Various new fitness trends have been on the rise, especially after the hit of Covid-19.

Promotional products must keep up with this landscape. 

These trends range from the quick rise of virtual fitness and at-home exercise to the increase of solitary activities and a turbocharged activewear apparel market.

Hence, we have created this post for you so you can stay updated with the latest gift options. 

Our list includes 26 various fitness promo items, so let’s jump in.

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What’s the Purpose of Promotional Fitness Products? 

1. Fitness Towel

2. Fitness and Yoga Mat

3. Fitness Belt

4. Home Fitness Band Set

5. Pedometer

6. Running Arm Light

7. Unisex Ballcap

8. Smart Water Bottle

9. Adjustable Hand Grips

10. Bicycle Bell

11. Handheld Massage Roller Ball

12. Yoga Stretch Band

13. Restore Yoga Block

14. Recycled Sports Duffel

15. Push Active True Wireless Sport Earbuds

16. Waterproof Outdoor Bag

17. Golf Links Cooler

18. 2-Liter Hydraulics Reservoir

19. Home Studio Set

20. Everyday Gym Bag Set

21. Colorful Athletic Socks

22. Hydrate On-the-Go Set

23. Arcane Zip Wallet

24. 2-layer Athleisure Gaiter

25. Arcane Flap Pack

26. Golf Links Shoe Bag

What’s the Purpose of Promotional Fitness Products?

Participating in solo outdoor activities increased in response to the pandemic’s pressures. 

Walking was chosen as the preferred form of exercise by seven out of ten respondents to UnitedHealthcare’s 2020 Wellness Checkup Survey during Covid-19. 

Meanwhile, the New York Times called running “the perfect sport for a pandemic,” while 160.7 million Americans aged 6 and up engaged in at least one outdoor activity, according to outdoor industry research.

Hence, fitness promotional products seem to be a very suitable swag option for the times we’re living in.

If you decide to use promotional products to build your business and brand, you have a variety of options from which to choose, which is a fantastic bonus.

Furthermore, fitness products are great options as they can be used corporately, showing that you care about other individuals’ health and wellness.

These giveaways can also help you with:

Persuading a prospective customer to use your services:

Everyone enjoys receiving freebies. 

If someone is on the fence about employing you, a free present may help them make their choice. 

It can also give you an edge over other businesses that don’t offer free promotions.

When a consumer attends a sponsored event:

You can give all guests some of your company’s fitness promotional products if you sponsor a yearly fitness trade show or event.  

In addition, this functions as a conversation starter for both the event and your brand and contributes to the power of your brand.

This also puts your brand in a very good light, as you’re advocating for being healthy and keeping up with the fitness trend.

On a general note, whatever way you choose to use fitness promotional products in your company, don’t forget to promote them.  

For instance, if you have a company page on Facebook or Twitter, share posts that show you giving away your merchandise. 

Encourage your social media fans to share their own photos of themselves wearing your branded fitness merchandise. 

1. Fitness Towel

The Alpha fitness towel is a polyester towel that is soft, lightweight, and comfy. 

It has a very absorbent design that maximizes saturation while keeping the towel cold, giving you long-lasting refreshment. 

Also, this multipurpose item can be used as a towel, bandana, or face mask.

Author’s Tip: You can pair this fantastic item with a drawstring, a jump rope, and an armband for a great-looking fitness bundle.

2. Fitness and Yoga Mat

The Cobra fitness and yoga mat offer a striking diamond design and a comfy non-slip surface to support you securely.

In addition, it comes with a polyester carrying case with a drawstring clasp and an extendable shoulder strap, making it easy to bring to your next yoga session.

3. Fitness Belt

A fitness belt made for nighttime workouts?

Sign us up!

You can flip between three distinct light-up capabilities with this unique swag item to be safe while on the move in low-light circumstances.

Choose between steady, gradual, and quick flashes depending on your lighting requirements. 

Also, this item comes with a handy charging cable.

4. Home Fitness Band Set

With the anti-slip wide resistance bands, you can kickstart your training. 

The bands prevent the usual rolling, breaking, and sliding problems caused by traditional resistance bands.

Additionally, the two-size bands are conveniently packaged in a carrying bag, making them excellent for working out at home or on the go.

5. Pedometer

With the In Shape pedometer, you can walk your way to a healthier lifestyle by counting and displaying your footsteps on an easy-to-read LCD screen.

This lightweight plastic pedometer has a belt clip and a power-saving auto shut-off mode to help it last longer. 

In addition, its tiny form allows it to be conveniently placed in your pocket, customized backpack, or desk.

Author’s Tip: You can twin this branded item with a matching color sweatshirt, tote bag, and shaker bottle to create a long-lasting impression on your customers. 

6. Running Arm Light

This running arm light assists you in remaining visible when walking, jogging, or cycling during poor visibility conditions.

The ultra-bright white light has two modes: continuous and flash, which aid visibility.

Another great plus is that this item easily adjusts to most adults’ biceps.

7. Unisex Ballcap

This unisex cap comes in various colors and has a snapback closure, a pre-curved peak, and a structural A-frame crown supported by a buckram.

Since there is no seam along the front, it allows good heat circulation.

Also, this elegant cap’s unisex appearance makes it the ideal accessory for anybody to wear when cheering on their favorite team or going for a morning jog.

Author’s Tip: Combine this unisex cap with a fanny pack, a branded coffee mug,  a key tag, a card holder, and a portable charger to create a fantastic new-hire corporate gift.

8. Smart Water Bottle

The Bullet Smart Tritan sports bottle is BPA-free and has a mono-wall design with a secure twist-on cap for on-the-go usage.

The lid has a one-of-a-kind built-in “numerical counter” to help you monitor, record, and enhance your daily hydration routines.

9. Adjustable Hand Grips

With the adjustable hand grips, you will strengthen your hands and wrists while conditioning your forearms.

The tension can be adjusted from 20 to 90 pounds for immediate results and strengthening.

10. Bicycle Bell

A bicycle bell is an out-of-the-box freebie.

This colorful bike attachment, made of robust metal, keeps you safe in traffic while adding a retro flair to your ride.

11. Handheld Massage Roller Ball

With the help of the Oasis handheld massager, which is made of robust, high-quality silicone materials, you can recover after a challenging exercise or a long day at the office.

Furthermore, it has an ergonomic design that fits well in the palm of your hand. 

Just roll the massager over painful, tired muscles for immediate relief.

12. Yoga Stretch Band

The yoga stretch band is a workout tool with two handles that snap together for simple storage.

It helps with stretching and flexibility for an enhanced yoga experience.

Author’s Tip: This fabulous gift can be paired with a microfiber towel, a customized tumbler, a stress ball, and a messenger bag for a premium gift set. 

13. Restore Yoga Block

The Restore yoga block is a highly functional gift.

The item is made with beveled edges for extreme comfort and safety during usage. 

14. Recycled Sports Duffel

The Reclaim sports duffel is composed of eco-friendly RPET material.

This duffel has a vertical-zipped front compartment and a large-zipped central pocket.

Moreover, duffel bags are super practical as they can be taken from the office to the gym or the fitness center, keeping all your required items together and organized. 

15. Push Active True Wireless Sport Earbuds

These wireless earbuds are designed to fit comfortably without slipping out

They are the ideal music companion for any athletic journey, with hands-free voice control, elastic over-ear hooks, and enhanced water/sweat protection.

With the quick charge, 10 minutes of charging results in an additional two hours of playing. 

In addition, they let you manage your music, accept/reject calls, engage the device assistant, and access Spotify instantaneously.

Author’s Tip: This is the perfect item to be paired with a power bank, a notepad, a full-color travel bag, a customized toiletry bag, a fitness tracker, bumper stickers, cold packs, and a first aid kit for a super nice-looking outdoor workout kit. 

16. Waterproof Outdoor Bag

The Explorer 10-liter waterproof outdoor dry bag has a roll-top clasp with a plastic snap to keep your belongings dry and secure while you participate in outdoor activities.

The bag also snaps easily onto a bag or belt, making it perfect for errands and travel.

The golf links cooler is smartly designed to keep food and beverages cool while you play a game of golf.

It has an alternative carry option provided via the integrated grab handle and vertical zippers on two sides.

Also, this item includes a divot repairer and a bottle opener, which is a unique feature.

Author’s Tip: This gift is a premium option if you’re looking for a deluxe gift for your clients and prospective customers. Feel free to pair it with a customized luggage tag and a travel mug to make it unique.

18. 2-Liter Hydraulics Reservoir

The 2-liter hydraulics reservoir is suitable for large-volume packs and exercises that last a long time.

The HydroStatic backplate is flat and offers a framework for simple loading into a full pack.

Also, all components are guaranteed to be BPA-free, phthalate-free, and lead-free.

Moreover, this drinkware item is great for BBQ parties and outdoor activities, not just fitness exercises, as it’s convenient. 

19. Home Studio Set

Can’t make it to the studio?

No problems! as this promo set has everything you need for the perfect workout at home. 

This fitness promotional product includes a yoga mat, a quick-dry towel, a yoga block, and an elegant duffel bag to keep it all together.

Author’s Tip: You can include a stopwatch, a hand sanitizer, a branded planner, a polyester organizer, a colorful headband, and a long-sleeve shirt with this bundle to turn it into the ultimate multi-functional personal care set.

20. Everyday Gym Bag Set

This everyday gym bag set has everything you need while looking super chic.

You can keep all of your fitness items in this lightweight tote.

The set also includes a cooling towel and a bamboo glass bottle.

Furthermore, we recommend you include a branded keychain, a reusable straw set, a carabiner lip balm, and a wristband to make this bundle even more impressive. 

Author’s Tip: Don’t forget to add your business card with this gift set for the perfect touch.

21. Colorful Athletic Socks

Everyone loves a good pair of socks, and these are no exception!

These spandex, cotton, and nylon sports socks are suitable for use on and off the field.

Additionally, for your customized jacquard pattern, you can select six colors, including three Pantone-matched shades.

Moreover, you can add a matching color exercise band, a lanyard, a stylus pen, visors, some cool stickers, a unisex beanie, and a short-sleeve t-shirt to these pairs of socks to make an exceptional pack. 

22.  Hydrate On-the-Go Set

This gift package is ideal for carrying everything you need, whether going to the studio or taking a stroll.

This set includes a hydration bottle sling, a quick-dry towel, and a reusable bottle.

Author’s Tip: You can vamp this set by adding a flashlight, an umbrella, waterproof outerwear, and a portable smartphone charger to make it the perfect outdoor companion.

23. Arcane Zip Wallet

Choose the Arcane zip wallet when you need your wallet for more than just a few cards and some fast cash.

This works perfectly to keep all of your important items together while you’re jogging or on the go.

The wallet is also designed with 8 card slots and an RFID-blocking passport/phone pocket for high functionality.

24. 2-layer Athleisure Gaiter

This two-layer polyester athletic neck gaiter for men and women comes with an adjustable cord lock, elastic strap, and metal nose frame.

It has an integrated, movable metal nose frame to provide a comfortable fit.

Also, it has a secure fit provided by an integrated elastic strap with an adjustable cord lock.

25. Arcane Flap Pack

The flap pack is a commuting powerhouse with a straightforward, timeless design equipped to handle your daily tasks and make you look good while doing them.

It also houses most 15-inch laptops inside its cushioned laptop sleeve. 

With the golf links shoe bag, you can conveniently carry and store your golf shoes when not in use so that they are ready for a day on the course.

The grommet detail allows for breathability while allowing the occasional dust and dirt fall-out.

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