12 Corporate Gift Baskets For Stronger Business Relationships

According to a recent study that explored the growth of corporate gifting and its benefits, 48% of respondents feel that […]

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According to a recent study that explored the growth of corporate gifting and its benefits, 48% of respondents feel that corporate gifting can be very beneficial in terms of relationship building with both employees and customers. 

In fact, through corporate gifting, the recipient feels valued and appreciated which can lead to all sorts of great things, like employee retention. 

In this post, we’ve collected some of the most popular gift basket ideas for better business relationships. 

Here are some types we’re going to discuss:

  • A whiskey gift basket
  • A gift basket for foodies
  • A housewarming gift basket
  • A care package

Pick the one you’re most interested in from the navigation below or read through all of them to see which is the right one for you. 

Let’s get started. 

Table of Contents

1. The Classic Gift Basket

2. The Whiskey Gift Basket

3. The Snack Box

4. The Food Gift Basket

5. The Gourmet Gift Basket

6. The Holiday Gift Basket

7. The New Baby Gift Basket

8. The Housewarming Gift Basket

9. The Healthy Gift Basket

10. The Tea Gift Basket 

11. The Cookies Gift Basket 

12. The Care Package

1. The Classic Gift Basket

For those wanting to make a lasting impression in an easy way, the classic gift basket is the best way to go.

Image Source: Gemline

A classic gift basket might include several promotional items, such as products for remote workers, gourmet food, and other useful items like promotional notebooks or customized coffee mugs.

In other words, a classic gift basket can be a thoughtful thank you gift without breaking the bank. 

You can go for promotional staples that’ll help you achieve your business gifting goals.

Author’s Note: Your gift specialist or creative swag supplier can help you explore your options in terms of high-quality corporate gifts that’ll impress the recipients. 

Speaking of impressing your business partners or clients, let’s jump right into a unique gift idea. 

2. The Whiskey Gift Basket

The perfect gift for establishing and maintaining strong relationships is this high-end corporate gift basket that has everything any whiskey aficionado would want. 

Image Source: Gemline

This cocktail theme gift basket includes a luxurious glass alongside delicious savory snacks and sweet treats

The quantity of products you’d want to include in a whiskey gift basket is entirely up to you. 

Our advice would be to keep it simple, but with special and high-end snacks your recipients won’t be getting at their local supermarket. 

As you may have guessed already, this one would be a great holiday season gift set

Author’s Note: This gift basket can totally be adjusted in terms of the main product. For example, you could create a wine gift basket with truffles and cheese. 

Moving on. 

3. The Snack Box

Who doesn’t love a good snack box?

From deluxe dark chocolate gifts, dried fruits, and gluten-free savory snacks to salted peanuts, salted pretzels, and milk chocolate treats, a snack box is a best seller.  

Image Source: Gemline

The reason why snack baskets are so popular is that they can be given away on any sort of special occasion. 

Whether you’re creating a thoughtful gift basket for coworkers, a gift basket for office staff, or you want to have a custom gift basket ready as a corporate thank you gift anytime you might need one, a snack business gift basket covers it all. 

Plus, you can customize all the products included in the gift basket which means it can be great for promotional purposes too. 

Keep reading to find yet another gift idea.

4. The Food Gift Basket

A taco night holiday gift basket for clients is a fantastic way to show your appreciation in an imaginative and special way

Themed gift baskets can be quite successful because they help create a memorable experience for the recipient, and that’s what swag is all about, right? 

Image Source: Gemline

Chances are, the recipient has probably never received such a unique corporate gift basket before and they’ll love the idea of using it with their family and loved ones. 

Talk about taking the traditional meat-and-cheese gift basket to a whole new level!

Let’s get to the next one. 

5. The Gourmet Gift Basket

A gourmet gift basket that includes special gourmet treats is one of the most popular ideas when it comes to corporate gift baskets. 

Image Source: Gemline

Like others in this list, it’s full of lots of different products – in this case with gourmet snacks – which means that there are endless options for you to choose from

You can create a thoughtful fruit gift basket with a high-end selection of fruits and treats for the recipient of your gift to enjoy. 

Alternatively, you can choose to go for a tower of sweets with premium sweet treats. 

A basket like this could work perfectly as a get-well gift or a gift for your best clients. 

Its high-quality products will highlight how much you value the person getting this and that’s what makes it a great custom corporate gift. 

Author’s Tip: For extra points, you could add a gift card from high-end stores.  

Keep reading to find the sixth gift basket idea we have for you. 

6. The Holiday Gift Basket

The holiday season is approaching and there’s no better way to show that you care about your employees and clients than giving them carefully curated holiday-themed gift baskets. 

With a holiday gift basket, you have the opportunity to give away useful Christmas gifts, such as promotional Christmas socks and holiday drinkware people will use all year long. 

Image Source: Pop Promos

Keep in mind that gift-giving is at its height during this festive season so try to think of unique options for products that you’ll be customizing. 

This means that you don’t have to go for a boring Christmas card. 

Instead, invest in high-quality holiday swag that can be used throughout the year, such as a warm, cozy blanket or a recipe journal. 

Below is the next gift idea we want to share with you. 

7. The New Baby Gift Basket

Having a new baby coming into one of your employees’ lives is a moment in life that needs to be celebrated. 

Creating a new baby gift tower or basket to show an employee who just had a baby how much you care about this incredibly important moment in their lives is vital in order to create long-term business relationships with them. 

Plus, it can be a very fun process in terms of the items you’re going to choose to include in your gift basket. 

The diaper kit shown in this video is one option. 

Such a gift is great because it’ll help you achieve two important goals: 

  • First, you obviously show that you care.
  • Second, you’re giving the new parents a few items they’re definitely going to need. 

Show your love and support in this challenging new step and the new parents are going to be very grateful. 

Moving on with another thoughtful gift idea. 

8. The Housewarming Gift Basket

This one is one of our favorites on this list.

A housewarming gift basket is an amazing gift that shows thoughtfulness and love. 

On the other hand, it’s still corporate enough and you shouldn’t worry about it being too personal. 

Image Source: Gemline

Someone from your company might have taken the great step of buying their own house or it might be one of your most loyal customers who’s taking that step. 

Either way, this corporate gift idea is great because it’s going to help them adapt earlier. 

A special housewarming gift set like the one you can see a little further up includes some fabulous customized products, such as a scrub and a face mist, both designed to make one feel more relaxed and comfortable. 

Plus, it includes a beautiful sunflower plant.

Everyone knows new houses always need more plants to warm up the space, so go for it!

Let’s get to the next one. 

9. The Healthy Gift Basket

We’ve seen several gift baskets that include both savory and sweet snacks, gourmet food, and even special food-themed products like the taco night gift set we discussed a little earlier.

Image Source: Gemline

This gift idea is quite different though; its main focus is on healthy eating, which means that it basically includes lots of different healthy snacks – no promotional candy, no salted pretzels, no caramel truffles.

A healthy gift basket is all about dried fruit, fresh fruits, and nuts all in delicious power bars. 

Just remember that we’re past the time when healthy snacks were boring. 

Nowadays, you can give your business partners some nutritious snacks to rejuvenate and power up during busy and demanding workdays in the office. 

Author’s Tip: If you want to create a unique, eco-friendly promo gift, make sure to put all power bars and health snacks into reusable pouches or a reusable tote bag. 

Let’s get to gift idea number ten. 

10. The Tea Gift Basket

A tea gift basket is yet another way to go when it comes to creating fabulous corporate gift baskets. 

We particularly like this one because it offers you the opportunity to put together several customized corporate gifts to create one great special gift box that’s tea-themed.

A glass bottle – for a better drinking experience – that comes with an infuser basket is just one of the many gifts you can add to a tea gift basket. 

If you want, you could also add some delicious cookies and snacks, exactly like the ones you’d include in your food baskets. 

Plus, because of the warmth and coziness tea consumption makes us feel, this one could also work as a business Christmas gift for colder days. 

Below is our second to last idea.

11. The Cookies Gift Basket

We’ve talked about snacks and food baskets quite a bit. 

This one is a gift basket that specifically includes cookies

Image Source: Gemline

It can be cookies of ANY kind!

Chocolate cookies, with nuts or with dried fruits, like cranberries, with oats or butter… you can choose the flavor that you like the most or make a selection of lots of different flavors for a wider variety of products. 

This gift idea can also be combined with others in this list, like the housewarming gift basket, the tea gift basket – obviously – and even the classic gift basket we opened up our list with. 

Find our last gift idea right below this line. 

12. The Care Package

We’re closing our list of twelve corporate gift baskets with a care package

Image Source: PCNA

Similar to the housewarming gift basket, a care package includes promotional items that the recipient can use to relax, spend time with themselves, and basically breathe into a calmer and more relaxed state of mind. 

Such gifts manage to be both personal and professional, thus making them a great choice for your long-term employees and clients.

In other words, give away care packages to those employees or clients who you’ve known for a while already.

Let’s wrap this list up. 

Now Over to You

That was it. 

Our short – but concise! – list of popular gift basket ideas for stronger business relationships has come to an end. 

We’ve discussed several ideas for thoughtful and creative corporate gift baskets you can start creating and sharing with your employees and clients. 

We’re pretty sure you’ve liked some ideas more than others and we’d love to know which ones they are.

Feel free to contact us – using the form below – with any questions about any of the products presented in this post. 

We’re always available to help you find what you’re looking for and cover your swag needs in the most creative and special way

Thanks for reading 🙂

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