30 Event Swag Bag Ideas Your Attendees Will Love [2023 List]

Here’s a list of 30 event swag bag ideas for your next conference, virtual event, giveaway, trade show, and anything […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

Here’s a list of 30 event swag bag ideas for your next conference, virtual event, giveaway, trade show, and anything in between.

Some of the ideas you’ll find inside are:

  • Water bottles
  • Drink charms
  • 3D puzzles
  • Yoga mats
  • Tote bags

Plus, plenty more.

If you want to impress your event attendees, you’re going to need this list.

Let’s get into it.

30 Event Swag Bag Ideas Your Attendees Will Love [2022 List]

Idea #1: Backpack

Idea #2: Water Bottle

Idea #3: Notebook

Idea #4: Drink Charms

Idea #5: Hand Sanitizer

Idea #6: Hand Sanitizer Holder

Idea #7: Scrunchie

Idea #8: 3D Puzzle

Idea #9: Phone Case

Idea #10: Umbrella

Idea #11: Sunglasses

Idea #12: Lunch Cooler

Idea #13: Lunch Box

Idea #14: Passport Case

Idea #15: Yoga Mat

Idea #16: Cosmetics Bag

Idea #17: Pouch

Idea #18: Sleep Mask

Idea #19: Seed Sprouting Kit

Idea #20: Candle

Idea #21: Garment Travel Organizer

Idea #22: Can Cooler

Idea #23: Pet Hair Remover

Idea #24: Pet Collar

Idea #25: Sand Timer

Idea #26: Desktop Game Set

Idea #27: Bluetooth Speaker

Idea #28: Tote Bag

Idea #29: Apparel

Idea #30: Mobile Office Pencil Case

Event Swag Idea #1: Backpack

The first branded item option for a killer event swag bag is a branded backpack

A backpack is one of the best swag items because it can be used in so many different ways. 

Whether you’re a commuter, a traveler, or someone who loves adventure and spending time in nature, a backpack will always be handy.

Plus, a high-quality backpack is durable and can last a lifetime. 

Our advice here is that you should make sure that people are leaving your event with a stylish branded backpack over their shoulders. 

Price range: Starting at $15 per item

Event Swag Idea #2: Water Bottle

The next swag bag idea we want to show you is the reusable water bottle

Image Source: PCNA

We’ve been around in the swag industry for quite some time now, and we can totally tell when a gift item is here to stay. 

Eco-friendly branded items are definitely on the top of our list of products that are sustainable and are worth investing in. 

Especially when it comes to event swag, a water bottle is a must-have option because all event attendees will  use it for sure. 

Price range: Starting at $7 per item

Event Swag Idea #3: Notebook

Third on our list of promotional event swag ideas is the notebook

First things first, have a look at this great convention notebook here:

Image Source: Journal Books

Some might think that notebooks are a bit old school since so many people use their phones to keep notes these days, but no matter how popular tech items are getting, a nice, personalized notebook will always be of use.

Because there are so many different options when it comes to creating your own branded notebook in terms of style, notebook type, and paper type, etc., a branded notepad is with no doubt the type of swag that will show event attendees your company’s style and aesthetics. 

Author’s Note: If you want to know everything about branded notebooks, make sure to have a look at our blog post on customized notebooks

Price range: Starting at $5 per item

Event Swag Idea #4: Drink Charms

To take your gift bags to the next level, you need to include promotional products that aren’t standard event swag. 

On that note, a nice gift idea would be these cute drink charms

Image Source: PCNA

Drink charms are not just decorative; although they are that, too.

We love them because they can be used during a live event or at an after event party so that everyone makes sure that they’re drinking from their own glass. 

Price range: Starting at $8 per set

Event Swag Idea #5: Hand Sanitizer

Next up on our list of event swag ideas is hand sanitizer

Image Source: Gemline

After having experienced a global pandemic, there’s no need to explain why a bottle of hand sanitizer might be the perfect event freebie. 

Plus, it’s easy to customize for any kind of occasion, such as corporate events, virtual events, and so on and so forth. 

Price range:  Starting at $3 per item

Event Swag Idea #6: Hand Sanitizer Holder

Following up from the previous swag idea, why not give your conference attendees a practical holder for their hand sanitizer?

Image Source: Gemline

A portable hand sanitizer holder can be especially useful for people travelling to and from your event, in case you’re putting together a swag bag for a live event. 

It usually comes with an elastic strap that allows anyone to easily attach it on their backpacks, tote bags, and pretty much any kind of bag they might carry. 

Price range: Starting at $2 per item

Event Swag Idea #7: Scrunchie

Depending on the kind of event you’re planning to organize, a playful accessory like a scrunchie could work just fine. 

Image Source: Pop Promos

Although we wouldn’t suggest it for a corporate event, we think it could totally be included in a social media event giveaway bag or a beauty swag bag.

Price range: Starting at $2 per item

Event Swag Idea #8: 3D Puzzle

We’ve now got to the eighth unique swag idea for an event. 

That is, a 3D puzzle.  

Image Source: PCNA

We can’t express how much we love free stuff and swag like branded toys and puzzles that people will naturally spend time with. 

No matter if your target audience is millennials or any other age group, we think anyone would be happy to see a thoughtful swag box with items that they can actually play with. 

Price range: Starting at $5.50 per item

Event Swag Idea #9: Phone Case

From the 3D puzzle to a super popular item, a branded phone case.

The WonderCon phone case from the well-known Comic Con International Convention might inspire you:   

The only thing to keep in mind when creating your custom phone cases is that you might need to create different types of cases for different phone models. 

Regardless, a branded phone case is a creative way to promote your brand with an item that people will definitely use. 

Price range: Starting at $15 per item

Event Swag Idea #10: Umbrella

A list of swag bags items for events wouldn’t be complete without a nice little umbrella, like the one shown below:

Image Source: Pop Promos

A small, compact umbrella that easily fits in any carry-on luggage can be a great gift for in-person events where event attendees might not be prepared for the weather they encounter in the country where the event takes place. 

Price range: Starting at $15 per item

Event Swag Idea #11: Sunglasses

No matter the time of the year, or whether your event is in  Winnipeg, New York, Bangkok, or even if it’s a virtual event,  a pair of cool sunglasses will always be useful. 

Image Source: Pop Promos

When it comes to branded sunglasses for your event, we recommend that you take extra care of the item’s quality so you can make sure that you’re offering attendees an item they can actually wear without causing any harm to their eyes.

Author’s Tip: For making a great first impression, you could consider gifting a pair of branded sunglasses, alongside sunscreen bottles, a customized hat, and other summer must-haves

Price range: Starting at $4 per pair

Event Swag Idea #12: Lunch Cooler

Although we wouldn’t recommend this one for tech or corporate events, we think a lunch cooler could definitely be a great custom swag item for any other type of events, such as private parties and charity events

Given the variety of options in terms of customization and personalization that such an object offers, we can confidently say that you’ll find the right lunch cooler that will match your company or event’s style. 

Price range: Starting at $24 per item

Event Swag Idea #13: Socks

Socks are a wearable piece of swag that works in pretty much any kind of event, both virtual and in-person. 

Let’s have a look at the pair of socks sent to attendees of the  Computer Science Teacher Association (CSTA) virtual conference in 2020, along with some other goodies:

Image Source: Twitter

Socks are useful and, even though they’re usually a low-budget gift option, they can also be considered a personal and thoughtful gift when customized accordingly. 

Price range: Starting at $4 per pair

Event Swag Idea #14: Passport Case

Travelling might have become slightly more tricky since the Covid-19 outbreak, but by no means does that signal the end of travelling

Image Source: Pop Promos

People always have the need to explore different cities and countries, visit distant places, get to know other cultures, and experience situations that they’re less likely to come across in their home countries. 

That’s why a beautiful, thoughtful passport case will always be a useful item to customize and gift to people, your event attendees included. 

Price range: Starting at $5.50 per item

Event Swag Idea #15: Yoga Mat

Wellness items as essential oil diffusers and yoga mats are another great event swag bag idea, not just because they’re currently trending, but also because they’re objects that people won’t throw away.

A yoga mat might even give someone an extra boost in terms of starting working out. 

What’s better than that, right?

Author’s Note: For in-person events, where attendees might need to fly over to your event, you definitely need to consider luggage restrictions. 

Price range: Starting at $25 per item

Event Swag Idea #16: Cosmetics Bag

A travel essential, the cosmetics bag is an object that can be used by pretty much any person on this planet. 

Image Source: Pop Promos

We particularly think it can work great as event swag because it can actually be used by someone travelling to another country for the event, while it’s also flexible, lightweight, and can easily fit in any bag or luggage. 

Price range: Starting at $7 per item

Event Swag Idea #17: Pouch

Similar to the event swag idea we’ve discussed a little further up, a pouch could also totally be included in a swag bag, enhancing the event experience. 

Have a look at the modern, fashionable pouch that was sent to the virtual 2021 Commonsku’s Skucon conference attendees.

Image Source: CommonSku

Author’s Tip: If you want to go big, you could make attendees a little surprised by filling the pouch with earbuds, a phone charger, a power bank, an adapter, or any other swag you can think of that fits into a pouch. 

Price range:  Starting at $6 per item

Event Swag Idea #18: Sleep Mask

Not everyone uses sleep masks, but there are so many people that adore them and, in fact, can’t have a good night’s sleep without wearing one. 

Image Source: Pop Promos

Why not customize some sleep masks that’ll give your event attendees sweet dreams?

Plus, a gift like this works for any kind of event, lasts for years, and can be carried around the whole world if necessary. 

Price range: Starting at $3.50 per item

Event Swag Idea #19: Seed Sprouting Kit

A seed sprouting kit might sound a bit out of the blue but, in fact, it can be one of the warmest, most thoughtful gifts you can share with your event attendees.

Image Source: Gemline

The reason why we think it’s absolutely amazing is because it belongs to a category of gifts that people can use as well as interact with – recipients will actually see the seeds sprouting in front of their eyes.

It can work for gift boxes for any kind of event, as well as can be sent to virtual event attendees. 

Price range: Starting at $15 per item

Event Swag Idea #20: Candle

Yet another event swag idea is a candle

Exhibitors or event planners could definitely allocate budget to creating some customized candles of high quality that attendees would be more than happy to take home. 

Author’s Tip: Because different people like different things, we advise event organizers to ask their swag supplier to provide them with a few different candle scents that attendees could potentially choose from. 

Price range: Starting at $6 per item

Event Swag Idea #21: Garment Travel Organizer

A garment travel organizer can be a fantastic gift to be included in swag bags for virtual events as well as events happening in a physical space. 

Image Source: Gemline

However, keep in mind that, in the case of an in-person event, such an item should probably be sent to attendees prior to the event and not when they’re already there, for obvious reasons. 

Price range: Starting at $25 per item

Event Swag Idea #22: Can Cooler

A can cooler that keeps drinks cold and fresh for several hours will definitely put a smile on many people’s faces.  

Image Source: Gemline

It’s lightweight, easy to carry around, and such an item can usually last for years.

Plus, you can combine it with a branded tumbler or other drinkware for a bigger, more impressive swag bag. 

Author’s Tip: In case of an in-person event, make sure to freeze the cooling core base in advance so people can enjoy their cold drinks right away. 

Price range: Starting at $26 per item

Event Swag Idea #23: Pet Hair Remover

The next two items are ideal for pet owners. 

First up, is a pet hair remover

Image Source: PCNA

Anyone who’s ever lived with a dog or a cat can easily understand just how useful such a branded item might be. 

A reusable hair remover, like the one shown on the screenshot above, is a sustainable solution for collecting lint and pet hair from your clothes and furniture. 

Price range: Starting at $12 per item

Event Swag Idea #24: Pet Collar

The second pet related item we want to share with you is a pet collar

Image Source: PCNA

A customized, adjustable pet collar makes one of the best pet accessories. 

Author’s Note: If possible, consider asking attendees – prior to the event – what the names of their pets are so you can create thoughtful, personalized pet collars with the pets’ names printed on them. 

Price range: Starting at $7 per item

Event Swag Idea #25: Sand Timer

By now, we all know just how destructive water waste can be. 

Having a five minute sand timer might be exactly what one needs in order to control how long they take a shower for. 

Image Source: PCNA

A sand timer with a suction cup that can be placed on most surfaces, bathroom tiles included, can help people reduce their water consumption when taking a shower. 

Additionally, such an item can be used as a sort of game for kids while also making them conscious and more responsible for their water usage. 

Price range: Starting at $1 per item

Event Swag Idea #26: Desktop Game Set

A set of game boards and game pieces looks like hours of fun, right?

Just think of all the different games a group of people can enjoy with such a desktop game set. 

From chess and backgammon, to a standard deck of cards and dominoes, giving your event attendees such a set will always make them remember your brand in a nice way. 

Price range: Starting at $35 per set

Event Swag Idea #27: Bluetooth Speaker

Undoubtedly, there’s no event without music. 

That’s why a portable bluetooth speaker definitely fits into bags for events. 

Moreover, a bluetooth speaker can be customized to include your company logo and other brand elements, while you can also gift it alongside brand stickers that event attendees can use to decorate their speaker with. 

Price range: Starting at $52 per item

Event Swag Idea #28: Tote Bag

Moving towards the end of our list of thirty event swag bag ideas, we couldn’t miss mentioning the ever popular and super handy, tote bag.

First things first, people have always been using totes.

It comes as no surprise that, in the past decade, tote bags have been particularly popular with huge luxury fashion brands – like Dior – including them in their fashion collections. 

A tote bag is useful and durable whilst also making a great alternative to plastic bags which usually ends up in landfill after one use. 

Price range: Starting at $15 per item

Event Swag Idea #29: Apparel

A rather popular swag category that you should keep in mind when deciding on your event swag is apparel

From tees to toddlers’ clothes, hats, and shorts, apparel can help you keep your brand on top of mind for attendees. 

Check out this super cool apparel collection created collaboratively by the SXSW Music, Film Interactive conference and events with apparel brand, Camp Collection: 

Image Source: SXSW

This is just one of the various merch collaborations they did to promote their events and festivals in 2021. 

Apparel is, as you can probably imagine, among the most popular merchandise items out there. 

To be more specific, t-shirts, like the one from the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company Domain Tools for the 2020 RSA conference are pretty much always part of an event swag bag.

Image Source: Domain Tools

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Let’s get to the last list item we want to show you.

Price range: Starting at $15 per item

Event Swag Idea #30: Mobile Office Pencil Case

We’ve come a long way, but we’ve now reached our final swag event idea which will make all remote employees smile.  

Image Source: Gemline

A mobile office pencil case is one that can easily be carried around from home to the office without too much hassle. 

It’s particularly useful as it helps employees keep their desk stuff organized whilst on the go. 

Price range: Starting at $7 per item

Now Over to You

That was it. 

Our full list of thirty event swag bag items for creating great brand impressions and making event attendees happy, is now completed. 

Whether it’s an online conference event or a huge trade show that we’ve all been missing out on in the past year, a goodie bag will be highly appreciated. 

Our experience of over thirty years of experience allows us to know just how important killer event swag really is. 

If you’re organizing an event, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be thrilled to discuss with you which of the products presented here would be great fits for you and your brand. 

Thank you for reading!

Featured image by The Climate Reality Project on Unsplash.

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