Employee appreciation is one of the most vital elements for enhancing overall corporate culture and boosting engagement within an organization.

When your staff succeeds and feel recognized for their work, they start becoming more integrated into the workplace and begin to accomplish more. 

Hence, we have created this post to help you understand why employee appreciation matters on a deeper level.

In addition, we have made you a list of the best thank you gifts out there, so let’s get started!

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Why Should You Make Employees Feel Appreciated?

Gift #1: Zippered Pouch

Gift #2: Rollerball Pen

Gift #3: Ceramic Mug

Gift #4: Hard Cover Notebook

Gift #5: Coffee Canister

Gift #6: Snack Box

Gift #7: Throw Blanket

Gift #8: Chess and Checkers Gift Set

Gift #9: Hand Soap & Sanitizer Set

Gift #10: Ceramic Lunch Bowl

Gift #11: Insulated Tumbler

Gift #12: Sports Bottle

Gift #13: Tote Cooler

Gift #14: Reusable Face Mask

Gift #15: Bluetooth Speaker

Why Should You Make Employees Feel Appreciated?

It is critical to ensure that your workers feel valued and appreciated in order to have happy and effective staff, but it’s not just about money; it is also about being attentive. 

Thanking your employees for their efforts and the outcomes they generate is more likely to help your company in the long run than bombarding them with incentives.

Moreover, the idea is to cultivate your employees such that they want to succeed and move your firm ahead because there is mutual respect, rather than merely because it is profitable. 

Making your employees feel appreciated can have a variety of advantages, as noted below.

Reason #1: It increases their productivity

Employees acknowledge that they are on the correct road and that their activities align with the company’s objectives when they are recognized. 

As a result, they continue to give their all. It also inspires other workers to work harder to reach their objectives.

According to Deloitte, employee productivity, performance, and involvement are 14%  greater in firms that have recognition programs than those that do not.

There is no denying that acknowledgement can boost productivity

When an award is on the line, workers work extra hard to complete their allocated responsibilities efficiently. 

In addition, businesses that increase the number of workers they acknowledge each week were able to enjoy a number of benefits according to Gallup research:

  • Work quality improved by 24%
  • Absenteeism was reduced by 27%
  • Staff shrinkage was reduced by 10%

These have a direct influence on greater levels of staff engagement and productivity.

Reason #2: It makes them loyal

Millennials have long been stereotyped as the generation of job-hoppers

According to new employee research from Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, employers can anticipate millennials to have a lengthy list of work flaws, yet the opposite is true. 

Millennials are engaged at work, with the majority having a clear grasp of what is expected of them when there are learning opportunities and managers who seem to care about them. 

However, just 40% are satisfied with their firms’ rewards and recognition programs, and 39% claim their employers do not provide any awards or recognition.

Hence, affirmation and recognition are essential.

Millennials anticipate and react to personal attention; 64% of millennials would rather be acknowledged for personal achievement than a collective one.

They also prefer direct acknowledgment from a manager or via a companywide statement over peer-to-peer appreciation.

Furthermore, when asked what they wanted to be recognized for, 85% of millennials said they wanted to be recognized for surpassing personal performance standards, 80% for earning a promotion, and 79% for achieving team performance goals.

Reason #3: It increases morale

Employee morale is key to a successful culture. A good collective attitude fosters a favorable working environment for everybody. 

As a leader, when you create an atmosphere in which excellent work is valued, people feel empowered and take a personal interest in the duties allocated to them.

According to a Reward Gateway study,  70% of employees believe that if managers just said “thank you” more and recognized outstanding work, motivation and morale would increase.

Therefore, employee appreciation should be used to reinforce what a business wants an employee to perform more of. 

When an employee does well, be sure to recognize his or her efforts and accomplishments. 

This will give them the confidence to link their own aspirations with the aims of the business.

Reason #4: You improve your brand reputation

An essential ingredient in building a pleasant and productive workplace is trust.

A firm that shows its workers that it notices and appreciates their efforts and takes the time to demonstrate how much of a quantifiable influence they have on business is more likely to have higher employee retention and satisfaction levels.

In addition, this instills a high level of confidence in the firm and inspires them to feel like they belong.

Moreover, employees are critical to a company’s growth, reputation, profitability, and culture.

Employee recognition on a regular basis may have a significant influence on business culture. It motivates workers to learn, explore, and develop.

Therefore, employees become an integrated part of the firm family and strive for the company’s success due to the good impacts made on minor things.

Adding to the above-mentioned, a great way to enhance staff morale and boost brand reputation is by giving away thoughtful and useful swag items to show gratitude.

When an employee sees, wears, or utilizes corporate gifts in their daily routine, they will be reminded of the firm each time, creating a much-needed tangible link to the company in the era of remote workers.

It also helps enhance team-building and bond; for instance, when you provide an entire team with matching branded caps, mugs, or other goods, you offer a tangible object for the team’s identity to be built around.

Now let’s move to our list of 15 appreciation gifts to boost your inspiration!

Gift #1: Zippered Pouch

Whether at home or in the office, having a neat desk is necessary.

With this zippered pouch, your employees will be able to switch from working remotely or in the office quickly, making it a great promotional item.

In addition, they will never lose a pen or a highlighter ever again.

That sounds great!

Gift #2: Rollerball Pen

A pen will always remain a unique employee appreciation gift

It’s a classic that no one can ever get bored with!

The above roller pen looks stylish and sleek, so it can be a perfect gift for any special occasion. 

See how its smart and classic design is combined with the tapered silhouette.

In addition, its comfortable form is combined with time-honored quality that any of your employees will love.

Gift #3: Ceramic Mug

A ceramic mug is a fantastic gift for both remote employees and office employees since this recognition gift fits any space and is highly practical.

High-quality drinkware is a crowd favorite, and this mug is both dishwasher- and microwave safe, so it fits quite nicely in the picture.

Author’s Note: You can pair this fantastic item with a customized padfolio, a power bank, a water bottle, and a personalized key chain for a killer staff appreciation gift set or a bulk gift bundle.

Gift #4: Hard Cover Notebook

A hard cover notebook is a beautiful personalized gift for employee appreciation and recognition.

This gift is a go-to for unleashing creativity or simply taking down work notes.

Author’s note: Feel free to add a stylus pen, some stickers, and a coffee mug to create the best thank-you gift for an employee of the month or staff appreciation day! We’re sure that this motivational gift will leave a lasting impression. 

Gift #5: Coffee Canister

Everyone loves their coffee fresh, and this stainless steel coffee canister will do the job.

This giveaway item will look great with your imprinted company logo and makes a great office gift. 

Author’s Note: You can pair this great coffee saver with a tote bag, a matching coaster, and a pair of customized earbuds for a unique gift basket, whether for a holiday gift giveaway or a token of hard work appreciation.

Gift #6: Snack Box

Snack boxes are the greatest yummy surprise that any employee will eat up. 

Just look at how tasty every item looks!

From cookies to dipping pretzels, this makes for one of the best employee appreciation gifts for any of your snack-loving staff.

In addition, you can pair this gift box with a thank you gift card to give it a special kick.

Next up is one more promotional product.

Gift #7: Throw Blanket

This throw blanket is an excellent gift for all types of occasions as it suits a lot of destinations.

This customized blanket is made of 100% cotton, making it very sturdy and sustainable.

Author’s Note: This item is great for your Christmas gift options; you can also pair it with a promo T-shirt, a travel charger, or a travel mug for the perfect travel combo.

Gift #8: Chess and Checkers Gift Set

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box thank-you gift, this one’s for you.

You will appreciate your teamwork with a unique gift, as the game set includes checkers and chess gameplay and is ideal for the house, beach, camping, or the road. 

It also includes wooden game pieces that can be reversed for play, as well as a canvas storage bag.

Gift #9: Hand Soap & Sanitizer Set

Your team will appreciate your care for them with this hand soap and sanitizer set

This kit is versatile and screams wellness which is a vital message you should always convey to your staff.

Another great feature is the water-resistant pouch, which is excellent for food or travel bottles and will keep spills within the bag. It is a stylish-yet-functional pouch to keep in the car, purse, or workstation.

Gift #10: Ceramic Lunch Bowl

Take a look at how great this ceramic lunch bowl looks!

Not only is it great-looking, but also it’s convenient for outdoor activities and spending days in the office.

The bowl is made from high-quality porcelain with a protective silicone wrap, a hard plastic cover, and a snap-tight silicone strap.

Furthermore, your staff will love this one to keep their lunches intact.

Gift #11: Insulated Tumbler

Insulated tumblers should be everybody’s best friend. 

This cool-looking tumbler comes with a press-on cover, makes drinking easier, eliminates spills, and keeps beverages hot for longer periods of time.

It can’t get any better for your caffeine-sipping buddies out there!

Gift #12: Sports Bottle

A sports bottle is a great promo item as it can be used anywhere.

The one you see here comes with a nice feature: the extra-large bottle opening makes it simple to add ice to your beverage.

Also, the bottle is BPA-free, which is another bonus as BPA is linked to increased risk of some cancers, decreased fertility, diabetes, and birth abnormalities according to growing research.

Gift #13: Tote Cooler

This tote cooler is made of recyclable laminated non-woven fabric with a stylish fleck design, making it a fabulous eco-friendly appreciation gift.

Also, this item comes with a dual handle for easy carrying and a durable lining, so your staff never have to worry about its functionality.

Gift #14: Reusable Face Mask

This reusable face mask is a great unisex gift.

Since we can’t give up on our face masks just yet, your employees will appreciate this gesture.

In addition, this custom mask comes with a soft lining and elastic straps for a comfortable fit

Feel free to add a hand sanitizer with this branded item for a small healthcare kit.

Let’s see our last item on the list.

Gift #15: Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is just for fun, and your employees will just love getting their hands on this one.

This speaker comes with integrated controls enabling you to change the volume, skip music songs, or take a call in the middle of a playlist.

It also lets you play audio from a micro SD card if needed.

Our post has come to an end! Let’s wrap everything up.

Now Over to You

We urge you to always appreciate people and be consistent in your acts.

Your employees will appreciate a leader who knows what it takes to foster a positive workplace culture.

Remember that companies who prioritize expansion over culture are less likely to succeed long term.

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions or need any tailored swag advice; we’re happy to help.

Thank you for your time!

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