15 Personalized Promotional Candy and Snacks for All Brands

Looking for the best snacks and promotional candy you can share with your employees, clients, and audience to put a […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

Looking for the best snacks and promotional candy you can share with your employees, clients, and audience to put a smile on their faces?

You’re in for a treat because we’ve created a detailed list with fifteen great snack and candy ideas to get the gift-giving started. 

These are some of the delicious products we’re going to talk about in this post:

  • Lollipops 
  • Gummy bears 
  • Milk chocolate pretzels 
  • Hot chocolate drinks 

Plus, plenty more. 

Feel free to jump straight to your favorite snack from the navigation below or read through the whole post. 

Table of Contents

Idea #1: Lollipops

Idea #2: Gummy Bears

Idea #3: Mint Tins

Idea #4: Truffles

Idea #5: Milk Chocolate Pretzels

Idea #6: Chocolate Bars

Idea #7: Premium Dark Chocolate Set

Idea #8: Nut Bars

Idea #9: Hot Chocolate Drink

Idea #10: Jelly Beans

Idea #11: Cookies

Idea #12: Hard Candies

Idea #13: Chocolate Buttons

Idea #14: Butter Mints

Idea #15: Snacks and Candy Boxes

Promotional Candy Idea #1: Lollipops

The first promotional candy idea we have for you is a sweet bunch of lollipops.

Image Source: Twitter

Lollipops are an excellent choice because, no matter the age, everyone has a sweet tooth for them.

Plus, they’re very easy to pack and hand out at trade shows and conferences, making them one of the most popular custom candy ideas.

Needless to say that you can go for a wide variety of colors and flavors, making lollipops a candy you’ll never get tired of!

Author’s Tip: You can combine lollipops with other candy gifts in a very nice gift set and use them to promote your company’s new products.

Let’s continue with the second recommendation we have for you.

Promotional Candy Idea #2: Gummy Bears

Just like lollipops, gummy bears are another popular candy choice that appeal to every age group.

They’re delicious and something that can easily be packed in customized bags alongside other promotional products with your company logo and handed out at business events.

Also, why not include them in a gift box with other goodies  – such as candy bars and Jelly Bellies or similar – and send it to your employees who work remotely?

It’ll definitely cheer them up!

Author’s Tip: For extra points for thoughtfulness, you could consider customizing a bunch of reusable, eco-friendly bags and use them to put your gummy bears in. 

Let’s move on to the next candy idea.

Promotional Candy Idea #3: Mint Tins

A list of promotional candy and snack ideas wouldn’t be complete without a classic box of mint tins. 

Truth is, many companies include mint tins in the swag bags they hand out at events and conferences.


Well, it’s so easy to pack them in small branded pill boxes and they hardly take up any space.

Also, you can choose between a wide variety of flavors. 

From spearmint and peppermint to orange and apple mint – you can choose a flavor to match your brand or local area. 

Plus, you can accompany them with a bunch of other candies and snacks in a nice branded bag, like a tote bag, which can also be branded with a custom logo!

Moving on to the next item on our list.

Promotional Candy Idea #4: Truffles

Truffles are the next gift idea we have for you and it’s easy to see why.

Image Source: Gemline

Apart from the fact that they’re delicious, they can also be used for different occasions.

They work both as gifts at business events and conferences, as well as holiday gifts for your employees, clients, or suppliers.

Another great thing about truffles is that they can be found in various flavors, from chocolate milk to bourbon, and white chocolate to Oreo ones.

How can someone not like them?

Author’s Tip: For an extra nice touch, make sure to place them in pretty candy bags or drawstrings!

Let’s continue with our next suggestion.

Promotional Candy Idea #5: Milk Chocolate Pretzels

Looking for a more gourmet promotional item?

Then milk chocolate pretzels are the ones to go for.

Image Source: Gemline

This delicious, savory snack can be packed in beautiful customized boxes according to your brand guidelines and sent to employees and clients to show your appreciation for all the hard work they’ve done.

It’s definitely a luxurious gift that everyone will enjoy!

Author’s Tip: Depending on the occasion, you can add a complimentary ribbon of your choice as an extra touch, making it a great deluxe corporate gift.

Moving on to the next gift idea.

Promotional Candy Idea #6: Chocolate Bars

Do you have a sweet tooth for chocolate?

Who doesn’t?

That’s why chocolate bars work as an excellent promotional candy idea.

You can find them in all sorts of flavors; from dark chocolate to white, as well as with nuts, Oreos, and even fruit chunks.

There are even lots of healthier options like this one here with dark chocolate and nuts:

The possibilities are endless; that’s why promotional chocolate is a lifesaver when it comes to giveaways and events, or even if you just want to thank your employees with a  branded candy gift!

Author’s Note: Chocolate bars can be a great welcome back gift for all your remote employees who’ll soon come back to the office. 

Let’s continue with our next promotional candy idea.

Promotional Candy Idea #7: Premium Dark Chocolate Set

Staying on the topic of chocolate, you can choose a premium dark chocolate set as a more elegant candy gift.

Image Source: Gemline

It’s no secret that candies and snacks appeal to almost everyone.

However, not all candies are suitable for every occasion. 

You’ve got to be able to choose the right ones depending on your audience and the circumstances.

For example, the chocolate bars that we looked at earlier can easily be handed out at tradeshow giveaways.

A premium dark chocolate set, on the other hand, is more appropriate for clients and employees as a high-end corporate gift.

Also, don’t forget to customize the packaging with your brand colors and logo.

Author’s Tip: You can add a nice touch by styling the packaging with a complimentary ribbon of your choice.

Moving on to our next suggestion.

Promotional Candy Idea #8: Nut Bars

Nut bars are one of the best promo snacks you can go for and there are quite a few reasons why.

Image Source: Gemline

First of all, it’s not only a delicious snack to give your employees when working at the office, but also a healthy one – probably the healthiest on this list!

It’s also easy to consume and be carried around, which makes it ideal for people who are spending long hours away from home because of long-distance commuting, traveling, doing outdoor activities, etc. 

Additionally, it can easily be branded in large quantities which means that your swag supplier will probably have them ready in no time.

If you’re trying to think of some awesome welcome back gifts for them after a long period of working remotely, then a delicious box of nut bars can be ideal!

Author’s Tip: Why not combine it with wellness goodies, such as hand sanitizers, face masks, lip balms, and other healthcare items?

Let’s continue with the next promotional candy or snack we have for you.

Promotional Candy Idea #9: Hot Chocolate Drink

Sometimes a nice cup of hot chocolate is all you need after a long tiring day… or even during it!

Ideal for cold days in the office or at home, it makes a perfect treat that pretty much every brand can give to its clients and employees or to attendees and speakers as a conference gift.

That’s why it’s widely appreciated and particularly popular in the winter months.

Needless to say that the packaging can easily be customized according to every brand’s guidelines, so it can work as a great promo gift as well.

Author’s Tip: Combine the hot chocolate with a customized tumbler, water bottle, or travel mug, for a more complete gift set idea.

Let’s continue.

Promotional Candy Idea #10: Jelly Beans

Looking for a delicious candy with a wide variety of flavors?

Look no further because a packet of jelly beans could be what you’re looking for!

Being one of the most popular candies in the USA and Canada, jelly beans can also work well as a promotional gift for brands simply because they’re legendary and people will almost immediately feel familiar with them.

Make sure to order as many as you can because they’re bound to run out very fast, especially if you include them in a larger customized candy gift set.

Author’s Tip: We recommend them for business events, conferences, tradeshow giveaways, and anywhere else you like; there’s no limit when it comes to jelly beans!

Let’s move on to the next promotional candy.

Promotional Candy Idea #11: Cookies

We bet cookies are the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about a quick snack, and we don’t blame you!

Image Source: Gemline

They’re so tasty and come in so many different flavors that it’s sometimes impossible to choose which one you want.

Whether that’s chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin, shortbread, peanut butter, or even gingerbread ones – there are pretty much no limits.

They’re perfect for a wide variety of occasions; corporate meetings, events, conferences, promotional gifts, and  – one of our favorites – welcome gifts for new employees!

Author’s Tip: Other branded items you can include in the welcome kit of your new hires are planners, lanyards, stickers, mugs, and stylus pens.

We’re now moving on to the next item on our list.

Promotional Candy Idea #12: Hard Candies

Without a shadow of a doubt, hard candies are one of the most loved types of candies.

Actually, they’re also one of the oldest; Life Savers, in particular, have been around for over a century!

Pretty impressive, right?

We’ve established that hard candies are  widely loved, but we also need to mention that they’re a very practical type of candy.

First of all, they’re long-lasting.

Also, you can snack on them on the go, on the way to work, on snack breaks, and you can even offer them at fundraisers and conferences.

Author’s Tip: Make sure to customize the package based on your brand and you’ll have yourself an awesome promotional candy idea.

Let’s continue to the next item.

Promotional Candy Idea #13: Chocolate Buttons

Chocolate is something we’ll never get tired of and that’s why we’re back to it with some chocolate buttons.

Image Source: Gemline

This delicious treat, which resembles the famous Hershey’s kisses, is ideal for a great number of circumstances.

What we love about it is that it can be used for high-end occasions as well as a simple office meeting or as a gift to your employees.

How about having the set customized with your company’s logo and sent out to potential clients? 

Might be a good chance to slip your business card in it as well. 

You can even hand some out to your event’s attendees and speakers as a thank you gift.

Whatever the reason, we can assure you that everyone will love the chocolate buttons as you can find them in a wide variety of flavors too, such as milk, dark, and white chocolate.

Let’s move on to the second to last promotional snack we want to share with you.

Promotional Candy Idea #14: Butter Mints

Who’s down for some creamy butter mints?

These little melt-in-your-mouth treats are ideal for any brand looking for some delicious promotional candy ideas.

You can go for full-color ones or a mix; what’s important is that you can use them as a quick treat at your business events, conferences, meetings, and the office.

You really can’t go wrong with them.

A big plus is that they stop sugar cravings due to their healthy fatty acids.

Who would’ve thought?

Next time you and your team have lunch together make sure to hand out a few butter mints as a delicious treat.

Let’s move on to our last item on this list.

Promotional Candy Idea #15: Snacks and Candy Boxes

Last but not least, we have some snacks and candy boxes.

Can’t decide between all those delicious snacks and candies we just salivated over?

A good solution is to go for a swag box containing a wide variety of them.

Why not?

You can include nut bars, hard candy, chocolate bars, snack packs, lollipops, and anything else you want.

What’s more, you can have the box customized as you wish and sent to anyone you want, like as an appreciation gift to your customers.

The possibilities are endless and how delicious the boxes will be is in your hands!

Now Over to You

There you have it.

That’s our full list of fifteen promotional candy and snacks for all brands.

We understand that when it comes to these promotional items, it’s nearly impossible to choose from such a wide and delicious variety.

Whether you want some for your next conference or to send your employees as a thank-you gift, remember to give our list another look and get some ideas.

Partnering up with a creative merchandising company like us will significantly help you make the best decisions from beginning to end.

Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about how we can help you.

Thanks for reading!

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