15 Items to Put in a Christmas Gift Basket & Special Types

The magical holiday season is approaching and we know for sure that there are many people out there struggling to […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

The magical holiday season is approaching and we know for sure that there are many people out there struggling to find the best Christmas gift baskets for their clients or employees.

To help, we’ve created this post to guide you through the different options out there when it comes to Christmas gift baskets. 

Here are some of the topics we’re going to cover:

  • Some thoughtful Christmas gift baskets types
  • The best items you can put in a Christmas gift basket

Plus, we’re going to answer some frequently asked questions in relation to Christmas baskets so bear with us until the end of this post. 

Let’s get into the five best types of Christmas gift baskets. 

Table of Contents

5 Types of Christmas Gift Baskets

Item #1: Christmas Socks

Item #2: Wine Gift Set

Item #3: Cheese Board Set

Item #4: Shortbread Cookies

Item #5: Dried Fruits and Nuts

Item #6: Hot Chocolate Pouch

Item #7: Tea Bags

Item #8: Recipe Journal

Item #9: Blanket

Item #10: Camp Blanket

Item #11: Christmas Sweater

Item #12: Christmas Tumbler

Item #13: Bath Salts

Item #14: Self-Care Products

Item #15: Desktop Game Set

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

5 Types of Christmas Gift Baskets

Christmas gift baskets are a fantastic way to show your appreciation for your clients’ support or your employees’ hard work. 

Even though a little further down the road we’ll be showing you exactly what kind of items and products you can add to your Christmas gift boxes, we thought we’d first show you some special types of holiday gift baskets to warm you up. 

Let’s get into our first type. 

Type #1: Gourmet Gift Basket

The first gift basket is the first one that comes to the minds of all of us.

Enter… a gourmet food gift basket.

Image Source: Gemline

The reason why this one is so popular is that the whole concept is designed to “speak” to almost everyone. 

No matter what one’s favorite snacks are, you can always surprise them with some deluxe sweet and savory snacks they won’t be able to resist. 

From salted pretzels to truffles, gourmet sauces, sweet treats, jams, and peppermint cans, a Christmas food basket is a great corporate gift that’ll be enjoyed by every family member. 

Type #2: Chocolate Gift Basket

Following the gourmet gift basket, we’re adding one more gift basket idea to our list.

This one is full of chocolate goodies

Image Source: Gemline

Anyone with a sweet tooth for dark chocolate or almond toffees will be delighted to start their Christmas morning with such a sweet bite. 

Author’s Note: Get together with your swag supplier to explore the different options, including gluten-free or other specialty products, you may need when going for a chocolate Christmas basket.

Type #3: Pizza Night Gift Basket

We absolutely love the idea of giving your customers and employees a gift basket that they can enjoy together with their friends and family. 

In this case, it’s a super fun and cool pizza night gift basket that will make their nights around the Christmas tree even more cozy and definitely unique. 

Image Source: Gemline

Pizza night gift baskets come with seasoning, the most delicious tomato sauce, and basically all the tools you need to make a great pizza, apart from the dough. 

What’s even better is that you can customize all these products with your company logo or funny quotes and let your customers or employees know that this pizza is on you. 

Type #4: Breakfast Gift Basket

Nothing says happy holidays like a breakfast gift basket that includes Christmas snacks, fruits and nuts, together with coffee – for the coffee lovers – tea bags, or other delicious drinks. 

Image Source: Gemline

In a Christmas gift basket like this one, you can also add beautifully customized coffee mugs or other branded drinkware.

Plus, you can add some high-end promotional candy and snacks to make it even more irresistible. 

Type #5: Wellness Gift Basket

The final type of Christmas gift basket you’re going to be happy choosing is a wellness or self-care gift basket

Image Source: Gemline

In this self-care package, you can include several promotional items that can be connected to your employees’ wellness, whether that’s a sound machine and a face mask for better sleep, a lip balm, a set of essential oils, or the warmest and coziest little throw blanket. 

In fact, in the list of products for great Christmas gift baskets that follow, we’re going to give you a few more ideas that would work great in a special self-care gift basket for Christmas. 

Without further ado, let’s get into the first item we have for you. 

Item #1: Christmas Socks

A pair of Christmas socks is a beautiful gift for co-workers and employees. 

Image Source: Pop Promos

They can be part of a gift crate for a colleague who just had a baby or your employees who are always wearing the craziest socks in the office. 

Last but not least, they’re great for employees who work from home; a pair of branded socks can be considered quite thoughtful and personal without crossing any lines. 

Item #2: Wine Gift Set

Let’s now talk about a cool wine gift set

First things first, as a company, you might not be allowed to send alcoholic beverages to your employees as a gift, but there’s nothing wrong with sending your best customers a custom wooden box with wine tools for Christmas.  

Image Source: PCNA

Plus, a wine gift basket could work great with a cheese gift, like the one that follows. 

Item #3: Cheese Board Set

Similar to a wine basket with wine tools we’ve just talked about, a cheese and charcuterie board set that includes all sorts of knives needed for the best house parties, is yet another Christmas gift basket idea that’ll wow the recipients. 

These boards are designed to elevate any gift-giving activity by adding just the right proportion of luxury and uniqueness to it. 

Also, they belong to the category of high-end promotional products which makes them just perfect for corporate gifting. 

Item #4: Shortbread Cookies

Many companies and individuals go for cookie gift baskets for Christmas. 

In such a case, you shouldn’t miss including a few of these super delicious shortbread cookies that smell – and taste – like Christmas and warmth. 

Author’s Note: In case you’re aiming for every Christmas gift in your basket to be personalized, don’t forget to check with your swag supplier about what would be the best way to feature your branding on such a product, given that its surface is generally smaller than other items.

Item #5: Dried Fruits and Nuts

The fifth item we have for you is one that goes perfectly into a Christmas gift basket.

That is a package of premium dried fruits and nuts.

This option is definitely healthier than simply sending out a tower of sweets and will definitely be appreciated as it fits into the overall Christmas atmosphere. 

Think about it; a glass of mulled wine that smells of cinnamon and orange and some tasty Christmas fruits and nuts. 

Does it get any better than this?

Item #6: Hot Chocolate Pouch

Cold days make us want to be somewhere warm, drinking a cup of our favorite hot drink, like this hot cocoa mix

The reason why we recommend these for Christmas baskets, apart from the fact that they clearly fit into the holiday spirit, is because they can be added into different types of Christmas baskets. 

For example, they can be added to a relaxation and spa gift basket, together with essential oils and bath salts, but also in a fruit gift basket together with all kinds of delicious snacks. 

What’s more, they could simply go with a few bags of Christmas cookies and brownies as a thank you gift to loved ones. 

Item #7: Tea Bags

Tea bags filled with signature blends and premium tea can be an equally perfect gift as hot chocolate for all those tea lovers out there. 

In this case, we recommend that you also add some tea essentials, like a custom ceramic mug, a tea filter, or a set of promotional coasters. 

Plus, depending on the occasion, you could also add a few bakery gifts.

Item #8: Recipe Journal

Holidays can inspire our inner chef, thus making us want to cook more and experiment with different recipes that’ll make the whole house smell great. 

That’s why a recipe journal like the one you can see in the short video above can be great for Christmas. 

The reason why we think this is probably one of the best gifts is that it’ll be used for a long time. 

What’s better than having people using your gifts for years to come?

Having them sleep and relax with a gift you gave them. 

Let’s jump right into our next gift idea. 

Item #9: Blanket

There’s nothing better than watching a movie on a cold Christmas night, right?

Well, one thing that can’t be missing from a scene like this is a warm blanket that can be customized with your logo.

When it comes to customized blankets, there are so many different options of colors, sizes, and fabrics. 

This  means that you can be as creative as you want and create a very special blanket to go into your Christmas gift basket.

Author’s Tip: For extra points of personalization, add a gift card from stores where the recipient could get decor items to match their blanket or other items found in the basket. 

Item #10: Camp Blanket

Quite similar to the gift idea we’ve just discussed, a camp blanket is another excellent idea for a Christmas basket.

Image Source: Gemline

There are many people who like to enjoy family walks in the woods on a cold Christmas day. 

On the other hand, there are parts of the world, like Australia, where Christmas celebrations fall during summer, thus making a Christmas family picnic a great idea.

Item #11: Christmas Sweater

A Christmas best-seller, the – usually! – ugly sweaters couldn’t be missing from this list. 

How ugly or extravagant you’re going to go with the sweater decoration is totally up to you. 

In the case of a promotional Christmas gift, we recommend that you find a smart way to incorporate your branding and that you make the sweater either unique or somehow wearable so you make sure that the recipient is going to keep it. 

Item #12: Christmas Tumbler

It’s useful, it’s durable, it’s an eco-friendly gift idea that provides you with lots of options in terms of customization. 

It’s a Christmas gift that will be kept for years to come – the tumbler!

We couldn’t recommend this item enough given how diverse it can be with regards to the different sizes as well as materials you can get it in. 

For people with young children, go for a stainless steel one that’s extra durable and for the ones who care about the aesthetics of it, choose a ceramic tumbler. 

The sky’s the limit!

Item #13: Bath Salts

Holidays are when you spend time with yourself, relaxing, and doing something that you don’t always have the time to do in your everyday life. 

That’s why a set of bath salts is a great idea for a Christmas gift basket. 

Image Source: PCNA

It’ll give people the boost they need to finally relax, spend some time feeling carefree, and enjoy themselves. 

Item #14: Self-Care Products

If you liked the idea of including a spa set in your Christmas gift basket, then you should consider adding a few self-care products too. 

Image Source: PCNA

It can be anything from lip balms and customized body lotions, like the ones shown above, to soaps, hand lotions, sunscreens, branded after suns, etc. 

Author’s Tip: Pack them all nicely in a travel case to create an amazing personalized travel gift that’s ideal for Christmas excursions. 

Item #15: Desktop Game Set

You’ve reached our final gift idea!

It’s a branded desktop game set

Just thinking about Christmas celebrations makes many of us think of family moments and days you get to spend with your loved ones. 

A gift like this can be an essential part of the quality moments people get to spend indoors with their friends and family during Christmas and holidays. 

Plus, all components are stored neatly in a wooden case which means that you can also carry the set around when traveling for Christmas. 

Keep reading to find answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

Now Over to You

We’re done discussing the Christmas basket special types you can easily create to get your Christmas gift-giving started. 

Plus, we’ve given you fifteen gift items ideas for products that can be beautifully customized to capture the holiday spirit. 

If you’ve got any questions in relation to the branded products you can include in your fabulous Christmas baskets, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll make sure you create the best Christmas basket for your employees, customers, and coworkers.

We’re looking forward to speaking with you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Creating a great Christmas gift basket might seem like a daunting task that comes with lots of questions. 

We’ve tried to cover most of them. 

Here we go. 

Q1. What are the most common items found in a Christmas gift basket?

There are several Christmas gifts that can be included in a Christmas gift basket. 

Here’s some of them:

  • Branded blanket
  • Bath salts
  • Self-care products
  • Tea bags
  • Snacks
  • Christmas socks.

Q2. How many types of gifts are in a Christmas gift basket?

There’s no limit as to how many gifts you can put in a Christmas gift basket.

However, we recommend that you focus on quality swag items that will make the recipients smile.

Q3. What is the typical price of a Christmas gift basket?

The price of a Christmas gift basket depends on the quality and quantity of the items you’re going to add to it. 

Prices can start from around $15 per set.

Q4. Do companies send Christmas gift baskets to employees?

Companies send Christmas baskets to employees as a way of showing appreciation for all their hard work as well as offer them some quality gifts they can enjoy in their spare time. 

Q5. Do companies send Christmas gift baskets to clients?

Companies send Christmas gifts to clients to thank them for their ongoing support of the company and to show how much they value their commitment to them.

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