Outfitting your staff and clients with high-quality business swag is a terrific way to increase loyalty and brand pride.

There are various personalized items to choose from, but we’ll concentrate on cozy custom blankets in this article.

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What are Custom Blankets?

Who Can You Give Custom Blankets to?

Item #1: Fleece Blanket

Item #2: Quick-Dry Park Blanket

Item #3: Insulated Blanket

Item #4: Cozy Fur Blanket

Item #5: Comfort Gift Blanket

Item #6: Beach Towel

Item #7: Throw Blanket

Item #8: Photo Blanket

What are Custom Blankets?

Custom blankets are blankets of any color, size, or material on which companies can include their corporate logo. They can be given away for any occasion.

Personalized blankets make great swag items for the following reasons:

  • Highly useful

The more practical the gift, the more precious it is. 

When you use custom blankets as your promotional items, you can be confident that you will get the most bang for your buck

Moreover, company blankets are often used at home and on the go, giving you abundant branding opportunities

Not only in the autumn and winter, but all year long—at concerts, beach vacations, camping vacations, and more!

  • They fit your brand

Custom blankets can be a fantastic option when you require a personalized gift that ties into whatever product or service you offer. 

These branded products are versatile and incredibly functional, and they will easily complement your corporate story. 

In addition, you can always choose from various types that are useful for sports, home, or leisure to appeal to a wide range of audiences.

  • Countless possibilities: 

Blankets come in various styles and materials, including sherpa, micro mink, and cotton

You can also get blankets in various price ranges, ranging from inexpensive to luxury and everything in between.

  • Blankets can be for everyone:

They make fantastic gifts for new customers, partners, and investors, making them a terrific corporate gift that everyone will appreciate.

Who Can You Give Custom Blankets to?

You can wrap up any recipient with a blanket freebie for all the right reasons, as you can never go wrong with this gift.


When it comes to your employees, you can use your custom blanket as a thank you gift for their hard work or boost their morale and motivate them.

In addition, a custom blanket is a beautiful choice for employee appreciation day as it tangibly shows your gratitude, making the recipient feel great. 

A thoughtful present at the right moment can make someone’s day, and a meaningful employee present will make your staff feel like they belong, which is particularly crucial today since many of us are isolated from our colleagues

Also, adding a burst of positive energy to your company can enhance the team spirit, making work more pleasurable for both you and your staff.

Event attendees

Giving out custom blankets to attendees at trade show events, virtual seminars, charity fundraisers, and conferences will be an unforgettable experience.

Moreover, providing free promotional products to people who attend events and conferences where your business is present will give these people a positive impression of your organization, especially if this is their first contact with your company.

Instead of just handing out freebies to everyone who asks for them, you could organize a ticketed giveaway or even a competition with promotional items as the prize. 

This will pique people’s curiosity and encourage them to speak about your company favorably.

Furthermore, the promotional materials you choose for events and conferences might serve as subliminal reinforcement for your company’s culture.

If you want to promote the sustainability of your products and services, consider giving eco-friendly blankets and reusable water bottles.


Make it a habit to award partners and clients with swag when they do something exceptional, and in this case, we encourage you to give away some great-looking blankets.

Keep track of their accomplishments and let them know you’re pulling for them.

Also, showing your appreciation for the firms’ hard work goes a long way toward developing customer loyalty.

According to a 2016 PPAI research, almost nine out of ten recipients can recall the branding, and eight out of ten can recall messages from at least one promotional product they received.

Eight in ten customers said that getting a promotional product from a brand immediately improved their perception of the brand.

In addition, approximately eight out of ten people confess to searching up the brand after getting a promotional product, and 83% say they are more inclined to conduct business with companies from which they’ve received promotional items than with brands from which they haven’t.

On another note, remember that the client who could forget about you once your meeting is over will now have your name on something they value. 

It certainly doesn’t hurt to keep your company’s design and emblem in their thoughts.

Let’s now check our list of blankets together. 

Item #1: Fleece Blanket

Everyone loves a gorgeous fleece blanket.

You can get this cozy fleece blanket with your design for the perfect cuddle, and for your corporate logo to shine.

Also, you can use various flannel templates to make this soft fleece stand out with your company logo color palette. 

The one you see here is unique since it’s produced entirely of recycled post-consumer waste.

Also, this sweatshirt blanket uses plastic, mainly bottles turned into high-quality polyester fibers.

So you have a personalized fleece blanket and a sustainable gift all wrapped up in one.

On a general note, environmentally friendly items have rapidly gained popularity over the last several years. 

According to an ASI study, the sustainability movement dominates consumer behavior and attitudes; in 2019, roughly a third of women said they bought more sustainable items than any time in the past.

With 46% of customers demonstrating a more positive perception of a business if the promotional materials they get are environmentally friendly, it’s a sensible investment for companies looking to boost brand favorability

Item #2: Quick-Dry Park Blanket

This quick-dry park blanket is an excellent gift for your staff.

It’s large, lightweight, and ideal for taking with you wherever you go, at any time! 

Also, this blanket is excellent for outdoor adventures since they are made entirely of recycled materials. 

This is the ideal alternative for a day at the beach, park, or festival, with a soft, silky top layer and a water-resistant bottom layer

Moreover, it has hooks for tent poles, and corner pockets for weighing it down with sand, etc.

What’s even more impressive? It comes with a built-in mobile phone pouch.

Item #3: Insulated Blanket

An insulated blanket is another great custom blanket idea.

It’s the perfect gift for any special occasion, especially at Christmas time when the weather starts to freeze up.

The blanket is light enough to take on your next expedition and will keep you warm whether you’re sleeping beneath the stars or sitting around a campfire at home on a cold night. 

Whether you’re bringing the family on an extended camping vacation to the wilderness, or simply going to an outdoor concert, this picnic blanket with its insulating quilted pattern will keep you toasty and dry in the great outdoors. 

In addition, for easy transport and storage, a premium stuff bag with a high-strength clasp is supplied.

We’re sure your clients and staff will love this one for its versatility.

Item #4: Cozy Fur Blanket

Cozy fur blankets just look beautiful and toasty!

Take a look at the below image; you can feel how sleek and silky this one is.

This Sherpa blanket works perfectly for birthdays and work anniversaries, or you can simply add it to your gifts for her list!

Whether the blanket comes in monogram or plush fleece, these materials are highly durable, so you can choose whatever suits you best.

This Sherpa fleece also makes a cool baby blanket as it’s super soft and perfect for snuggles, so this could be an excellent gift for employees having a baby.

In addition, the item displayed here is machine washable so everyone will be thankful for how easy the plush blanket is to maintain.

On a general note, the worldwide plush blankets market was worth USD 370.0 million in 2019 and is predicted to expand at a compound yearly growth rate of 6.1%  between 2020 and 2027

The industry has been driven by an increasing desire for luxury-based glossy blankets due to peoples’ increased use of lighter-weighted blankets

In addition, rising consumer spending on comfort and relaxation as a result of lifestyle inflation, especially among millennials, is driving demand for softer and more luxuriously attractive bedding items, such as plush blankets.

Author’s Tip: This plush blanket makes a unique gift for Mother’s Day, and it also makes an excellent pick for your baby shower gifts list due to its fluffiness and coziness. 

Item #5: Comfort Gift Blanket

This blanket set screams sweet dreams and warmth.

This inflatable pillow and the blanket combo are ideal! The pillow easily attaches to the blanket and they roll up together to make them simple to carry.

Author’s Note: You can pair this custom throw with a key chain and a matching color tote bag for the perfect employee appreciation gift set.

Item #6: Beach Towel

No one can hit the beach without having their beach towel buddy.

Beach towels are great swag items for summer gift kits and summer conferences, so they will come in handy when the weather starts to warm up.

In addition, beach towels can act as photo picture blankets as you can print anything on top. 

This will turn any standard beach towel into a lovely photo gift.

Item #7: Throw Blanket

This throw blanket looks amazingly stylish and is 100% cotton.

This throw blanket is the perfect companion to outdoor activities and picnics.

It’s also very sturdy, and ultra light-weight; your clients will love the fringe look and the practicality of this one. 

Item #8: Photo Blanket

Personalized photo blankets are just super heart-warming.

They are lovely gift ideas for all special occasions as they are very personal and meaningful.

In addition, these custom throw blankets can be customized as a photo collage blanket to include more than one photo. 

Another great bonus is that this blanket can be used as wall art, making a great housewarming gift as it can be used as a form of home decor

You can choose from different materials, from acrylic to fleece photo blankets; you have various options.

Author’s Note: Feel free to upload photos for your canvas print, and collect all of your favorite photos to make your distinctive design for a great-looking photo fleece blanket. It can also work as a great personalized baby blanket if you want to include any cute baby pictures; this will highly impress your new parent clients and employees.

Our post has come to an end, let’s wrap up.

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You can always check our Swag Pack Builder to customize your blankets and other items. 

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