19 Branded Notebooks & Promotional Notepads for Businesses (+Infographic)

Looking for branded notebooks and promotional notepads?  We’ve created a list of 19 custom branded promotional notebooks for your business. […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

Looking for branded notebooks and promotional notepads? 

We’ve created a list of 19 custom branded promotional notebooks for your business.

Here are some of the types of notebooks you’ll find in this list:

  • Journal notebooks
  • Pocket notebooks
  • Refillable notebooks
  • Notebooks with antimicrobial additive
  • Spiral notebooks

Plus, plenty more.

What’s more, we’re also going to take you through the process of creating your own branded notebooks and give you estimated pricing for different types of notebooks.

Let’s get started.

19 Branded Notebooks & Promotional Notepads for Businesses

Idea #1: Journal

Idea #2: Task Pad

Idea #3: Travel Notebook

Idea #4: Ring Notebook

Idea #5: Spiral Notebook

Idea #6: Sketchbook

Idea #7: Design Notebook

Idea #8: Pocket Notebook

Idea #9: Refillable Journal

Idea #10: Subject Notebook

Idea #11: Ruled Notebook

Idea #12: Grid Notebook

Idea #13: Plain Pages Notebook

Idea #14: Notebook with Antimicrobial Additive

Idea #15: Coloring Journal

Idea #16: Bound Notebook

Idea #17: Notebook with a Pen

Idea #18: Sticky Notes Notebook

Idea #19: Cork Notebook

4-Step Process for Choosing the Best Branded Notebooks (Infographic)

Branded Notebook #1: Journal

The first branded notebook option we have for you is the ever-popular journal book

A journal, also known as a diary, is a notebook that’s used to record events that may have happened over the course of a specific period of time. 

Journals are among the most popular branded items out there, given that they’re very handy and are a very personal item for taking notes with companies like Moleskine being one of the most well-known for high-quality journals. 

Journals more often than not come with elastic closures for privacy reasons. 

Author’s Tip: For extra personalization points, you could create beautifully embossed or debossed custom journals for your social media audience. 

Ideal for: Students, adventurers, professionals of any industry, and anyone who enjoys spending time writing down their thoughts

Price range: Starting at $23 per item

Branded Notebook #2: Task Pad

The next branded notepad we want to share with you is the task pad

A task pad is usually an item of small or medium size that can be used to keep track of daily and other important tasks. 

Adding your company logo onto a task pad, which by the way, is a very easy and inexpensive thing to do, will place your company right in the heart of organizing people’s daily activities. 

A task pad is also a great swag gift for your employees as such a writing pad can help them document their tasks and make sure they’re not missing anything important. 

Ideal for: Students, professionals, and anyone who’s dealing with several tasks on a weekly basis

Price range: Starting at $3 per item

Branded Notebook #3: Travel Notebook

The next option we have for your consideration when looking at the most interesting and compelling branded notebooks for your company swag is the travel notebook

Image Source: Journal Books

A travel notebook needs to be lightweight and of a small or medium size. 

Additionally, when traveling, one might not be able to take great care of all their belongings. 

For that reason, our advice would be that you pick a travel notebook that’s durable and with a binding that’ll last for a long time. 

This way, whether it’s a giveaway or an employee or a client gift, it will stay with its recipient for years to come. 

Author’s Tip: Go with a faux leather, leatherette, linen, PVC, or polypropylene material on the hard cover that’ll give your travel notebook extra durability. 

Ideal for: Travel and hospitality businesses, people who love writing down their travel thoughts and plans

Price range: Starting at $15 per item

Branded Notebook #4: Ring Notebook

Coming in at number four on our list of branded notebooks suitable for trade shows and thoughtful swag boxes is the ring notebook.

A ring notebook can be a hardcover or soft cover notebook that can be extremely handy for students and people that might be taking lots of notes when working. 

A ring notebook is a refined stationery good that can help creative minds put their notes and thoughts on paper without having to worry about the order of them.

Its binding makes it very easy to rip off any page you might not need or that looks messy. 

Ideal for: Students, professionals

Price range: Starting at $7 per item

Branded Notebook #5: Spiral Notebook

Sticking with the messy notes theme for our next notebook, we’re going to be talking about the spiral notebook.

A spiral bound notebook, with its ergonomic binding, allows the writer to turn pages without risking tearing them. 

Spiral notebooks are very practical for taking notes and keeping all your thoughts organized in one place. 

When it comes to customizing notebooks, this type of notebook is one of the most popular as it offers a truly wide range of personalization options. 

Whether you want a full color notebook or one that’s made of paperboard and features your logo in a subtle way, a spiral notebook will fit all your needs.  

Ideal for: Students, professionals

Price range: Starting at $7 per item

Branded Notebook #6: Sketchbook

We’ve now got to the sixth notebook that could carry your branding and logo – the sketchbook

A sketchbook is one of the most important products painters and designers can use to practice their drawing skills. 

On the other hand, a sketchbook might also be used by non-professionals that like to doodle and dedicate their spare time to creative activities that help them clear their mind and increase their concentration levels. 

Ideal for: Painters, artists, students, and promotional products giveaways 

Price range: Starting at $15 per item

Branded Notebook #7: Design Notebook

Similar to the one we’ve just talked about, a design notebook also makes a great promotional item for a number of people, including design professionals.  

A design notebook needs to be of high quality, with soft paper that’ll not only facilitate the hand design process, but also protect the designer’s creations. 

Moreover, we totally think that a promo design notebook needs to be of medium to large size so that it can be used for designs of all sizes. 

Ideal for: Designers

Price range: Starting at $20 per item

Branded Notebook #8: Pocket Notebook

If you’re looking for promotional notebooks that could feature your company logo successfully, then you should definitely consider the pocket notebook

Have a look at our very own super cute pocket notebooks below:

As its name suggests, a pocket notebook is a mini notebook that can fit into a normal pocket or small bag. 

It’s extremely practical for people who travel a lot or commute to and from work. 

Although it’s not necessary for someone to actually put a pocket notebook into their pocket, we think that such a notebook needs to be extra durable to last through jeans and jackets pockets, or any other tiny backpack compartment it might be put into. 

Ideal for: Travelers, commuters, students

Price range: Starting at $2 per item

Branded Notebook #9: Refillable Notebook

If you’ve been reading our blog, then you probably know how much we care about eco-friendly promotional items, from reusable tumblers to organic cotton t-shirts, and so on and so forth. 

That’s why we couldn’t miss mentioning the refillable notebook, also known as a notebook which can be kept for a really long time just by adding new blank pages to it when the old ones have been filled. 

Since a refillable notebook is one that can last for longer, we advise you to take extra care of its hardcover to make sure that your branding will remain on it for its whole life. 

Author’s Tip: If you want to make a deluxe eco-friendly promotional product gift, make sure that the cover of your refillable notebook is made of recycled materials. 

Ideal for: Eco-friendly corporate gift sets, those who use more than one notebook per year

Price range: Starting at $9 per item

Branded Notebook #10: Subject Notebook

Not to be missed off our list of the promotional notebooks you can consider to add your logo or company motto to is the subject notebook.

A subject notebook usually contains a large number of pages which are separated in two, three, or five themes with theme dividers. 

This makes it easy for the person who uses the notebook to keep track of their notes depending on the theme and topic. 

Such a notebook can be particularly useful when one is working on many different projects at the same time. 

Additionally, a subject notebook is widely used by students who want to keep notes from different classes all in one place without having to worry about their notes being chaotic. 

Ideal for: Professionals that work on different projects, students 

Price range: Starting at $10 per item

Branded Notebook #11: Ruled Notebook

Next up on our list of promotional notepads ideas, or jotters for our UK readers, is the ever-handy ruled notebook.

A ruled paper notebook, or a lined paper notebook, is a classic notebook that makes note taking easy since the lines printed on the paper can improve and guide handwriting. 

Such a notebook can be a great gift for your employees that have kids. 


Because lined paper notebooks can be used for teaching kids to write following a line, thus helping them work on their handwriting.  

Ideal for: Employee gift

Price range: Starting at $7.50 per item

Branded Notebook #12: Grid Notebook

Grid notebooks and dotted grid notebooks, also called graph paper notebooks or squared paper notebooks, are notebooks whose pages are printed with dots or fine lines that usually cover the whole page and form a grid pattern. 

Image Source: Gemline

They’re super useful for design creation on paper. 

Additionally, they can be used for putting data, graphics, and curves on to paper. 

Such a notebook might work just great for team members in your company that are dealing with statistics and trends visualization. 

Ideal for: Businesses in the science or technology industry, students

Price range: Starting at $15 per item

Branded Notebook #13: Plain Pages Notebook

We’ve already talked about ruled pages and grid paper notebooks. 

Although both of the notebooks discussed a little further up can be used for many different purposes, a plain pages notebook is usually the best option when it comes to choosing a notepad to feature your business on. 

The reason for this is rather simple.

A notebook with blank pages might be simple but that’s what makes it great for any sort of writing activity. 

To be more precise, it can be used to jot down ideas, to sketch, design, keep track of your plans and to do’s, and anything else you can think of. 

Author’s Tip: To show your appreciation to your employees you can consider creating a combo gift by giving them a notebook alongside a zippered padfolio where they put their business cards, card holder, chargers, a Bic, and any stationery items they might want to carry with them.  

Ideal for: Anyone!

Price range: Starting at $20 per item

Branded Notebook #14: Notebook with Antimicrobial Additive

Bringing a different spin on the swag notebooks that we all know and love using, we’ve now got the notebook with antimicrobial additives to discuss. 

Image Source: PCNA

As you can probably imagine, promotional antimicrobial notebooks are something that’s started happening in the past year because of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

A number of branded items, including some of the most prominent tech swag items, are now created with additives that protect against bacteria. 

Given how often you might touch a notebook when using it, having an additive in it that helps minimize bacteria and fungi from growing might be exactly what you need. 

Ideal for: Social media giveaways, trade shows, employees

Price range: Starting at $4 per item

Branded Notebook #15: Coloring Journal

A thoughtful coloring journal is a great promotional product you could consider giving to employees, clients, or putting in a swag bag for your trade show attendees

A coloring books’ pages are filled with patterns, characters, and black and white designs of all kinds.

Coloring books are widely used for fun and relaxation, while many people use them to meditate and clear their minds from chaotic thoughts. 

This type of coloring helps people concentrate and focus on the importance of the present moment. 

All this makes a coloring book a great, thoughtful promotional gift that can also be customized in no time to match your company branding.

Ideal for: Children, people who love drawing and doodling

Price range: Starting at $5 per item

Branded Notebook #16: Bound Notebook

The sixteenth promotional notebook option we most certainly need to show you is the bound notebook. 

A bound notebook is one that has a hard spine. 

The pages of a bound notebook are covered with glue and are attached to the hard spine. 

This helps make sure that the pages won’t be detached from the spine, thus making a bound notebook one of the best choices when it comes to notebooks with a very large number of pages. 

Author’s Note: Keep in mind that bound notepads can be very sturdy which might mean that they won’t lay flat. 

Ideal for: Trade shows, giveaways

Price range: N/A

Branded Notebook #17: Notebook with a Pen

Moving towards the end of our list of branded notebooks for your business, we’re going to talk about the notebook with a pen

As you can probably imagine, this category might include any of the notebooks we’ve seen in this list, including the final two we haven’t yet discussed. 

In other words, no matter which notebook you’re going for, you can always accompany it with a promotional ballpoint pen or a stylus pen to make your gift more complete. 

Ideal for: Trade shows, employees

Price range: Starting at $5.50 per item

Branded Notebook #18: Sticky Notes Notebook

The sticky notes and sticky flag notebooks are yet another type of notebook we want to share with you. 

Image Source: PCNA

If you’re organizing a conference and looking for great gifts to give your panelists, then a recycled paper notebook with sticky notes and sticky flags might be one of the first choices you should think about. 

They’re very practical; they allow you to organize your notes and highlight any part of your presentation that needs to be picked up again later. 

Sticky notes in notebooks usually come in bright colors that help you differentiate your topics and themes of your presentation while keeping everything in one place. 

Overall, such notebooks are a very neat, practical option when it comes to branded notebooks. 

Ideal for: Speaker gift sets, employees, student

Price range: Starting at $3.50 per item

Branded Notebook #19: Cork Notebook

Last but not least in our list of nineteen branded notebooks for small businesses and enterprises, is the cork notebook

Image Source: PCNA

We particularly like this one because of its unique texture and earthy, soft touch. 

Cork notebooks are usually thick, durable, and an environmentally conscious choice that looks fab!

We love cork notebooks because they can become unique when they’re customized and get a handmade look. 

Ideal for: Giveaways, new hires

Price range: Starting at $7 per item

4-Step Process for Choosing the Best Branded Notebooks (Infographic)

Now Over to You

We’re now done presenting you our branded notebooks and promotional notepad ideas. 

In this post, we talked about a number of different notebooks, bindings, and styles. 

We hope that you’ve found the ones that resonate with your business and you think that they can successfully make your branding shine. 

If you need any help choosing the best and most practical notebooks for your business based on your budget, required quantity, and target audience, we’re here to help. 

Just leave us a message in the form below and we’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading!

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