24 Branded Backpack Ideas With Company Logo & Branding

We’ve created a list of 24 branded backpack ideas.  The best part?  These swag backpacks can include your company logo […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

We’ve created a list of 24 branded backpack ideas. 

The best part? 

These swag backpacks can include your company logo and branding. 

Here are some of the types of backpacks you’ll find in this list:

  • Computer backpacks
  • Drawstring backpacks
  • Packable backpacks
  • Sling backpacks
  • Hydration backpacks

Plus, many more.

Choose the backpack that you like from the navigation below and get in touch with our team to learn more about it, or scan through the whole list to find a backpack that fits your business needs.

24 Branded Backpack Ideas With Company Logo & Branding

Idea #1: Laptop Backpack

Idea #2: Backpacking Backpack

Idea #3: Hydration Backpack

Idea #4: Sling Bag

Idea #5: Tote Backpack

Idea #6: Wheeled Backpack

Idea #7: Basic Backpack

Idea #8: Military Tactical Backpack

Idea #9: Drawstring Backpack

Idea #10: Anti-theft Backpack

Idea #11: Duffel Bag Backpack

Idea #12: Daypack

Idea #13: Snowsports Backpack

Idea #14: Satchel Backpack

Idea #15: Waterproof Backpack

Idea #16: Randoseru Backpack

Idea #17: Sightseeing Daypack

Idea #18: Travel Backpack

Idea #19: Overnight Backpack

Idea #20: Hiking Backpack

Idea #21: Backpack Cooler

Idea #22: Cycling Backpack

Idea #23: Mountaineering Backpack

Idea #24: Packable Backpack

Branded Backpack #1: Laptop Backpack

The first branded backpack option we have for you is the laptop backpack that usually features a padded laptop sleeve in the main compartment. 

Working from home is definitely a reality for a number of professionals out there.

Additionally, the majority of students across the world are mostly receiving remote or blended teaching. 

However, as many companies are gradually getting back to their offices and students are getting back to face-to-face teaching, they’ll need to have the right kind of compu-backpack, which is one of the most popular promotional backpacks

Author’s Tip: Keep in mind that good quality is essential when it comes to creating your custom logo laptop backpack. 

Materials: Waxed canvas, nylon, neoprene, polyester, polycanvas, Ripstop, PVC

Ideal for: Professionals, students, and pretty much anyone with a laptop

Branded Backpack #2: Backpacking Backpack

The next branded backpack we want to show you is a bag made for outdoors people – a backpacking backpack

Getting out into nature for a day hike requires a backpack that can carry everything one might need, from water bottles to hiking sticks, tents, and spare clothes. 

Whilst brands like The North Face and High Sierra are well known on the backpacking scene, if your business is connected with the outdoors and adventure, adding your company logo onto a backpacking backpack will connect your target market with what you’re all about. 

Author’s Tip: A backpack with a zipper rather than drawstring will increase the ways it can be used, because travellers will be more inclined to use it for an overseas activity holiday – users need to be able to lock the zips for flights!

Materials: Nylon, polyester, polypropylene, Ripstop, canvas 

Ideal for:  Students, adventurers, travellers, and anyone who enjoys time in nature

Branded Backpack #3: Hydration Backpack

Third on our list of promotional backpack ideas is the super useful hydration backpack

Image Source: PCNA

People who do sports like hiking, cycling, and kayaking use hydration backpacks – they contain a plastic “bladder” filled with drinking water that they can drink through sucking on a long straw, keeping hands free for balance. 

It’s the type of backpack that Camelbak are known for, and they’re great for long-distance activities and ones where the wearer needs to be able to focus on the task rather than trying to grab a water bottle from the side pockets of a backpack. 

Want to encourage your customers on their next adventure? 

Offering a hydration backpack as a promotional item of free gift with a purchase is a great idea.

Materials: Bladder – polyurethane or rubber, backpack – Nylon, polyester, polypropylene, Ripstop

Ideal for:  Adventure seekers and companies that sponsor sporting events

Branded Backpack #4: Sling Bag

A trendy sling pack is a great promotional product you could consider giving to employees, clients, your social media audience, or to trade show attendees

Image Source: PCNA

A sling bag is great for commuters, with much easier access than a traditional backpack and more ergonomic than a messenger bag. 

It’s super versatile; it can be worn over your front or back and can be smart enough to use at the office and casual enough to be used when exploring a city on downtime from a conference. 

You get lots of space to add your branding too, either on the body of the bag or across the shoulder strap if you want to be more subtle. 

Materials: Canvas, nylon, Ripstop, polycanvas

Ideal for: Commuters, students, conference attendees

Branded Backpack #5: Tote Backpack

Next up on our list of promotional bag ideas is the ever-handy tote bag.

Image Source: PCNA

A bag with two handles at the top and no fastener; the tote bag has become an ubiquitous symbol of eco-friendly shopping and consciousness culture. 

The tote is a great item to include in a giveaway – it has lots of space for a full-color custom printed company logo, making it a promotional item that’s going to get seen everywhere. 

Author’s Tip: Team this bag with other eco-friendly promotional items in a giveaway to make a positive point about your environmental awareness with an environmentally-conscious swag bag

Materials: Canvas, cotton

Ideal for: Environmentally conscious consumers, swag bags at a trade show

Branded Backpack #6: Wheeled Backpack

Not to be missed off our list of the backpacks you can consider to add your logo or branding to is the wheeled backpack

Image Source: Gemline

As a business traveller, you don’t always want the strain of carrying your work gear on your back, but also want the option to be able to dash through busy airports. 

A wheeled backpack is a hybrid of the wheeled suitcase and compu-backpack, with ample storage for laptops, files, and clothing usually in zippered compartments. 

Providing this type of backpack to your travelling salespeople or attendees at a trade show demonstrates that you really understand their needs.  

Author’s Tip: Choose a TSA-friendly wheeled backpack if you intend for your team to use it on business trips involving flying in and around the USA – no one wants their travel backpack ripped open for security checks!

Materials: Aluminum alloy frames, nylon, Ripstop, or polyester for the bag

Ideal for: Business travellers, trade show and conference attendees

Branded Backpack #7: Basic Backpack

We’ve now got to the seventh backpack that could carry your branding – the basic backpack

We all know how useful a backpack can be, whether you’re a student with books to carry, a parent keeping everything handy for the kids, or an office worker looking to take your lunch and laptop to work with you on your commute.

Even remote workers want to get out of the house once in a while, so they need a bag they can grab to pack what they need for a day out and about.

Brands that do basic backpacks really well that can inspire the shapes you’ll choose include Jansport, Carhartt, Wenger, and Parkland.

Basic backpacks come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so there’s bound to be a style that meets the aesthetics of your brand when running a giveaway or building a new starters’ welcome kit.

People use them as an everyday carry-around bag and they’re ripe to be custom embroidered to have your brand on show.  

Materials: Canvas, nylon, Ripstop, polycanvas, polypropylene

Ideal for: Giveaways to customers or at trade shows, as part of a new starter welcome kit, students, parents

Branded Backpack #8: Military Tactical Backpack

From the basic backpack to something more utilitarian and hardy, we present to you the military tactical backpack

Image Source: PCNA

A tactical backpack differs from a designer backpack in that it’s very durable, hard-wearing, and will be packed with side pockets. 

This type of backpack is all about flexibility and is as useful on military maneuvers as it is working your way through a conference or moving between home, work, the gym, the school run, soccer practice, and all the other activities you’ve got to squeeze in. 

Colors stick to shades and patterns of camo and will help keep power banks, earbuds, and keychains all separate and untangled when commuting or off on a weekend hike. 

Adding your branding to this rugged item shows that your company is all about function, utility, and getting the job done under pressure. 

Materials: Nylon, polyester, Riptstop, Cordura

Ideal for: Customer giveaways, businesses with active customers and clients

Branded Backpack #9: Drawstring Backpack

What list of branded backpacks would be complete without the classic drawstring backpack?

Here’s a deluxe drawstring custom backpack:

Image Source: PCNA

These bags are lightweight, have easy access, and are great when you need to pack a few bits together like when you’re going to the gym or a yoga class. 

It also has an eco-friendly element to it. 

Drawstring bags tend to be made from similar materials to a tote bag, yet allow the user to carry it on their back and free up their hands for a bicycle commute, for example. 

Add it to a swag bag collection for a giveaway or use it as the carrier for a trade show gift set with your brand right in the middle. 

Materials: Canvas, cotton

Ideal for: Giveaways, students, bicycle commuters, eco-conscious consumers

Branded Backpack #10: Anti-theft Backpack

Negate one of the biggest concerns about using a backpack with the tenth idea on our list; an anti-theft backpack

Image Source: Gemline

There can sometimes be a concern that carrying your valuables on your back can leave you open to being pickpocketed, but an anti-theft backpack allays those fears entirely, keeping the contents secure. 

Some of the key features you can expect to find on an anti-theft backpack include:

  • Slash-proof fabric
  • Hidden zippered sections for cash, cards, and passports
  • RFID protected areas to prevent contactless card details being stolen
  • Locks to prevent zippers being opened by anyone but the wearer
  • Water resistant to protect laptops, power banks, and other tech items

This is definitely a high-quality item that will impress your corporate partners with your consideration and thoughtfulness. 

Materials: Slash-proof fabrics

Ideal for: Corporate gifts, business travellers

Branded Backpack #11: Duffel Bag Backpack

Still not found the perfect backpack to add your company logo or branding to? 

Check out our next idea, the duffel bag

Image Source: Gemline

Ok, so you don’t tend to carry it on your back – but it still perfectly fits the use of a custom embroidered logo on a bag to give to people who are important to your business. 

A duffel bag can come in handy when travelling, with one or two shoulder straps letting you carry it across your body rather than on your back so you can reach for your tickets easily. 

Inviting a speaker to your conference or event means you’re asking someone to travel for you, so why not acknowledge their effort and gift them a high-quality duffel bag that will stay with them for future events?

Your logo on this bag will remind your guests of that great conference you put together for years to come and a good-looking one could encourage them to move away from their Cutter & Buck or Under Armour staple. 

Author’s Tip: A duffel bag is a classic gym bag because it fits a lot inside – consider including it in any wellness packages you might be putting together to show your appreciation for employees or clients. 

Materials: Canvas, polyester, Ripstop, polypropylene

Ideal for:  Corporate gifting, travellers, gym-goers

Branded Backpack #12: Daypack

We’ve hit the halfway point in our list of branded backpack ideas for you, and it’s a good one – the daypack

Image Source: PCNA

A daypack is a small bag that you can use to keep everything handy for a long day away from home or a shorter, less challenging hike that wouldn’t call for a backpacking backpack that we looked at earlier. 

Daypacks will tend to have a capacity of 10 to 20 liters and will have lots of compartments like a laptop sleeve and spaces for chargers, earbuds, towels, spare socks, as well as items like a couple of fresh t-shirts.

Giving away a branded daypack is a thoughtful gift that could encourage your team or other recipient to get out and explore their local cities or nature hotspots for the day. 

Materials: Nylon, polyester, polypropylene, canvas

Ideal for: Employee swag, customer gift, travel and outdoors businesses

Branded Backpack #13: Snowsports Backpack

In the depths of winter, there are two types of people – those who want to snuggle under a blanket and those who can make great use out of a snowsports backpack

How does a snowsports backpack differ from the basic backpack that we looked at a little earlier? 

First, a snowsports backpack will have ways of stowing snowboards, skis, and poles with straps and pocket systems.

Second, it’ll be very water resistant for when the inevitable happens and you plunge backwards into the snow. 

Quality backpacks for snowsports are a premium product and giving one to a corporate client that you know enjoys time on the pistes will show that you’ve really understood their personal needs. 

Further, if your business is in the winter sports vertical, this is a great opportunity to get your brand out there on the slopes on a well-designed snowsports backpack.

Materials: Nylon, polyester, polypropylene

Ideal for: Corporate gifting, giveaways and trade shows for businesses in the snow sports industry

Branded Backpack #14: Satchel Backpack

The satchel bag is basically a messenger bag that has additional shoulder straps so it can be worn on the back. 

Image Source: Gemline

Although a satchel bag is usually made of leather, like you’ll find at Kenneth Cole, you could consider using alternative, sustainable materials, such as recycled polyester, cotton, canvas, and so on and so forth. 

The versatility of being able to strap your bag to your back or have it down on your hip will be appreciated by people who like multi-functional products. 

Author’s Note: Eco-friendly and sustainable promotional products are a great way to promote your brand while also making environmentally conscious decisions.

Materials: Canvas, moleskin, leather, cotton, polyester

Ideal for: Commuting employees, students, customer giveaways

Branded Backpack #15: Waterproof Backpack

Coming in at number 15 on our list of branded backpacks suitable for promos, gifts, and giveaways is the waterproof backpack

Image Source: Gemline

Also known as dry bags, waterproof bags go beyond being water resistant and keep everything inside perfectly dry, even in extreme conditions. 

The types of people who really benefit from waterproof bags are those who enjoy the outdoors, scuba divers and other water sports enthusiasts, and people who do wild swimming.

When your business is connected to the outdoors and ocean-going activities, having branded bags that your customers will find real value in can set your company apart. 

Materials: Nylon, PVC, polyurethane, silicone

Ideal for: Outdoor pursuits-themed giveaways, customer gifts

Branded Backpack #16: Randoseru Backpack

Bringing a different spin on the promotional backpacks that you know and love, we’ve now got the randoseru backpack to discuss. 

Image Source: PCNA

Not sure what a randoseru backpack is? 

It’s a traditional Japanese backpack with stiff sides, a U-shaped zipper, and a flap over the front, made from leather or leather-like fabric.

It’s commonly given to school children when they start their education and the design has become a style icon, with lots of Western companies emulating the great concept.

Randoseru backpacks are becoming popular in the West now, with their use for storing both school and work items widely recognized. 

The one we’re showing you here isn’t quite a traditional randoseru, but it does nod towards the design and we think it’s worth showing you the adaptations of the concept. 

Materials: Leather, faux-leather, canvas

Ideal for: Students, employee swag, giveaways

Branded Backpack #17: Sightseeing Backpack

The next option we have for your consideration when looking at the best branded backpacks for your company swag or giveaway is the sightseeing backpack

This a cute and functional solution for when you’re going to spend time walking around an urban jungle and want to look trendy, too. 

There’s plenty of space for lenses for cameras, your power banks and chargers, compartments for your food, and even your food and drinkware if you’re planning a picnic in the park. 

Offering this type of backpack to your team or clients shows that you understand their needs and that your business has a great sense of style, too. 

Materials: Canvas, cotton, polyester, nylon

Ideal for: Employee gifting, corporate gifting, giveaways

Branded Backpack #18: Travel Backpack

Think your days travelling with what you can carry on your back are behind you? Not necessarily so with a travel backpack, which is number eighteen on our list. 

A key component of any backpack being used for travel is that it’s TSA-approved, allowing it to work as hold or carry-on baggage in the USA. 

Large travel backpacks from 40 to 65 liters are great for longer trips and can be useful when the recipient is going off the beaten path and won’t be in places with smooth sidewalks and elevators in every tall building. 

Adding your corporate branding to a travel backpack will have your business name get exposure far and wide, perfect for a travel company or internationally-minded brand. 

Materials: Nylon, polyester, polypropylene

Ideal for: Employee gifting, customer giveaways, travel and hospitality businesses

Branded Backpack #19: Overnight Backpack

Sticking with the travel theme for our next backpack, we’re going to be talking about the overnight backpack

How often do your team need to spend a night out of town for a meeting or conference? 

Supporting the demands of their job by providing them with an overnight backpack is going to really show you appreciate their efforts. 

An overnight backpack will have compartments for toiletries and clothes, and maybe even at attachment for suits and dresses. 

Materials: Canvas, leather, nylon, polyester

Ideal for: Employee swag bags, customer giveaways

Branded Backpack #20: Hiking Backpack

Nearing the end of our list of branded backpack ideas is the hiking backpack

Image Source: Gemline

The shoulder straps need to be sturdy, there should be side pockets and space for a water bottle, and it needs to have enough space for a day’s worth of essentials. 

A hiking backpack is a handy giveaway gift as part of a competition or as a thank you to loyal customers. 

Materials: Nylon, polyester, PVC, polyurethane

Ideal for: Giveaways, prizes, adventure-based companies

Branded Backpack #21: Backpack Cooler

What’s more perfect than going out for the day and feasting on a chilled picnic? Having the ease of carrying that picnic in a backpack cooler!

Image Source: Gemline

With space for ice packs to keep the contents chilled until needed, a cooler backpack gives the user the chance to enjoy fresh food on the go. 

You don’t just need to use your cooler backpack for sunny afternoon picnics, it’s useful for as simple a task as taking your lunch to work, particularly if you have a long commute in hot weather. 

Field & Co and Koozie are popular brands of cooler backpacks, but when you gift one to an employee or client with your brand’s logo on, yours should be the one getting taken into the office from now on.

Your employees will be thrilled that you’re encouraging them to get outdoors at the weekend and eat healthy in the week with homemade lunches, meaning this backpack will get loads of use. 

Materials: PU-coated polyester or similar inside, EVA foam or similar as an insulated lining, and polyester, nylon, cotton, or canvas for the outer layer 

Ideal for: Employee gifting, corporate gifting, giveaways

Branded Backpack #22: Cycling Backpack

The cycling backpack, also known as the commuter backpack, is yet another type of branded promotional product that can be customized to feature your brand’s logo. 

Image Source: Gemline

Encouraging your employees or customers to cycle to work with a bag that fits snug to the body, is water resistant, and is made from breathable material, similar to ones made by Miir, really lays out your environmental credentials. 

Your company logo will be on show all over the town as your team proudly displays your brand as they travel into the office. 

Materials: PVC, nylon, polyester, TPU

Ideal for: Employee swag bags, a wellness-related giveaway, cycling companies

Branded Backpack #23: Mountaineering Backpack

You’ve ascended to the second to last item on our branded backpack list and it’s time to go to some heights with a mountaineering backpack. 

Although similar to a backpacking backpack, a mountaineering backpack is for serious mountain climbers and will be more lightweight and is likely a little  less comfortable. 

Having your company brand embroidered onto a mountaineering backpack can bring brand awareness to people in the mountaineering niche and is a perfect giveaway to serious explorers and adventurers. 

Materials: Gore Tex, nylon

Ideal for: Serious climbers, customer giveaways

Branded Backpack #24: Packable Backpack

Finishing up our list of custom logo backpack ideas is the packable backpack

Image Source: PCNA

Using a packable backpack means that it reduces down in size to be small enough to fit in your pocket or not take up a lot of space in your other luggage. 

Useful for travelling light or just keeping in your desk drawer in case you pop to the shops after work, a packable backpack has a range of uses and one that’s well designed will get a lot of use. 

Materials: Nylon, polyester

Ideal for: Employee gifting, trade show swag bags, customer giveaways

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You now have a nice list of backpacks for various use cases and in various styles.

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