24 Luxury Promotional Products & High-End Corporate Gifts

We all like a little luxury in our lives, and when it’s in the form of a gift – well, […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

We all like a little luxury in our lives, and when it’s in the form of a gift – well, who can complain?

When you want to show your gratitude to high-value contacts, such as:

  • Luxury brands that you partner with
  • Members of the C-suite of a business you work with
  • Clients that buy from your high-end brand

Offering luxury gifts and promo products shows you understand your audience. 

Need some inspiration about what to offer in your luxury giveaways? 

Keep reading to feed your brainstorming session.

24 Luxury Promotional Products & High-End Corporate Gifts

Product #1: Cigar Glass

Product #2: Wireless Charging Dock Station

Product #3: Notebook Gift Set

Product #4: Writing and Drawing Tablet

Product #5: Deluxe Knife Set

Product #6: Premium Wine Bag

Product #7: Classic Padfolio

Product #8: Premium Wine Set

Product #9: Wifi Drone with Camera

Product #10: Herb Garden Kit

Product #11: Action Camera

Product #12: Premium Travel Bag

Product #13: Virtual Reality Headset

Product #14: Deluxe Goodies Gift Set

Product #15: Business Backpack

Product #16: Luxurious Cosmetics Gift Set

Product #17: High-End Marble Cheese Board

Product #18: Deluxe Party Cooler

Product #19: Moscow Mule Gift Set

Product #20: Packing Cube Set

Product #21: Premium Utility Tote

Product #22: Tool Belt Holder

Product #23: Wireless Charging Pad

Product #24: High-End Bluetooth Speaker

Luxury Promotional Product #1: Cigar Glass

The first luxury gift idea we have for you is the multifunctional cigar glass.

Image Source: Gemline

More than just simple glassware, this is one of the most unique corporate gift ideas you can consider when your gift recipient is a fan of the high life. 

When you know the CEO you’re working with enjoys good quality whiskey and nice cigars, offering this glass that holds both will really show you’ve done your research.  

Price range: Starting at $26 per item

What to pay attention to: Make sure the glass is solid and sturdy so they will be content drinking their whiskey out of it. 

Luxury Promotional Product #2: Wireless Charging Dock Station

Next on our list of promotional items for a discerning client or customer is a wireless charging dock station. 

Image Source: PCNA

Since we’ve been working from home, gifts that can make life easier have become popular and are very well received. 

A charging station for all your recipient’s wireless goodies like earbuds and phones can make their desk look stylish and prevent cables from running all over the place. 

Who wouldn’t be thankful for that? 

Being able to keep  power banks charged up on your desk, ready for when they go on a business trip or go speak at a conference, is another plus. 

Price range: Starting at $85.50 per item

What to pay attention to:  Pick an item that’s as compatible as possible so that people who use Android and Apple devices can be equally as happy with your gift. 

Luxury Promotional Product #3: Notebook Gift Set

When you want to give a stylish and functional gift box as a promo or gift, look no further than the notebook gift set. 

Image Source: PCNA

Perfect as a giveaway item at corporate events, a branded notebook set that also includes a high-quality ballpoint pen and some highlighters will definitely get used by attendees. 

Add into the mix a paperweight, ideal for a home or office desk to keep things organized, and you’ve solved a raft of problems for the person you’re giving the gift to. 

Price range: Starting at $20 per set

What to pay attention to:  No one likes a cheap pen, so make sure it sits well in the hand, is a nice weight, and ideally has refillable ink so it can be used for a lifetime.

Luxury Promotional Product #4: Writing and Drawing Tablet

Looking for technological promotional gifts for your giveaway? Consider a writing and drawing tablet

Image Source: PCNA

This tablet is a pressure-sensitive LCD display that lets the user take quick notes and clear them away without the mess of a chalkboard. 

It’s perfect for families who need to leave notes for each other, or for a leader to communicate a message to people in their office. 

Price range: Starting at $19.50 per item

What to pay attention to: Choose a tablet that suits your budget. A simple tablet like our image is just for writing and drawing, whereas an iPad can perform the same function and a whole lot more. 

Luxury Promotional Product #5: Deluxe Knife Set

For the culinary enthusiasts among your client base, consider offering a deluxe knife set as a corporate gift. 

Image Source: PCNA

You can add your branding to the box, but keep it classy – you want your gift to be something the user is proud to bring out at dinner parties or place in their social media feeds.

Price range: Starting at $80 per set

What to pay attention to: Choose a material that’s high-quality and durable for the blades, such as carbon or stainless steel; it’ll show you really want to offer luxury goods. 

Luxury Promotional Product #6: Premium Wine Bag

The sixth item we’ve got on our list of luxury promotional items is the premium wine bag. 

Image Source: PCNA

Wine connoisseurs know that it needs to be served at just the right temperature to give it the best taste. 

Giving away a well-made, stylish wine bag will allow the people receiving your gift to take their great wine on a picnic or boat trip and still get a great quality glass of wine. 

Price range: Starting at $80 per item

What to pay attention to: The design will be make-or-break whether this item will get used, and hopefully featured in some user-generated content. Choose something timeless and keep any branding minimal and classic. 

Luxury Promotional Product #7: Classic Padfolio

Organization and time management are a challenge no matter how high-flying our career is, so everyone will appreciate a classic padfolio. 

Image Source: PCNA

As you can see in our image above, a padfolio is the ultimate organizer, allowing the person who receives it to keep their documents, bank cards, phone, flash drives, and myriad other items, all in one place. 

It works as a great onboarding gift for new employees, encouraging them to take control of their life and schedule from the very start. 

Price range: Starting at $30 per item

What to pay attention to: Having space for modern items such as charging cables and styluses will ensure that your padfolio gift gets used often. 

Luxury Promotional Product #8: Premium Wine Set

Knowing your audience likes wine, why not gift them a premium wine set that’ll get used again and again. 

Image Source: PCNA

Having all the right kit at hand, such as an easy-to-use corkscrew, wine stoppers, and pourers will improve the wine experience of the people you offer this to. 

Consider offering drinkware and a decanter if you want to make a swag box for a corporate client or to create a high-end promotion. 

Price range: Starting at $60 per set

What to pay attention to:  Keep personalized or customized elements subtle; you can add the initials of the recipient or your company logo, as long as you don’t overshadow the luxury element of the item. 

Luxury Promotional Product #9: WiFi Drone with Camera

For the technology and photography enthusiasts looking to up their game, a WiFi drone including a camera is a really thoughtful gift. 

Image Source: PCNA

Drones have become much more popular and more accessible to people who love to play with new gadgets and create stunning photos and videos. 

Giving tech swag to people is a winner with any audience; people enjoy getting something new that they have seen in the media and they love exploring new hobbies.  

Another great benefit of this item is the potential for user-generated content – the people who receive such gift items could tag your company in their social media posts. 

Price range: Starting at $25 per item

What to pay attention to: Choose an item with good battery life so that your users can have a truly great experience.

Luxury Promotional Product #10: Herb Garden Kit

Sometimes, it’s nice to encourage people to take a step back from their hectic life, and a good way to start is to offer a herb garden kit.

Image Source: Gemline

You can send  these simple and compact items that’ll allow the recipients to add some greenery to their window ledges and get something tasty, too. 

This gift will give long-term value to the people you give it to, with fresh herbs available to them for months and even years to come whilst also showing your eco credentials through your gifts and giveaway items.

Price range: Starting at $23 per kit

What to pay attention to: The design of the container is important – choose whether you want to go with traditional forms or something more sleek and modern. 

Luxury Promotional Product #11: Action Camera

For those who enjoy capturing every moment of their hectic lives, an action camera makes a great gift. 

Image Source: PCNA

Having this item as a giveaway at a tradeshow can encourage people to film what they see and do, and hopefully post it online and tag your company or event. 

As a giveaway or promotion prize, it works well for an audience that’s into adventure and travel. 

Price range: Starting at $20 per item

What to pay attention to: Include little extras like a silicone or acrylic waterproof case for this item and you’ll get even more fun and bright user-generated content. 

Luxury Promotional Product #12: Premium Travel Bag

Add your company logo to a duffel bag and offer a premium travel bag to those who have to travel often for work. 

Image Source: Gemline

Travel is definitely a luxury, and you can make it easier by choosing a bag to give away that’s sturdy and will last many plane and train journeys to conferences. 

As an added extra, consider including a matching drawstring bag that can fold away into a pocket and be used during the daytime at a conference. 

In terms of travel swag, this item definitely belongs in a package of items you’re putting together, too. 

Price range: Starting at $50 per item

What to pay attention to: Choose a travel bag with strong straps and good zips that will last for years and have your logo travel even further. 

Luxury Promotional Product #13: Virtual Reality Headset

Even lovers of luxury want to have fun, so giving away a virtual reality headset is an idea that will bring joy to people. 

Image Source: PCNA

Virtual reality, or VR, gaming is getting more and more popular, with companies like Facebook heavily invested in it. 

It may be the future of gaming and therefore you can show the people you offer this gift to that you follow market trends and appreciate letting your hair down. 

Since VR headsets are great for visualizing products and places as well as gaming, you can consider using them as part of your fundraising efforts – people who donate higher sums can receive this item so they can see in VR what the product looks like before it’s launched.

Price range: Starting at $20 per item

What to pay attention to: Some VR headsets require a mobile phone to work as the screen, so be sure you know the smartphone the recipient has so they don’t need to invest more money to make it work.

Luxury Promotional Product #14: Deluxe Goodies Gift Set

When it comes to luxury items, great food is always up there, so add a deluxe goodies gift set to your luxury promotional gifts list.

Image Source: Gemline

Whilst no one item may be particularly expensive, add together delicious, high-quality food items to a gift basket or swag bag and you have a corporate gift or giveaway prize that’ll surely be appreciated. 

You can add nearly anything, and including items either local to your business or local to the person you’re sending the hamper to is a personalized touch that won’t go unnoticed.

Price range: N/A

What to pay attention to: Make sure your items work together, such as cheeses and fruits or chocolates and mints, so the person who gets it can have an extra special treat in one day if they like.

Luxury Promotional Product #15: Business Backpack

Dashing from business meeting to workshop means people need a sturdy and reliable business backpack, so why not give them one?

Image Source: Gemline

In terms of high-end branded merchandise, this is a mainstay that people will want to use again and again – being given a great bag is something we all love, right?

Using your brand colors and adding a company logo will associate you with luxury and long-lasting travel items, which are great qualities to have people recall about your brand. 

Price range: Starting at $60 per item

What to pay attention to: Have lots of pockets for items like a laptop, jotter, and business files so it is a truly useful item. 

Luxury Promotional Product #16: Luxurious Cosmetics Gift Set

You don’t get more luxurious than encouraging a person to take some “me time” and pamper themselves with a luxurious cosmetics gift set. 

Image Source: Gemline

Exotic fragrances, creamy lotions, and invigorating body washes are cosmetic items that let the person you give this gift to know that they deserve some time off and to take care of themselves. 

A gift bag of self-care items will go down really well with people who do a lot of traveling, such as the speakers that you invite to your conference

Price range: Starting at $25 per set

What to pay attention to: Include items that are a little out of the ordinary or have luxury ingredients like argan oil, rose essence, or manuka honey. 

Luxury Promotional Product #17: High-End Marble Cheese Board

Rather than use a standard, wooden cheese board, give your luxury gift recipients a high-end marble cheese board and show you really know your stuff. 

A marble cheese board is superior to a normal wooden one because it keeps cheese cooler when it’s being presented as part of a charcuterie board, and also doesn’t absorb smells as much – perfect for luxury Stiltons and expensive pecorinos. 

Include a selection of specialist cheeses to introduce a broader range of cheese to the people whom you give the set to. 

Price range: Starting at $36 per set

What to pay attention to: The item in our image includes all the standard tools a cheese-lover will need, which is a nice touch to include in your luxury gift.

Luxury Promotional Product #18: Deluxe Party Cooler

Al fresco dining evokes ideas of evenings in Europe or lazy afternoons at the beach on holiday, and giving a deluxe party cooler will help make these a reality. 

Image Source: Gemline

Keeping wine or water bottles chilled whilst having dinner on the terrace or when you’re having a garden party can be a challenge, so offering a party cooler fixes the issue. 

You can even include a box of wine or craft beer and even a bottle opener to get the party started for the lucky winner of this luxury promotional item.  

Price range: Starting at $25 per item

What to pay attention to: Good, solid materials that really insulate the items in the cooler will ensure people will use your promo item again and again. 

Luxury Promotional Product #19: Moscow Mule Gift Set

A simple cocktail has been gaining popularity of late, so you can ride that trend and offer a Moscow mule gift set as a prize or gift from your company. 

Made using vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice, this cocktail is easy to whip up and is famed for being presented in a copper tumbler or mug. 

This gift set, that includes the drinkware and tools needed to make this timeless cocktail, could even help you get some user-generated content – the copper looks stunning in any setting. 

Price range: Starting at $40 per set

What to pay attention to: The quality of the metal is very important so that the taste of the drink isn’t affected – check that the drinking vessels are all copper. 

Luxury Promotional Product #20: Packing Cube Set

Coming to the end of our list and we’ve still got travelers on our mind with our next luxury gift item, the packing cube set. 

Image Source: Gemline

Hailed as the answer to all our luggage woes, packing cubes separate your travel clothes, compress them down, and help you get more bang for your buck from your airplane baggage allowance.

Giving away this luxury travel packaging will show your corporate clients or new hires who will travel a lot that you understand their challenges. 

Price range: Starting at $48 per set

What to pay attention to: Give enough packing cubes to be really useful, one on its own won’t help much, but a set of three should fill a cabin bag well. 

Luxury Promotional Product #21: Premium Utility Tote

Sometimes, a standard tote bag doesn’t quite cut it and your audience needs a premium utility tote instead. 

Image Source: Gemline

Tote bags help us carry our shopping around and avoid using single-use plastic bags. 

What makes a utility tote bag different is its size and sturdiness; which also makes it one of the most searched for promotional items across Canada

Rather than canvas or cotton, like normal tote bags, they tend to be made from non-woven fabrics which are more hard-wearing and are bigger, sometimes with a flat bottom like in our picture. 

There’s plenty of space for your company logo on this super-useable, high-end tote. 

Price range: Starting at $40 per item

What to pay attention to: Be sure to choose a sturdy fabric and handles – these bags are made to take a lot of weight and you want to delight the people you give them to with how solid and long-lasting they are. 

Luxury Promotional Product #22: Tool Belt Holder

A tool belt holder is the perfect high-quality gift to go with notebooks or tablets that have foldable covers.  

Image Source: Gemline

This item attaches over the cover of a notebook or the cover of an iPad or other tech device, increasing storage for phones, power banks, and pens. 

It’s handy for people who attend a lot of meetings and already have lots to carry with them, so consider it a thoughtful, high-end item to give to your corporate partners or management-level employees as part of your company swag

Price range: Starting at $34 per item

What to pay attention to: Pick good quality fabrics that will last, such as leather or moleskin, to exude quality and luxury. 

Luxury Promotional Product #23: Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless charging is a feature on most new phones, so consider offering a wireless charging pad in your luxury giveaway. 

Image Source: PCNA

Rather than needing a charger cable, wireless charging can be much more convenient when you want to get some juice in your cell phone.

This is why we think a wireless charging mat will delight and excite the people receiving your gift or promo item. 

It’s possible to add your branding so that your company logo is always near the user’s phone and computer. 

Price range: Starting at $16.50 per item

What to pay attention to: Choose a charging pad that’s compatible with Apple and Android devices to be as inclusive as possible with your giveaway item. 

Luxury Promotional Product #24: High-End Bluetooth Speaker

Rounding off our list of the best luxury promo and gifting ideas in the high-end Bluetooth speaker. 

Image Source: Gemline

Being able to listen to your videos, music, and other content at a reasonable volume without distorting the sound can be a challenge when all you have is a phone at hand. 

Giving away a high-end Bluetooth speaker that delivers good sound and lasts a long time on one charge will show that you understand the everyday struggles of your clients or customers. 

Price range: Starting at $65 per item

What to pay attention to: Ensure that the battery will last for a long time – there’s no point giving away a portable speaker that needs to be charged every couple of hours!

Now Over to You

We’re done. 

That’s the top 24 luxury items we recommend you use in a promo or giveaway, or use as a gift for your corporate clients. 

Whilst items like t-shirts, lanyards, wristbands, and keychains are perennial favorites of the giveaway or gift set, they don’t quite cut it when your audience buys big-ticket items. 

Feeling inspired to put together your high-quality, high-end swag bag? 

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