Gift baskets are the easiest way to win hearts and impress anyone!

To create a lasting impact on your business, you must be innovative with your corporate gifts. 

Choosing between food and snacks,  experience-based gifts, the value of a high-quality customized item, or blending all of them positions you to satisfy recipients significantly.

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Therefore, we created this guide for you, with four different gift categories to choose from, to stir your inspiration to create a meaningful gift basket that suits all tastes.

Let’s jump right in!

Table of Contents

Office Gift Basket Ideas

Yummy in My Tummy Gift Baskets

Self-care and Wellness Great Gift Basket Items

Deluxe Christmas Gift Baskets

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Office Gift Basket Ideas

The selection below will come in handy if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your fellow employees and business clients.

Our following goodies look chic, as we always aim to impress!

They also make great gifts for helping with meetings and organizing conferences.

1. Revello Journal Book Bundle Set

The Revello journal book is an elegant and valuable gift that contains one 5.25″ x 7.5″ refillable journal and one ballpoint stylus, which is available for free laser personalization. 

The supplied refillable notebook includes a cover made of soft, flexible UltraHyde with an elastic fastening. 

Also, this journal features a pen hook, a business card slot, and 60 cream-colored lined pages, making it the ideal accompaniment for presentations, lectures, conferences, and more.

2. Executive Flip Capsule Set

Another item you could include in your next gift basket is the Rocketbook executive flip capsule set that consists of a notebook and the executive flip capsule. 

Rocketbook is created for all academic, professional, and personal endeavors, making it a fantastic choice for your next corporate gift basket giveaway.

The synthesized college-ruled and dot-patterned paper can be written on effortlessly with a Pilot Frixion pen, then wiped clean with a wet cloth for reuse.

How cool is that!

In addition, you can use the Rocketbook app to organize your notes, goals, checklists, and big ideas by uploading them to your preferred cloud service. 

Then, delete your Flip and use it on your next journey. 

Also, this custom notebook comes with a sturdy cover and comprises 36 pages.

3. Pocket Notebook and Pen Gift Set

This bundle comprises a hardcover ruled pocket notebook and a Moleskine x Kaweco rollerball pen, wrapped in a two-piece Moleskine gift box.

This gift box is very premium-looking and makes a fantastic option for employee anniversaries, client thank-you gifts, staff birthday gifts, and overall appreciation.

4. Chaos Desk Kit with Wireless Charging Pad

The Chaos desk kit with a wireless charging pad lets you arrange your desk while wirelessly charging your phone which makes it an original gift for your next corporate gift-basket giveaway. 

Additionally, the desk set has paper clips, sticky markers, and sticky notes

The wireless charging pad is compatible with various devices, including Android models, iPhones, and even older HTC and Nokia Lumia models.

Also, the charging pad is compatible with most plastic phone cases and covers and comes with a micro-USB charging wire.

5. Ambassador Power Gift Set

The Ambassador power gift set makes a beautiful holiday season gift basket or a conference promotional basket.

This set comes with a journal book, a deluxe square pen, a 2,220 mAh power bank, and a two-piece gift box, which is an excellent bonus.

Feel free to add some colored cellophane to the wrapping to make this gift pop even more.

6. Jumpstart Gift Set with Charging Cable

This gift set comes with many items in a mobile office commuter sleeve.

Whether traveling, at home, or just on the go, the Jumpstart kit will be your best friend, as it keeps all of your gadgets and electronics charged and organized.

The set also has a side charging cable, a large ruled notebook, and a retractable gel pen.

7. Warm Welcome Gift Set with Snack

A gift basket for onboarding and orientation programs?

Sign us up!

Create a memorable impression with the warm welcome gift set, whether it’s for new hires or staff returning to office work.

This gift package includes a bittersweet chocolate bar, an Aviana peak double-walled stainless tumbler, a Moleskine large notebook, and a Zebra dry gel retractable pen.

Author’s Tip: You can add a reusable tote bag, a coffee mug, and some extra sweet treats like chocolate chip cookies and pretzels to this cool gift set for some added pampering.

Yummy in My Tummy Gift Baskets

Has food ever failed anyone?

Well, we all know the answer!


The below yummy sweet treats are here to impress big time.

1. DIY Out of Office Infusion Kit

Aged & Infused sells kits of all-natural infusions for home bars. 

It’s an easy do-it-yourself activity with a delicious reward.

So, are you prepared to taste the tart sweetness of mango and the antioxidant-rich sourness of hibiscus?

This trademark kit has a 16-ounce glass jar with a unique filtering pour spout, pre-measured components, infusion directions, and cocktail recipes.

You can add this refreshing bundle to any snack box, taking it to the next level.

Also, you can pair it up with a cozy sweater, a blanket, and some cocktail kits and you’ll have an incredible holiday gift set in the making!

2. Sparkling Dark Chocolate Gift Box

These delectable dark chocolate snacks in a gleaming gift box will impress your staff and clients.

This lovely gold and white gift box contains ideal dark chocolate treats like dark chocolate-covered almonds, almond toffee, and milk chocolate-covered almonds.

We’re drooling here!

Author’s Tip: You can pair this delicious treat with a spa gift basket for the ultimate gift-giving experience.

3. La Cuisine Artisan Graze Tote

A beautiful-looking tote bag filled with mouthwatering goodies?

We say a thousand yeses!

This gift basket is an absolute show-stopper – from oat cakes, chocolate cookies, and caramel popcorn to potato chips, salted caramels, and many more items.

There’s no question that this bag will be used to spread the word about your company and leave a lasting impression on those who receive it.

4. Bake It Till You Make It Gift Set

This DIY present is a thoughtful gesture for a variety of reasons and is also ‘seasonless.’

A great corporate event present or a one-size-fits-all gift for agents, a fun way to say thank you, celebrate a milestone, or simply have fun with baking.

This fashionable bag includes Stonewall Kitchen’s renowned cinnamon coffee-cake mix and a trio of complementary La Cuisine baking necessities.

And that’s not it!

It also comes with an all-purpose apron, hardwood and silicone baking utensils, twin oven mitts, and Slowtide’s fashionable and functional kitchen towel.

Moreover, you can send this kit to remote workers and have a virtual bake day tutorial event. 

Sounds like great fun!

Author’s Tip: You can add some beauty products or a spa-day gift voucher to this beautiful gift for a great thank-you gift-basket option.

5. Coffee Lover Gift Kit

This will brighten the day of a real coffee enthusiast. 

This present, which features the new cool Arlo tumbler, will make any workplace commute fashionable.

This coffee-lover gift basket includes a yummy brownie and classic coffee beans.

Furthermore, you can add a hot chocolate mix and marshmallows to make this basket the best of both worlds!

6. Celebrate the Season Gourmet Tower

Each box opens to expose an assortment of handcrafted gourmet sweets, nuts, and chocolate that everyone will find delightful and unforgettable.

As pictured, a free ribbon is wrapped around the tower to secure it upon delivery and for that extra oomph!

Author’s Tip: This is the best gift basket choice for clients and employees if you’re looking for a grand holiday gift.

7. Sweet Re-Treat Gift Set

Including this thoughtful sweet retreat gift in your gift baskets for clients and employees is a great idea. 

Christina Tosi’s milk bar is an award-winning bakery renowned for familiar but unique treats, such as milk cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookies.

How special!

In addition, whether you enjoy robust coffee, comforting hot cocoa, or soothing chamomile tea, the accompanying mug can keep your beverage warm for up to three hours.

Author’s Tip: Feel free to add a pancake mix and some maple syrup to vamp this gift basket even more.

8. Brownie Points Gift Set

Just look at how tasty this brownie gift set looks!

This gift set is a delightful way to recognize an achievement, express gratitude, or involve the team in a Brownie Bake-Off.

It comes with a brownie mix, a tote, an apron, mitts, and baking tools.

You won’t need anything else!

Self-care and Wellness Great Gift Basket Items

When you give away wellness-focused gifts, it says a lot about you and your business values.

The following selection will show your clients and workers that you genuinely care about them and it will favorably highlight your brand.

1. Mind, Body, and Flow Yoga Set

With this meditation-themed gift basket, your staff will get to relax, rejuvenate, and flow.

This yoga bundle includes a mantra yoga mat, a yoga towel, and a wellness journal.

In addition, all these items come in a versatile bag that anyone can take anywhere.

2. Glow & Grow Live Well Gift Set

The Modern Sprout glow & grow live well gift set includes a soy candle, container, planter with seedlings, and a complete growth kit.

This ceramic candle holder becomes a planter once the candle burns out and contains a complete aloe-growing kit.

It needs no green thumb, gardening gloves, or special talent to witness your unique plant grow!

Author’s Tip: This fabulous gift kit can work as a great housewarming gift or easter basket idea for any business partner or fellow manager.

3. On The Go 12-Piece First Aid Pack

The Bullet on the Go 12-piece first aid pack is a portable first-aid set in a PVC bag with zippered closing and a plastic clasp. 

This portable first-aid kit includes four sticky bandages, one alcohol cleaning wipe, one antibacterial wipe, and one bug-sting relief wipe.

4. Deluxe Resistance Band Set 

This deluxe band set is ideal for at-home workouts; the two sizes come packaged in a convenient carrying case.

The bands eliminate the frequent rolling, breaking, and sliding issues generally caused by standard resistance bands. 

Also, the cotton blend and additional grip enhance the material’s breathability.

5. Vanity 7-Piece Personal Care Kit

The Bullet vanity 7-piece personal care kit has a zippered bag with a top-opening pouch on the front flap.

This convenient hygiene set has a mirror, fingernail clippers, toenail clippers, cuticle cutter, nail file, scissors, and tweezers.

Deluxe Christmas Gift Baskets

Cold, snowy days are coming soon, and you should be looking forward to giving some holiday gift baskets.


Our selection below will guarantee lots of positive feedback and holiday vibes.

1. Camp Cup & Blanket Gift Set

This gift combo is a Gemline-exclusive combination of two comfy favorites.

The Slowtide fleece blanket has a silky brushed finish on a fabric made from recycled polyester and the camp cup is equipped with a handle. 

The cup also has a double-wall vacuum insulation technology, and a press-on cover minimizes spills and keeps beverages heated for longer.

Furthermore, you can give away this swag bundle to your staff and have an in-office movie night when it’s wintertime for an unforgettable event!

Author’s Tip: Feel free to add fresh fruit, candy canes, hot cocoa mix, a mini Christmas tree, and chocolate fudge cupcakes for the coziest indoor Christmas gift basket idea.

2. Ornament Seed Holiday Gift 

A sustainable ornament seed kit from Modern Sprout makes the festivities more eco-friendly.

Featuring festive seed varieties in vibrant and whimsical packaging, these plastic-free decorations are the ideal addition to your holiday décor.

When the holidays are done, you can enjoy indoor gardening with this mini gardener’s gift basket to transition from the post-holiday gloom to spring fun!

3. Luxe Hanging Bar Tool Set

Serve up some glamor at your next cocktail party with this fantastic luxe hanging bar tool set.

The set consists of four hanging bar tools and a marble base.

4. Power Lunch & Book Bundle

With Olivia Mack McCool’s meal-planning book, Lunch, the Porter Bowl, and a silicone set of stainless steel flatware, you can create endless healthy lunch options.

And what’s a better holiday gift than health?

With more than 100 mix-and-match recipes, learn how to plan, prepare, and organize nutritious lunches.

5. Thor Copper Vacuum Gift set

This charming gift set contains one copper vacuum insulated bottle and one copper vacuum insulated tumbler.

Both products include a double-wall stainless steel vacuumed structure with copper insulation that keeps drinks hot for 6 hours or cold for 24 hours.

Sounds like great drinkware choices!

6. Bamboo Wine Case Set

The classic bamboo wine case set transforms a bottle of wine into a thoughtful present.

This gift set Includes a foil opener, pourer, cork stopper, and screw with bamboo accents. 

Author’s Tip: You can add some flute glasses with this bad boy and make this gift kit even more premium.

7. Cru Champagne Flute 4-in-1 Gift Set

This gift basket includes four champagne flutes.

Each piece is made of double-walled stainless steel with copper vacuum shielding to keep beverages chilled for up to 24 hours and heated for up to 6 hours. 

In addition, these beautiful flutes come in a sparkly gift box for the perfect touch.

Now Over to You

Remember that you don’t need a reason to give away a gift basket or other meaningful gifts to a coworker or a business partner.

Sending gift baskets is a terrific way to stay in your gift receivers’ minds.

To go to the next level in a business setting, you must strengthen and grow your brand, emphasize why you are number one, and express gratitude for even the smallest gestures.

We acknowledge that customizing swag and choosing the most appropriate gifts can be a bit tough. 

That’s why we’re here to help!

Feel free to reach out anytime to discuss your corporate gifting needs and kick-start this journey together.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What can I put in a gift basket that’s not food?

You can put the following items in your gift basket that are not food items:

  • Body lotion
  • Scented candle
  • Lip balm
  • Body scrub
  • Bath salts
  • Bath bombs
  • Liquid bubble bath 
  • Bbq utensil set
  • Champagne glasses
  • Camp mugs
  • Plant growth kit
  • Branded notebook
  • Bottle of wine
  • Gift card
  • Custom blanket

Q2. What are some occasions for giving away gift baskets to employees? 

You can give gift baskets to employees for some occasions such as:

Q3. What are some occasions for giving away gift baskets to clients? 

You can give your clients gift baskets on some occasions, like:

  • Client anniversaries
  • Welcoming new business partners onboard
  • Client birthdays
  • Christmas and other seasonal holidays
  • Or simply when looking to retain your valued clients

Q4. How many items should I include in a gift basket? 

There’s no specific rule, yet a good rule of thumb is to include 4-5 items in a small-sized box and 7-8 items if it’s a medium-sized gift basket.

Q5. Is it a good idea to give my clients gift baskets for Christmas? 

Of course! It’s an excellent idea to give your clients gift baskets for Christmas. It is an excellent idea to show appreciation and strengthen business relationships.

How can we help?

If you need a hand, have an unanswered question, please fill out our contact form and our friendly sales staff will get back to you ASAP!