24 Fabulous Virtual Swag Ideas for Virtual Events & Conferences

Trade exhibitions and other corporate events have taken a beating over the past two years, and event planners have had […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

Trade exhibitions and other corporate events have taken a beating over the past two years, and event planners have had little choice but to shift from in-person events to virtual ones. 

As in-person activities are gradually returning, attendees will need to be enticed by promotional materials to make the experience worthwhile.

Hence, we have created a list of 24 fabulous swag items to fit all of your virtual events and conferences.

Our list includes the following items:

  • Stone Bluetooth speaker
  • Vegan card wallet
  • Premium wireless power bank
  • Reusable face mask

Plus, 20 more items to entice attendees.

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

Idea #1: Stone Bluetooth Speaker

Idea #2: Vegan Card Wallet

Idea #3: Premium Wireless Power Bank

Idea #4: Reusable Face Mask

Idea #5: Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Headphones

Idea #6: Reusable Water Bottle

Idea #7: Clip-n-go Hand Sanitizer

Idea #8: Recyclable Tote

Idea #9: Organic Cotton Blanket

Idea #10: All-natural Scented Candle

Idea #11: Sustainable T-shirt

Idea #12: Recycled Plastic Lunch Set

Idea #13: Insulated Tumbler

Idea #14: Stainless Straw Set

Idea #15: Cocktail Kit

Idea #16: Foldable Mini Fan

Idea #17: Customized Notebook

Idea #18: Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Idea #19: Events Cooler Bag

Idea #20: Eco Travel Pouch

Idea #21: Adjustable Fanny Pack

Idea #22: Gift Card

Idea #23: Virtual Coffee Subscription

Idea #24: Online Classes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Idea #1: Stone Bluetooth Speaker

A stone Bluetooth speaker is made of natural materials and looks as good as any portable speaker. 

The built-in-stone Bluetooth speaker is made of modern materials such as cement and cork. 

The device also comes with a micro-USB charging cord and includes an FSC-certified gift box.

The best part about it is that a Bluetooth speaker, without a doubt, is the most adaptable speaker anyone can own.

Now, you’ll have a great way of getting music whenever and wherever you need it!

Let’s check what’s next.

Idea #2: Vegan Card Wallet

Vegan card wallets come in all colors and designs to match your company’s branding. 

Sustainable products not only look great, but they also stand for a good cause as they are made of vegan leather.

Vegan leather is often produced from polyurethane, a material that can be manufactured to any designer’s specifications.

Furthermore, they can be manufactured from creative and sustainable materials like pineapple leaves, apple peels, other fruit debris, and recycled plastic to make exceptional items that steer away from animal skins.

Idea #3: Premium Wireless Power Bank

This is a high-quality item that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Branded tech items, like a premium wireless power bank, always make a statement in any trade show or in-person event. 

Furthermore, the most notable benefit of wireless power banks is that they eliminate the need for a power cable. 

There is no longer an output port, thus no cable is required. 

You can also use a single wireless power bank to charge several phones without regard to the kind of connector or cord. 

No cords are quite the current trend.

Let’s see item number four. 

Idea #4: Reusable Face Mask

Reusable face masks are the perfect companion for your conference swag bag

Due to their comfort and cost benefits, reusable masks are preferred over disposable masks. 

They provide greater levels of breathability and are therefore appropriate for persons with respiratory difficulties. 

In addition, these masks are more sculpted to the face with softer, smoother fabrics that are more pleasant on the skin.

Branded face masks provide protection while also promoting your organization’s corporate identity, which makes them perfect for your custom swag box

Idea #5: Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Headphones

Your event attendees will absolutely love to get noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones!

This is a great conference gift as it screams out appreciation and thoughtfulness. It’s also super top-notch. 

Employees will be able to focus better if they use noise-canceling headphones; when there’s a lot of noise around you, it’s tough to concentrate.

More than that, sound affects how people think. Even normal office noise may hinder employees’ recall of information. 

Hence, noise-canceling headphones will assist anyone who blocks out almost all of the ambient noise. 

It ensures you won’t have to leave the store or the restaurant to answer the phone.

Idea #6: Reusable Water Bottle

The increased demand for practical and environmentally friendly products has increased the value of reusable water bottles.

When creating your reusable bottle, you can choose from a variety of materials. 

The actual value of these reusable bottles is the amount of single-use bottles that will be kept out of circulation, regardless of whether they are made of aluminum, stainless steel, or recycled, BPA-free plastic. 

Moreover, going green is an easy system to develop due to the shared advantages that companies and consumers experience. 

They provide a one-of-a-kind sustainability branding opportunity since reusable drinkware can be a lifelong product if adequately cared for, and your brand will continue to be spread. 

Idea #7: Clip-n-go Hand Sanitizer

A clip-n-go hand sanitizer is a great goodie for your custom swag, as it promotes self-care and awareness, especially with the pandemic having been around for years now.

Businesses of various types now provide hand sanitizer to their consumers to promote safe health.

Many products now have clips, attachments, and unique styles that make traveling even simpler.

For best usage, choose a promotional hand sanitizer that has one of these features. A transparent sanitizer with a clip is an excellent swag item because it’s small enough to clip onto a bag or purse and always have on-hand.

Idea #8: Recyclable Tote

Recyclable totes are super practical, eco-friendly and reusable.

Reusable tote bags serve as a persistent reminder of your brand to your consumers. 

A well-made, reusable bag will endure for years, and your clients will identify the reliability of your promotional products with your company.

We recommend you assist your clients in being green while meeting your brand’s green objectives.

Furthermore, reusable bags lessen the demand for disposable bags, which lowers the number of nonrenewable resources utilized and aids in the waste stream’s streamlining.

Idea #9: Organic Cotton Blanket

Cotton as a material is a completely sustainable and renewable resource, making it ideal for conference giveaways. 

So a cozy organic cotton blanket makes a fantastic item, especially when the holidays start approaching

One of the reasons for the material’s extensive usage in bedding is its ability to be fashioned into a fabric that is incredibly soft and pleasant against the skin.

Unlike synthetic textiles such as polyester and rayon, cotton is a breathable fiber that allows for optimum air movement. 

Also unlike synthetic materials, cotton is biodegradable and so will not create a waste issue at the end of its useful life.

The next item is an all-natural scented candle.

Idea #10: All-natural Scented Candle

Scented candles are beautiful relaxation gifts. They fit both virtual event swag bags and hybrid events’ gifts.

All-natural scented candles have many benefits.

  • They don’t include any toxins

You won’t be exposed to possibly dangerous chemicals if you use natural candles.

Traditional paraffin wax is made from petroleum and may include poisons, allergens, and air pollutants. 

Furthermore, organic waxes, such as soy wax or beeswax, are a simple approach to minimize chemical exposure.

Also, wicks composed of natural materials, such as cotton, linen, or wood, are preferable to metal-cored wicks, which can emit toxins and even trace amounts of lead in the worst-case scenario.

  • Biodegradable natural wax

Since natural wax is biodegradable, it is easier to clean up spills and reuse empty candle containers.

Idea #11: Sustainable T-shirt

Everybody loves a high-quality branded t-shirt, from virtual event attendees to live events attendees. This item never goes out of style

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The manufacture of sustainable promotional t-shirts reflects a responsible approach toward nature. 

As a result, most manufacturers include t-shirts manufactured from organic cotton in their product line.

In actuality, the material’s quality is not much different from that of the classic, but the process of creation and manufacturing is critical

Moreover, organic cotton is farmed using techniques and materials with minimal to no environmental effect.

Author’s Note: This item will not only include your brand logo but also will show your ideology towards environmental issues, making it an incredible virtual event swag idea for virtual conferences, especially if you’re just starting out your business and attempting to build the right image. 

Idea #12: Recycled Plastic Lunch Set

A recycled plastic lunch set is a wonderful event gift. 

Eco-friendly plastics are often thinner than regular plastics, allowing for less material required to appropriately package and protect objects.

This allows a tiny quantity of plastic components to travel farther, boosting the availability of eco-friendly plastic.

They are also robust due to a unique coating that is often utilized to strengthen their protective characteristics, allowing them to be reused for a variety of domestic uses.

Finally, eco-friendly plastics can be recycled more readily than other varieties of plastic, ensuring that they are recycled rather than occupying landfill space.

Idea #13: Insulated Tumbler

Insulated tumblers are durable and resilient, so they will last for a long time without breaking the bank.

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We recommend you invest in the greatest quality tumblers your firm can afford, and you’ll get the extra benefit of a good reputation and lots of social media recognition.

When clients and customers witness the effort you put in to provide them with high-quality items, they will instantly perceive your business and organization to be of higher quality.

Idea #14: Stainless Straw Set

Everyone enjoys having a set of fine tools to complement their home or work eating experience.

Including this item in your event bag is terrific because they’re super easy to carry around and clean.

Stainless steel straws, like other metal items, are dishwasher-safe. Stainless steel straws also typically come with a cleaning brush when purchased, making it easy to use at work even if you can’t wash it right away.

Author’s Note: This item is considered eco-friendly as it’s reusable and plastic-free. You can include this item with cool stickers and a branded backpack for the perfect ‘welcome back’ gift pack.

Let’s jump to our next item. 

Idea #15: Cocktail Kit

A happy hour online event? Why not send this amazing cocktail kit like the one you see below? Or you can simply include it in your swag bag ideas – it screams fun.

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Cocktail kits are quite customizable, allowing your business to put anything you want as a free present in the cocktail set.

Offering a branded cocktail kit distinguishes your brand from competitors, particularly those that do not provide such promotions.

It also raises the perceived value of your brand. As a result, you will successfully separate yourself from competing companies.

Idea #16: Foldable Mini Fan

This item is absolutely great for the summertime merch.

In addition, foldable mini fans work on battery power, so you won’t be inconvenienced if you don’t discover a power source. Simply push the “ON” button to use it.

Portable fans are also lightweight and portable, so you won’t have to worry about them overheating.

Let’s read item number seventeen. 

Idea #17: Customized Notebook

A customized notebook slipped under someone’s arm, sketched in while in the cafeteria, or simply retrieved from a gift bag at a conference can rapidly attract other consumers looking for high-quality freebies with a practical application.

Moreover, customized notebooks aren’t only a terrific idea for a gift or promotional purpose; with the savvy use of branding, they can also be a useful tactic to boost productivity around the workplace.

The usage of notebooks for taking notes in meetings, recording information while away from the office, or just preparing to-do lists for their day may all contribute to the workday’s output.

Idea #18: Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

This fast wireless charging mouse pad is ideal for any workstation.

While using the mouse pad, just place your supported smartphone on the wireless power location to preserve desk space.

Author’s Note: This item is super high-tech and makes a great first impression. It makes the perfect swag item for anything, from new hire onboarding and first-week webinars to events and conferences. 

Let’s see what’s next.

Idea #19: Events Cooler Bag

If you believe that insulated cooler bags will be considerably more expensive than ordinary bags, you are mistaken. 

Instead, these bags are relatively inexpensive and will not break the bank.

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It maintains the proper temperature of your food or drink – whether hot or cold – making it perfect for long days at work, events, and vacations.

Idea #20: Eco Travel Pouch

An eco travel pouch is the perfect travel companion. 

This pouch is intended to endure for a long period, particularly when compared to plastic bags.

It’s not prone to breaking since it is made of robust materials, and it can hold more stuff without wearing down.

Moreover, a lot of pouches are made of recycled materials such as polyester, making them extremely sustainable. 

Idea #21: Adjustable Fanny Pack

This branded product is very casual and fun which makes a great choice if you’re choosing a bag item. 

With an adjustable strap, you can wear it around your waist or cross-body, and the two front pockets provide quick access to your most important possessions.

Let’s see the next idea.

Idea #22: Gift Card

Gift cards are an excellent method of raising brand awareness as it’s imprinted with your company’s name and logo.

When individuals see them exhibited, buy them for personal use, or give them as presents, it becomes a valuable marketing technique.

Furthermore, you can send gift cards by mail or in-person. However, delivering samples may end up costing more than you expected, so you can stick to sending them online to encourage sustainability, too.

Idea #23: Virtual Coffee Subscription

For remote employees, their home kitchen is sometimes the only place they can get a hot beverage to keep them going through their eight-hour day.

A great idea would be to send them a subscription to a coffee or tea service so they can enjoy their coffee break even more.

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It’s a great opportunity to explore new tastes and brands or to keep your client’s supply of their favorite mixes replenished.

Let’s see the last item on the list.

Idea #24: Online Classes

Attendees can receive access to online classes or courses as part of their registration for a summit, career development course, or webinar.

In particular, non-profit courses provide learners with the ability and knowledge they need to become better speakers for a variety of causes or even assume more responsibility within an organization’s ranks.

Author’s Note: If you want to provide your virtual event guests with a better grasp of the subject matter, look for a complementing course.

Our piece has come to an end. Let’s wrap up!

Now Over to You

No matter if your next event is held in a large exhibition hall or online via a web hosting platform, freebies can make or break your brand’s reputation.

Do not hesitate to reach out if you need any assistance finding the best virtual swag ideas for your upcoming events.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is virtual swag?

Virtual swag is a digital gift bag that businesses give to virtual attendees and event participants. 

In addition, virtual swag bags can be a hybrid of both virtual and physical gifts when sent to conference and event attendees.

Q2. What are some virtual swag gifts?

Some virtual swag gifts are:

  • Insulated tumblers
  • Recyclable totes
  • Branded mugs 
  • Gift cards

Q3. What goes in a virtual swag bag?

There’s a variety of swag gifts you can put in a virtual swag bag. These are some great ideas:

  • Branded mouse pad
  • Portable earbuds
  • Recyclable tote
  • Reusable water bottle

Q4. What’s the difference between virtual swag and traditional swag?

The main difference between these two types of swag is that virtual swag can be a hybrid of both physical and virtual promotional items given to online events participants and conference attendees.

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