15 Best Promotional Christmas Gifts for Employees and Clients

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year.  However, even if you’re not the biggest fan, you’ve […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. 

However, even if you’re not the biggest fan, you’ve got to admit that it’s the perfect season for gift giving and showing your appreciation to your loved ones.

On that note, we know that Christmas gifts are the part that many people struggle with because of the countless options available out there.

To help you out, we’ve created a post where we’re going to discuss fifteen promotional Christmas gifts. 

Here are some of the Christmas gift ideas we’re going to share with you:

  • Christmas ornaments
  • Cocktail gift set
  • Holiday gift baskets
  • Personalized greeting cards

Plus, plenty more. 

Without further ado, let’s kick off this festive list with our first holiday gift idea.

15 Best Promotional Christmas Gifts for Employees and Clients

Gift #1: Christmas Ornaments

Gift #2: Tree Kit

Gift #3: Holiday Glass Markers

Gift #4: Chocolate Gift Box

Gift #5: Cocktail Gift Set

Gift #6: Christmas Tumbler

Gift #7: Bobble Hat

Gift #8: Frosted Lip Balm

Gift #9: Decorative Snowman

Gift #10: Christmas Stress Balls

Gift #11: Ice Scraper 

Gift #12: Holiday Gift Baskets

Gift #13: Personalized Greeting Cards

Gift #14: Christmas Socks

Gift #15: Cozy Blanket

Promotional Christmas Gift #1: Christmas Ornaments

Without surprise, the first holiday gift on our list is a classic set of Christmas ornaments.

Image Source: Seagull Pewter

It makes a good gift since it’s something nearly anyone can use. 

After all, who doesn’t own a Christmas tree or even a corner in their house they can decorate?

You can find holiday ornaments in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from shatterproof ornaments and glass ornaments to snowflake ornaments.

It’s a pretty safe choice to go for and you can even customize them as you wish, making them a great promotional gift for your employees.

Price range: N/A

Promotional Christmas Gift #2: Tree Kit

Moving on to something more special, a tree kit can be a both great and thoughtful gift idea.

Image Source: Gemline

That’s because trees and plants, in general, are very precious for any household. 

They purify the air and their presence can be very calming.

Make that plant a Christmas tree and you’ve got yourself a great eco-friendly holiday gift that anyone would love!

Author’s Tip: Combine the Christmas ornaments we mentioned earlier with the tree kit for a beautiful holiday gift set.

Price range: Starting at $15 per kit

Promotional Christmas Gift #3: Holiday Glass Markers

It’s true that during the holiday season, we tend to drink more than usual, so a few holiday glass markers could make a very good gift.

Image Source: PCNA

To be more precise, these markers are not just good, they’re also useful in order to make sure that you’re not going to mix up your drink with anyone else’s. 

They’re perfect for occasions like office parties where your employees and clients can have fun and enjoy their drinks.

Still not convinced?

Personalize them with your company logo and promote your brand in a fun way!

Author’s Tip: Why not create the perfect drinking gift set and also include promotional tumblers, water bottles, and bottle openers?

Price range: Starting at $1 per set

Promotional Christmas Gift #4: Chocolate Gift Box

A delicious chocolate gift box can be one of the best corporate holiday gifts one can give.

Image Source: Gemline

Who doesn’t love chocolate? 

Especially during Christmas; it’s a guilty pleasure for most of us and we tend to overdo it.

Still, we’d never say no to some chocolate – that’s why this gift is ideal for basically anyone; your employees, colleagues, or clients.

If you’re thinking about food gifts, a chocolate gift box is the one to go for!

Price range: Starting at $35 per box

Promotional Christmas Gift #5: Cocktail Gift Set

Did someone say drinks? 

Well, that’s the reaction most people will have if you give them a nice cocktail gift set!

Image Source: Gemline

As you know, pretty much everyone loves a good drink during the holidays and a refreshing spirit or cocktail is no exception.

It’s ideal as a business gift for your hard-working employees and clients, as well as a promotional giveaway gift to your social media followers.

Customizing it according to your brand guidelines would be a great touch to this luxurious promotional gift!

Price range: Starting at $32 per set

Promotional Christmas Gift #6: Christmas Tumbler

Another great promotional holiday gift is a festive Christmas tumbler.

Image Source: Starbucks

It’s not only very useful for someone to enjoy their coffee or hot chocolate when working at home or the office, but it’s also an eco-friendly drinkware item.

Whether it’s acrylic, made of stainless steel, or reusable plastic, it won’t get thrown away for a very long time.

After all, thinking about the environment shouldn’t be underestimated.

You can even send the tumblers as custom gifts, adding your logo and company name on them so you can show your brand off!

They’re also ideal as a trade show and giveaway gift.

We’re halfway through our list, so let’s continue to the next promotional product we have for you.

Price range: Starting at $8 per item

Promotional Christmas Gift #7: Bobble Hat

One of the most classic gift ideas you can give or receive during Christmas is a bobble hat, which makes a stylish alternative to the festive Santa hat we all love but aren’t going to wear outside!

Image Source: Pop Promos

A bobble hat with your logo on is a piece of swag that people can actually wear and make use of during the chillier months.

Now, we get that it might not be the most special gift out there, but you really can’t go wrong with it.

People love wearing bobble hats during this festive time to help them get in the holiday spirit and to keep them warm at the same time. 

Overall, when it comes to clothes gifts for Christmas, a warm and cosy bobble hat is by far one of the best choices.

Moving on to the next promotional item we have for you.

Price range: N/A

Promotional Christmas Gift #8: Frosted Lip Balm

If you’d like to go for a more handy gift, then a frosted lip balm is an excellent choice.

We all know that the holiday season is magical, but can also be very cold.

It’s not unusual to have dry, chapped lips from the weather, which can be quite annoying and even painful sometimes.

That’s exactly why a frosted lip balm can prove to be life-saving!

Author’s Tip: Combine the frosted lip balm with other wellness goodies, such as hand sanitizers, first aid kits, and festive face masks. 

Price range: N/A

Promotional Christmas Gift #9: Decorative Snowman

It’s obvious that something like a decorative snowman can really make a place more festive.

After all, which house or office doesn’t look better when decorated for Christmas?

That’s why we believe it’s a good move to buy one for your clients or employees – to help them get in the holiday spirit and make their work desk a bit more cheerful!

Author’s Tip: Especially for employees who work from home, you can place the snowman in a Christmas drawstring bag for an extra holiday touch.

Let’s move on to the next holiday gift we have for you.

Price range: N/A

Promotional Christmas Gift #10: Christmas Stress Balls

Another great addition to this list is a set of Christmas stress balls, also called stress relievers.

Image Source: PCNA

If you think about it, Christmas comes at the end of each year which is very good timing; a chance for people to relax and unwind as the new year approaches.

Something that can help with that is some stress relievers like a pair of stress balls.

Ideal for both employees and clients after a long year of hard work, and you can even customize them with your company’s logo, making them a very thoughtful promotional gift!

Let’s continue to the next item on our list.

Price range: Starting at $1.50 per item

Promotional Christmas Gift #11: Ice Scraper

Have you ever thought about giving an ice scraper as a gift? Here’s your chance.

We all love some snow during the holidays, but we’ve got to admit that it’s not all fun and games.

Sometimes, the ice can cause problems to a great variety of surfaces, like our car’s windshield or porch tables.

Ice scrapers can be a great gift for the holiday season and sometimes life-saving; we’re sure that your clients will really appreciate the move!

Let’s continue with our next gift idea.

Price range: Starting at $1 per item

Promotional Christmas Gift #12: Holiday Gift Baskets

Who wouldn’t love a beautiful holiday gift basket?

Image Source: Gemline

It’s one of the most traditional gifts that are still widely appreciated and can serve as a great promo item.

After all, you can add so many of your customized gifts inside that the possibilities are endless!

From tote bags and travel mugs to keychains, lanyards, and power banks – anything can go in your gift basket.

It’s guaranteed that your clients or employees will get great use out of it, so make sure to add as many useful goodies as you can.

Author’s Tip: You can wrap the basket in a holiday gift bag and even add food gifts, like Christmas cookies, stollen, and pretzels.

Price range: Starting at $10 per set

Promotional Christmas Gift #13: Personalized Greeting Cards

If you want to add a personal touch to this year’s Christmas gift, then a personalized greeting card can be a great choice.

Have a look at this one from the Beckham family:

Image Source: Instagram

Who wouldn’t appreciate something like that? Everyone likes personal touches and you can get as creative as you want!

For example, you can make it funny and witty, or add jokes and Christmas puns.

Whatever you go for, a personal holiday greeting card is a no-brainer.

Author’s Tip: You can customize the greeting cards according to your brand guidelines and add handwritten notes for extra points of personalization.

Price range: N/A

Promotional Christmas Gift #14: Christmas Socks

Christmas socks are definitely one of the season’s best sellers and it’s easy to see why.

They’re simple, yet so fun because you can customize them with so many different Christmas-themed items.

Image Source: Pop Promos

From snowmen and reindeers to mistletoe and Santa Claus; everyone loves wearing Christmas socks!

Of course, you can go for full-color custom socks, or choose a colorful design pattern.

Whatever you choose, everyone loves Christmas socks and, if you decide to combine them with your company’s logo, then your employees will proudly show them off at any given chance.

Author’s Tip: Combine the socks with other items such as Christmas sweaters and scarfs, so your employees can enjoy a full holiday outfit.

Let’s move on to the last gift idea we have for you.

Price range: Starting at $5 per pair

Promotional Christmas Gift #15: Cozy Blanket

We saved one of the best gifts for the end because you can’t go wrong with a cozy Christmas blanket.

Not everyone wants tech gadgets for Christmas; like chargers, tablets, and bluetooth speakers.

Some simply prefer remaining cozy when working from home, which is essential and something you definitely want for your employees.

For that reason, we believe a nice cozy blanket can really make a difference in someone’s mood and help them work better.

However, even if they’re not working, Christmas is all about relaxing and enjoying the moment, so a cozy blanket is a great gift for every occasion.

Well… maybe not literally every occasion, but it’s certainly something one can get great use out of!

You can even customize and personalize it as you wish, so it works as a great promotional gift too.

Price range: Starting at $25 per item

Now Over to You

There you have it!

That’s our full list of the fifteen best promotional Christmas gifts you can give your employees or clients.

We understand that gifts are often the tricky part of Christmas and not easy for everyone, but we believe that this list has you covered.

After all, whether it’s about your clients or employees, you want to give them something special to show your appreciation for all the hard work they did the past year.

You can partner with a creative merchandise company that’ll guide you, step-by-step, in order to make sure you’ve made the best possible choice when it comes to custom branded products.

Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about how we can help you.

Thanks for reading!

Featured Image: PCNA

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