30 Special & Thoughtful Employee Christmas Gift Ideas (2023)

We opened up the discussion around promotional Christmas gifts for employees earlier this year.  The holiday season is probably the […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

We opened up the discussion around promotional Christmas gifts for employees earlier this year. 

The holiday season is probably the most popular gift-giving period of the year.

We share gifts to show employees appreciation, show our love and respect, and spread joy.

In this list post, we’re going to take you through some of the most special and thoughtful employee holiday gift ideas

Trust me, it’s not going to be just another office gift or an Amazon gift card. 

There are thirty high-quality, unique gifts so we better get started with our gift guide without losing any time. 

Here we go.

Table of Contents

Gift Idea #1: Cocktail-making Kit

Gift Idea #2: Popcorn Mini Popper

Gift Idea #3: Take Care Kit

Gift Idea #4: Couch Throw Blanket

Gift Idea #5: Bamboo Fiber Coaster Set

Gift Idea #6: Lunch Cooler Set

Gift Idea #7: Glass Set

Gift Idea #8: Fleece Blanket

Gift Idea #9: Grill Apron with BBQ Set

Gift Idea #10: Market Bag

Gift Idea #11: Christmas Snacks Box

Gift Idea #12: Foodie Gift Set

Gift Idea #13: Hydroponic Planter

Gift Idea #14: Daylight Desk Lamp

Gift Idea #15: Bamboo Lap Desk

Gift Idea #16: Laptop Sleeve

Gift Idea #17: Bluetooth Headphones

Gift Idea #18: Sound Machine

Gift Idea #19: Hip Pack

Gift Idea #20: Beanie

Gift Idea #21: Hooded Sweatshirt

Gift Idea #22: Holidays Duffel Bag

Gift Idea #23: Backpack

Gift Idea #24: Non-slip Socks

Gift Idea #25: Dress Socks Gift Set

Gift Idea #26: Vegan Leather Toiletry Case

Gift Idea #27: Athletic Gear Gift Set

Gift Idea #28: Reader Glasses

Gift Idea #29: Hot Chocolate with Custom Mug

Gift Idea #30: Bottle Opener Gift Set

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Gift Idea #1: Cocktail-making Kit

We couldn’t have started this list any other way. 

A special cocktail-making kit that includes all the tools you need to make the yummiest cocktails it’s definitely a go-to when it comes to great gifts for Xmas. 

It’s as high-end as you need a corporate gift to be, while it can also be part of a fun, festive gift basket.

Do we need to say anything more? Start exploring those cocktail-making kits already!

Wanna know what goes well with a cocktail kit like the one shown above?

It’s the following promo item.

Gift Idea #2: Popcorn Mini Popper

A popcorn maker that gets you a single serving of hot, delicious, fresh popcorn in no time is yet another fabulous idea for holiday gifting.

Learn More

It makes it super easy for anyone to create the healthiest, quickest snack. 

Plus, it’s ideal for home gatherings and watching movies or playing game boards with loved ones during holidays. 

Let’s get to the next one.

Gift Idea #3: Take Care Kit

One of the most beautiful and thoughtful gift ideas on this list is a take care gift box

Have a look:

The huge variety of gifts being given away during Christmas puts pressure on all of us to come up with really imaginative and thoughtful gifts. 

This relaxation kit that includes plant seeds and an aroma diffuser is all you need to take traditional gift-giving to the next level.

Will you?

Gift Idea #4: Couch Throw Blanket

Do you know what goes great with a popcorn maker and the sage diffuser? 

A couch throw made of high-quality fabrics that can also be used as a blanket on a cold Christmas Day.

Made with sustainably sourced cotton, this eco-friendly swag idea is bound to make any lounge feel warmer and cozier. 

Plus, you can also use it for picnics and at outdoor gatherings.

Moving forward with another Christmas gift idea. 

Gift Idea #5: Bamboo Fiber Coaster Set

The first promo item we talked about in this list was a cocktail-making kit. 

A beautiful addition to that gift would be a set of bamboo fiber coasters.

They’re durable, minimal, and can be used multiple times. 

Plus, they’re really super easy to customize with your company logo.

Let’s get to the next one.

Gift Idea #6: Lunch Cooler Set

Christmas is about families and loved ones coming together to eat, drink, and be merry. 

When all those festive family meals are over, you’ll want to have a lunch cooler set to take any leftovers to work.

That’s why a lunch cooler set with a bento box and reusable cutlery made of eco-conscious materials can be quite useful.

Author’s Tip: Consider adding an inspirational quote on the item to motivate your employees and make them smile every time they take their bento box out to have lunch.

Jumping right into the next one.

Gift Idea #7: Glass Set

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a drink in the comfort of their own homes?

The pandemic has made us all more aware of the importance of having all we need in our houses and enjoying ourselves as much as we can, even when we can’t be out and about. 

A high-quality glass set like the one shown below is a great appreciation gift.

For extra points, put this set of drinkware together with delicious treats.

Moving on.

Gift Idea #8: Fleece Blanket

A little further up in this post, we talked about a throw blanket being a great addition to any home during winter. 

This one is a bit different; it’s a warm and cozy fleece blanket that can be used throughout the whole year, particularly on Christmas cold days and nights. 

We totally love a fleece blanket when it comes to staying at home with friends and family, having long conversations, and watching our favorite all-time classic Christmas movies. 

Did anyone say BBQ?

Gift Idea #9: Grill Apron with BBQ Set

To enjoy the festive cheer, you may want to throw a barbecue. 

On such an occasion, a grill apron together with the best BBQ set will be ideal.

It’s no secret that people get grilling all year long in all weather conditions these days! 

Go for stainless steel BBQ tools, a durable and washable grill apron, and possibly even some customized spices that are always part of any great BBQ situation. 

Find our next gift idea right below. 

Gift Idea #10: Market Bag

A stylish, reusable market bag can be a very handy accessory for every visit to the grocery store for Christmas shopping.

It’s one of the best gifts because it can be made of recycled cotton or recycled polyester derived from recycled water bottles. 

Plus, it comes with very handy shoulder straps that make carrying it very easy, no matter how much Xmas stuff you’ve bought.

Keep reading to find our gift idea number 11. 

Gift Idea #11: Christmas Snacks Box

From marshmallows, candy, and chocolate truffles to salted pretzels and pumpkin nut bars, a Christmas snack box is the perfect gift for employees. 

The quantity of snacks as well as the variety of items you might want to include in such a gift box is entirely up to you. 

Our advice would be to include a personalized message with holiday wishes, handwritten by you if possible, to add a personal touch and make this gift more thoughtful. 

Let’s get to the next one. 

Gift Idea #12: Foodie Gift Set

A foodie gift set is yet another gift idea for successful holiday and corporate gifting.

A recipe book, some premium spices and sauces, as well as a high-quality tote bag to put everything inside, can elevate the Christmas tables of your employees.

Here’s our next staff Christmas gift idea. 

Gift Idea #13: Hydroponic Planter

Consider this hydroponic planter employee gift idea as one of the most special gifts you can give your employees.

Ideal for remote employees, such a gift is great at a time when we all need to add a little more green in our workspaces.

Think of these meaningful gifts as an alternative to the office supplies we’ve all got plenty of.

There’s nothing wrong with wishing a Happy Holiday with a succulent!

Gift Idea #14: Daylight Desk Lamp

Winter is that time of the year when we get the fewest hours of sunlight and the longest nights.

However, daylight is essential, especially when working from home

That’s why a daylight desk lamp can be such a great employee gift for Christmas.

It gives you the daily boost of sunshine you need to go on with your everyday tasks and uplift your mood.

In fact, a daylight desk lamp would go great with the item that comes next. 

Gift Idea #15: Bamboo Lap Desk

Working from home comes with a number of benefits, including the fact that you can sometimes work from the comfort of your couch – even though we wouldn’t recommend that as a home office habit. 

A bamboo lap desk is  a very useful item that allows your laptop to properly ventilate, even when you have it on your lap to watch a movie or do some work. 

It’s sturdy and stylish and you can use it for many different activities that include using your laptop. 

Plus, it can also be a very successful travel promo gift when you need to use your laptop, but there’s no desk you can use. 

We’re now done talking about the first fifteen items on our list. 

There are fifteen more to go. 

Gift Idea #16: Laptop Sleeve

We’ve talked about a bamboo lap desk that can be quite useful for those using their laptops a lot during the day. 

Similarly, a laptop sleeve is an essential accessory for keeping your laptop protected when traveling, going to work, or simply when carrying your laptop to a friend’s house to watch an Xmas movie. 

There are plenty of colors and sizes to choose from when it comes to creating a personalized gift for your employees. 

Let’s see what the next item is going to be. 

Gift Idea #17: Bluetooth Headphones

People love listening to music on many different occasions during the day. 

That’s why a set of high-quality headphones is a deluxe gift you can never go wrong with. 

This gadget is one of the most popular out there so don’t hesitate to give it a try when creating your best Christmas gifts for employees list this year. 

Gift idea number 18 is yet another thoughtful tech item.

Gift Idea #18: Sound Machine

It falls under both the wellness and the tech gifts categories; a sound machine is one of the best gifts that comes to mind when it comes to premium Christmas gifts for staff. 

We love a good promo sound machine because it promotes wellbeing by helping people sleep better and add a sense of relaxation and calmness into any environment. 

Curious what’s our next list item?

Gift Idea #19: Hip Pack

No matter whether you’re into fashion or not, you’ve probably noticed that hip packs have been trending in the past couple of years. 

In particular, younger people have replaced chunky backpacks and other types of handbags with trendy hip packs.

A hip pack fits all your essentials, such as a cell phone, a charger or power bank, a pair of earbuds, a fabulous keychain with keys, and a wallet. 

Moreover, this one can be a particularly great gift for those employees who have kids in their teens. 

Let’s get into the next one. 

Gift Idea #20: Beanie

For many people, winter in general and Christmas holidays in particular, are all about putting on the warmest beanie and an oversized pullover and taking long walks in the park.

For that reason, a unisex knit beanie like this one will definitely be appreciated by your employees. 

Also, in the case of smaller businesses, you could consider personalizing each beanie with an embroidery design. 

The next item is coming right up. 

Gift Idea #21: Hooded Sweatshirt

One of the most popular promotional items for all businesses that also makes a great option for Xmas gifting is a hooded sweatshirt

Learn More

Friendly reminder: Promotional hoodies turn people who wear them into walking billboards, so you better make them as good and special as you possibly can to avoid people throwing them at the back of their wardrobes and never wearing them.  

Thank me later!

Gift Idea #22: Holidays Duffel Bag

We’ve talked about beanies, hoodies, and Bluetooth headphones, but we can’t forget that Christmas means traveling for so many people. 

If some of your employees belong to those lucky groups that go somewhere new for the holidays, then you should try to get them travel-ready with a handy duffel bag

Swag Pack Builder

It is very stylish and fits pretty much anything one might need for a short Christmas trip. 

Wanna see an alternative?

Gift Idea #23: Backpack

A great alternative to the ever-handy duffel bag is a cool custom backpack

If you decide to go for a branded backpack, make sure to explore the different options and find the one that’ll best cover the business and personal needs of your employees.

Gift Idea #24: Non-slip Socks

Nothing says “Christmas night watching Netflix at home” better than a pair of non-slip socks to keep your feet warm and give you a sense of coziness. 

They come in all different colors and designs which means that you can be as playful and fun as you want when creating the best custom socks for your employees.

Author’s Tip: Add a pair of these to a gift bag with other perks, like a DIY Christmas card or a bottle of wine, to make your gift more thoughtful and unique.

Let’s have a look at another gift that’s quite similar to this one. 

Gift Idea #25: Dress Socks Gift Set

A dress socks gift set is ideal when you want to give your employees a gift that’s personal and Christmas-y. 

They’re also great as a coworker gift, especially for that one colleague who loves wearing funky dress socks. 

In case you’re someone’s Secret Santa, make sure to surprise them with unique designs and funny quotes on their dress socks. 

Let’s get to item number 26.

Gift Idea #26: Vegan Leather Toiletry Case

A vegan leather toiletry case is always a good idea given that it can be used by both men and women and it’s particularly helpful for those short Christmas getaways we mentioned a little further up. 

Such a case can help any traveler become a bit more organized and keep track of their cosmetics, toiletries, and any products they might be using. 

Here’s the next one we have for you. 

Gift Idea #27: Athletic Gear Gift Set

Just around Christmas, people tend to spend more time at home, doing something good for themselves, like exercising, 

Having said that, an athletic gear gift set might be all the boost they need to get off the couch and start doing some activity. 

A gift set like this will most probably include items like a scrunchie, a pair of absorbent ankle socks, an athletic headband, and a cooling towel. 

Author’s Note: Feel free to contact us to discuss what other items you could add to such a gift set. 

Moving on to the next employee Xmas gift idea. 

Gift Idea #28: Reader Glasses

Whether you write Xmas cards non-stop, send texts with season wishes, or watch Christmas movies every other night, a pair of reader glasses can be of help. 

They can be used over and over again and – as you can see – there aren’t limits when it comes to customizing them which means that you can make them as fun and crazy as you want them to be before sharing them with your employees for Xmas. 

We’ve reached the second to last item we want to share with you. 

Gift Idea #29: Hot Chocolate with Custom Mug

The second to last item we have for you is an Xmas-must; a hot chocolate pouch with a custom coffee mug

Who doesn’t love enjoying a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day in winter?

Offer your employees the pleasure of such an experience with a thoughtful set of high-quality chocolate powder and a beautiful custom mug they’ll use for years to come. 

Below is our final gift idea. 

Gift Idea #30: Bottle Opener Gift Set

We’re closing our list of thirty special and thoughtful employee Christmas gift ideas with a bottle opener gift set

This one is quite festive and useful because it’s a must when it comes to filling up a wine glass at the Christmas table. 

Such a gift set includes all wine essentials, such as a corkscrew, pourer, and wine stopper.

Let’s wrap this up and also give you the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

Now Over to You

We’ve discussed several Christmas gift ideas; from non-slip socks to hot chocolate bombs with coffee mugs and grill aprons with BBQ sets. 

This diverse list shows us how much potential there is when it comes to Christmas gift-giving. 

There’s no reason for you to go with another set of a notebook with sticky notes or a Christmas t-shirt. 

Instead, make your own merch and differentiate your company from others in a way that your employees will happily carry your promo stuff around. 

If you find yourself in need of some guidance, we’re here to help you make the most of the fantastic swag-making process.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are many options when it comes to Christmas gifts for employees.

That’s why there are naturally some questions in relation to the topic. 

Let’s answer some of the most common ones. 

Q1. What are good Christmas gifts for employees?

There’s a number of great employee gifts for Xmas. 

Some of the best are:

  • Cocktail making kit
  • Bamboo fiber coaster set
  • Glass set
  • Grill apron with BBQ set
  • Bamboo lap desk
  • Laptop sleeve
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • Sound machine

Q2. Should I give my employees a Christmas gift?

You should definitely give your employees a Christmas gift for a variety of reasons. 

Thoughtful gifts are a great way to show appreciation and love and can also help you boost employee engagement. 

Also, a special Christmas gift, like any other corporate gift, might also increase employee retention. 

A hooded sweatshirt and a box with Christmas candy and savory snacks are two of the most popular gifts for Christmas in 2021. 

If you want to take your gift-giving to the next level this year, go for a good laptop sleeve, a cozy fleece blanket, or a hydroponic planter. 

Q4. What do employees want for Christmas?

Employees want Christmas gifts that are thoughtful, fun, and useful. 

A great idea would be to give them a wellness and self-care kit, a cocktail-making kit for making delicious cocktails at home, or a sound machine that’ll help them relax and sleep better.

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