18 Wellness & Healthcare Promotional Items (2023 List)

Whether your company is in the wellbeing and healthcare industry or not, you always have the option of customizing and […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

Whether your company is in the wellbeing and healthcare industry or not, you always have the option of customizing and sharing wellness and healthcare promotional products.

These types of promo items are incredibly popular because they’re just so useful.

In this post, we are going to show you 18 different promotional items that you can give away at health fairs, trade shows, for social media giveaways, and so on and so forth.

Here are some of the wellbeing and healthcare products you’re going to find in this list:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Pill box
  • Yoga mat
  • Smart water bottle
  • Badge holder
  • Padfolio

Trust me, it’s going to be a diverse list of healthcare promotional products that go far beyond branded stethoscopes and custom pens. 

Here we go. 

Table of Contents

Item #1: Hand Sanitizer

Item #2: Phone Sanitizer

Item #3: Face Mask

Item #4: SPF Lip Balm

Item #5: Pill Box

Item #6: Gym/Yoga Bag

Item #7: Cooling Towel

Item #8: Bento Box

Item #9: Face Mask Wash Bag

Item #10: Smart Water Bottle

Item #11: Wellness Kit

Item #12: Stress Reliever

Item #13: Tissue Packet

Item #14: Retractable Badge Holder

Item #15: T-shirt

Item #16: Padfolio

Item #17: First Aid Kit

Item #18: Hot/Cold Pack

Item #1: Hand Sanitizer

We couldn’t possibly write a wellness and healthcare promotional items list post without talking about hand sanitizer  – for obvious reasons.

A hand sanitizer like the one seen above has become an inseparable part of our daily lives. 

Its antibacterial action helps us stay protected from viruses and bacteria and also frees people from the fear of catching a virus after a handshake or when using public transport. 

In terms of merchandise, you can go for different types of hand sanitizers, like an antibacterial hand sanitizer spray or a branded hand sanitizer dispenser. 

Plus, there are many customization options in regards to the reusable cases you might want to put your hand sanitizer bottles in. 

You can go for full-color silicone cases or keep it simple with a killer logo. 

Wait, did you just make hand sanitizers cool?

Let’s get to the next item we have for you. 

Item #2: Phone Sanitizer 

We’ve talked about hand sanitizers, but we haven’t yet talked about sanitizers that help us clean the item we’re all using more than any other. 

Enter… our cell phones.

You maybe didn’t even know that it existed, but phone sanitizers are a thing.

Moreover, they’re a thing you can actually get customized with your company name or logo for promotional purposes. 

This means that you can now give your employees or customers a great little branded gift they’re definitely going to use – maybe a little too much!

Item #3: Face Mask

Following up on the previous two wellness and healthcare promotional items, we’re now going to talk about the most popular and necessary accessory of the past two years. 

It’s the face mask.

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Most branded face masks are washable and come in different sizes and colors.

Plus, they have different features such as special ear loops, clear windows to show the wearer’s mouth, or special valves which are extremely useful for sports activities.

Author’s Note: If you want to know more about branded face masks, make sure to read our 18 Promotional Face Masks with your Company’s Logo for 2022 blog post.

Item #4: SPF Lip Balm

The majority of wellness and healthcare promotional items are generally related to the notion of some sort of protection. 

When it comes to protection, sunscreen and SPF products are particularly popular. 

On that note, going for a sunscreen cream can be a bit challenging given the different types of skin you need to take into consideration. 

However, an SPF lip balm can be just the right type of promo item you need.

It falls under the category of personal care products and both men and women are using it. 

Author’s Tip: Create a deluxe gift set with a variety of personal care items and offer it to your employees. 

Item #5: Pill Box

A wellness and healthcare list of promotional items wouldn’t be complete without a pill box.

Pill cases and pill boxes feature separate compartments, each of which is labeled with a day of the week. 

They can be incredibly handy for people who are on medication and need to keep a tight schedule with their treatment. 

Plus, they can be a fun medical promotional item if you customize them with an inspirational quote that’ll give the patient courage and support them mentally. 

Let’s get to the next product idea we have for you.

Item #6: Gym/Yoga Bag

For many of us, well-being has to do with being connected with our minds and taking care of our bodies. 

That can easily translate to exercising which helps us remain calm and active members of the game of life. 

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To cut a long story short, it’s great when you want to give someone a practical gift that’ll boost their exercising activities. 

It can be anything from an eco-friendly tote bag to a useful duffel bag

Either way, a gym or yoga bag with additional straps that people can use to carry their yoga mats and other props they might use for exercising is a fabulous gift idea. 

These bags come in different colors, fabrics, and sizes which means that you can definitely find one for every need.

Find out what our next gift item is. 

Item #7: Cooling Towel

We’ve already talked about how handy gym and yoga bags are.

Why not combine a bag with a super-cool branded cooling towel which is just perfect for an intense workout?

In case you haven’t heard of a cooling towel before, I’m going to give you a bit of context.

A cooling towel is a great little towel that cools instantly and to around 30°F below average body temperature.

The way this works is that your towel instantly cools when soaked with water, wrung out, and left in the air to ensure that the towel’s cooling properties are activated.

Plus, it can stay cool for a few hours when wet and it’s reusable and washable.

Sounds cool, right?

Let’s move forward with the next item on our list.

Item #8: Bento Box

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of eco-conscious promotional products

That’s not the only reason why we’ve included a beautiful reusable bento box in our list.

Another reason is that such a box can be used millions of times and can also make people think more about healthy eating and the benefits of cooking and eating their own food.

Since pandemic restrictions have been lifted in many countries around the world and professionals have started going back to their offices, it’s essential that they keep some of their healthy habits. 

With an item like this, your company can be your workers’ ally in the process of slowly adjusting to the new normal without losing their good habits, such as eating homemade food.

Author’s Tip: Consider giving away a branded cooler bag that can be used with a bento box for a more complete gift set. 

Let’s see what our next healthcare promotional item is.

Item #9: Face Mask Wash Bag

A little further up in this post, we talked about the face mask that’s, for obvious reasons, a very popular item.

A lesser-known item, but equally useful, is a face mask wash bag.

You might think that such an item isn’t as handy but, given that the official guidelines state the reusable face masks should be washed at least daily, we understand that a branded wash bag like the one shown above will be much appreciated. 

Moving on. 

Item #10: Smart Water Bottle

We absolutely love our tenth list item.  

It’s a smart water bottle.

Why is this reusable water bottle smarter than other drinkware like a customized tumbler, a koozie, or a branded travel mug?

Because it glows when it’s time for you to drink some water and it also tracks your water intake. 

The way this works is that the bottle syncs via Bluetooth to a free application and reminds you to hydrate at scheduled intervals.

How cool is that?

Item #11: Wellness Kit

If you’re thinking about appreciation gifts for your employees, then a wellness kit might be all you need. 

A branded, zippered pouch along with two bar soaps that are created to regenerate and restore your skin while also preventing the spread of germs sounds like a very good idea.

Author’s Tip: You could put all these items in a branded drawstring bag that’s a great alternative to plastic bags and can be used many times – which makes it perfect for promotional purposes. 

Keep reading to find out more about yet another wellness promo item.

Item #12: Stress Reliever

When it comes to wellness and healthcare promotional items, items that help one be more relaxed and minimize stress levels are a must. 

A stress reliever, whether it has an odd shape or it’s the typical stress ball, is used by many people. 

The one we’re showing you here takes the stress relievers game to a whole new level. 

It’s both a stress reliever and a power bank!

This means that it works like a charger that can be used to charge your phone or other digital devices when out and about, but you can also squeeze it when you’re stressed to release tension.

Author’s Tip: This item could work really well in a gift set together with other swag like a branded flash drive, coloring books, a pair of earbuds, an awareness lapel pin, and a few awareness bracelets, particularly for a nonprofit fundraiser

Jumping into the next one. 

Item #13: Tissue Packet

The thirteenth wellness promotional item we have for you is a tissue packet

This one can be a great option for trade shows and healthcare big fairs because it’s handy and everyone will make sure to get one. 

They can be personalized with a custom logo or a funny slogan that’ll make everyone remember your brand. 

Go for convenient, resealable tissue packs that are ideal for carrying in a bag. 

Author’s Tip: These can also be included in a wellness kit like the one we showed you a little further up. 

Item #14: Retractable Badge Holder

Depending on their workplace environment, many people would find a retractable badge holder quite handy. 

Badge holders and lanyards with carabiner clips are great for tradeshows and employee ID badges – in enterprises, hospitals, and clinics – which can also be used as a keychain and a keyring holder.

Plus, some use it to keep their business cards safe or as card holders. 

Let’s get to the next one. 

Item #15: T-shirt

Whether it’s for a breast cancer awareness campaign, Nurses’ Week, or literally any other awareness campaign or fundraiser, a t-shirt is always a good idea. 

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T-shirts have a big surface area which allows a variety of customization options with custom logos, inspirational quotes, and personalized designs. 

Also, they’re great for awareness campaigns because people become walking billboards for important causes when wearing them. 

Item #16: Padfolio

A handy padfolio it’s a multi-functional organizer that features organization loops for business cards, SD cards, and many more items. 

Its pockets are ideal for storing accessories or a phone. 

Plus, it could be turned into a high-end gift for healthcare trade shows along with some sticky notes, a customized notebook, and a stylus pen. 

Let’s get to our second to last item. 

Item #17: First Aid Kit

A first aid kit couldn’t be missing from our list of eighteen wellness and healthcare promotional items. 

It’s great and very useful at work, at the gym, on campus, when going shopping, and generally, anywhere else people go when they leave their houses. 

Some of the items such a kit includes are usually the following…

  • disposable masks
  • reusable masks
  • tissue packs
  • hand wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • thermometer

…even though you can include any items you think fit in a first aid kit – all customized with your company logo. 

There’s one more promo item left.

Item #18: Hot/Cold Pack

Our final wellness and healthcare promotional item is a hot/cold pack

A hot/cold pack is basically a compress that can be either put in a microwave for a hot pack, which is great for cold winter days, or be placed in the freezer for a few hours for a cold pack.  

Either way, these items are great for pain relief as well as in helping to minimize symptoms like fever and swelling. 

Let’s wrap this up. 

Now Over to You

You’ve now reached the end of our list of wellness and healthcare promotional items. 

As you’ve seen, some of the items in this list focus on wellbeing while others could be used as promotional items in trade shows and fundraisers. 

Either way, all these items can be customized with your company logo and given away to raise awareness of your business or an important cause. 

If you want to further discuss your options in terms of wellness and healthcare swag, feel free to contact us and we’ll make sure to get back to you with the best product ideas. 

Thank you for reading!

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