25 Top Branded Jackets for All Businesses (& How-to Guide)

Branded jackets are some of the greatest corporate gifts on the market.  Promotional outerwear products have a cheap cost per […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

Branded jackets are some of the greatest corporate gifts on the market. 

Promotional outerwear products have a cheap cost per impression and are incredibly popular among customers, making them an excellent choice for promotional freebies.

In addition, jackets can be used and kept for a long time; they also come in various designs and styles, and help to maintain a professional appearance.

Hence, we have compiled a list of the top 25 branded jackets you can get your hands on so you’re always ready to amaze your clients and employees. 

Our list includes the following:

  • Down jacket
  • Down vest
  • Packable jacket

Plus many more items to explore, so let’s get to it!

Table of Contents

1. Down Jacket

2. Down Vest

3. Packable Jacket

4. 2-in-1 Windbreak (that converts into a drawstring bag)

5. Insulated Jacket

6. Half-Zip Jacket

7. Knit Jacket

8. Long Packable Insulated Jacket

9. 3-in-1 Jacket

10. Rain Jacket

11. Softshell Jacket

12. Polyfleece Jacket

13. Lightweight Jacket

14. Hybrid Insulated Jacket

15. Fleece Lined Jacket

16. Hi-Vis Jacket

17. Field Jacket

18. Windbreaker Jacket

19. Crop Windbreaker Jacket

20. Anorak Jacket

21. Eco Jacket

22. Navigator Jacket

23. Parka

24. Flame-Resistant Jacket

25. Quilted Flannel Hooded Jacket

How to Make Your Own Branded Jackets in 4 Simple Steps

1. Down Jacket

A down jacket is insulated with soft and cozy down feathers from ducks or geese.

It can trap warm air and hold heat, keeping the user exceptionally comfortable in cold winter temperatures.

Also, it’s considered a premium promo item for its value and looks; having your company logo on this one will make you stand out. 

2. Down Vest

As we have mentioned with the down jacket, the down vest is pretty much the same but sleeveless. 

It’s also super sleek looking.

Due to the down feathers’ compressibility, the down vest is simpler to pack. 

Moreover, when the air clusters are squeezed, they repel all of the air out of the jacket, making it smaller and flatter.

3. Packable Jacket

A packable jacket is the perfect travel companion as it’s super lightweight and easy to carry around. 

This item makes a great holiday gift; it’s also great for your fellow adventurous peeps who enjoy a hike or any outdoor activity, as it can be folded into a small pouch. 

4. 2-in-1 Windbreak (that converts into a drawstring bag)

The 2-in-1 windbreak jacket couldn’t make packing any easier!

It converts into a drawstring bag, so you can just carry it around; you won’t have to worry about moving around with a bulky item at hand. 

In addition, this item comes in multiple unisex options and water-repellent materials, making choosing your next gift a breeze. 

5. Insulated Jacket

An insulated jacket is ideal for dealing with the chilly air. 

It’s 100% polyester and is waterproof to defend against wind, snow, and rain

In addition, the jacket is insulated with 100% polyester faux down and is designed to keep your staff warm. 

Knowing that your personnel are appropriately protected provides you and your customers with confidence that the job will be done.

Author’s Tip: This full-zip promotional product makes a great thank you gift due to its practicality and versatile look.

6. Half-Zip Jacket

Half-zip jackets look trendy; these half-zip jackets look great on basically anyone!

Like a hoodie, the half-zip jacket can be a perfect choice for your team’s work jackets as it looks cleaner and neater than a basic hoodie.

Author’s Tip: You can pair this item with drinkware of your choice and a  promotional backpack for the perfect employee welcome bundle

7. Knit Jacket

Knit jackets never go out of style. 

Knit jackets look very sporty, and they have that timeless Adidas vibe that everyone loves.

In addition, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities

Last but not least, they make awesome tradeshow gifts and custom outerwear promo items for conferences.

8. Long Packable Insulated Jacket

A long packable insulated jacket is the item that we all need.

This waterproof jacket combines high-quality looks and an extra layer of protection.

In addition, it’s super easy to pack as it’s very lightweight and doesn’t take up much space. 

Your clients and employees will thank you for this thoughtful gift. 

9. 3-in-1 Jacket

A 3-in-1 jacket is often made out of a water-resistant and breathable external layer, as well as a warm, fleece-style jacket on the inside. 

They can be worn independently or zipped together to create three different combinations – ideal for changing weather.

The inner fleece jackets will keep you cozy with optimal insulation and breathable materials

Moreover, they are a more practical option for a pullover when worn alone

Still, when paired with an outer jacket, they become an essential element of any outdoor equipment, whether they’re for a climb in the mountains or a winter stroll. 

10. Rain Jacket

Rain jackets will always remain a  must-have item.

Impress your clients with this cool rain jacket, pictured in the above image.

It has a detachable snap-off hood with an eye-catching design drawcord and an inside storm flap with a “rain drain” for more protection. 

On the women’s version, there’s also a zipper with contrasting tape and white teeth.

In addition, it has an extra internal pocket with a hook-and-loop clasp and an additional mesh pocket to carry everything you need.

Author’s Tip: You can pair this fantastic item with a water bottle, a customized padfolio, and some yummy snacks for a great employee welcome back kit that on-site and remote staff would love. 

11. Softshell Jacket

Softshell fabric is woven, making it a nice warm layer with no mobility limitations like other fabrics

Unlike traditional outdoor jackets, a softshell jacket does not have a lining and is created by binding two layers of cloth together for insulation and flexibility.

In addition, it’s designed to fill the gap between a fleece, which provides limited waterproofing and wind-resistant protection, and a stretchier waterproof jacket.

Author’s Tip: This full-zip jacket would be perfect for great team jackets if you’re looking for team outerwear. Also, the color options are endless, and it would look great with your custom logo. 

12. Polyfleece Jacket

Polyfleece jackets are comfortable, and they are great-looking men’s jackets. 

This fabulous orange jacket you can see in the above image is made of 100% polyester anti-pill microfleece and has an inside thumb hole at the end of every sleeve as well as a contrasting hanger hook inside the neckline.

Also, it’s great for layering over t-shirts and sweatshirts

Moreover, if you’re looking for a sustainable jacket for your team, this is an excellent giveaway for workwear. 

13. Lightweight Jacket

This lightweight jacket is super compact and would look great with any logo screen-print or desired design.

Also, it looks fantastic as a winter jacket and works excellently as an activewear top jacket. 

14. Hybrid Insulated Jacket

National parks enjoyed record-breaking visitation in 2020 as families flocked to nature’s playgrounds, and this appreciation for nature has been around since then. 

What does this imply for your business? Outdoor gear such as insulated jackets and camping accessories have become the new “in” things. 

The great outdoors, like athleisure and Carhartt, is becoming popular in the fashion sector, so your organization should capitalize on this ongoing trend.

Hence, keep the hybrid insulated jacket when choosing your next swag item or client gift, as it provides outstanding lightweight warmth for those who lead an active lifestyle and it is also great for staying indoors. 

15. Fleece Lined Jacket

Fleece lined jackets are comfortable and easy to pull off with t-shirts and hoodies.

A polyester fleece jacket like the Sport-Tek-looking one in the above image would be great when paired with a tech organizer for sending a nice gesture of appreciation

16. Hi-Vis Jacket

High-visibility jackets are a kind of personal protective equipment (PPE) or safety apparel made of retro-reflective materials.

They make a great swag item for employees working in the building construction industry, ports, airports, shipyards, port facilities, hangars, fire departments, search and rescue, emergency, and utility companies. 

Perks of giving out promotional hi-vis jackets:

  • A must-have for firefighters, police officers, and emergency responders
  • Concern for your consumers’ and their children’s safety can help them have a good impression of your company 
  • As promotional gifts to schools and fire departments, your company will seem charitable and will be appreciated by the public
  • Your company’s logo can be printed on all visibility waistcoats

17. Field Jacket

A field jacket is military-inspired outerwear with at least four front pockets and frequently a few on the inside as well. 

They’re often light and large enough to fit a couple of layers below.

18. Windbreaker Jacket

Windbreaker jackets are made of thin, lightweight materials that are often synthetic, such as nylon, micro-polyester, polyester, and tricot.

The jacket is waterproof and breathable, and it is intended to provide protection against winds, the cold, and, on occasion, light rain.

Typical features of a man’s windbreaker jacket are an elasticated waistline, armbands, a zipper fastening, and a detachable hood.

19. Crop Windbreaker Jacket

A crop windbreaker jacket is the exact same as we have mentioned for the windbreaker jacket; the only difference is the crop shape. 

The jacket also comes in a reversible style to make it even cooler. 

Furthermore, the long sleeve cropped look will mostly suit your fellow female employees and clients, and it can be a stylish tool for building awareness and good relationships

20. Anorak Jacket

An Anorak jacket is a piece of outerwear long enough to cover your hips and comes with a hood to protect your head from the harsher elements of the weather. 

Higher-quality anorak coats are also noted for being water-resistant and in some instances, waterproof. 

If you enjoy the concept of glamming up your client’s appearance, it is simple to do regardless of the season or weather conditions

If you’re looking for a practical swag jacket, the anorak is a good choice, as anorak jackets are most recognized for their ability to remain timeless when properly cared for.

21. Eco Jacket

Eco-friendly jackets are definitely in for the win. 

Eco-friendly jackets are made from recycled materials such as recycled polyester, and they can make a huge difference in telling the right story.

Overall, 42% of people had a more favorable opinion of a brand if the promotional product they received was eco-friendly, according to the 2019 ASI Impressions study.

People are concerned about the environment more than ever now; therefore, choosing a promotional marketing item that substitutes single-use items or is manufactured from recycled or sustainable materials is essential

In addition, green promotional materials can line up with whatever green aims or positions your company already has. 

Consistency is vital since it tells your consumers and clients that you are serious about going green.

On top of that, according to 2017 research on corporate social responsibility, people respond positively when a corporation promotes social or environmental concerns. 

A demographically representative sample of 1,000 Americans was polled for the study. 

Here are a few key points:

•  68% of millennials purchased a product having a social or environmental impact.

• 87% of customers will have a more favorable opinion of a firm that supports social or environmental causes.

• 88% will be more devoted to a corporation that promotes social or environmental problems.

• If given the option, 87% would purchase a social and environmental benefit product.

• 92% are more inclined to trust a corporation that promotes social or environmental concerns.

Also, this survey and other studies demonstrate that Americans expect businesses to be involved in the process of influencing social and environmental issues.

22. Navigator Jacket

The navigator jacket’s classic design and superb water and wind resistance make it an ideal outerwear item for pretty much everything.

You can pair this item with an umbrella for a nice-looking swag kit for your employees; it screams winter vibes, and you can get both things in matching colors for a stylish touch. 

23. Parka

Parka jackets are the definition of cool. 

They always look amazing with hoodies or sweatshirts, which will impress your team. 

Also, they give warmth and protection against the cold while also being stylish, so keep them on the list. 

You can also get your hands on a vegan parka made of recycled plastics if you’re looking for a more sustainable option. 

24. Flame-Resistant Jacket

The goal of wearing a flame-resistant jacket is to protect the user in an emergency when their clothes could catch fire. 

Many individuals operate in occupations that regularly include the risk of fire, such as manufacturing or metalworking. 

While the number of fires in these areas is rare, it is critical to plan for the worst-case situation; hence wearing flame-resistant clothes could save someone’s life in an emergency.

Giving out such items is a great message of how much you care for your community and will help boost your business’s reputation. 

Let’s check our last item. 

25. Quilted Flannel Hooded Jacket

Everyone loves a quilted flannel hooded jacket

It doesn’t only look great, but it can also help you stay on a budget if you’re looking for cheaper choices. 

That’s it for our list of 25 jackets; let’s check next to our guide on making your own promotional jacket. 

How to Make Your Own Branded Jackets in 4 Simple Steps

Before we help you make your own jacket customization process a breeze, we want to share with you some jacket-related advice and information. 

It’s important to mention that branded jackets are kept by customers for an average of 16 months and produce 6,100 impressions during their lifespan, according to research held by Asicentral.

Hence going for outerwear is a win-win situation; keep the following clothing tips in mind for 2022:

All-inclusive sizing is essential:

Consider giving larger size options, or invest in coats with belts for more size variability.

Puffer coats made of synthetic down are the newest consumer fad:

Many people are turning away from genuine down products because of allergies and animal rights concerns; hence synthetic down is viewed as a simple and low-maintenance option.

Think lightweight:

Lighter-weight knits and water-repellent textiles are in high demand, and they are loved by everyone for their versatility.

Now that you’ve read these tips, let’s show you an easy way to make your custom jackets.

Step #1: Partner with a reliable swag supplier

When selecting a swag provider, consider response time, platform simplicity of use, ratings/customer service, and item minimums

Not all swag providers are the same, and you should choose one that meets your requirements. 

For example, if you need a speedy turnaround, select a vendor that guarantees next-day proofs and expedited shipment. 

If moral conscience is one of your principles, choose a vendor that sources from smaller, minority-owned, and environmentally friendly companies

Here at SwagDrop, we have something for everyone so that you can give our platform a shot. 

Our Swag Pack Builder lets you create branded swag items filled with various options.

Step #2: Choose a jacket type

Once at our Swag Pack Builder, first upload your company logo.

Then choose ‘’Outerwear’’ from the left side of the page as displayed in the below image.

You will see different options, from twill jackets, sweater fleeces, bomber jackets, puffer jackets, and vests to softshell jackets; you can check all custom outerwear options with your uploaded logo displayed clearly.

Step #3: Decide on personalization and customization elements

Once you have chosen a jacket, select from the available color and size options, as you can see below. 

In addition, select the required number of items from different size options if needed. 

The last step is to place your order.

Step #4: Place your order

When you add the required quantity to the cart, the amount and price are instantly updated, as shown in the screenshot below. 

Before you complete the checkout process, provide your business and contact information, as shown here.

Make sure you fill in all of the information correctly before completing the process.

That’s it!

Our piece has come to an end, and so here are our final thoughts.

Now Over to You

Now that you have explored various types of jackets, we hope you get to pick great items for your next client and employees’ gifts.

You can visit our Swag Pack Builder to check the best branded jacket ideas

Feel free to contact us anytime if you need further tailored advice and if you have any questions. 

Thank you for reading!

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