19 Grand Opening Gift Ideas for New Business Giveaways (2023)

Establishing a new company can be challenging and you can find yourself juggling between so many things trying to open […]

Mark Jackson

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Establishing a new company can be challenging and you can find yourself juggling between so many things trying to open doors for your new business. 

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To help you with the promotional item aspect of your grand opening, we’ve created a list of the best gift ideas to make the process easier for you. 

Our list includes a number of cool gift ideas, including:

  • Desk organizer and charger
  • Ceramic mug
  • Pet-friendly gift kit

Plus 16 more items for you to explore, so let’s jump in. 

Table of Contents

Why is Gift Giving Meaningful for Your New Business?

1. Desk Organizer and Charger

2. Ceramic Mug 

3. Pet-Friendly Gift Kit

4. Glam Gift Kit

5. Convertible Briefcase

6. Bamboo Lap Desk

7. Hydroponic Set 

8. Seek Peace Gift Set

9. Large Notebook Gift Set 

10. Stand-up Bag

11. Insulated Tote Cooler

12. Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

13. R&R Sound Machine

14. Global Leather Padfolio

15. Mobile Office Computer Backpack

16. Sustainable Lunch Bundle

17. Outdoor Speaker with RGB Lights

18. Eco-friendly Laptop Sleeve

19. Auto Open Umbrella 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Gift Giving Meaningful for Your New Business?

When having a grand opening or launching new services, you naturally want all eyes to be on you. 

Yet, gift-giving goes beyond the grand opening; the following reasons will help you grasp why gift-giving overall can immensely enhance your new business and take it to new levels.

1) Retaining customers is more important than acquiring new ones

It’s worth mentioning that 20% of a company’s present clients account for 80% of future income. 

In other words, striving to make your existing customers satisfied and pleased can save you both time and money.

When it comes to new businesses, companies can use high-quality, thoughtful gifts to establish their customer base as well as boost retention. 

2) Satisfied staff leads to satisfied consumers

According to the findings of HBR, there is a substantial correlation between staff well-being and customer satisfaction. 

The more people feel appreciated at work, the more motivated they will be, and the more your consumers will be satisfied.

In terms of businesses that are just starting out, building an environment of appreciation through useful and thoughtful gifts from the beginning can have a significant positive impact on employee loyalty and retention.

3) Convert prospects into customers

Are you attempting to persuade a prospect to start using your products or services? 

Send a customized gift to show them what you’re made of! 

The objective is to provide an unforgettable experience; you might influence their decision-making by offering a gift.

4) Develop ties with your suppliers and business partners

Every company can choose who they want to collaborate with

If these providers are not in the same area, we may not notice them. 

Hence, consider demonstrating your thanks if you want to guarantee them to be long-term partners.

5) Make a statement with a distinct marketing strategy

We’ve all received numerous postcards, unsolicited emails, or cold calls. 

Consider giving a lovely present that they will undoubtedly open if you’re searching for a novel strategy to attract a new customer; this is an excellent approach to distinguish yourself from every other brand

Let’s now check our gift list together.

1. Desk Organizer and Charger

A desk organizer and charger are a perfect gift; it’s convenient and super high-quality

Just imagine being able to keep all of your handy office supplies in place while charging your phone. 

In addition, this item comes in many colors and will look great with any company logo due to its imprinting space

This sounds like a great gift that any new business owner can impress their audience with!

2. Ceramic Mug

Just check how vibrant this ceramic mug looks in the below image.

This mug makes a great business gift since it’s a reusable item, and you’re saying no to plastic, making your company name step into the eco-friendly realm

It also works wonderfully as a travel mug or coffee mug all combined in one. 

Furthermore, you should be investing in drinkware swag as it can be full of pleasant surprises.

According to the global Ad Impressions Study by ASI, drinkware promo items have the following advantages:

They have a longer lifespan:

The longer someone keeps a branded item, the more likely others will notice it. 

On average, promotional drinkware is retained for an entire year

You receive a great return on investment:

It’s fun to compare promotional items to other popular forms of advertising. 

The Cost Per Impression, or CPI, is a standard metric for pay-per-click advertisements; if you spend $7 on a product, the average CPI is less than half a penny. 

When you spend on internet advertising, you often pay more than $1.

Author’s Tip: This personalized gift is great if you’re looking for new office-friendly items; feel free to pair it up with a keychain for a good-looking swag box. 

3. Pet-Friendly Gift Kit

This pet-friendly gift kit is a unique gift idea, and it’s very out of the box.

This adorable package includes a full-color dog bandana, a full-color dog leash, a full-color dog collar, and a full-color postcard, all entirely customizable for any company.

In addition, this gift will attract potential customers for its newness and can work perfectly for any trade show or opening event

Feel free to present this corporate gift in a matching color gift box to add a special touch. 

4. Glam Gift Kit

The name says it all; look how fantastic this glam gift kit looks!

This kit includes a scrunchie, a premium makeup bag, and a personalized headband. 

Moreover, you can pair this promotional product with a tote bag and a gift card to give it some extra sparkle

Let’s keep on reading. 

5. Convertible Briefcase

This practical gift item will add some oomph to your grand opening celebration.

Just see how sleek and elegant this convertible briefcase looks!

This item is perfect for employees or clients and small business owners as it’s very versatile.

The convertible computer can be used as a handheld, cross-body, or shoulder bag.

Also, the bag can be carried in three different ways by adjusting or removing the adjustable strap: handheld, crossbody, or shoulder.

The nylon body material is water-resistant, and the bag includes a zipped pocket on the front, saving time with quick-access items.

Moreover, it has a main compartment that is completely cushioned and designed to handle a laptop up to 14.1 inches in size.

Author’s Tip: You can use a stainless steel water bottle or a branded tumbler with this bag to create a killer promo kit

6. Bamboo Lap Desk

This bamboo lap desk will be the perfect companion no matter where you will be working.

The ventilated tray on the bamboo work table provides optimal laptop ventilation (sized to hold a 15″ laptop).

It also includes an integrated mouse pad made of imitation leather and a built-in phone dock to view films, engage in virtual meetings, or FaceTime pals while working on your laptop. 

Moreover, the bottom cushion is soft and dual-bolstered, and it lays nicely on your lap or any surface.

This thoughtful gift will win hearts at your ribbon-cutting ceremony, especially since remote work has been in for a while now. 

7. Hydroponic Set

This hydroponic kit includes everything a home gardener needs to start soilless gardening, including a frosted glass hydro pod and materials for growing tasty herbs.

The self-contained setup with its compact footprint is suitable for desks, windowsills, and other interior places.

On another note, this gift will be great for your business opening as it showcases how much you care for wellness; it’s unique and spreads a good message. 

Author’s Tip: This gift makes an excellent option for any special occasion, especially a housewarming present.

8. Seek Peace Gift Set

Speaking of growing plants, here’s another great gift set.

This seek peace gift set includes a lavender growth kit, lavender seeds, meditation hourglass, and a great soothing essential oil roller; this perfect combo encourages us to seek tranquility during our fast-paced lives.

This self-care-focused gift set is thoughtfully curated and puts a floral twist on conventional gift-giving.

9. Large Notebook Gift Set

Notebooks are a classic, and they never go out of style, so we assure you that this notebook gift set will make a statement.

This notebook comes in a two-piece Moleskine gift box; you can pair this one with your business card for a professional feel that all of your clients will love. 

10. Stand-up Bag

This stand-up bag can be used for so many purposes.

Your employees and clients will not only be able to use this bag for cooking, but they can also store make-up, crafts, first-aid items, and anything they wish to arrange.

Another great bonus is the transparent front that allows you to label and view the contents, while the colorful rear panel adds a splash of color to help you recognize your bag.

Also, the clear front will look amazing with your business name and logo, so this one will fit right in at your grand opening event. 

11. Insulated Tote Cooler

The insulated tote cooler is an awesome gift idea

Whether you’re a local business or more of a bigger company, you can impress anyone with this practical item as it’s leak-resistant and made of an easy-to-clean antimicrobial liner.

You could pair this item with a small coffee maker and some coasters for a fabulous gift basket.

12. Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

A pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones will be appreciated by anyone, whether they are a client, customer, realtor, or employee.

You can never go wrong with a tech item.

These excellent buds come with great noise cancellation and enhanced bass for the best experience. 

13. R&R Sound Machine

Giving the gift of calm is a thing with this R&R sound machine.

It will lull you to sleep in preparation for a comfortable night’s sleep, and it can be used at the workplace to conceal conversations, making it ideal for office privacy.

In addition, this item can filter out external sounds and disturbances wherever you are or go.

In addition, it comes with six different white noise selections, six fan sound options, and twelve peaceful nature and calm-inducing sounds.

14. Global Leather Padfolio

This global leather padfolio is premium-looking and durable due to the leather material.

This personalized padfolio comes with multiple pockets for ID cards, CDs, and business cards, and a large zippered pocket for documents and files.

15. Mobile Office Computer Backpack

Everyone needs a good-looking sturdy computer backpack like the one you can see here.

This custom backpack includes an interior cushioned laptop compartment, an interior pocket that can hold any accessories, and a side water bottle compartment that expands. 

16. Sustainable Lunch Bundle

Nothing tops having your meal in style while being good to the environment.

This reusable lunch set includes an ultralight lunch container. 

Also, it has a small set of stainless steel cutlery, which means no more plastic utensils, as well as a silicone carrying bag to keep everything clean.

17. Outdoor Speaker with RGB Lights

An outdoor waterproof Bluetooth speaker with RGB lights will rock with you whether you’re indoors or outside.

The speaker has an IPX waterproof grade, which means it can endure rainstorms or sprays of water without being damaged.

Furthermore, the speaker has built-in music controls as well as a microphone.

18. Eco-friendly Laptop Sleeve

This environmentally friendly laptop sleeve has a magnetic bumper entrance for scratch-free security and a plush microfiber interior for further protection.

In addition, it’s composed of recycled woven fabric called Looma Weave and has a sleek shape that makes it incredibly simple to carry.

19. Auto Open Umbrella

This cool auto open umbrella has a clever inverted design that opens and shuts “inside out,” retaining more water and keeping you drier while entering or leaving buildings and vehicles.

Also, this custom umbrella has a distinctive C-shaped handle that allows you to hang it up or keep it on your arm hands-free. 

Our list has come to an end. 

Now Over to You

Congratulations on your grand opening! ?

We wish you the best of luck.

Now that you have checked our whole list, we hope you will get to utilize some of our ideas soon to celebrate your next big thing. 

If you have any questions or need any swag-related advice, don’t hesitate to contact us as we always look forward to hearing from you

Thank you for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do you celebrate the grand opening of a business?

You can celebrate the grand opening of a business with a giveaway that will help you generate buzz and raise awareness of your business. 

Make sure you include unique and valuable items on your list for a long-lasting impression.

Q2. What are appropriate gifts for a grand opening?

The following items make appropriate gifts for a grand opening:

  • Insulated tote cooler
  • Ceramic mug
  • Leather padfolio
  • Convertible briefcase
  • Eco-friendly laptop sleeve

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