52 Best Promotional Gift Ideas (Categorized by Industry in 2023)

Building connections is essential for business development and unique promotional items will help you do just that.   Overall, people like […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

Building connections is essential for business development and unique promotional items will help you do just that.  

Overall, people like freebies and that’s why keeping track of what’s trending will help you give away more relevant workplace swag this year.

We’ve divided our post into seven industry categories to make your gift choices easier and to make your navigation as smooth as possible:

  • Beauty
  • Technology and eCommerce
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Travel and hospitality
  • Food
  • Real estate and construction

Feel free to read through or navigate to the category you work in.  

Let’s jump in.

Table of Contents

Category #1: Beauty

Category #2: Technology and Ecommerce

Category #3: Finance

Category #4: Healthcare

Category #5: Travel and Hospitality

Category #6: Food

Category #7: Real Estate and Construction

Category #1: Beauty

Promotional beauty and personal care items can boost your company’s image while also expressing your care for your customers’ well-being

In addition to helping you with your marketing efforts, these appreciation gifts will help your clients in their daily lives. 

After all, boosting the self-esteem of your customers is good for business.

Let’s explore some of the category’s most useful and popular giveaways.

Item #1: Toiletries

Toiletries are super practical and inexpensive items.

They make the perfect giveaway for the summer or holiday season because they also come in travel-size. 

If you’re on a budget,  toiletries make a great choice. 

Item #2: Body lotion

Everyone loves body lotion; just to state the obvious!

Body lotion is convenient to carry to trade shows since bottles are lightweight, affordable, and provide a pleasant surprise that can ultimately increase consumer loyalty and goodwill.

Author’s Tip: You can choose paraben- and cruelty-free body lotions to stay eco-friendly and keep everyone’s skin glowing.

Item #3: Wellness kit

A wellness kit is the perfect display of self-care.

Wellness kits make great corporate gifts that can be easily customized

You can include toothbrushes and toothpaste, and you can even choose fitness trackers and protein shakers for your wellness kit to encourage your teammates to stay fit. 

The ideas are endless!

Item #4: Mirror

Mirrors are all about being seen, so they make the perfect promo items.

You can include your company logo right on the mirror cover or ask your designers to come up with a cool design that’ll make everyone want to get this mirror. 

Once anyone uses it, it’ll simply turn into walking branding for you.

Item #5: Lip balm

Nobody likes chapped lips and you can definitely help with that.

Customized lip balms are great company gifts for trade shows, fundraisers, and conferences. 

Author’s Tip: Including SPF in your lip balm can be a great plus, so keep in that mind when you’re choosing your own. 

Item #6: Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a terrific item to give away at any health event. 

It’ll make sure your clients’ or attendees’ skin is protected when you’re in sunny climes. 

Sunblocks show your consumers how much you think about their health and wellbeing. 

Promotional sunblocks are ideal for marketing your brand during a wellness and safety trade event.

Author’s Tip: If you’re planning to give away summer swag packs this year, don’t forget this item.

Item #7: Make-up bag

Make-up bags are portable so they make a great on-the-go giveaway.

You have two sides to play with when you make a unique pouch bag. 

For optimum visibility, both the front and back sides can be printed with your logo or business name. 

Furthermore, these bags survive for months, extending your brand exposure for a long time.

Let’s check our next product category.

Category #2: Technology and Ecommerce

Technology items effectively reflect your brand since they portray your company or business as modern and progressive. 

Technology and eCommerce promotional products serve to position your company as engaged with innovation which will make a favorable impact on your customers.

Let’s check out our list.

Item #8: Laptop stand

Laptop stands are inexpensive tech swag that your teammates will find highly attractive.

When you put your laptop on a surface, you’ll notice that you have to look down to see the screen and keyboard. 

The pressure of your head dropping forward puts a lot of strain on your spine, creating soreness and pain; a laptop stand is a perfect giveaway to help avoid the issue.

Also, it comes in different sizes and colors to suit all tastes. 

You can pair popsockets and phone stands of the same color, too.

Item #9: Stylus pen

Adding your company’s logo on a promotional stylus pen is a simple process.

You can present stylus pens to clients or give them out at exhibitions and conferences, getting your name out there easily. 

Using a stylus pen has some great benefits:

  • They’re ideal for handwritten notes
  • They’re weatherproof
  • They’re more hygienic than bare fingers

Item #10: Action camera

An action camera is a highly distinctive giveaway.

This eye-catching item is far from boring. 

An excellent action camera has a range of capabilities that’ll assist you in creating a fantastic video clip of your most extreme adventures. 

It has useful features such as picture stabilization and a waterproof casing.

Item #11: Phone stand

A phone stand will hold your phone when you just need to be hand-free, and that makes it a special giveaway.

A phone stand has plenty of advantages:

  • It’s more comfortable than holding up your phone to view a video
  • Your phone is more stable when you’re on a plane or train
  • You won’t be reaching for your phone every minute during work or study

Phone stands come in all shapes and sizes to suit all types of smartphones.

Item #12: Webcam

Webcams are awesome corporate gifts for remote employees

With all the virtual meetings and conferences going on since the pandemic hit, what can beat a good webcam? 

You can have your custom logo on the back of the webcam, too. 

Also, they’re super affordable and lightweight items, making them a plus. 

Item #13: Bluetooth speaker

If you go for promotional Bluetooth speakers, your company will have a portable billboard. 

You get to pick your favorite design and where you want your company’s name or logo to go in the final product. 

What better way to spread the word about your brand than to hand out your unique speaker to clients and teammates?

Many new individuals will see your brand during a gathering or picnic.

This is all made possible by the fact that Bluetooth speakers are small, lightweight, and portable. 

Having them in a backpack or handbag makes them quite convenient to carry around.

In addition, there is no need to worry about the speaker being drained of its juice.

Item #14: Bluetooth headphones

Music is nourishment to the soul. 

It’s enjoyable, calming, and may even be therapeutic, easing symptoms of tension, anxiety, or worry. 

Not to mention that everyone enjoys it, with even 64 percent of Brits listening to their favorite songs every day. 

This is why Bluetooth headphones make excellent logo-branded giveaways. 

They’re hugely popular and have a broad reach since everyone has a pair of headphones or earbuds. 

They make a business look more appealing since music is connected with enjoyment; any brand that wants to build a favorable image among customers should have branded headphones as part of its swag. 

Item #15: VR set

The slightest hint of a VR set will spark anyone’s interest. 

This unique promotional product is the absolute definition of tech-savvy. 

A typical VR set lets you do everything you want with media. 

A custom-printed VR set is all that stands between you and a 360-degree magical experience that your clients and teammates will enjoy immensely. 

Our next product category is right below.

Category #3: Finance

In the financial industry, it’s hard to retain customers.

However, promotional products help businesses keep customers and even turn them into brand advocates.  

Let’s get into some of the products included in this trending product category.

Item #16: Pouch

A promotional pouch can help increase brand visibility.

This promotional item provides plenty of room for you to imprint your logo, message, or artwork.

Marketing managers can be more creative in their marketing strategy by modifying this promotional item for their company. 

Consumers that use this promotional item expose the brand to a large number of individuals, many of whom may be future customers.

A promotional pouch is available in a variety of sizes, colors, styles, and forms. 

In terms of materials, cotton and PU leather are the most popular.

Item #17: Piggy bank

Promotional piggy banks are a fun way to get your brand recognized while also encouraging personal savings.

They’re often shaped like pigs and made of plastic, although they now come in a variety of forms and materials, as well as being custom built with a pattern of your choice.

Branded piggy banks can have your logo printed on them so that when they’re given away, they work as marketing promo products for your business.

A piggy bank has a little slit on the peak of the pig’s back that’s used to hold coins. 

It’s often used by a younger demographic to develop healthy saving habits.

Item #18: RFID wallet

RFID wallets make great promotional giveaways, especially for financial institutions and businesses. 

You can keep your credit and ID cards safe in an RFID card sleeve.

A phone wallet can be put on the back of your phone so everything important is kept in one place.

Item #19: Executive duffel bag

Executive duffel bags are definitely one of the sleekest swag items out there.

Duffle bags come in different fabrics like cotton, denim, and leather; they’re made in different style forms to suit different preferences. 

They’re the ideal giveaway for most companies for their practicality and great looks. 

Item #20: Desk organizer

Say goodbye to messy desks – desk organizers are here to get the job done.

You won’t need to lose any of your writing instruments, paperclips, or sticky notes again; desk organizers keep everything organized and well put together. 

Desk organizers are one of the best corporate gift ideas as they are extremely helpful. 

You can send this item to both remote and in-office employees to encourage a clean desk life.

A cleaner desk helps anyone stay efficient. 

Our next category is healthcare. 

Category #4: Healthcare

There are a lot of things that can be used to promote health and medicine. 

The right swag items can make your brand stand out in a unique way.

Remember that the quality of your swag and promotional items says a lot about the quality of your company, whether you’re buying them for employees, customers, or referrals. 

People who work for a health or wellness company will be more likely to use swag that has been carefully planned for them.

Let’s check out our related items. 

Item #21: Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers aren’t just for hospitals anymore. 

It’s a great way to show off your business, as business owners of all kinds now give their customers hand sanitizer as a way of staying healthy, especially after the pandemic. 

The price for hand sanitizers will vary based on where you buy them. 

Adding a unique rubber casing, a belt loop, lanyard, or a strong carabiner will most likely raise the price, but it’ll be worth it. 

There are now spray-on hand sanitizers that you can put on your hands as well as ones that smell good to cover up the smell of alcohol. 

Also, the best part is that most hand sanitizers have a two-year shelf life. 

Item #22: Phone sanitizer

It’s possible to buy phone sanitizers in wands or in boxes. 

Boxes are a safer and more efficient way to disinfect your phone.

This promotional item is super high-quality and is considered one of the top-notch business gifts.

Author’s Tip: Consider pairing this item with a hand sanitizer and some face masks to make the perfect wellness pack for your staff and teammates.

Item #23: Pill box

With your own company logo, you can transform a pill box into your own custom case.

Custom pill boxes are excellent medical handouts and are available in a variety of designs.

Travel pill boxes, weekly dosage boxes, and customizable pill cutters are all available.

Item #24: Tissue packet

Tissue packets are a must-have when we leave our homes and offices to cope with the heat and sweat.

Tissue packs are considered a need since they are useful to practically everyone.

Since tissue packs include at least eight pieces of tissue, you can expect regular exposure to enhance your brand awareness. 

Tissue packets are reasonably cheap and come in many colors. 

Item #25: Face mask with wash bag

You can wash your reusable face masks using this face mask wash bag.

It keeps your face mask clean and always ready to use.

You have a lot of space on the bag to imprint your business logo and add any other required details.

Item #26: Smart water bottle

Smart water bottles monitor your water consumption; they often sync with mobile applications to keep your intake up to date in real-time.

It’s vital to drink many glasses of water throughout the day, but if you use paper cups or plastic water bottles and then toss them away, you’re collecting a lot of waste.

One of the most effective strategies to avoid this and urge you to drink enough water is to keep your personalized water bottle on your desk. 

This smart, reusable water bottle looks like a tumbler and is usually made of stainless steel. 

It serves as a nice reminder to remain hydrated while still being ecologically friendly.

Item #27: First aid kit

First aid kits are extremely important for everyone’s wellness.

Having a first aid kit on hand in your house or office can help prevent an injury from intensifying and may save you trips to the clinic or hospital. 

This is especially important if the injury results in blood loss.

Item #28: Stress reliever

Branded items are more powerful when they’re both unique and consistent with your brand identity.

Stress relievers are stress balls that are available in hundreds of different patterns, making it simple to choose one that stands out and supports your brand.

Author’s Tip: You can include a festive-looking stress reliever in your holiday promo items.

Item #29: Relaxation kit

Nothing screams wellness louder than a relaxation kit.

You might start with essential oils if you want to make this giveaway all about wellness and meditation. 

Blended oils can be placed on pulse points or simply dropped onto fabric to infuse a space with a calming smell, which is particularly beneficial during meditation practice.

You can also include bath salts and scented candles in this kit for ultimate relaxation.

Let’s move forward to the next category.

Category #5: Travel and Hospitality

There’s nothing better than equipping your team members with travel and hospitality giveaways to keep them ready on the go. 

Let’s check out our items for travelers.

Item #30: Travel backpack

It’s a terrific idea to use travel bags as promotional products. 

They’ll guarantee that your logo is seen by as many people as possible, providing you with more impressions than ever before. 

People will be interested in your company and your products and services will be well-known.

Plus, travel backpacks can be used by your consumers when they travel or go on holiday. 

They’ll be able to unwind and enjoy themselves and they will relate those positive feelings with your freebie.

Similarly, they can take your luggage with them to the gym, when they go shopping, or when they go on a picnic with their buddies.

In any case, your bag will accompany them everywhere they go, ensuring that your brand and contact information is seen by a large number of people.

Also, you can keep your clothing clean and dry; some organizers are water-resistant, and all provide dirt protection. 

Item #31: Premium packing set

A premium packing set is a great addition to a holiday or summer gift set.

Packing is simple when you know what belongs in each cube and how each cube fits in your baggage.

Your cubes function similar to drawers at home. 

You know what’s in them so instead of fumbling around the bottom of your bag, you simply pull out the correct cube.

Item #32: Luggage lock

Luggage locks are required while traveling if you want to keep your belongings safe.

It’s an ideal promotional item because customers will gladly and voluntarily use it. 

Your brand will be visible from country to country, thanks to its placement on a suitcase or travel bag. 

This will increase brand awareness and recognition.

Item #33: Travel adapter set

Do your customers travel internationally frequently? 

Then offer them a practical and travel adapter set that they can carry wherever they go.

Why not design a universal travel adaptor to accommodate multiple power plugs?

You could even add a USB charging option.

The majority of universal adapters on the market cover all of the main nations. 

You can even choose a simplified product for a few markets rather than a comprehensive model for all scenarios.

To make this stand out, change the logo and color printing on the adaptor.

Item #34: Packable hammock

A hammock that can be packed? That definitely screams summertime.

A packable hammock is a fun logo product that all of your teammates will just love. 

It can be packed easily in a drawstring bag for storage and it’s quite portable, making it a great summer vacation swag item.

Item #35: Umbrella with case

Custom logo umbrellas keep the user dry whether they’re one of your company’s workers or a client.

They also promote maximum brand awareness, which is the only aim of all promotional products and fantastic marketing ideas.

An umbrella with a case is super practical since it can be stored easily; you just can throw it in your bag and take it out when needed.

Item #36: Travel tech organizer

A travel tech organizer should be everyone’s next travel buddy.

This organizer is ideal for transporting all of your cords, chargers, power banks, and other accessories.

Some organizers come with special pockets for business cards, notepads, and keychains too.

Item #37: Tote bag

Customized tote bags are a terrific form of marketing without having to worry about the price for staff, clients, and event participants.

Everyone needs tote bags for shopping, a day at the beach, the bookstore, or even road trips. 

Custom tote bags, which are available in a variety of appealing colors, styles, and patterns, are excellent promo items for all occasions. 

There is a wide selection of possibilities to pick from, whether it’s low-cost tradeshow swag, a beautiful tote for a particular customer, or a one-of-a-kind model for a special occasion!

Item #38: Travel essentials set

A travel essentials set includes travel-size items that you can carry on the go.

Learn More

This corporate gift is great for the summer season and for traveling. 

We’ve got another two product categories for you so keep scrolling with us.

Category #6: Food

We all love a good freebie! 

Whether savory or sweet, all food items can make wonderful giveaways.

Let’s check what we have here for this category.

Item #39: Bento box

A bento box will help you carry your lunch wherever you go.

They’ve been getting a lot of social media attention lately, making them one of the trendiest promo items out there.

Item #40: Reusable utensils set

Reusable utensils sets are easy to customize.

 You can make your own interesting design or stay with the standard design and modify the size and color.

Your promotional merchandise selection reveals a lot about your company. 

Using eco-friendly marketing products will undoubtedly boost the image of your company. 

People will see your company as environmentally conscious and more clients and supporters will be drawn in as a result of this great feedback.

Item #41: Reusable straw set

Reusable straw sets are the perfect choice for eco-friendly giveaways.

Metal, bamboo, glass, and silicone are the most frequently-used materials for these guilt-free straws. 

Because they’re entirely reusable, they don’t pile up in landfills and endanger our precious planet. 

They’re also clear of dangerous substances that might endanger our health.

Item #42: Chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles are super-indulgent promotional gifts.

Learn More

These beautiful chocolates make a wonderful addition to holiday and Christmas swag packs.

You have various flavors to choose from; white chocolate, wine, Oreos, dark chocolate, and many more.

The options are endless. 

Item #43: Nuts

Nuts are both gourmet and delicious.

Nuts have great benefits, they’re:

  • A fantastic source of nutrients
  • An antioxidant-rich food
  • Potentially able to help you lose weight
  • Maybe able to help reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Possibly an anti-inflammatory
  • High in beneficial fiber

Item #44: Hot chocolate drink

Hot chocolate has the ability to draw a smile on anyone’s face.

A study published in June 2015 added to the growing body of evidence that dark chocolate is good candy for your heart. 

It followed 21,000 participants for 11 years and found that those who ate the most chocolate had a 12 percent lower risk of heart disease and a 23 percent lower risk of stroke than those who ate no chocolate at all.

Item #45: Premium coffee samples

Premium coffee samples are wonderful corporate gifts for both remote and in-office employees.

Coffee has unique benefits including that it:

  • Boosts energy levels
  • Enhances brain health
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Lowers risks of depression
  • Supports heart health

Author’s Tip: You can pair your coffee selection with a planner, a coffee mug, a travel mug, or a coaster set, creating a cozy swag pack.

Item #46: Tea selection

Brewing a chosen tea selection can be so relaxing on a stressful working day.

Tea comes in a wide variety of flavors, from highly caffeinated black teas to lighter, more subtle herbal teas, and everything in between.

Author’s Tip: You can include herbal tea in employee wellness kits.

Item #47: A cheese board with knives

Cheese boards and cocktail hours, is there a greater combination?

Cheese boards are fun corporate gifts that anyone would really enjoy.

There are a lot of assortments out there and you can make great bundles of your choice.

Author’s Tip: You can pair this item with red wine samples, creating a match made in heaven.

Let’s check out our last category in our post.

Category #7: Real Estate and Construction

People will recognize who you are when you call if your real estate swag creates a long-lasting impression.

In addition, handing swag items to team members will create a great sense of solidarity and team pride.

Let’s see the last items on our list.

Item #48: Pen

Despite the fact that there is no lack of pens in the world, you’d be surprised at how well you can market your company when you use a supply of high-quality, bespoke pens.

The key is to place a premium on quality over quantity. 

Cheap pens are quickly moved to the back of the desk drawer or thrown in the trash can. 

You’ll want your business to be associated with quality, not with a pen that’s easily broken.

A pen that writes smoothly sits well in the hand, and has a great, elegant style that’ll provide your brand favorable value.

You can choose one of many types of promotional pens, such as::

  • Ballpoint pens
  • Fountain pens
  • Gel pens
  • Stylus pens

Item #49: Notebook

Branded notebooks can express a lot of information about your company or product without compromising the item’s design and feel.

By being visible on your desk during meetings and when traveling, branded notebooks increase brand recognition.

Notebooks are multi-use and versatile, which means they’ll be utilized by a wide range of individuals in a variety of professions for a long period of time.

Branded notebooks are a lasting souvenir and are highly cherished when used as a  diary or journal

Author’s Tip: You can couple up a notebook with stickers for a fun swag item.

Item #50: Padfolio

Padfolios with company logos can be presented to any company to help foster professional contacts and boost networking.

These items can also be handed to new hires as a useful and adaptable tool for fulfilling their tasks. 

They look as sleek as a portfolio.

This low-cost resource may also be refilled with paper and other materials to extend its useful life. 

Author’s Note: Because there are lots of different options when it comes to custom padfolios – and literally any other item on this list! – we recommend that you allow your employees and audience to choose the one they like from your own swag pop-up shop

You can let your own team members choose from a variety of styles to match their tastes.

A swag pop-up shop is a special online store for swag that’s set up by businesses that want to gather data and combine orders from different people, such as their own staff.

More specifically, what’s great about swag pop-up shops is that they let companies give their employees the chance to buy their own swag, which helps them cover their company merch and promotional needs in an easy and simple way.

Item #51: Overalls

Overalls are great swag because they’re multi-purpose work clothing that can be used in a variety of settings.

The following are the most frequent varieties of coveralls:

  • Basic coveralls that are suitable for a broad range of occupations and provide general protection against dirt and grime
  • Disposable overalls that are used in environments where contact with grime, paint, aerosols, or non-hazardous liquids would quickly ruin even the most durable reusable overalls
  • Flame-resistant overalls that keep employees safe whether they’re working with combustible materials or open flames
  • Insulated overalls that are used in chilly work conditions, such as winter construction sites or temperature-controlled warehouses. 

Item #52: High-visibility vest

In many businesses, custom printed high-visibility vests are required for health and safety compliance. 

They’re also a terrific way to promote your business and provide your staff with a uniform look. 

To ensure visibility in low-light settings, they’re made of bright fluorescent cloth, commonly in orange, yellow, or red, and are accented with reflective strips. 

High-visibility vests increase a worker’s chances of being spotted and avoided by those driving or operating dangerous machinery, while also giving the team a distinguishable appearance that allows the public and other members of staff to recognize them.

Our list has come to an end!

Now Over to You

Now our list of 52 best promotional gift ideas has come to an end, we want to make sure you’ll get your hands on these gifts easily and as fast as you can. 

Remember that it’s a good idea to build your own swag pop-up shop, as we noted earlier, and offer your employees and audience the opportunity to choose their own promotional gifts.

In addition,  you have a lot of options and the selections are endless.

If you need any further help or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Q1. What’s a promotional gift?

Promotional gifts are any items handed out for promotional and marketing purposes.

Promotional items/gifts always have a business logo to increase brand awareness and visibility. 

Promotional gifts are always designated for certain audiences to achieve required goals easier.

The following items are the most popular promotional items:

  • Custom-made t-shirts and tote bags
  • Promotional USB flash drives
  • Custom printed headwear
  • Promotional drinkware
  • Work from home promo items

 Q3. What are some inexpensive promotional gifts?

You can always spend less and get creative with the following items:

  • Hand sanitizers
  • Custom tote bags
  • Custom pens
  • Water bottles
  • Promotional notebooks

Q4. What are the best promotional items to give away?

You can present highly engaging giveaways to your audiences by mixing numerous custom promotional items into a high-value bundle:

  • Travel products 
  • Promotional household items
  • Branded health items
  • Fitness promotional products
  • Gift cards

How can we help?

If you need a hand, have an unanswered question, please fill out our contact form and our friendly sales staff will get back to you ASAP!