27 Great Marketing Gift Ideas to Build Awareness & Relationships

One of the most crucial tasks for any business is to reach out to your clients and show them that […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

One of the most crucial tasks for any business is to reach out to your clients and show them that they are appreciated while showcasing your company’s values and identity.

Sending a gesture of appreciation to your clients before or after starting a business partnership, or for a special occasion such as a holiday, is one of the most remarkable ways to strengthen your relationship with them.

In this post, we present you with 27 great marketing gift ideas to build awareness and relationships

Our list includes:

  • Journal
  • Coffee mug
  • Bluetooth earbuds
  • Toiletry bag
  • Bluetooth speaker

Plus, many more items for you to see! So let’s jump in. 

Table of Contents

What are Marketing Gifts?

Idea #1: Journal

Idea #2: Coffee Mug

Idea #3: Bluetooth Earbuds

Idea #4: Toiletry Bag

Idea #5: Bluetooth Speaker

Idea #6: Tumbler

Idea #7: Wellness Kit

Idea #8: Tote Bag

Idea #9: Duffel Bag

Idea #10: Solar Power Bank

Idea #11: Wine Cooler

Idea #12: Ballpoint Pen

Idea #13: Tea Blend

Idea #14: Key Chain

Idea #15: T-shirt

Idea #16: Packing Cube Set

Idea #17: Phone Stand 

Idea #18: Reusable Water Bottle 

Idea #19: Tech Organizer 

Idea #20: Baseball Cap

Idea #21: Hand Sanitizer 

Idea #22: Piggy Bank

Idea #23: Portfolio

Idea #24: Backpack 

Idea #25: USB Flash Drive 

Idea #26: Seasonal Holiday Gift Basket

Idea #27: Gift Card

Bonus: What to Do (& What to Avoid) When it Comes to Marketing Gifts

What are Marketing Gifts?

Marketing gifts are promotional products sent with the intention of enticing recipients to become consumers, clients, or collaborators of your company.

A superb branded item has the potential to be utilized over and over again by the receiver, consistently reminding them about your company (and generosity).

Marketing gifts encourage clients to continue using your business or become brand advocates, and they have the potential to bring your business to the forefront of their minds if they haven’t interacted with you in a while.

A commercial study found that customers who have a personal bond to a brand have a 306% greater lifetime value to a company.

Now, let’s check out our list of 27 items.

Idea #1: Journal

A journal can be carried everywhere, so it makes the perfect gift for any potential customer.

From the office all the way to a vacation destination, your company logo and brand name will continue being visible.

Say hello to more attention and brand recognition.

Journals are considered professional and versatile items; they are used to check any type of progress and take down any sort of notes.

Our second item is a coffee mug.

Idea #2: Coffee Mug

A coffee mug is a great business gift.

It leaves a lasting impression and delivers a message to any client or business owner without being overly promotional.

This item can be taken anywhere from offices to homes, so you will always stay top of mind with the receiver.

Idea #3: Bluetooth Earbuds

There are many entrepreneurs who would appreciate receiving one of these high-tech gadgets, and you can be the one to do it for your clients.

Bluetooth earbuds with your business logo will be highly appreciated for any occasion.

No wires equal more movement and freedom, making this item really special. 

Idea #4: Toiletry Bag

Whether at home or on the go, toiletry bags are a must-have.

Using promotional toiletry bags will allow your clients to safely transport their beauty and grooming essentials without the fear of spillage.

You can easily print on your business logo and name. 

This item is awesome for bringing in more business awareness as it can be taken anywhere and is very visible. 

This corporate gift idea will definitely show that you’re thoughtful.

Idea #5: Bluetooth Speaker

Many people use Bluetooth speakers on a regular basis. 

Compact and portable, they can be used in any location.

As a result, promotional Bluetooth speakers are ideal for increasing customer loyalty and raising awareness of your brand.

You can offer them as a freebie, a gift for event speakers, or a redemption reward.

You’ll definitely get more exposure, which in turn will lead to more sales and a more well-known brand.

Author’s Tip: Bluetooth speakers are wonderful tech gift items for the new year for any tech lover.

Idea #6: Tumbler

When you’re on the go, you don’t have to worry about spilling your drink because tumblers come with covers that can be removed. 

The insulating properties of tumblers allow you to enjoy your beverages hot or cold for an extended period of time. 

It’s easy to see why tumblers are ideal for getting your brand in front of customers, as they are incredibly customizable and cost-effective. 

You can count on a lot of exposure for your company’s logo since tumblers are so widely utilized. 

These will not only help you get your name out there, but they will also bring in a lot of new clients, especially if you’re a small business owner or new to the business world. 

Author’s Tip: Branded tumblers come in all shapes and sizes, with various types of lids and vivid colors. The possibilities are endless with this item. 

Idea #7: Wellness Kit

Wellness kits are wonderful items for any type of event. 

It’s fair to say that our emotional and physical health has had a difficult time recently.

For instance, as many as 500,000 more individuals in the UK are expected to have mental health issues as a result of COVID-19, with depression being the most common.

Taking care of your customers and clients should be a key priority, so wellness kits make great thank-you gifts.

They are also the perfect way to show appreciation to your whole team.

Author’s Tip: You can include various items in your wellness kits, from desktop succulents and essential oils to yoga mats; you have the ability to create great combinations. 

Keep reading for our next gift item.

Idea #8: Tote Bag

Having a promotional tote bag in your marketing strategy is essential.

Because they can be reused, promotional tote bags are beneficial for the environment. 

In addition, because of their usage of recycled or sustainable materials, tote bags are a green option. 

Plus, they are an excellent choice if your company is committed to environmental sustainability or has specific, set environmental goals. 

Reusable bags are becoming increasingly popular because of rising numbers of laws prohibiting or charging for the use of single-use plastic bags, as well as a growing green movement. 

Overall, promotional tote bags can be a wise investment that benefits both the environment and your clients, and not to mention your brand.

Author’s Tip: Eco-friendly tote bags make unique gifts any time of the year.

Idea #9: Duffel Bag

Duffel bags are useful not just for the gym, but also for vacation, business, and everyday use.

It’s no surprise that a duffel bag has become a super popular corporate gift for marketers.

They’re also ideal overnight bags for light travel, so you’ll have lots of opportunities to promote your brand. Duffel bags will earn you the promotional points you deserve.

These are terrific customized items for any business or industry.

They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and printing options.

Whatever personalization choices you choose, you can be confident in the way your brand is shown.

Idea #10: Solar Power Bank

The solar power bank is small and portable.

It is an excellent promotional gift because of its high-quality solar cell material and original design. 

This will provide your brand with a high-quality image

Furthermore, the solar power bank can be used to charge not just phones, but also tablets and other gadgets. 

It is an excellent product that your clients will use on a daily basis.

Let’s see our next item.

Idea #11: Wine Cooler

Wine coolers are exceptionally elegant. 

After clients have consumed all of the beverages in the bag, they can use it to keep beers, carbonated beverages, and energy drinks chilled all day. 

This is ideal for camping, athletic events, and other outdoor activities.

Idea #12: Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint pens are often used in work, classrooms, training sessions, and so forth. 

Plus, branded pens are a continual source of promotion.

Ballpoint pen advantages:

  • The ink is often quick-drying and waterproof
  • These pens have a longer lifespan than others
  • The ink dries quicker, resulting in less smearing
  • The nib is less vulnerable to damage

Idea #13: Tea Blend

Everyone loves a nice cup of tea or coffee at work. 

Tea contains antioxidants, and it helps anyone to relax, so it makes a wonderful giveaway or trade show gift.

Author’s Tip: You can include various relaxing tea blends in your wellness kits.

Idea #14: Key Chain

The greatest promotional products are those that your clients can easily take with them. 

What’s the purpose of handing away promotional gifts that are too heavy to take outside the house?

Key chains are small and portable; clients will just clip them to their keys and never leave them behind.

You are free to use whatever style, color, or pattern you wish on the printed keychains you want to market.

This provides an opportunity for businesses to strategically insert vital information on it. 

In fact, you can even include your contact information and company location on a personalized keychain.

Idea #15: T-shirt

When selecting promotional items to offer, consider what the consumer is most able to keep.

T-shirts are considered long-lasting items and they never go out of style. 

Using t-shirts as promotional merchandise will not break the bank. 

You can print t-shirts for a fair price, particularly if you purchase in bulk.

Idea #16: Packing Cube Set

A packing cube set is one of the most versatile promotional goodies.

Cubes can help you pack your baggage more carefully and travel more efficiently in a variety of ways:

  • You can separate your clothes by color or style
  • Small things, such as socks or power cables, can be kept from rolling or sliding about in your suitcase by placing them in a packing cube
  • It can be used as a cushion, laundry bag, shoe bag, or cosmetics bag
  • It will help keep your clothes wrinkle-free
  • If any liquids leak anywhere in your bag, your belongings will be protected
  • It allows for faster and more effective packing, unpacking, and repacking

Idea #17: Phone Stand 

While working at a desk or table, a promotional phone stand maintains your phone at the ideal viewing distance.

Clients will never miss a call if their phone is propped up against a cell phone stand branded with your company’s logo. 

This also means that your company’s brand will be prominently shown everywhere the stand is utilized!

Idea #18: Reusable Water Bottle 

By promoting reusable water bottles, you are helping to reduce the usage of single-use plastic bottles.

Since they are composed of reusable materials, these personalized promotional water bottles come in a variety of eco-friendly alternatives. 

They send the right message to your clients since caring for the environment should be on the top of everyone’s list. 

Idea #19: Tech Organizer 

Anyone who has a lot of cables, adapters, chargers, and gadgets knows how difficult it is to keep them safe, clean, and organized when they are loose in a bag.

Tech organizers continue to be one of the best gifts for tech-savvy individuals. 

Surprise a client or a customer with an item they didn’t know existed and assist them with keeping their gadgets organized, all while putting your business at the forefront of their minds.

Let’s now talk about caps.

Idea #20: Baseball Cap

Hat wearers provide your brand with a walking advertisement campaign. 

Branded caps with a creative design that portrays your business will capture the attention of potential consumers

Furthermore, they have the ability to initiate a dialogue about your company. Those who wear your branded headgear are regularly reminded of your company. 

Idea #21: Hand Sanitizer 

Hand sanitizer is a great gift because it shows that you care about your clients’ health and well-being.

Many items now have clips, attachments, and unique styles that make them even simpler to move

For the best and easiest usage, choose a promotional hand sanitizer that has one of the features mentioned.

Hand sanitizers can work extremely well as last-minute gifts in case you get stuck.

Idea #22: Piggy Bank

Piggy banks are ideal for marketing because of their inexpensive cost and emotional link with savings and money.

You can add this cute item to any client welcoming gift box or gift set, and it will look very well-put together.

Last but not least, piggy banks obviously make great promotional gifts for banks and financial institutions.

Idea #23: Portfolio

Customized portfolios provide a professional touch to every business meeting. 

The portfolio is already a powerful sign of structure and consistency; by decorating it with your logo, you strengthen the association between your organization and these traits in the eyes of clients and consumers.

With customized logo portfolios, you can leave a lasting impression on your consumers and clients.

Author’s Note: Portfolios in Moleskine black look very classy and they suit every taste. 

Idea #24: Backpack

Because of their versatility, custom-branded backpacks are an excellent promotional product to offer as a marketing tool; they can create brand recognition on a regular basis.

Backpacks are available in a variety of pricing ranges and colors, giving you some flexibility in how you wish to handle your freebies. 

Choose from more affordable gift items such as drawstring backpacks, or opt for high-grade promo items such as a nice computer bag.

Idea #25: USB Flash Drive

With USB flash drives becoming more popular personal items, it is only natural that these little computer devices become excellent promotional items.

Company logos and company branding can be incorporated into these little but very handy gadgets to elevate high-impact brand awareness to a whole new level.

Idea #26: Seasonal Holiday Gift Basket

When you load your seasonal holiday gift basket with tasty snacks, you ensure that it will be enjoyed and loved. 

Snacks have a long shelf life, and your thoughtfulness will be remembered every time they are used. 

A seasonal holiday gift basket ideally leads to fantastic dialogues about your giving and services.

Furthermore, gift baskets can create attractive presentations that elegantly feature your brand, all while staying inside any budget.

Author’s Tip: You can add a Christmas sweater or a colorful blanket to your holiday gift basket, creating a perfect combo!

Let’s move on to the last item on our list.

Idea #27: Gift Card

Gift cards are a great way to personalize your promotional strategies. 

They can also be used for aesthetic purposes as some businesses change the appearance of their gift cards to match particular holidays or campaigns. 

Another technique to broaden your marketing strategy is to include a gift card with a promotional item. 

Some individuals want to offer something more than just a gift card. 

Author’s Tip: To make the gift card more appealing, make sure to add decorative wrapping. 

Our list has come to an end! 

Bonus: What to Do (& What to Avoid) When it Comes to Marketing Gifts 

The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) reports that 81% of clients and consumers retain promotional products for at least a year after receiving them, so make sure it’s always worth it. 

Do: Think outside the box

Traditional marketing strategies are always accessible to your company, and you’re presumably using social media to its highest potential. 

Yet, giving marketing gifts takes everything to a whole new level.

The more creative and unique you make your gifts, the more special you seem to all of your consumers and clients, and that builds great perceptions about your brand. 

Do: Make it personal 

Including a handwritten note with each gift informs your clients that you appreciate them. 

Remember that printed cards do not transmit the same level of kindness as handwritten notes. 

In addition, including a phrase or two about your customer in the notes you give them helps to build a favorable picture of the business.

Don’t: Make it tacky or too promotional

Giving your clients gifts should be about them, not about you. 

Include a small reminder of where the gift is from.

Plus, the logo of your company should be placed delicately so that the gift does not lose its charm, regardless of whether it is workplace stationery or coffee mugs, to avoid being too promotional. 

Don’t: Focus on quantity, but on quality

Investing in a product that will be used several times is a better use of money than one that is just used once and wasted. 

In order to save money, it’s tempting to distribute inexpensive swag, but you must consider the long-term consequences. 

Higher-quality products are more likely to be kept by customers for longer periods of time, which means more impressions and exposure for your company’s name and product line.

Here come our final thoughts. 

Now Over to You

That was the end of our list of 27 great marketing gift ideas. 

Remember that showing appreciation will always grow stronger communication.

It is crucially important to keep fruitful professional relationships with your clients. 

We are here to help you display your appreciation with a wide selection of gifts and many more ideas. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any inquiries or need any further advice. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What gifts can be given to clients?

These are some excellent choices for promotional items for clients:

  • Journal
  • Toiletry bag
  • Wine basket
  • Premium duffel bag
  • Coffee mug

The following are great choices for corporate gifts:

  • Premium backpack
  • Solar power bank
  • Writing pad
  • Branded t-shirt
  • Tote bag
  • Branded drinkware

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