Letting your employees pick their own gifts means you’re one step closer to finding the ‘’right gift’’.

It also helps show your team that you value their preferences and opinions. 

Moreover, it saves you from getting lost in a long, time-wasting process.

In this post, we’re discussing:

  • Branded gifts 101
  • How branded gifts affect corporate relationships
  • How to let your team pick their gifts in 3 simple steps

Let’s jump in!

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Branded Gifts 101

How Branded Gifts Affect Corporate Relationships

How to Let Your Team Pick Their Gifts in 3 Simple Steps

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Branded Gifts 101

Companies use branded gifts to attract customers and retain staff members.

Also, corporate gifting improves employee engagement and increases activity in a firm, and it serves two main functions:

1. Long-term relationships

It establishes long-term commercial relationships with current and potential customers and distinguishes a company from the competition. 

Clients will not hesitate to swap gears if a firm delivers comparable services and benefits.

Additionally, people prefer to receive gifts from their employers because it makes them feel valued and recognized for their efforts.

2. A pleasant working atmosphere

It fosters a positive work atmosphere in which people feel appreciated for their efforts and are encouraged to attain their objectives. 

The stronger the work culture, the more motivated people will be to do their best daily.

Moreover, clients and staff alike are likely to feel ignored if organizations fail to appreciate or show thanks for their efforts; this can cause them to seek out better possibilities, which may have a significant negative influence on the business.

How Branded Gifts Affect Corporate Relationships

Branded gifts can have many different positive effects on your business. 

The gifting process is important because it can help:

1. Improve the morale of the organization

Corporate giving is a great way to boost employee morale, and it breaks the ice and strengthens team cohesion. 

It also helps internal teams interact better together, as company culture is crucial.

People work best together when they interact well and have pride in the team in which they work, so wearing similar branded t-shirts can go a long way

There is only so much that corporate and management can do to develop and create a  business culture, yet true cultural change doesn’t occur as a result of sharing presentations on values; it will only come when your employees fully believe in you.

According to a Deloitte survey, 94% of executives and 88% of workers agree that a clear workplace culture is a critical component of a company’s success, which can involve  tools like branded items.

2. Increase sales

Giving branded and personalized business gifts to workers and customers directly influences sales and income.

If they are tailored to their preferences, they will feel heard and appreciated for their contributions to the company’s success, which will be very motivating. 

In addition, they will put effort into their work, resulting in more business.

The idea here is to be selective about the products you purchase; just putting your brand logo on the lowest quality items may have the opposite effect of communicating that you don’t truly care. 

Hence, consider whether or not your product will be used outside of the workplace; if it seems to be a product that someone would purchase on their own, it’s usually an excellent idea.

When it comes to customers, they will respect the gesture and recognize the importance of keeping a connection with your organization.

This way, they’ll feel like they’re receiving a good return on their investment and are more inclined to do business again.

According to ASI, 85% of those who get a promotional item recall the advertiser that provided it to them, and that’s on a global basis.

3. Enhanced optimism in the workplace

When corporate presents are delivered, the workforce gets happier

This is because customers and workers feel appreciated, and the business is dedicated to working with them. 

When there is respect and worth, diligent workers will go above and beyond to meet their particular goals

Giving great performers the credit they deserve pays dividends in the long term. 

Also, giving customers corporate presents with the company’s brand allows for more open communication; this will make them more likely to conduct business with the firm.

How to Let Your Team Pick Their Gifts in 3 Simple Steps

A swag pop-up store is a specialized online swag shop developed by businesses that want to collect information and blend purchases from various consumers, such as their employees.

What’s good about swag pop-up shops is that they allow companies to offer their employees easy access to purchasing internal swag while still satisfying their corporate products and branding needs.

Additionally, all products at a swag pop-up shop are branded and specifically customized to reflect the business personality.

Employees get to choose their required items and gifts and choose their sizes if they pick apparel, which makes any gifting process tons easier.

Step #1: Create your pop-up store 

With SwagDrop, you will be able to create your pop-up store quite smoothly.

First of all, you will need to go to the Pop-up Shop tab on the website, as you can see in the below screenshot.

Then, you will scroll down to find two options:

  • Pop-up shop
  • Company shop

Select the ‘’Pop-up shop’’ icon, and click on ‘’View Sample Shop’’.

After that, you will be directed to another page; we offer a sample shop powered by Commonsku.

This portal just looks like any other shopping website, offering a seamless experience to your team members and employees.

You will then click on ‘’Start Shopping’’ to be directed to the internal part of the portal.

Step #2: Choose the items to include in your pop-up store

Here, you will find all the available items that any shopper can choose from. 

For instance, this item is a travel organizer, as you can see in the below image.

You can click on ‘’Add’’, and it will show instantly in your shopping cart.

Another example would be this white t-shirt below that has multiple sizes to choose from.

You will be able to choose how many products of each size you would like.

Then, after picking the designated number of items or choosing the required gifts; you will be able to check out

Step #3: Contact SwagDrop for a seamless process

Now you’ve seen what a swag pop-up store looks like and what it can do for you and your team members, we suggest trying our Swag Pack Builder to choose what extra swag products you may want to include.

Don’t worry if you wish to include anything in your business that isn’t included in our Swag Pack Builder; we can get our hands on practically anything

Our helpful team will assist you in customizing and making your pop-up shop an amazing user experience.

To summarize, if you’ve chosen to open a swag pop-up store, the second step is to contact us so we can assist you in getting started.

Ready to let your team pick their gifts? 

Recognition is more important than ever in today’s employment market. 

If you want to keep talent, you must acknowledge the value of your staff as an employer. 

So make every employee feel like a valuable part of the team; the key to doing this is to personalize employee gratitude, and the easiest way to do this is to let your staff choose their own gifts.

Feel free to contact us any time to help you with creating the best swag items for your staff. 

We love seeing your messages, so keep them coming!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What product types should your swag pop-up store offer?

You can add the following types of products to your shop:

Q2. Why does your company need a swag pop-up store?

Pop-up shops allow you to easily gather and mix orders from various customers.

Also, since you pre-approve the items, including the artwork and retail price, they are always on-brand.

The retail price enables you to sell your promotional products for a higher margin, allowing you to earn from the shop as well!

Q3. What are the suitable options for corporate gifts?

These items make suitable corporate gifts:

Q4. What are the best swag options for work-at-home staff?

The below items make great swag choices for remote teams:

Q5. Where are branded items heading in the near future?

Gifting services will increasingly focus on global concerns and issues such as sustainability and mental health.

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