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20 Fun Corporate Event Ideas for Clients & Employees

Are you tasked with organizing a corporate event for 2023 and feeling overwhelmed by the options?  We’ve compiled event ideas […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

Are you tasked with organizing a corporate event for 2023 and feeling overwhelmed by the options? 

We’ve compiled event ideas that will get the creative juices flowing. From team-building retreats in the great outdoors to virtual reality escape rooms and everything in between, there’s something for everyone on this list. 

So get ready to impress your colleagues and make your next corporate event one to remember!

Table of Contents

9 Corporate Event Ideas for Clients & Business Partners

11 Corporate Event Ideas for Employees

5 Tips for Hosting More Inclusive Employee Corporate Events

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

9 Corporate Event Ideas for Clients & Business Partners

Corporate events are a great way to foster relationships with clients and business partners and to create an experience that your esteemed guests will remember for a long time.

Here are 9 creative corporate event ideas to help you achieve this goal and be the perfect host for your VIPs.

1. After-work unwind reception

Why not bond with your clients and business partners over an after-work unwind reception? 

Invite them to join you for complimentary drinks and snacks, and send email reminders to clients with details of each event’s theme or menu. 

To keep the receptions interesting, offer a high-quality rotating menu, seasonal beverages, and a new source of entertainment each month. Encourage clients to swing by after work for good company, delicious snacks, and a glass of wine or locally crafted beer.

2. Expert insights

Why not offer your clients valuable learning opportunities?

You could plan out expert insights, informational sessions, demonstrations, and presentations on topics they care about. 

Invite experts, motivational speakers, and other special guests to lead the sessions and answer questions. Attract more attention to the event by posting on your company’s official social media accounts. 

Make sure to ask clients about which topics they want to see discussed and contact experts with real-world experience in areas your clients care about most. 

To allow your business partners to focus more, organize their thoughts, and write down their questions during your educational events, consider giving away a branded, elegant-looking notebook and pen gift set like the one right below.

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3. Benefit bidding

Another wonderful idea is to organize an auction event that doubles as a corporate fundraiser, with business partners and partners bidding on goods or services donated by sponsors. 

You could host an in-person or online auction and add a layer of mystery by using silent auctions. 

In silent auctions, attendees will only know who’s bidding on what or how much each person is willing to spend.

This is a great way to raise funds for a good cause and to allow your guests to get something in return for their support.

4. Corporate game show

One of the most remarkable social events you can consider is planning a corporate game-show-inspired event where your clients can participate in popular games such as Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, or The Amazing Race. 

Preparing for such an event may include researching and booking a suitable venue, hiring a host or emcee, and creating questions and games that align with the client’s interests.

5. Corporate walking tour

A corporate walking tour event allows your guests to explore the city and learn about its history and culture while networking with other clients.

This is a fantastic chance to provide a unique experience while also encouraging your business partners to get to know each other and network in a relaxed environment. 

Feel free to research and book a suitable event planner, arrange a tour guide, and arrange transportation if necessary.

6. Virtual yoga class

A virtual yoga class could be the perfect opportunity for your business partners to take a breather!

You could host the class for your clients over Zoom, where they would unwind together, arrange for a professional yoga instructor to guide the class, and have games and icebreakers to keep the conversation flowing. 

This works well for large groups too, which is a plus, and promotes physical activity and well-being, which is important to highlight for your corporate values.

Don’t forget to send yoga kits to your event participants beforehand to set everything up and ensure everyone is ready!

Your clients will surely appreciate how thoughtfully you have included a wellness gift in your event.

7. Wine connoisseur’s paradise

Create a wine connoisseur’s paradise at a nice-looking event space for your business clients to enjoy selections of premium wines paired with gourmet food while enjoying live music or other entertainment ideas. 

When it comes to event planning, it should include setting up wine-tasting stations, interactive wine-pairing sessions, and engaging activities, such as wine trivia or blind tastings. 

You could also offer a VIP experience for special guests where they can taste exclusive and rare wines, making it a one-of-a-kind event and a luxurious party idea.

8. Give back to the community

Hosting a fundraising event for a charity that your partners can support is a great way to give back to the community and bring your clients together in a meaningful way. 

To make the event more memorable, you could have a silent auction or raffle, where your event participants can bid on or win prizes donated by local businesses.

9. Holiday cheers

Everybody loves a fun holiday event!

So why not host a holiday party to celebrate the end of the year with your business clients to show appreciation for their contributions to the business?

You could plan a formal or casual event depending on your and your client’s preferences. 

In addition, consider hiring a caterer to provide food, set up a photo booth for employees to take fun, candid shots, and arrange various entertainment options, such as a DJ or live band. 

Don’t forget that some nice Christmas gifts will bring on the real holiday vibes!

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11 Corporate Event Ideas for Employees

Whether looking for on-site or remote team events, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this list of corporate event ideas for your team members. 

1. Hunt for the city’s hidden gems

Scavenger hunting through the city with your employees is one of the most fun corporate team-building events they could ever participate in.

It builds teamwork and camaraderie while allowing them to explore the city in a new light.

You could start by dividing the employees into teams, assigning a team leader, and assigning different tasks and challenges for each team to complete. 

To make the event more interesting, you could incorporate a theme into the scavenger hunt, such as a “History of the City” theme, to add an educational aspect to the event. 

2. Escape the ordinary

This team-building event takes your employees out of their comfort zone, and it’s a fun way to put problem-solving and communication skills to the test and build team spirit. 

To make things extra exciting, you could have themed escape rooms such as “Escape the Zombie Apocalypse” or “Steal the Crown jewels” to add an element of fantasy.

3. Cooking up a storm 

Host a fun-filled cooking class where employees can learn new skills, bond, and enjoy a delicious meal together. 

You could hire a professional chef to lead the class and provide all the necessary equipment and ingredients. 

Also, your employees could work in teams to prepare a dish of their choice and enjoy their creations together. 

To sizzle things up even more, you could have a cooking competition and give out cooking-related custom gifts for the most creative dish, like a fancy cooking pot or a kitchen apron.

You could have a theme for the competition, such as “Fusion Cuisine” or “Farm to Table,” and provide ingredients accordingly.

The La Cuisine prep apron comes in a bunch of cool colors and comes with hang loops for tongs, and it just looks lovely!

4. Happy hour haven

Another excellent event idea is hosting a happy hour event at a local bar or restaurant for employees to unwind and socialize in a relaxed setting. 

Ensure to provide various food and drink options, including non-alcoholic beverages, and encourage employees to mingle and catch up with each other. 

You could also include gluten-free and kosher snacks like the Hammond super snack mix you see here to cater to every taste!

Plus, you could arrange for a DJ or live music to provide entertainment and make it a mini-concert.

5. Snap a smile

Set up a photo booth at your event where employees can take fun, candid shots with each other. 

This is a great way to create memories and keep the event light-hearted. 

You could provide a variety of props and backdrops for employees to use, such as oversized sunglasses and inflatable guitars. 

To take this event to the next level, you could create a photo album or scrapbook with all the photos taken during the event to remember the fun times together.

6. Street eats and beats

Host this type of social event to feature a variety of gourmet food trucks, live music, and games. 

This event is a great way to showcase your company’s culture and allow employees to mingle and network with their colleagues in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Author’s Tip: You could also let your employees invite their friends and family for a change and for them to engage with your positive work culture.

7. Mixology magic

Organize an in-person or online mixology class where the participants can learn to make and enjoy different cocktails together. 

For a more interactive experience, you could have a cocktail competition, where employees showcase their mixology skills and compete for luxury promo gifts like elegant wine bags and deluxe knife sets.

With an exquisite knife set like the one above, we’re sure you’ll bring out the competitive side in everyone in no time!

8. Artistic expressions

Unleash the inner artists of your employees by hosting a painting or sculpture class. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to unleash creativity in the team and create an atmosphere for the team to express themselves. 

9. Foodie frenzy

Treat your employees to a culinary journey by hosting a food-festival-inspired event, where they can sample different cuisines, learn about other cultures and even participate in cooking classes. 

This event is all about allowing your employees to experience something new. 

For example, you could have a “Taste of the Mediterranean” day or “A Night in Japan” theme.

10. DIY workshop

Host a workshop where employees can learn and work on a new skill, such as woodworking, jewelry making, or soap making. 

This event idea helps boost creativity, build teamwork and give employees a sense of accomplishment. 

11. Board game bonanza 

You could host a board game night for your team members to bond over shared interests and test their strategic skills. 

You could set up different tables with different games, with guests moving around and trying other games throughout the night. 

In addition, you could give prizes to the winning teams, which can be a great way to encourage friendly competition. 

For instance, why not include a few premium gifts to get everyone excited, like chic duffel bags, wireless charging dock stations, or wifi smart plugs!

Look at this duffel bag with harness straps, a contoured yoke, and 4 padded webbing handles; it makes a great practical choice whether your employees are out of town for the weekend or juggling between work and the gym.

5 Tips for Hosting More Inclusive Employee Corporate Events

In today’s diverse and globalized workplace, ensuring that all employees feel included and valued at corporate events is essential.

By following these 5 tips, you can host events that are more inclusive and welcoming to all.

Consider diversity and representation

When planning corporate events, consider the diversity of your workforce and strive to have representation from different groups. 

This could include having a variety of speakers or presenters from different backgrounds or offering a range of food options to accommodate different dietary restrictions, especially when it comes to in-person events.

Make accommodations for all abilities

Be sure to consider the needs of all employees, including those with disabilities, when planning corporate events. 

Make sure everyone has access to technology, materials, and physical spaces that are accessible to everyone.

Be mindful of language and cultural differences

It’s important to be aware of language and cultural differences among employees and ensure that events are inclusive and welcoming to all.

Consider providing materials in multiple languages or offering interpretation services if that’s necessary for a specific event.

Consider different time zones

If you have employees in different time zones, consider their schedules when planning corporate events; this might mean offering events at other times or providing recorded versions that can be accessed later.

Provide options for remote participation

Suppose you have employees working remotely—provide options for them to participate in corporate events. In that case, you could offer a live-streaming option or provide materials that can be accessed remotely.

Take Your Corporate Events to the Next Level

Corporate events can help you tons with boosting employee morale and building stronger client relationships. 

Whether you choose a team-building adventure, a cooking competition, or a virtual escape room, these fun corporate event ideas will help you create a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Feel free to contact us if you’re looking for thoughtful gift ideas to hit the mark with your corporate events. 

We’re here to help you make your next corporate event memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are some of the best corporate event ideas?

Some of the best corporate event ideas include:

Q2. How can I make sure that my corporate events are sustainable and eco-friendly?

Choose venues and vendors committed to sustainability to ensure your corporate events are sustainable and eco-friendly.

In addition, utilize eco-conscious products such as recycled paper and biodegradable utensils.

Q3. How can I make sure that my corporate events are budget-friendly?

There are several ways you can ensure that your corporate events are budget-friendly:

  • Use virtual event platforms to reduce costs related to venue rental and travel
  • Look for sponsorships or partnerships to offset costs

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