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32 Swag Bag Ideas for Employees, Customers & Events (2023)

We’ve created a list of 32 swag bag ideas for employees, customers, and events.  This list will help you find […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

We’ve created a list of 32 swag bag ideas for employees, customers, and events. 

This list will help you find the swag bag items to include based on your specific needs.

Here are the four categories we’ve included in our list:

  1. Swag bag ideas for employees
  2. Swag bag ideas for customers
  3. Swag bag ideas for events and conferences
  4. Goodie bag ideas for giveaways

Choose the ideas that you find most appealing from the navigation below, see examples of companies using these swag items as part of their swag strategy, and get inspired by them. 

Let’s get into it. 

Table of Contents

Category #1: Swag Bag Ideas for Employees

Category #2: Swag Bag Ideas for Customers

Category #3: Swag Bag Ideas for Events and Conferences

Category #4: Goodie Bag Ideas for Giveaways

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Category #1: Swag Bag Ideas for Employees

In the time of the pandemic, promotional products seem to be a truly unifying factor that helps people in companies show they’re there for each other. 

In other words, they’re tangible products that make people feel united and valued. 

For that reason, the first category we’re talking you through is the swag bag for employees

Let’s get started with our first swag bag idea. 

Swag Bag Idea #1: Swag Essentials in a Bag

The first swag bag idea for employees is a swag bag that includes some of the most popular promotional items

In other words, a bag that includes all sorts of swag classics. 

Sharing some of the most popular items with your employees is a great place to start before you get to more personalized and premium gifts.

Swag items to include: A customized t-shirt, a tote bag, a water bottle, a pair of branded socks, a phone charger, and a branded coffee mug.

Ideal for: When you want to share some branded freebies that you want all your employees to have across the company.

Swag Bag Idea #2: First Impression Swag Bag

Here’s one of my personal favorites; the first impression swag bag, or the onboarding swag bag

Image Source: WispApp

We love this one because it’s one of the first things your new hires will see and get from you. 

Swag gives companies the opportunity to connect with their new hires on the very first day of working together.

Swag items to include: A notebook, a hat, branded apparel, stickers, customized pens, a tumbler, branded toys, and a backpack. 

Ideal for: A welcome kit. 

Swag Bag Idea #3: Wellness Swag Bag

A wellness swag bag can be one of the most successful when it comes to creating and giving swag boxes to your employees. 

Everyday life can be stressful so creating a wellness swag bag for your employees is a very thoughtful gift

What’s great about this is that there’s a truly wide variety of items that can be personalized to fit your company’s style and that can be given to employees as part of their wellness swag bag. 

Swag items to include: Candles, bath bombs and bath salts, face masks, essential oils rollers, a customized soap.

Ideal for: A gift set that’s given to employees twice a year on a Friday to help them have a wellness-packed weekend. 

Swag Bag Idea #4: Stay Cozy Swag Bag

Our fourth gift bag idea is one that screams “stay cozy”.

Image Source: Gemline

You could choose between a range of high-quality promotional items that can be beautifully personalized and give a cozy touch to your employees houses. 

Author’s Tip: Given that we’re talking about items that’ll be put in your employees houses you should do your best to make sure that the products are of high quality and look great. 

Swag items to include: A blanket, a customized pillow, candles, and a throw. 

Ideal for:  Showing appreciation to your long-time employees. 

Swag Bag Idea #5: Work from Home Swag Bag

A great swag bag idea and absolutely timely relevant is the WFH swag bag

Working from home might be a routine for many people out there but it’s been a new reality for millions of people due to the pandemic. 

Thankfully, through swag, companies get the opportunity to give their employees all they might need in order to efficiently work from home as well as other items that might not be necessary for work but can indeed make a remote worker’s life easier. 

Swag items to include: Branded clothing to wear at home, snacks, desk organizers, a desk lamp, a notebook, and a pair of blue light glasses.

Ideal for: Everyone working from home. 

Swag Bag Idea #6: Enjoy your Time Off Swag Bag

Whether they’re working from home or not, employees need to enjoy their time off and get the opportunity to fully unplug from their tasks and responsibilities when they’re not working. 

An “enjoy your time off” swag bag from your company might just be the perfect gift to show them how much you care and appreciate all their hard work.  

Create a selection of gift items that will help your employees relax and spend some quality times of rest and deep relaxation at home. 

Such a gift set might do more than just help people relax.

It promotes mental health in the workplace and might even help you do something about helping your employees maintain their work-life balance. 

Swag items to include: Essential oils, diffusers, candles, and bath bombs. 

Ideal for: Employees that go the extra mile at work.

Swag Bag Idea #7: You’ve Reached a Milestone Swag Bag

One of the best swag bags you can give your employees is a bag that signals that an important personal or professional milestone has been achieved. 

Exactly like Drift does:

Image Source: Twitter

We love this swag bag idea because it includes that kind of swag that people won’t throw away. 

It’s thoughtful and makes employees feel part of a team that cares about all aspects of their lives. 

Put another way, this is only one out of many examples when swag can actually be used to bring people together and express love, care, and support.  

Swag items to include: It really depends on the occasion. A few examples might be branded babies clothing or thoughtful wedding gifts. 

Ideal for: All the unique and important moments in the lives of your employees. 

Swag Bag Idea #8: Employee Anniversary Swag Bag

The last swag bag idea in our first category is the employee anniversary swag bag

Our example comes, once more, from Drift:

Image Source: Drift

The company gives employees some special gifts – a branded jacket and a little plant – when they complete a specific amount of time working at the company. 

Such gifts help you show appreciation and can definitely boost employee morale and employee retention, thus creating stronger teams within companies that work together and are happy and satisfied. 

Swag items to include: A personalized item for their home, like a plant or a candle, a piece of clothing, or a gadget. 

Ideal for: first year anniversary, second year anniversary, and so on and so forth. 

Moving on to the second category. 

Category #2: Swag Bag Ideas for Customers

The second category we think is absolutely necessary in its inclusion is a swag bag for customers.

Let’s dive into some swag bag ideas. 

Swag Bag Idea #9: New Client Swag Bag

Our first swag bag idea is to do with new clients and what you can share with them in order to show them your appreciation as well as show that your company is there for them and their needs. 

Image Source: Gemline

You could give them personalized items with your logo on them as well as snacks and premium drinks to welcome them onboard. 

Corporate swag is one of the most efficient ways to come closer to your customers and give them reasons to want to support your company for years to come. 

Swag items to include: Premium snacks, a bottle of wine, and some swag classics. 

Ideal for: Bringing new clients in and giving them a small but intense taste of how generous and fabulous your company is. 

Swag Bag Idea #10: Best Client Swag Bag

Similarly to the one we just saw, the best client swag bag is yet another swag bag idea that can help you show appreciation to your most loyal clients

Below you will find an example of such a swag bag coming from SaaS business, Ahrefs

Image Source: Ahrefs

As you can see, it’s a simple one, with some swag classics, a tee, a notebook, some stickers, and a coffee mug. 

It does, however, manage to make the recipient feel valued and connect with the brand even further. 

Swag items to include: A range of goodies and drinks, tech accessories, apparel, a coffee mug, and a high quality branded notebook. 

Ideal for: Your most loyal and supportive customers that definitely deserve to get some thoughtful gifts from you.

Swag Bag Idea #11: Holidays Swag Bag

People love getting gifts that are timely, relevant, and can be used soon after the date when they have been received. 

In other words, people love getting swag bags that are full with holidays essential right before their holidays, like their summer holidays.

Have a look at a swag bag example by Hubspot

Image Source: Hubspot

Such a company swag idea is cost-effective and helps your customers remember you even when they might be away and not using your services or products. 

Thankfully, your swag can be with them no matter what they do or where they go and keep you connected. 

Swag items to include: For summer holidays you could consider including a pair of sunglasses, a branded straw hat, a customized inflatable pool toy, a water bottle, a tote bag, and a towel. 

Ideal for: Those customers who love summer holidays and always make the most out of it. 

They’ll be thrilled to receive your swag!

Swag Bag Idea #12: House Decoration Swag Bag

Another great swag bag idea for customers, especially now that we’re all spending so much time indoors, is a house decoration swag bag

Image Source: PCNA

It can be anything from frames with inspirational quotes to throws, lamps, and coasters. 

Through swag, you can create and put together a promotional items bag that’ll enhance the emotional connection between you and your clients. 

That’s all that matters!

Swag items to include: A lamp, a set of branded coasters, kitchen accessories, a vase, bathroom accessories, and literally any other item that can be customized and be put in a house. 

Ideal for: Those of your customers that you know they love investing in house decoration. 

Swag Bag Idea #13: Goodie Bag

Here’s one of the most popular types of swag bags for clients; a bag that contains a wide range of goodies

Like the one shown here:

Image Source: Gemline

Swag items to include: Any kind of snacks!

Ideal for: Those customers who love trying new snacks and flavors. 

Swag Bag Idea #14: Limited Edition Swag Bag

A limited edition swag bag is one that can fire up your imagination while giving your clients access to some premium products. 

It might include a set of limited editions items like premium drinks, stationery, or cosmetics. 

It might even be a special collaboration between a local artist and your swag supplier. 

Or swag that’s for the entire family. 

Have a look:

Image Source: PCNA

No matter what it is, it will make your clients feel special and appreciated. 

Swag items to include: Any limited edition customized item. 

Ideal for: Giving back to your best clients with a premium and exclusive gift set. 

Swag Bag Idea #15: BBQ Swag Bag

A great idea for creating a thoughtful swag bag for some of your clients is to create a BBQ swag bag

Image Source: Gemline

First of all, everyone loves a BBQ. 

Second, there’s always BBQ stuff and equipment we might be missing so getting those from your favorite company is a fantastic treat. 

Swag items to include: Safety matches, a branded apron, BBQ tools, and a bottle opener. 

Ideal for: BBQ lovers. 

Swag Bag Idea #16: Local Breweries Swag Bag 

The final swag bag idea we’d like to share with you is a rather unique one. 

It’s a local breweries swag bag.

In other words, a bag that includes a wide range of beer bottles from breweries from your area.  

Author’s Tip: Don’t forget to include a branded bottle opener and some promotional coasters to accompany the beers. 

Swag items to include: Beers from local breweries, a bottle opener, coasters, snacks, and drinkware.

Ideal for: When you give your employees a unique experience while also supporting some local businesses. 

Keep reading to find what the next swag bag category is. 

Category #3: Swag Bag Ideas for Events and Conferences

Our second to last swag bag idea is one of the most popular out there. 

That is, swag bags for events and conferences

Whether they’re virtual events or events happening at a physical space where all event attendees can actually be in the same place, conference and event swag bags really can help enhance the whole experience. 

Especially in the case of a virtual event, swag can enhance the atmosphere of being together and staying connected even if physically distanced. 

Let’s get into it. 

Swag Bag Idea #17: Virtual Event Classic Swag 

The very first idea for an event is the virtual event classic swag bag. 

Honestly, swag for a virtual event shouldn’t be very different from what you’d be giving people during a physical trade show or other event. 

The main target companies achieve through swag is establishing an emotional connection with their audience. 

For that reason, prepare your virtual event swag bag as if event attendees are physically going to attend the event and maybe add a few more extra gift cards so they can make their future purchases online. 

To cut a long story short, whether your next event is going to be physical or virtual, make sure you prepare some fantastic swag boxes for the attendees

Author’s Note: We understand that shipping swag boxes to event attendees that aren’t based in the same country as you might not be cost effective, so you might want to create two different versions of swag boxes depending on where attendees are based. 

Swag items to include: A microphone, a ring light, a laptop stand, a tee, a key chain, a tumbler, a gift card, and many many more.

Ideal for: Any kind of virtual event. 

Swag Bag Idea #18: Self Care Swag Bag

The second event idea we have for you is a self care swag bag. 

Image Source: SinglesSwag

You can include a tonne of branded products for both men and women. 

From lip balms and sunscreens, to hydrating creams and other self care essentials. 

Swag items to include: Branded face and body products, candles, healthy snacks, and accessories. 

Ideal for: Promoting the importance of self care and giving your audience the chance to  pamper themselves. 

Swag Bag Idea #19: Conference Gear Swag Bag

The conference gear swag bag is mostly to do with niche events that are organized across the world and they can be either virtual or physical. 

The following example will make this a bit more clear:

Image Source: Sweet Kendamas

The snapshot above depicts the conference gear that was given to all participants in the 2020 North American Kendama Open (NAKO) event. 

Given that Kendama is a traditional Japanese skill toy, it comes as no surprise that participants were given some accessories that are related to the game, alongside some classic swag items. 

Swag items to include: A cool branded backpack, stickers, any stuff related to the topic of your event. 

Ideal for: Niche events.

Swag Bag Idea #20: Conference Memorabilia Swag Bag

Our twentieth swag bag idea is the conference memorabilia swag bag, aka the conference classic swag bag. 

Have a look at a great swag bag coming from the digital analytics conference, Measurecamp

Image Source: Medium

It includes some classic promotional items, like the tee and the tote bag, which at the same time are also conference memorabilia given that Measurecamp differentiates their swag in every event they organize. 

In other words, the items you see are from the event in Sydney, and they are different from the swag given to event attendees in other countries. 

That makes the promotional stuff unique. 

Additionally, they work as memorabilia that people will want to keep for years and won’t throw away.

Swag items to include: Any kind of customized promotional items that you’re creating especially for the event.

Ideal for: Events that are organized once a year and you want to differentiate the swag from year to year.

Swag Bag Idea #21: Kids Swag Bag

Although kids might not usually go to conferences and events, offering a kids swag bag is a great way to show attendees that you care about them and you want to offer something thoughtful to their little ones. 

Some of you might already have experience with attending a virtual event while you also need to keep your kids occupied.  

Wouldn’t you love having a kids kit that would keep them entertained for hours?

We know you would!

Swag items to include: Toys, stationery, and clothing. 

Ideal for: All parents out there. 

Swag Bag Idea #22: Let’s Have a Drink Swag Bag

The let’s have a drink swag bag idea is pretty much self explanatory. 

Image Source: Gemline

An event, whether it’s a virtual or a physical one, is a great opportunity for people to relax and have a drink with one another. 

For that reason, providing attendees with their very own cocktail kit is a great idea to give them a unique experience and make something fun together. 

Swag items to include: A happy hour cocktail kit, snacks, drinkware, and a cocktail recipe. 

Ideal for: Events that last for many hours – attendees will crave for a drink!

Swag Bag Idea #23: Sustainable Conference Swag Bag

A great swag bag idea for an event is the sustainable conference swag bag

Image Source: Gemline

Such products are extremely easy to get beautifully customized to fit your company’s aesthetic. 

Event attendees will appreciate your gesture and are very likely to keep using your swag for a long time. 

Swag items to include: A reusable bottle, an organic cotton tote bag, a reusable lunch box, a bamboo cutlery set. 

Ideal for: Raising awareness of environmental issues and showing how much you care about sustainability.

Swag Bag Idea #24: Music Enthusiast Swag Bag

The last event swag bag idea is for music enthusiasts

Image Source: Gemline

Why not give the opportunity to all those music lovers out there to get some top notch branded products that’ll make them love your organization even more?

What we love about this is the fact that there’s a truly wide range of music related products that can be customized and get exactly the style you want them to. 

Swag items to include: Earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, headphones. 

Ideal for: Music related events and plenty others. 

Category #4: Goodie Bag Ideas for Giveaways

Our final category is a goodie bag for giveaways and contests, mostly happening on social media. 

A company’s social media accounts are important channels of communication with its audience.

Constant and thoughtful communication through your social media accounts can also be enhanced by fun giveaways that keep your audience engaged. 

Additionally, giveaways are a fantastic way of giving back to your audience.  

Swag Bag Idea #25: The Techie Swag Bag

Our very first goodie bag idea for successful giveaways is the techie swag bag. 

Image Source: Gemline

With so many techies out there, it makes sense to run contests and giveaways for all of them to get the chance to win gadgets and tech accessories that they love. 

Swag items to include: All sorts of gadgets, from laptops to cell phones, chargers, screens, adapters, power banks, and tech accessories. 

Ideal for: Tech enthusiasts among your social media audience. 

Swag Bag Idea #26: The Fit Swag Bag

Another great swag bag that can be given as an online giveaway prize is the fit swag bag

Image Source: Gemline

Thankfully, swag suppliers offer a wide variety of workout products that can be personalized to the tastes of the entrants of your giveaway.  

Author’s Tip: Given the variety of products and customization options available you could spice up your contests by offering different swag options to the participants.

Swag items to include: A yoga mat, resistance bands, workout backpack, reusable water bottles, protein bars, sporting apparel.

Ideal for: Workout lovers.

Swag Bag Idea #27: The Influencer Swag Bag

The influencer swag bag is basically a bag that includes promotional items that can be used by growing influencers that want to boost their reach. 

Give those potential influencers out there the opportunity to get some equipment they might not have and grow their audience. 

Swag items to include: A ring light, a swag bag guide for giveaways, cosmetics, and stylish, Instagrammable apparel. 

Ideal for: Growing influencers. 

Swag Bag Idea #28: The Adventurous Swag Bag

The adventurous swag bag is for all those people that spend weekend after weekend climbing mountains, going hiking, or winter swimming. 

In other words, it’s for those interesting and super active human beings that are always in motion. 

You could support their love for adventure by offering them some branded products that could make their activities easier. 

Swag items to include: A branded armband, a backpack, a customized thermos, a cooling towel, a hoodie, warm socks, hiking boots, camping gear.

Ideal for: Those who love adventure and outdoors activities.

Swag Bag Idea #29: The I Love Books Swag Bag

Even though screens have taken up lots of space, there’s still people who enjoy reading books. 

This swag bag idea can be a special, thoughtful gift for all of them. 

Like the flexible book light shown below:

Image Source: PCNA

Depending on the swag you choose you, you can really create a great reading experience for your audience. 

Swag items to include: Personalized bookmarks, book ends, a reading light.

Ideal for: Bookworms.

Swag Bag Idea #30: The I Love Coffee Swag Bag

Our thirtieth swag bag idea is to do with coffee

In fact, it is all about giving a tailored made coffee gift that will make every coffee lover out there happy. 

Image Source: Gemline

From a classic swag item, the coffee mug, to coffee making accessories and snacks – you could be truly imaginative and create a gift set that will make the recipient happy every time they prepare their coffee at home. 

Swag items to include: A special coffee mug, biscuits, a customized coffee making kit, an “I love coffee” tee.

Ideal for: Coffee maniacs.

Swag Bag Idea #31: The I Love Cosmetics Swag Bag

Our second to last swag bag idea is one that many cosmetics maniacs out there would love to get. 

It’s a bag that screams “I love cosmetics”.

Image Source: Gemline

Given that the swag industry offers so many different options in terms of cosmetics, you could totally build a swag box with samples or full size products that’ll make your social media audience happy. 

Swag items to include: Customizable lip balms, face creams, body creams, face masks, sunscreen, and make up products. 

Ideal for: All those divas among your audience. 

Swag Bag Idea #32: The I Love Mystery Swag Bag

Our final swag bag idea is a quite mysterious one. 

After we’ve discussed so many different ideas, why not go for one that gives you the chance to be creative and maybe even make your audience part of the creation of the prize?

You could ask your audience what kind of swag they’d like to receive from you and then curate your boxes depending on their answers

Try to keep it a secret until someone gets theirs. 

Honestly, we love this one because it can totally fire up your imagination and keep your audience truly engaged and connected with you.  

Swag items to include: The sky’s the limit!

Ideal for: Everyone and on every occasion.

Now Over to You

There you have it. 

You now have a list full of exciting swag bag ideas for various use cases. 

From corporate events to saying thank you to your best customers and showing appreciation to your employees, swag bags can be much more than a simple gift. 

Rest assured that they can help you establish an emotional connection with the recipient of the bag. 

You just have to choose the right swag items to go inside the bag. 

Need help with that?

We’re here to help. 

Just leave us a comment below with your needs and we’ll get back to you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here’s some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in terms of creating swag bags and distributing them. 

Q1. What do you put in a swag bag?

Depending on the occasion, you can put from some swag classics, like hoodies, tees, tote bags, and coffee mugs to more unique items, like gadgets, home accessories, and personal care products. 

Q2. What kind of swag do employees like?

Employees like thoughtful, useful swag that makes them feel part of the team. 

Additionally, swag that expresses appreciation for their hard work and dedication is always welcomed. 

Q3. How many items usually go into a swag bag?

It really depends on the reason why you’re sending out your swag bag as well as the recipient of it. 

Usually, a set of four to five items is generous enough and prevents you from giving too many or less than you should. 

Q4. What’s the ideal budget for each swag bag?

The budget for each swag bag is to do with the occasion as well as the type of swag that you wish to include in your bags. 

Q5. Can you send swag bags in virtual events?

Absolutely, yes!

In fact, you should send swag bags to virtual event attendees to enhance human and emotional connection with them. 

Q6. Where should I look for a swag bag?

You should always look for a trusted vendor to buy your swag bags from

We don’t mean to brag here, but we can totally be that vendor who can help you with choosing your swag as well as packing and distributing it. 

How can we help?

If you need a hand, have an unanswered question, please fill out our contact form and our friendly sales staff will get back to you ASAP!