The 20 Best Branded Apparel & Accessories in 2023

Need to know more about branded apparel and how valuable it is to your company?  This blog is for you! […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

Need to know more about branded apparel and how valuable it is to your company? 

This blog is for you!

Branded apparel serves as mobile advertising, affecting both viewers and wearers. 

If your employees wear your logo outside of the office, they’ll act as billboards for your company both on and off the clock. 

We have made a list of 20 various items for you to check out.

Our list includes:

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Joggers
  • Overalls
  • Caps

Plus, 15 more items to keep in mind for your branded apparel. 

Keep on reading to discover more.

Table of Contents

What is Branded Apparel?

1. T-shirt

2. Hoodie

3. Joggers

4. Overalls

5. Cap

6. Bucket Hat

7. Jacket

8. Glasses

9. Scarf

10. Tank Top

11. Flip Flops

12. Scrunchie

13. Headband

14. Vest

15. Polo Shirt

16. Beanie

17. Gloves and Mittens

18. Tote Bag

19. Crossbody Bag

20. Backpack

What is Branded Apparel?

Branded apparel is any item with a logo or other identification of a business printed on it to promote a brand. 

High-quality branded items are used by marketers and entrepreneurs to advertise their businesses.

Brand merchandising is all about creating a genuine corporate logo and establishing a brand’s personality. 

To represent a business, marketers strategically employ everyday items such as drinkware, t-shirts, hoodies, and all men’s and women’s clothes, accessories, drinkware, and so on.

In this post, we’re going to focus on branded apparel. 

Let’s see a few successful examples.

Example #1: Disney Mouse Ears

Look no further than Disney’s famous mouse ears to see how branded items can not only sell but also increase in popularity for more than 50 years.

Image Source: Official Disney Merchandise Store

The mouse ears, which were first featured in the 1950s for cast members of “The Mickey Mouse Club,” are a great example of a brand establishing demand for its product before it’s offered.

Wanna see one more example?

Here you go.

Example #2: Hard Rock Cafe: City T-shirts

The café created t-shirts for a British soccer club and gave the rest out to locals; the t-shirts were an immediate success, and the rest, as they say, is history.

If you’re inspired by this merchandise idea, why not design some customized t-shirts that your consumers will enjoy?

Check our 20 items below to keep you inspired and check out the freshest branded items for 2022 to keep you up to date. 

1. T-shirt

Think of it this way: t-shirts are simply a blank canvas that gives you complete creative control over the final product. 

If desired, your company’s logo can be shown in the upper right corner. 

Alternatively, you can have the company’s name right in the middle or even on the back if you want to. 

Aside from the fun and creative aspect of creating t-shirts, you can also manage the complete function of your t-shirt through its design.

Also, they’re excellent promotional products, especially if they are made of sustainable materials similar to bella+canvas ones.

As well as being incredibly affordable, they’re also really comfortable. 

There’s no greater reward for your staff than corporate apparel that looks and feels great. 

You can get t-shirts in both short sleeve and long sleeve designs to suit all tastes.

Additionally, tees have their own set of advantages:

  • They do a great job establishing their company’s name and reputation
  • They serve as a form of free publicity
  • They help your staff save money
  • They boost team spirit
  • They make it easier for employees to recognize one another
  • They develop a sense of personal responsibility among employees

Let’s check our next item!

2. Hoodie

Fun and unique custom hoodies are the best since they keep your staff warm and looking unified.

It’s hard to deny that customizing your hooded top to promote your company in an eye-catching fashion is a win-win situation for everyone. 

Brand equity can be hard to build, and once you have it, you shouldn’t let it fade away. 

Customers will never forget your brand when they wear your logo apparel. 

Your staff can wear custom hoodies at corporate events, trade shows, and your clients will fall in love with your brand because of the consistency.

Author’s Tip: Hoodies make incredible unisex custom apparel, as they suit everyone. You’ll not need to separate men’s and women’s when creating your item. You can even use the screen printing technique for customizing your design. 

3. Joggers

Joggers were initially meant to be worn for exercise but the athleisure trend and Under Armour and The North Face vibes have taken root and they can now be worn for a variety of different events, like many other garments. 

A typical jogger is a pair of light, loose-fitting athletic trousers with an outdoors look. 

A company’s workforce is incomplete without individuals with a sense of originality.

 When you come up with something new, you’re more likely to be noticed.

Your company’s success will be attributed, in part, to the unity embodied by custom apparel like joggers. 

Author’s Tip: The best eco-friendly joggers are those made of 100% cotton. 

4. Overalls

Overalls make great custom logo apparel since they’re very practical workwear. 

Overalls have several benefits:

  • You still get a wide range of motion in your arms – ideal for painting or lifting. Because of the open shoulders of overalls, your shoulder movement doesn’t get constrained. 
  • Increased airflow makes all the difference to comfort and productivity – workers in warmer environments really appreciate a good set of overalls. If you already have a coat and simply need insulation for the bottom part of your body, they’re a fantastic option. 
  • Some overalls are made with protective fabric – they’re worn as an additional layer of protection, offering flame and water resistance. 
  • Extra pockets are a plus -some professions call for a slew of little tools and overalls give a convenient place to carry them all.

Author’s Note: You can get overalls made of denim, ripstop, and nylon, yet cotton remains the most traditional. Cotton overalls make a great option and they’re more eco-friendly. 

Let’s move forward. 

5. Cap

Everyone loves a high-quality gift!

You can communicate your company’s youthful mentality and working style to customers by giving them a stylish cap

Regardless of the type of your business, a stylish baseball cap or a trucker hat with your company’s logo on it is a great way to thank them for their loyalty and support.

Author’s Tip: When a new logo is being introduced, it might be challenging to get the general public adjusted to the new design. 

With a promotional item like a cool cap, you can rapidly and effectively expose your new brand to your valued customers and the general public.

6. Bucket Hat

Because they resemble a tin sat upside down on your head, bucket hats are referred to as such. 

While they can be trendy, they’re also made of high-quality materials and have a variety of styles to choose from.

Bucket hats increase air circulation, which helps to keep your head cool. 

They also help with sun protection, just like visors do. 

In addition, the holes on the top of this headwear allow air to circulate, keeping the user’s head fresh in the warm weather. 

Even though these hats are made of extremely thick fabric, the hats’ holes help keep the wearer’s head from overheating, making them one of the best apparel items. 

7. Jacket

Jackets are full-zip universal outerwear that anyone loves.

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They come in unisex styles, keeping your custom promotional products choices open.

Because they’re so easy to put together, jackets are awesome custom promotional products for any team. 

This is the company apparel that no one will be able to tell apart from anything you bought in a retail store when paired with some of your favorite, high-quality workwear.

Our next item is glasses. 

8. Glasses

In terms of both UV protection and fashion, promotional sunglasses are a must-have for every brand’s marketing strategy.

They also make a great choice for summer swag packs and summer corporate gifts.

Custom sunglasses are available in a broad range of colors, styles, and sizes to suit any budget. 

You can highlight your brand logo on the arms or lens of the sunglasses.

9. Scarf

Scarves are typically a popular giveaway at trade shows.

Embroidered scarves are a great way to draw attention at trade exhibitions and conferences.

Branded scarves are a terrific way to show off your company’s logo or name, whether it’s for warmth or to make a statement.

Personalized scarves are available in various styles and colors, whether it’s a branded acrylic scarf to dress up a dull outfit or a personalized fleece scarf with bound edges to keep you toasty.

Author’s Tip: Scarves make the best holiday gift; you can pair them up with crew neck sweaters, sweatshirts, or socks. 

10. Tank Top

Staying cool in the summer is easier with tank tops and sleeveless t-shirts since they allow more air to circulate. 

As a bonus, they’re a terrific way to layer in hot weather without becoming too uncomfortable.

Tanks tops can be worn at trade shows and company celebrations in the summertime, showcasing your brand; it’ll get you a lot of brand recognition with the right color and design. 

Moving on.

11. Flip Flops

When it comes to promotional items, flip-flops can’t be beaten. 

Promotional flip flops are lightweight, small, and easily customized. 

This is why it’s ideal for use as an on-pack promotional gift. 

Free promotion is another benefit of giving away flip-flops. 

They’re the perfect giveaway for summer packs, as they scream beaches and good times.

12. Scrunchie

In the spirit of the 90s, scrunchies are making a comeback! 

These fashionable hair accessories can be personalized and branded with your company’s logo. 

They’re ideal for uniforms and promotional items.

You can combine scrunchies and dress shirts for the perfect summer giveaway or women-related events.

Make a statement with hair scrunchies!

13. Headband

Headbands make great headwear, especially for the summertime, just like bandanas. 

Plus, they’re on trend this year. 

Headbands help you stay productive; you don’t need sweat streaming from the sides of your cheeks and eyes during the work day.

With fewer distractions – like flyaway hairs – you’ll be better, faster, and more focused on the task at hand wearing a headband. 

Also, you can go the distance without overheating thanks to the headband’s moisture-wicking properties.

Let’s check our next item!

14. Vest

An eye-catching branded vest with your company’s logo on it will leave a long-lasting impact and make your business stand out. 

A thermal vest is a great giveaway, especially in winter, just like a quarter zip pullover. 

Customers can be more inclined to utilize your products or services if they recognize and associate your logo and brand with your business. 

We’ve said it already: you’ll improve your company’s chances of success by promoting your logo on garments. 

Your company’s name will be fresh in the thoughts of potential customers when it’s time for them to use your product or service.

Let’s check the polo shirt, our next item on the list.

15. Polo Shirt

Polo shirts have a wide appeal since they’re worn by people of all ages and economic groups. 

A lot of people keep promotional polos or tees because of their style and durability.

Customers of all ages will like getting a polo shirt, depending on the fabric and design methods used. 

You can always choose cotton blends similar to Gildan materials for comfort and activewear.

If you’re thinking about placing your company’s logo or marketing message on a polo shirt, don’t overlook the numerous customization choices available. 

You’ll make sure your promo polo shirt stands out in a customer’s closet with these kinds of additions.

Author’s Note: There are a variety of ways to customize polo shirts including embroidery, screen-printing, heat transfer, specialized inks, and digital transfers. 

16. Beanie

Custom beanies make great winter promotional products and swag items for your company.

You can use beanies as promotional handouts and presents for everyone from your staff members to your clients and potential customers. 

Brand identification and awareness will arise naturally when individuals see your logo on a beanie. 

Repeated exposure develops your audience’s relationship with your brand. 

It’s almost impossible to look at someone without noticing a brand imprinted over their forehead. 

Let’s check another winter-related item next. 

17. Gloves and Mittens

Gloves and mittens are great promotional apparel, especially for the holiday season.

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You can include them with sweaters or socks, making a cute cozy giveaway. 

Your staff will appreciate the warmth a pair of gloves or mittens can bring.

18. Tote Bag

Customized tote bags are a cost-effective marketing tool for a wide range of target audiences, including customers and event attendees.

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Because they’re functional and can be made into an attractive fashion item with a little thinking, they’re excellent promotional goods.

Customers can carry a tote bag whether they’re going to the beach or shopping in town. 

The tote bag is a versatile bag that can be used for both fashion and practicality.

19. Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags are conveniently branded company gifts for those who need to carry a lot of stuff but don’t want to sacrifice their style. 

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Crossbody bags with modern straps assist to keep the bag in place while you’re o the go. 

As our lives get busier and we spend more time on the go, crossbody bags have become a necessity. 

They’re light and easy to carry, allowing you to accept phone calls, check messages, or hold another bag without feeling like you’re carrying too much weight.

Let’s check our last item on the list!

20. Backpack

Backpacks are super practical and they help make life easier. 

They come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and materials, which makes them universally appealing since they speak to a wide variety of people. 

We all grew up carrying Nike backpacks to school, shoving everything in there. 

There are casual backpacks or more business casual bags similar to Ogio-looking ones.

A promotional backpack with a custom logo can be used for a variety of purposes throughout the day.

Your staff will appreciate the convenience of a promotional bag whether they’re on the go or need one to carry their laptops and other office supplies. 

Using a promotional backpack, anyone can quickly dash to the shop or run errands with it as a multifunctional bag.

That was all of our ideas!

Now Over to You

Our list of 20 best-branded apparel and accessories in 2022 has come to an end.

A company’s got a positive brand identity when its employees are happy to show off their position in the organization. 

Remember that in-house brand ambassadors are created within your very own staff, who may spread the word about your company in public.

We’re always here to help you select the most suitable branded apparel for your needs; don’t hesitate to contact us for more ideas and recommendations. 

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