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23 Best Yoga Swag Items for Studios, Gyms & Online Sessions

New swag for your clients will undoubtedly take your brand to the next level, whether you’re establishing a new yoga […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

New swag for your clients will undoubtedly take your brand to the next level, whether you’re establishing a new yoga studio or updating your gym or fitness business.

We’ve made you a list of 23 swag items to get you started!

To make it super easy for you to easily find the promo items that most suit your needs, we’ve divided this post into five categories: 

  • Swag for yoga beginners
  • Sustainable yoga swag
  • Swag items for yoga retreats
  • Wellness swag for yoga studios
  • Yoga swag for online sessions

Let’s jump right in!

Table of Contents

Swag for Yoga Beginners

Sustainable Yoga Swag

Swag Items for Yoga Retreats

Wellness Swag for Yoga Studios

Yoga Swag for Online Sessions

Swag for Yoga Beginners

If your clients are just starting with yoga, they may not know what to prepare, but they have a lot to look forward to in terms of mental and physical benefits. 

You can help them by giving away essential yoga fitness promo items before they enter the classroom to get the most out of their practice and master their yoga flow.

1. Align Premium Yoga Mat

The Align premium yoga mat has a high-quality double surface that can be used for exercise anywhere. 

Any yoga starter will never have to worry about slipping or sliding, thanks to textured grips from both sides of the mat. 

In addition, this PVC yoga mat comes with a black carry case.

2. Restore Yoga Block

Blocks are an excellent tool for anyone lacking advanced flexibility since they allow you to ease into different yoga poses and intensify postures once your flexibility develops.

The Restore yoga block we’re featuring here is made of sturdy EVA material for durability.

In addition, it has beveled edges for increased comfort and grip.

3. Slowtide Yoga Towel

The Slowtide towel is an excellent addition to any yoga practice.

You can use it as a top layer for your mat and its super-absorbent material makes it perfect for travel or a hot yoga class on the beach!

Author’s Tip: You can couple this item with a tank top or a v-neck t-shirt, branded tights, and a water bottle to create a great starting yogi bundle.

4. 3-Piece Massage and Recovery Kit

The Oasis 3-piece massage and recovery kit is a lifesaver; this swag item can help you unwind and recover after a demanding day or exercise. 

It has everything you need to promote blood flow, prevent injury, lessen muscle soreness, and quicken muscle recovery, with a rolling stick, a PVC solid ball, and a soft TPE spikey ball.

And the best thing is, all of these items fit into the carrying bag supplied, for easy healing on the move!

5.  Yoga Stretch Band

Another handy item on our list is the yoga stretch band.

Even though traditional yoga classes don’t require the use of stretch bands, these are great for strengthening, conditioning, and easing stress or pain before and after classes.

Moreover, the yoga stretch band you can see above features two handles and a locking function for convenient storage.

Sustainable Yoga Swag

Today’s yoga enthusiasts are crazy about eco-friendly workout and pilates equipment. 

Our eco-friendly gift recommendations shown below feature trending items for yogis to keep their mindfulness in check while staying sustainable!

1. Bali Bamboo Glass Bottle

The Bali bamboo glass bottle doesn’t only look stylish but it also comes with many cool perks!

It features extra-thick borosilicate glass that provides a fresh flavor and no odor and it’s protected by a silicone sleeve, which also serves as a sipping hold.

In addition, it comes with a customizable carry loop.

2. Two-Tone Recycled Sport Duffel

A sports duffel that’s both practical and kind to the planet?

We say yes!

The Reclaim two-tone recycled sport duffel is constructed from RPET, which stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate, a highly versatile eco-friendly material.

This duffel also comes with a large zipped compartment and a vertical front pocket, which is great for commuting from work to the gym with no hassle.

Author’s Tip: Feel free to bundle some sustainable activewear options like a pair of leggings, a soft shell jacket, a branded t-shirt, or a short-sleeve hoodie or yoga top with this unisex bag to create an unforgettable eco-friendly workout kit.

3. MAXSON Softshell Jacket

The MAXSON softshell jacket is made entirely of polyester, is designed to allow freedom of movement, and will protect those practicing yoga outdoors as it’s waterproof.

Another fantastic bonus is that this jacket has a breathable three-layer structure, ergonomic sleeves, and adaptable elbows. 

It also comes in many stylish colors, so your business logo will pop!

4. Klean Kanteen Eco Classic

Hydration is the focus of the Klean Kanteen eco classic sport cup

What’s cool about this drinkware item is that it’s made of 90% post-consumer repurposed 18/8 food-grade stainless steel; this material is used in its single-wall construction, making it lightweight and portable. 

In addition, this product has a chip-resistant Klean CoatTM powder coat finish and is BPA-free. 

Furthermore, it’s thin and fits into any cup holder with ease!

5. Sustainable Lunch Bundle

Lunch is never the same with the W&P porter plastic bowl!

This set is ideal for taking your salad, grain bowl, or leftovers and comes with a lightweight lunch container.

Your customers will also say goodbye to plastic utensils as this bundle comes with a set of stainless steel cutlery, including a silicone carrying bag to keep everything clean. 

Author’s Tip: If you want to vamp this gift up, consider adding a reusable water bottle and wellness journal for an impressive fitness bundle.

Swag Items for Yoga Retreats

Planning a yoga retreat trip isn’t complete without giving away some cool gift items!

We have selected five useful items to highly impress your gift-receivers and make their retreat trips memorable.

1. Soundcore Life Note 3S

Your trip-goers need to unwind with some relaxing yoga music and the Soundcore Life Note 3S earphones will be the cherry on top of their meditation.

This pair features intensified bass without letting go of comfort, which is one of many excellent options.

These earbuds are also compatible with several wireless chargers, making case-charging hassle free with no cables.

Moreover, charging the case for only 10 minutes can give you a full hour of playtime.

2. Riley Petite Patterned Tote

The Riley petite patterned tote will help your yogis roam around easily and take all their stuff wherever they need it, whether for a pilates session, a swim class, dance class, or any volunteering activities.

This nice-looking tote comes with a side zipped pocket ideal for keeping receipts, pens, lists, and other items, and it can carry a load of up to 50 lb in weight!

Author’s Tip: You can create a lovely retreat gift package by adding matching-color yoga pants and a racerback sports bra to this tote.

3. Heathered Wristband with Pocket

Retreats mean outdoorsy yoga sessions, and the heathered wristband will come in handy just for that!

This band contains a pocket with two storage compartments and it’s also composed of a cool, breathable cloth – great for warmer weather.

4. Stainless Steel Hydration Bottle

The Arlo colorblock hydration bottle minimizes single-use plastics by using 18/8 single-wall stainless steel and a contemporary matte finish.

The definition of both chic and sustainable!

This item comes with a leak-proof lid with a carry loop, so your gift-receivers will never worry about spilling their drink anywhere.

5. Fundamentals Lotus Backpack Cooler

The Fundamentals Lotus backpack cooler guarantees colder drinks and meals thanks to its great insulation.

Some lovely perks about this backpack are that it’s made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles and features cushioned backpack straps and back panels for extra comfort.

Wellness Swag for Yoga Studios

If you’re looking to market your yoga studio with some namaste-inspired gifts, the following gift options are keepers.

1. Coastal Waves Mini Tin Candle

Nothing relaxes and soothes like a scented candle.

The Coastal Waves mini tin candle is single-wick heaviness, including notes of tea-like coral and gold lilies.

It’s also lead-free and made of food-grade soy wax, which is amazing!

It’s so important to create a warm ambiance in a yoga studio and this tin candle will set the mood right. 

2. Plant Parent Care Kit

This handy kit makes maintaining your leafy babies in the studio a breeze.

The plant parent care kit includes a plant fertilizer mix containing important elements from land and sea, a dust stainless-steel soil scoop, a brush to maintain dust-free foliage, and precise tweezers for trimming in difficult-to-reach locations.

3. Beekman 1802 Hand/Body Wash

The Beekman hand/body wash will bring a nice touch to your studio, as your clients will get to use a deluxe product and enjoy how moisturizing and refreshing it is.

You’ll also be reminding your customers to enjoy this type of self-care.

This wash is made of goat milk, perfect for nourishing both the hands and the body; it’s also crafted from the simplest, cleanest, and finest agricultural ingredients. 

Moreover, it smells incredible thanks to its vanilla scent and it’s free of parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and synthetic coloring agents, with a 100% vegetable basis and no animal cruelty involved.

4. Seek Peace Take Care Kit

The Seek Peace take care kit is a wonderful addition to any yoga practice, as it sets the right ambiance.

This beautiful gift set comes with a lavender growth kit, an essential oil roller, and a sleek meditation hourglass.

Yoga Swag for Online Sessions

Online yoga or fitness sessions can be challenging for anyone.

Yet, by providing suitable swag items, you can make the process easier for your fellow yogis!

1. Home Studio Set

The home studio set is a Mantra sport duffel filled with your yoga essentials.

It comes with a comfy yoga mat, a block, and a practical quick-dry towel, so whether your customers are having their sessions online or in the studio, they will always have what they need.

Moreover, if your studio runs online sessions, you can consider giving away these practical sets to new members to get them pumped up.

Tip: You can run promotions for the first members to join your classes to win a bunch of home studio sets!

2. Alpha Fitness Towel

When the weather gets hot, the Alpha fitness towel will make exercising at home easier as it gives great refreshment and stays cold.

When unfolded, this multipurpose item spans 31.5″ x 12″ and functions as a face mask or bandana.

3. Tentree Bamone Sweatpants

The Tentree Bamone sweatpants will make your class members move freely and easily when doing any yoga poses.

These pants are made from super soft and environmentally friendly fleece, which is a great plus, and they have a comfortable but not super baggy fit, making them look very sleek.

4. Handheld Massage Roller Ball

The handheld massage roller ball will save the day after a long workout.

What’s great about this ball is that it’s made of highly durable silicone and fits comfortably in the hand.

Also, it’s very easy to use; just roll it over tired muscles for fast relief and comfort.

Create Your Own Yoga Swag

Remember that your zen-inspired gifts will help your clients and fitness friends maintain their mind-body connection and you have the chance to take part in their journeys.

Therefore, aim to leave a positive mark by always picking meaningful and useful swag items.

If you have any further questions or need recommendations on building your yoga promo items, we have you covered! We’re always one message away, so contact us right now; we always love hearing from you.

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