15 Bank Promotional Items for Strong Customer Relationships

Whether you’re a bank, credit union, payroll, or savings and loans company, chances are that you want your clients to […]

Mark Jackson

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Whether you’re a bank, credit union, payroll, or savings and loans company, chances are that you want your clients to be happy and loyal. 

Given that acquiring a new customer can be 6-7 times more expensive than keeping the ones you already have, we can clearly see just how much companies can benefit from keeping their clients engaged. 

A very efficient way of doing this is to invest in promotional products.

In fact, promotional products can help you create and establish stronger client relationships.

In this post, we’re going to present you with fifteen of the most prominent bank promotional items including:

  • Piggy banks 
  • Phone holders
  • Paperweights
  • Wallet
  • Customized notebooks

With such  a wide range of bank promotional products to get through, let’s jump straight in. 

15 Bank Promotional Items for Strong Customer Relationships

Product #1: Piggy Banks

Product #2: Paperweights

Product #3: Tote Bag

Product #4: Water Bottle

Product #5: Phone Stand

Product #6: Company Logo Notebook

Product #7: Face Mask

Product #8: Bluetooth Earbud Set

Product #9: Tech Organizer

Product #10: Promotional Candy

Product #11: RFID Wallet

Product #12: Stylus Pen

Product #13: Stickers

Product #14: Executive Duffel Bag

Product #15: Premium Gift Box

Bonus: Think Outside the Box

Bank Promotional Item #1: Piggy Banks

First up on our list of items perfect for bank giveaways is the piggy bank

Image Source: PCNA

For obvious reasons, coin banks and piggy banks, like the cute one shown above, are ideal for financial institutions that wish to provide their customers with some useful branded items. 

A small piggy bank with a twist-open bottom to access stored change might be all that a parent needs to start teaching their children the importance of saving money. 

Financial literacy can help someone build strong foundations in terms of efficiently running a business or saving money for healthcare, studies, etc., and thus it’s important to gain it from a young age. 

A simple item that’ll teach children how to – and why they should – save money will be greatly appreciated.

Wouldn’t you want to have your logo printed on it?

Price range: Starting at $2 per item

Bank Promotional Item #2: Paperweights

Paperweights belong to a completely different category of promotional products than the piggy banks we started our list with.  

Paperweights are practical items with a decorative value that can help make one’s office more attractive and unique. 

Image Source: Graham and Green

By giving your clients customized luxurious items that they can use to decorate their desks, you basically give them a piece of your brand that they’ll look at on a daily basis. 

Price range: Starting at $10 per item

Bank Promotional Item #3: Tote Bag

Image Source: Wells Fargo Store

The tote bag has gained in popularity over the years. 

The reasons for this are quite simple:

  1. It’s reusable and washable, which makes it a great eco-friendly option for green consumers
  2. It can be used for various activities, including grocery shopping
  3. It can easily be customized to feature inspirational quotes, unique designs, company logos, and so on and so forth

Whether you’re going for a non-woven full-color tote that’ll demonstrate your bank’s motto or a simple canvas one with a personalized design, chances are that people will use your bag and carry it around with them for years to come. 

Price range: Starting at $3 per item

Bank Promotional Item #4: Water Bottle

Before we say anything about water bottles, we probably need to say that they’re one of the best items any company could possibly personalize and share with their audience. 

Any type of drinkware, such as coffee mugs, tumblers, etc., can be given by financial institutions as a way to show appreciation for your clients’ loyalty and support.

Moreover, banks or other institutions that take part in trade shows could also consider a customized stainless steel water bottle as an item that’ll be used and communicate the bank’s message. 

Price range: Starting at $10 per item

Bank Promotional Item #5: Phone Stand

Anyone who uses their phones to watch movies, have long video calls – hmmm everyone? – or listen to music will understand just how useful a phone stand, also called a phone holder, can be.

Image Source: PCNA

The reason why we particularly like this bank promotional item idea is that a phone holder is a handy object that people will put on their desk or elsewhere in their home and they’ll look at it all the time, even without realizing it. 

Given that promotional products are generally created for promotional purposes, giving someone an object that they’ll interact with on a daily basis sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

Price range: Starting at $34 per item

Bank Promotional Item #6: Company Logo Notebook

Sixth on our list of bank promotional items for stronger and longer customer relationships is the branded notebook.

Even though many people are using their phones exclusively for taking notes and writing down to-do lists, with more than three decades in the swag and promo product industry we can confirm that notebooks are still very much relevant

A jotter with a branded Bic – or a ballpoint pen that’s more high-end! – can be useful for so many different groups of people including writers, keynote speakers, conference attendees, and so on and so forth.

Price range: Starting at $4 per item

Bank Promotional Item #7: Face Mask

Who would have thought that part of a swag products list that features the 15 best brand promotional items would be the face mask?

Image Source: Twitter

Face masks of various materials, colors, and prints have been an essential accessory in the past year and a half.

Because we totally think swag needs to be timely relevant, a customized face mask is definitely the way to go in terms of 2021 promos and promotional marketing campaigns.

Author’s Tip: Create a wellness package that also includes a hand sanitizer bottle, or a hand sanitizer dispenser, pill boxes, and body lotions with a custom logo and your clients will be thankful.

Price range: Starting at $3 per item

Bank Promotional Item #8: Bluetooth Earbud Set

Number eight in our list of bank promotional items is a pair of good Bluetooth earbuds.

Most tech manufacturers are currently making wireless earbuds and it’s not hard to understand why this is happening.

They’re small and lightweight and they’re great for exercising, commuting, and doing outdoor activities. 

If you want to take your promotional gifts to the next level, you can consider putting together a swag box that includes a set of earbuds alongside a power bank to make sure that the battery won’t get drained while you’re out jogging. 

Author’s Tip: Make sure to take good care of the ear tips and ear fins to maximize the chances of a perfect fit that’ll allow your customers to use your branded tech items as much as possible. 

Price range: Starting at $30 per set

Bank Promotional Item #9: Tech Organizer

A tech organizer is another promotional item idea for banks and financial institutions we want to talk to you about. 

The tech taco, that you can find in the Bank of America merchandise store, is a fabulous idea for a useful gift you could offer your clients and help them keep their cables and chargers organized. 

These items are usually super light which allows you to keep them in your bag while going to work or when traveling.

On that note, we actually think a tech organizer is a travel swag essential

Overall, we love them because they help keep one’s desk decluttered and clean.

Price range: Starting at $1 per item

Bank Promotional Item #10: Promotional Candy

Image Source: Gemline

A few years ago, when we still had to go to the bank to keep track of our accounts instead of doing it all online, we would have probably seen a jar on an employee’s desk packed with hard candies, chocolate bites, and other snacks for visitors.

Even though the majority of people are currently dealing with their accounts online, that doesn’t mean that promotional candy isn’t a great idea for bank promotional gifts. 

In fact, we think that they can be a quite thoughtful gift which could totally make a great addition to any promotional swag set.

Price range: N/A

Bank Promotional Item #11: RFID Wallet

Any company or institution in the financial industry could consider giving away an RFID wallet.

These are very handy as they can be attached to the back of a phone or existing wallet.

Plus, they are usually made of silicone or other durable materials which means that they can last for a really long time while also protecting your phone from scratches and cards from nefarious card NFC readers. 

Author’s Note: If your bank is participating in trade shows, then you could consider adding RFID wallets to your list of killer trade show giveaways ideas.

Price range: Starting at $3 per item

Bank Promotional Item #12: Stylus Pen

Image Source: PCNA

We’ve already talked about customized notebooks with a pen. 

However, this list item is focusing particularly on stylus pens that are quite different as they can be used in two different ways:

  1. For writing
  2. As a digital pen for cell phones, iPads, tablets, and pretty much any touchscreen device

Stylus pens come with a number of benefits including the fact that they’re more sanitary than using your bare fingers and the user can make more precise selections on their device. 

Additionally, we particularly like them because they’re easier to use when you want to design something on the screen or even write handwritten notes.

The main reason why we’re including this type of pens in our list is that they’re professional and stylish items, which makes them ideal for corporate gifts.

Author’s Tip: Hand out a branded padfolio and Post-Its – they’d go perfectly with your customized stylus pen.

Price range: Starting at $8 per item

Bank Promotional Item #13: Stickers

Next on our list of ideas for your bank promos is a set of promotional – but cool! – stickers

How many times have you got boring stickers from various companies and you just threw them away almost immediately?

I know I have plenty of times.

Stay away from stickers that simply feature your logo; chances are that no one will be willing to put them on their objects. 

Instead, create killer stickers that feature inspirational logos and eye-catching designs. 

This way, people will be more likely to stick them on their iPads, smartphones, mouse pads, or laptops. 

Price range: Starting at $1 per set. 

Bank Promotional Item #14: Executive Duffel Bag

Our next item is one that’s definitely bigger and possibly more expensive than the rest of the items we’ve presented you with.

A premium duffel bag is a great idea for your best customers that have been supporting and trusting your bank for years.

With summer vacation and Christmas holidays never too far away, a duffle bag is a necessary item that can be used to store all your travel essentials.

Author’s Tip: We recommend that you go for durable materials and high-end printing as this will elevate the overall quality and value of your merchandise.

Price range: Starting at $11 per item

Bank Promotional Item #15: Premium Gift Box

The final promotional gift idea for banks and financial institutions we have for you is one that pretty much combines it all.

It’s a premium gift box that can include any sort of swag you want to give your clients.

Whether it’s customised lanyards, lunch bags, water bottles, business cards, wireless charging pads, candies, chocolate pretzels,  or anything else, you can create a thoughtful box to fit it all in and give it away. 

This idea can be particularly helpful when onboarding new clients.  

In cases of new clients, you could add all of your informative onboarding material alongside your swag. 

Price range: N/A

Bonus: Think Outside the Box

Before we leave you to take it all in, we’d like to give you a final tip. 

When thinking about your swag, think outside the box

Similar to what Deutsche Bank did when they created their branded boxers with the motto A Passion to Perform… 

Image Source: Twitter

… or when American Express collaborated with Ariana Grande to create super cool merch for Coachella…

Image Source: Sam Resta

… don’t be afraid to be creative and offer something special to your clients. 

Create limited edition t-shirts or other promotional gifts your clients will keep hold of for a long time. 

Alternatively, going with a coloring book with crayons might seem like a non-bank related item, but that shouldn’t mean that you can’t offer your clients who have kids something thoughtful and special.

Let’s wrap up this list. 

Now Over to You

That was it.

We’ve finalized our list of fifteen bank promotional items for stronger, longer, and healthier customer relationships.

We think banks should think creatively and make sure to offer their clients killer swag they’ll be happy to see in their gift bags.

If you’re in the financial industry and you want to discuss your swag options, we’re here to assist you with anything you may need.

Feel free to leave your comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading!

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