Gift-giving has long been a fundamental aspect of human relationships. 

Receiving an unexpected present increases thankfulness while strengthening the links of any professional relationship.

In addition, on a corporate level, giving presents helps to develop the connection between your company and its clients, which is one of the critical components of a solid marketing plan.

You can’t go wrong with gift baskets, as the possibilities for customizing them are limitless. 

Today’s piece discusses 21 gift box ideas and how to create your own to have no worries for your gifting future.

Let’s jump in.

Table of Contents

What’s a Gift Box? 

Should I Invest in Corporate Gift Boxes? 

1. The On-the-Go Set

2. Premium Popcorn Gift Set

3. Gardener’s Gift Set

4. Grow and Store Trio of Pots

5. Warm Welcome Gift Set

6. Cookie Gift Bag

7. Tumbler Gift Box

8. All-Purpose Tool Bag

9. BBQ Pitmaster Gift Set

10. Wine and Cheese Kit

11. Premium Sauces Gift Set

12. Wine Lover’s Gift Set

13. Cocktail Party Gift Box

14. Old-Fashioned Soirée Gift Set

15. The Ultimate Snack Gift Box

16. Stay Calm Gift Box

17. Take Care Kit 

18. PPE Gift Box

19. Home Yoga Studio Gift Set

20. Artisan Gift Box

21. Commuter Gift Set

Create Your Personalized Gift Box in 3 Simple Steps

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s a Gift Box?

Gift boxes are a fascinating kind of gift. 

You can use them to generate anticipation about what’s inside and tailor them for specific themes and events. 

In addition, corporate gift boxes are suitable for a variety of applications since they offer recipients a pleasing experience; you have the room to select and personalize items to match their interests and for different occasions. 

This is especially beneficial since giving someone a present with their interests in mind is an efficient way to demonstrate that you’ve put time and effort into a gift and to provide them with the finest experience possible based on their specific affinities and interests. 

Should I Invest in Corporate Gift Boxes?

It’s worth investing in corporate gift boxes.

The following reasons will help you understand why and we’ll then discuss them in detail:

  • Boosting client retention and satisfaction
  • Retaining overall income
  • Enhancing employee morale
  • Celebrating employee achievements

To start with, maintaining contact with customers is always essential. 

Ensuring customer retention looks good on a firm and relieves marketing teams of a massive load while bolstering marketing efforts. 

It’s also critical for retaining income, increasing referrals, and preserving customer and client loyalty. 

Client gift giving is a simple approach to guaranteeing client satisfaction, which is a top goal for most businesses. 

Also, client gift boxes can provide some of the most memorable customer experiences and be employed in various situations.

Gift boxes can help you maintain a good relationship with customers you haven’t contacted in a long time to re-engage them, or they can be used to start a dialogue about renewing a service. 

Furthermore, gift boxes may help maintain a smooth connection and give recipients a clear message that their company is highly appreciated and that you plan to reinforce your connection going forward in all of these circumstances.

When it comes to workers, with recent workforce developments, it’s more crucial than ever to acknowledge the worth of workers, and corporate gift boxes for employees attempt to accomplish precisely that. 

Finding methods to celebrate employee achievements helps raise morale and productivity while lowering staff turnover in your business

Even when workers collaborate online, gift boxes for remote employees can provide a personal touch. 

With many teams working remotely, it’s more crucial than ever to emphasize a feeling of community in a firm, even if team members don’t see each other daily.

Employee gift boxes make it simple to do that and also to acknowledge them as people. 

Custom gift boxes for workers may consider their specific interests and create delightful experiences based on their affinities, increasing the effect of a present. 

The most excellent employee gift boxes will excite recipients, make a lasting impression, and convey the message that they are appreciated. 

The case for gift boxes is supported by the following statistics:

According to the 2022 Coresight study, 61% of corporate gift purchasers have changed their working methodology since the COVID-19 outbreak. 

91% predict that corporate gifting is here to stay – either increasing (61%) or remaining at current levels (30%). 

The Coresight survey also found a change in corporate giving behavior, indicating that it is not only for the holidays. 

Respondents’ top three giving occasions demonstrate that corporate gifting offers a year-round chance to create and maintain connections, which is vital in the modern work climate:

  • Employee acknowledgment milestone (66%, increasing from 64% in 2021)
  • Client/partner satisfaction (52%, up from 49% in 2021)
  • Vacations (49%, falling from 55% in 2021)

1. The On-the-Go Set

This gift basket includes a cooler, a bento box, and a cutlery set. 

The bento box comprises BPA-free materials, with a bamboo cover as a cutting board and a sliding inner divider for organizing.

In addition, the cutlery set has a fork, knife, and spoon and is made of a bio-composite of bamboo fibers and PLA. 

It also comes with a reusable cotton travel bag.

Author’s Tip: This great gift makes an excellent option for bulk office corporate gifts or travel kits

2. Premium Popcorn Gift Set

This gift set is the real deal, whether for an appreciation custom gift box or welcome food gift, a fun method to engage customers or workers, or just a fun present.

This cute bundle comes with a silicone popcorn maker and high-quality popcorn. 

Another great feature is that this sweet treat comes in a white gift box for a cool touch.

3. Gardener’s Gift Set

The gardener’s gift set is unique and ‘outside the box.’

It comes with a deluxe tool set and utility tote gift, a mix of three high-quality goods appropriate for both the seasoned and novice gardener.

Also, the garden organizer bag has many compartments for tools, pruners, gloves, and a water bottle.

Author’s Tip: This thoughtful gift is excellent for wellness and will showcase your care for your business partners and employees.

4. Grow and Store Trio of Pots

This unique gift bundle of three canvas pots provides a pleasant home for plants and flowers.

They’re lightweight, long-lasting, and reusable year after year. 

Best of all, they encourage massive root development, resulting in healthier plants with a lower environmental effect.

Author’s Tip: Looking for a thank-you gift? Well, look no more, as the grow and store trio of pots is the perfect gift for self-care.

5. Warm Welcome Gift Set

The warm welcome gift set is the ultimate gift for your employees’ first day on the job or if they’re returning to the workplace.

It includes a large journal, a stainless steel tumbler, and a gel pen.

Additionally, it comes with a nice-looking gift box, so you can just pair it up with a gift card to seal the deal!

We all love a good snack box, and the cookie gift bag doesn’t disappoint.

This bag includes yummy goodies from brownies to chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cranberry cookies. 

Moreover, this gift checks all marks for all occasions. 

Whether for a holiday gift, a coworker’s birthday, or a get-well gift, this bundle will leave a great impression.

Author’s Tip: Feel free to include this item in your coffee lover gift basket or Christmas gift box as it’s the gift idea that everyone will be excited to taste.

7. Tumbler Gift Box

The tumbler gift box is the best gift for all of your coworkers.

This gift basket idea includes the one-of-a-kind Corkcicle Wonder tumbler that keeps beverages ice cold for more than nine hours.

Also, it includes yummy sweets from chocolate cookies to berry nuts and a tasty iced-tea mix.

Another cool feature is that this box has a colorful bow; you can choose from white, red, royal blue, and many other excellent options.

Hence, it makes a great addition to any birthday gift box, Christmas gift basket, or new-hire gift bundle

8. All-Purpose Tool Bag

A tough tool bag that keeps home repair activities organized?

Please sign us up!

Check out all of its cool features right here:

Learn More

This bad boy has a spacious main compartment with a bottom liner for added support and a front zipped area with a multi-purpose organizer.

Author’s Tip: This gift option makes a fresh choice for Father’s Day and makes a fantastic housewarming gift.

9. BBQ Pitmaster Gift Set

This is the best gift basket for all outdoor activities.

This incredible package includes grilling equipment, a luxury 14-piece tool set, BBQ sauce, seasoning, grill light, a blinged-out apron, and many more items.

These gifts come in a handy cooler that works for all occasions, making this gift set exceptional.

10. Wine and Cheese Kit

The ideal entertainment set for your next wine-and-cheese party is here.

Just check how amazing it looks and all its marvelous features right here!

Learn More

This elegant wine set comes with two internal sleeves for holding a wine bottle, growler, or water bottle; they are included in the large main compartment with snap closing.

Furthermore, this kit makes a beautiful wedding gift or Valentine’s Day gift for its value and chicness. 

11. Premium Sauces Gift Set

This is the best gift to vamp up your grilling, smoking, or roasting experience, as it comes with three specialty sauces that will leave a long-lasting yummy impression.

This Cuisinart® BBQ sauce gift package can be combined with a BBQ tool set for the ultimate experience.

12. Wine Lover’s Gift Set

This wine gift set includes an insulated cooler, a multi-purpose corkscrew, a cushioned handle grip, and a non-slip base.

Make sure to check all of its contents right here:

Learn More

Author’s Tip: You can twin this gift with a spa gift set and a high-end handmade gift for an unforgettable experience. 

13. Cocktail Party Gift Box

Everyone enjoys a good mood boost, and this happy hour package is the ideal present for that.

The cocktail box includes everything you need to make two top-shelf cocktails wherever you are, simply take your favorite liquor and start mixing!

14. Old-Fashioned Soirée Gift Set

This gift set is just the definition of elegance. 

It comes with a sphere ice mold and an old-fashioned tumbler. 

The old-fashioned soiree gift set is perfect for the holiday season, so keep it in mind for all of those Christmas gift bundle ideas.

Plus, you can use such a gift box to say Happy Birthday to clients and executives. 

15. The Ultimate Snack Gift Box

This eco-friendly foldable tote is stocked with client favorites, making it the ideal present for a room drop or welcome, staff recognition, or promotions.

From popcorn to berry nut mix, tangy mustard, caramel popcorn, and dipping pretzels; this amazing set has all the mouthwatering treats anyone needs. 

Author’s Tip: Add some aromatherapy, bath salts, and hot chocolate to the ultimate snack pack for a beautiful touch.

16. Stay Calm Gift Box

Nothing matches the gift of calmness and relaxation.

This care package includes a blackout eye mask to help you concentrate wherever you are, an R&R Sound Machine with 24 peaceful and relaxing sounds to impart a tranquil vibe to your surroundings, and a lavender growth kit to grow and enjoy.

17. Take Care Kit 

This thoughtfully curated self-care gift set gives a floral twist to conventional gift giving.

This beautiful set includes a sunflower growth kit, sunflower seeds, a facial mist, and an energizing sugar scrub.

18. PPE Gift Box

The lightweight Moto Mini Backpack is a convenient grab-and-go option for keeping your essentials close at hand. 

The custom backpack includes one reusable face mask and one hand sanitizer, allowing you to be prepared while on the road.

19. Home Yoga Studio Gift Set

The perfect gift for yogis out there!

This fabulous package has everything you need for a yoga or fitness class anywhere.

Check how great this item looks here:

Learn More

This gift set comes in a sustainable, sleek duffel bag, taking this present to the next level.

Author’s Note: You can pair this item with a spa gift basket for a thoughtful gift!

20. Artisan Gift Box

There’s no need to look any further since we’ve chosen all the artisan treats for you and packaged them in an eco-friendly gift box mailer.

This yummy snack and corporate candy gift set includes caramel popcorn, J&M chocolate chip cookies, oat cakes, and other tasty treats.

21. Commuter Gift Set

The Jumpstart gift set helps keep you organized, and your electronics charged while you’re out and about.

This practical set comes with a custom journal, a gel pen, a commuter sleeve, and a sidekick charging cable.

Author’s Tip: This gift comes in handy for all your in-office and remote onboarding endeavors.

Create Your Personalized Gift Box in 3 Simple Steps

You can build your own personalized gift boxes by choosing separate gifts of your choice from our Swag Pack Builder.

The steps are quite simple, and they are as follows:

Step #1: Head over to our Swag Pack Builder

Go to our Swag Pack Builder and take a general look at everything.

You will find our various categories on the left. 

Each category includes different items for you to choose from. 

Step #2: Choose the items you like the most for your boxes

Once you pick an item to add, you’ll be able to choose the quantity and color before proceeding, as shown in the image below.

We have used the “Mix Bound Notebook’’ and the “Repreve Ocean Commuter Backpack’’ items for illustration.

We have added the backpack and the required quantity next, as seen in the screenshot below.

The price will then appear, and you will click on the ‘’Add Project Details’’ button to upload your company logo and check how it looks on your selected item(s).

Afterward, you will add any required comments and when you would like to receive your items.

Remember that this initial order submission is the product mock-up, where you’ll be able to check your items before committing to an actual order.

We want you to view the product mock-ups before you place an order so that you are delighted with how your promotional items appear and are completely satisfied with the ultimate results.

Then, you can share your comments with us when we finalize the mock-ups!

Step #3: Contact us to help you put together your gift boxes

After you have accepted the mock-ups, we will begin working on your order.

Payment is the next step once you have seen the mock-ups and verified everything.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your order or merchandise; this allows us to understand better what you need and how to serve you best.

Furthermore, when you engage with us throughout the ordering process, we can ensure that your demands are met in the manner you want and that you get items that genuinely impress you.

Once this step is completed, your fabulous promotional products will be ready to get shipped to their new homes. 

Now Over to You

We hope our list has sparked your imagination for your upcoming gifting journeys.

Remember that one door leads to another, and corporate gifts will never let you down.

If you need further assistance choosing the most suitable gift boxes or need help customizing any bundles, feel free to drop us a message anytime.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What can I put in a gift box?

You can put the following branded products in a gift box:

  • Essential oils
  • Office succulent growth kit
  • Truffles and pretzels 
  • Skincare products
  • Body lotion
  • Bath bombs
  • Yummy candies
  • Scented candle
  • Office supplies
  • Bottle of wine
  • Fruit selection
  • Branded coffee mug
  • Coffee and tea blends

Q2. What can I put in a gift box for a coworker?

The following options are great additions to a coworker gift box:

How can we help?

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