

However, because of their popularity and the fact that they’re usually not a pricey item, we’d avoid giving it to someone as a separate gift. 

Instead, make a selection of thoughtful and useful items and use a custom tote bag to store them inside; this way, you’ll offer your employees a more special gift.

Gift #18: Face Masks and Coverings

How about creating a healthcare and wellness branded kit for your employees where you can include a couple of face masks and coverings?

Branded face masks of any kind and face coverings such as bandanas, are being widely used by a huge number of individuals around the world. 

These items protect people and make them feel more comfortable in terms of interacting with others. 

Gift #19: Wireless Earbuds

A fantastic little item your employees will be thrilled to receive from you is a pair of premium wireless earbuds

They’re stylish and very practical. 

Plus, they can be used in a number of different activities, such as:

  • Listening to music
  • Answering calls
  • Changing songs
  • Listening to your favorite podcast 
  • Activating a voice assistant

All of this, without having to take your phone out of your pocket or bag. 

Gift #20: Branded Drinkware

We’re finalizing our list of twenty best corporate gifts for employees with branded drinkware

Anything from a handy coffee mug to a stainless steel tumbler and a water bottle are options of products you could customize and share with your hard working employees. 

It’s important to highlight that reusable, branded drinkware helps reduce the use of single-use plastic, which will definitely be appreciated by your employees. 

You can give them a company gift that communicates a great eco-conscious message. 

Let’s close this post with some final thoughts. 

Now Over to You

In our eyes, corporate gifting is the perfect way for companies to boost employee morale and employee engagement, thus boosting employee retention.

We hope that this post has made you see it too.

We’ve discussed several gifting options that you can start customizing and sharing with your team in no time.

However, we know that the process might be a bit intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before, and that’s why we want to encourage you to contact us!

We’re more than happy to discuss your options and take you through the whole process of finding the best gifts for your employees.

Thank you for taking the time to read this 🙂

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