22 Branded Tech Swag Ideas for Your Customers & Employees

We’ve created a list of 22 branded tech swag ideas for your customers and employees.  In this list, you’ll find […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

We’ve created a list of 22 branded tech swag ideas for your customers and employees. 

In this list, you’ll find the best tech promotional items to gift in 2021.

Here are some of the tech promotional items you’ll find in this list:

  • Power banks
  • USB flash drives
  • Drones
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • UV sanitizers

Plus, many more. 

You can scan through the product ideas in this list or choose the one that you like from the navigation below. 

Let’s get started. 

22 Branded Tech Swag Ideas for Your Customers & Employees

Idea #1: UV Sanitizer

Idea #2: Inductive Robot

Idea #3: Portable Light

Idea #4: Camera Blocker

Idea #5: LED Clock

Idea #6: Wireless Charging Pad

Idea #7: Drone

Idea #8: Headphones

Idea #9: Laptop Stand

Idea #10: Powerbank 

Idea #11: Action Camera

Idea #12: Silicone Wrap with Phone Ring

Idea #13: USB Flash Drive

Idea #14: Bluetooth Speaker

Idea #15: Adapter

Idea #16: Wireless Earbuds

Idea #17: Wi-Fi Camera

Idea #18: Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame

Idea #19: Phone Holder

Idea #20: Wireless Mouse

Idea #21: Mouse Pad

Idea #22: VR Headset

Tech Swag Idea #1: UV Sanitizer

The very first item makes a great branded tech item idea. 

It’s a UV sanitizer

I understand a UV sanitizer might not be your first thought when it comes to promotional products

However, it’s a useful and unique tech accessory that can be fully customized to feature your company’s logo or other branding elements. 

Have a look:

Image Source: PCNA

The one we’re showing you here isn’t just a UV sanitizer that you can use to disinfect your cell phone and other small items. 

This one is also a desk clock. 

As good as it can get, right?

Grab the opportunity to give original branded tech items to your clients, employees, and social media audience. 

They’ll love it!

Why we like it: It’s original and useful

Ideal for: Corporate gift, giveaway, virtual event, conference, or trade show

Tech Swag Idea #2: Inductive Robot

Here’s one more idea that proves that branded items can truly be imaginative and special. 

Our second tech swag idea is an inductive robot

Image Source: PCNA

What this baby does is reads thick black lines with the optical sensor that it has on its base.

It can be used as a toy or alongside other activities, like doodling, by both adults and kids. 

Long story short, it can seriously elevate the content of a tech gift set. 

Why we like it: It’s a fun promo item that can be used and enjoyed by the whole family. 

Ideal for: Corporate gift, giveaway

Tech Swag Idea #3: Portable Light

The third gadget we’d like to share with you is a portable video light

Like this one:

Image Source: PCNA

We’ve all been in the unpleasant situation of having to participate in a virtual event from home but look like we’re in a cave, right?

Well, having a portable light like this one – or a ring light – that can be mounted to your laptop or tablet – there’s even a smaller light that can be put on mobile devices – can definitely  improve the quality and clarity of your video. 

Author’s Tip: Such a swag gift can also be ideal for remote employees that might need to attend online meetings and other virtual conferences

Why we like it: No more blurry and dark faces in virtual events. A portable light makes faces look fresh and shiny. 

Ideal for: Giveaway, virtual event

Tech Swag Idea #4: Camera Blocker 

Another fantastic tech swag idea is a technology product that’s widely used. 

It’s a camera blocker

Image Source: PCNA

Apart from the fact that a camera blocker can be fully personalized, it’s also an inexpensive swag item that people can actually use. 

Additionally, a camera blocker, alongside a tote bag, water bottle, hoodie, t-shirt, and tumbler, is among the most popular items given in tech conferences and pretty much any other kind of event. 

There must be a reason for that, right?

The reason behind its popularity is to do with the fact that it’s a practical little item that helps protect people’s privacy. 

Although we wouldn’t recommend it for a tech giveaway, we think it can totally be in your new hire’s onboarding kit

Why we like it: It helps people secure their privacy when using their devices. 

Ideal for: Corporate gift, virtual event, conference, or trade show

Tech Swag Idea #5: LED Clock

An LED clock manages to be one of the best and most popular branded tech item ideas while also being one of the most stylish ones. 

Image Source: PCNA

There are many great things about LED clocks. 

One of them; when it comes to promotional products,  it can be customized and it usually comes in  a number or colors or materials that you can choose from. 

In addition to this, the variety of sizes and shapes it can come in makes it more likely that you’ll find exactly what’s needed to match the company’s style and promote their logo and other brand visual elements. 

Last but not least, a high-quality LED clock, like the one shown above, might also show the temperature, the date, and also function as an alarm. 

Why we like it: Unlike other boring or useless pieces of swag, an LED clock might remain with the lucky person who gets it for years. 

Ideal for: Corporate gift, virtual event, conference, or trade show

Tech Swag Idea #6: Wireless Charging Pad

Our sixth tech swag idea is a wireless charging pad

Image Source: PCNA

A wireless pad, as you may have guessed already, allows you to charge your phone without using cables. 

Charging cables are very easy to break or suddenly stop working. 

We’ve all been there!

That’s why these wireless phone chargers make a great promotional gift. 

Wireless chargers are usually made to support a number of different brands, like Apple, as well as Google, Samsung, and so on and so forth. 

Why we like it: It even works with most plastic phone cases on. So easy!

Author’s Note: Keep in mind that if you’re using a neoprene phone case or other thick material, you might have to take off your case before charging your cell phone wirelessly. 

Ideal for: Corporate gift, virtual event, conference or trade show giveaways

Tech Swag Idea #7: Drone

In a list of twenty-two branded tech swag ideas, we couldn’t miss mentioning the drone

Image Source: PCNA

This useful little aerial device can fly while also having great camera quality. 

It makes a thoughtful corporate gift that can be custom made to feature your company’s logo. 

In other words, you could stick company stickers on it, write your corporate motto on it, or paint it full-color with your company’s signature palette. 

To put it simply, the personalization and branding options are endless when it comes to mini drones. 

Why we like it: It takes aerial pictures without breaking the bank!

Ideal for: Corporate gift, giveaway

Tech Swag Idea #8: Headphones

Let’s now talk about headphones

Image Source: PCNA

In fact, headphones and headsets seem to be a must-have item for music lovers and tech enthusiasts out there. 

An article by Quartz demonstrates how the popularity of headphones and their extensive use as tools for listening to music are even changing the type of music that’s produced. 

Put another way, sounds that are better heard on headphones, like bass-heavy sounds, are now preferred in terms of music production. 

Why we like it: Keeps you connected with your favorite tracks, no matter where you are. 

Ideal for: Corporate gift

Tech Swag Idea #9: Laptop Stand

A laptop or tablet stand is one of the best branded items you could give your WFH employees

Image Source: PCNA


Working from home or, generally speaking, doing any kind of work that requires the extensive use of a laptop or PC might cause a number of problems, including back and neck pains.

Moreover, people nowadays tend to spend more time sitting than doing hands-on tasks and other activities. 

A laptop and tablet stand might not be the magical solution to all the issues mentioned above, but it can totally help someone stand better and have a better quality of life. 

This is one out of the many swag items that can add value to someone’s life, help them perform better, and be more efficient. 

Author’s Tip: You could accompany a laptop stand with a stylus that can be used directly on touch screens.  

Why we like it: It helps improve body posture, thus improving wellness. 

Ideal for: Corporate gift

Tech Swag Idea #10: Power Bank

The tenth technology swag idea on our list is a power bank

Image Source: PCNA

A power bank is portable and usually inexpensive. 

Although it’s a mundane tech item, you can get it customized so you can have the aesthetic result that you want when sharing it with your virtual event or conference attendees. 

The reason why we totally think such a tech item can be in a tech swag bag is because it’s very practical and can be used by anyone. 

Additionally, it’s durable and can be used for many years. 

Why we like it: You don’t have to worry about your iPhone getting a low battery when you’re out and about. 

Ideal for: Virtual event, conference, or trade show

Tech Swag Idea #11: Action Camera

Who wouldn’t love getting an action camera!

Image Source: PCNA

This is a premium, great gift that anyone receiving it will be thrilled about. 

We’ve all seen – and been jealous of –  underwater pictures and videos taken from someone while doing an extreme sport. 

People love documenting and having a record of their favorite activities. 

That’s why we’re convinced that a branded action camera will be highly appreciated by adults and kids alike. 

An action camera can usually be mounted on bicycles, helmets, and a number of other surfaces, which makes it super practical.  

Why we like it: It’s lightweight and can be used for all sorts of activities. 

Ideal for: Corporate gift, giveaway

Tech Swag Idea #12: Silicone Wrap with Phone Ring

Our twelfth tech swag idea is a silicone wrap with a phone ring or a popsocket

Have a look at this cool gadget down here: 

Image Source: PCNA

First things first, a stainless steel or silicone key ring put on a phone case is an extremely useful tech accessory. 

It helps you hold your mobile device firmly when texting or taking pictures. 

Author’s Note: If you decide to go for a phone case like this one, make sure it’s from a material that’s durable and ideally one that can be recycled. Eco-friendly swag items are here to stay! Also, you should consider gifting this cool gadget along with a cleaning cloth for people to clean their phones’ screens.

Why we like it: It makes talking selfies easier and safer. 

Ideal for: Virtual event, conference, or trade show

Tech Swag Idea #13: USB Flash Drive

How about giving a branded USB memory flash drive?

Like this one:

Image Source: PCNA

It might seem slightly outdated given that most people are saving their digital files on the cloud, but having a USB flash drive will always be handy. 

Some people use it so they can have a backup of some of their most important or favorite files, while there are many that use it for work. 

In any case, a flash drive is useful. 

Plus, you can make it fit your company’s elements in terms of style, material, and color. 

Why we like it: You can use it to store digital files you wouldn’t risk losing and always keep them on your keychain. 

Ideal for: Virtual event, conference, or trade show

Tech Swag Idea #14: Bluetooth Speaker

A bluetooth speaker is an all time classic when it comes to tech swag ideas.

The reason behind that is the fact that it’s fantastic to get such a fun little item for free. 

Put another way, people are thrilled to receive an item they can actually use and enjoy themselves. 

Here’s a fantastic bluetooth speaker that’s also a desk UV sanitizer!

Yes, a UV sanitizer like the one we saw a little further up. 

Image Source: PCNA

Why we like it: It has better sound quality than mobile phones. 

Ideal for: Giveaway, virtual event, conference, or trade show

Tech Swag Idea #15: Adapter

An adapter could also be included in your tech swag bag. 

Image Source: PCNA

An adapter might not be a gadget that’s extensively used, but it sure is a useful and practical gadget that people will hold on to. 

The one shown above is a super handy, all-in-one adapter that can be used to charge pretty much any kind of device everywhere in the world. 

Its slider system gives users the ability to find the right connection and plug in their devices no matter where they are. 

Additionally, a device like this one helps save significant space when traveling. 

Last but not least, such an adapter can of course be personalized and get the looks you want. 

Why we like it: There’s always a need for an adapter when traveling. 

Ideal for: Virtual event, conference, or trade show

Tech Swag Idea #16: Wireless Earbuds

A pair of wireless earbuds might be just what your employees, clients, and audience need. 

Image Source: PCNA

Wireless earbuds are super useful and far more practical than non-wireless earbuds in so many different ways. 

They’re fantastic when jogging and exercising and they are also really practical when walking on the street and you might need to speak on the phone. 

Plus, they’re lightweight and tiny so they also look far more stylish than their predecessors.  

Why we like it:  Two words: no cables!

Ideal for: Corporate gift, giveaway, virtual event, conference, or trade show

Tech Swag Idea #17: Wi-Fi Camera

Yet another tech gift idea is a branded Wi-Fi camera

Image Source: PCNA

Like other bits of kit in this list, a Wi-Fi camera is a premium promotional gift for your employees that go the extra mile or for your most loyal customers. 

You can get to choose the color and other personalization options in terms of how the camera will look. 

What’s great about a gadget like this one is that it can be mounted on various surfaces inside a house. 

Moreover, once connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can view the footage that it’s recording, take pictures, record sounds, and so on and so forth. 

Plus, it comes with sensors that track motion and follow items automatically. 

Why we like it: It helps you make sure everything is OK at home when you’re away – especially if you have pets or kids. 

Ideal for: Corporate gift

Tech Swag Idea #18: Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame

A Wi-Fi digital photo frame is one of my favorites in this tech swag list. 

Image Source: PCNA

A smart device that can be used to show a large number of digital photos one after another. 

It comes with a built-in memory and is compatible with almost all smartphone devices. 

You can use it to show your most favorite, embarrassing, or funniest pictures. 

Plus, you can switch it on and off anytime of the day depending on your mood and whether you want to look at the photos or not. 

What I particularly like about this one is that it can be easily moved from one home to another when moving houses. 

Very practical, isn’t it?

Why we like it: It’s like having lots of photo frames all in one device!

Ideal for: Corporate gift, giveaway

Tech Swag Idea #19: Phone Holder

A phone holder or phone stand is made to hold small portable devices and keep them upright. 

Image Source: PCNA

I know what you’re thinking. 

You’d never spend money on a phone stand or phone holder. 

Well yes, a phone holder is one of these tech accessories that many people wouldn’t bother buying. 

However, they would totally use it if someone was giving it to them for free. 

That’s why it is a great option when it comes to promotional products. 

Why we like it: It makes watching movies and videos from your mobile phone easier.

Ideal for: Virtual event, conference, or trade show

Tech Swag Idea #20: Wireless Mouse

The twentieth tech swag idea we’ll be talking about is the wireless mouse

Image Source: PCNA

A mouse is usually compatible with most operating systems. 

It’s widely used by gamers and professionals, especially creatives that create digital designs that require working with tiny details.

Overall, it helps those who get heavy use out of their laptops or computers to minimize hand and neck pains. 

Additionally, like all items in this list, it can be customized to look exactly how you want it to look. 

Why we like it: It’s far less tiring working with a mouse than working without one. 

Ideal for: Corporate gift

Tech Swag Idea #21: Mouse Pad

Our second to last tech swag idea is the mouse pad

Yes, we know what you’re thinking,  but not just any mouse pad. 

The one we’re talking about is one that comes with an antimicrobial additive

Image Source: PCNA

It’s covered with polyester and an antimicrobial additive that prevents gems from living on your desk and mouse pad. 

Such an accessory might be exactly what someone who spends lots of hours in front of their computer might need. 

Why we like it: Helps fight germs that seem to particularly like our desks and office surfaces. 

Ideal for: Virtual event, conference, or trade show

Tech Swag Idea #22: VR Headset

Our last idea is a truly unique one. 

It’s a VR headset. 

Image Source: PCNA

Virtual reality is trending in a number of industries, like fashion and games, and people seem to really enjoy it. 

For that reason, giving a VR headset to your employees, clients, or to the winner of your giveaway might be just what you need in order to take your swag to a whole new level. 

Isn’t it cool to think that your company logo can be on a VR headset that people might use to play and experiment with?

A gift like that is about giving people something more than a piece of swag, it’s about creating an experience for them. 

Trust me, they’ll be thrilled!

Why we like it: What’s not to like? It’s a VR headset, people!

Ideal for: Corporate gift, giveaway, virtual event, conference, or trade show

Now Over to You

There you have it. 

You now have a nice list of technology swag items for your customers and employees.

Interested in learning more about tech swag and how you can make it part of your promotional and brand merchandising strategy?

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Thanks for reading!

Featured image by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash.

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