Gift giving is all about developing those connections that are most essential to you in business. 

Giving Christmas presents doesn’t just express gratitude but also conveys a narrative about the giver’s values and the connection between sender and receiver.

Also, holiday presents demonstrate that you are attentive, listening, and courteous – all of which are important in relationships.

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We have created this gift guide for you to stay on top of your game and show appreciation for your important colleagues and contacts. 

Let’s jump in.

Table of Contents

  1. Plaid Fleece Blanket
  2. Cotton Weekender Duffel
  3. Unisex Peaceriver Toque
  4. Whammo Bluetooth Speaker
  5. Herschel Fifteen Hip Pack
  6. Hydro Flask Coffee Mug 
  7. Camp &  S’mores Gift Set
  8. Rainier National Park Candle
  9. Welly Traveler Vacuum Tumbler 
  10. Cheers To You Lush Spiced Wine Mix
  11. Pickleball Paddle and Ball Set
  12. Music Beat Activated String Lights
  13. 3-in-1 Function Lantern
  14. Picnic Time Verona Wine Basket
  15. Umbrella Gift Box
  16. Bloody Mary Craft Cocktail Gift Set
  17. Hydrate On-the-Go Set
  18. Aries True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
  19. Bourbon Connoisseur Playing Cards Gift Set
  20. Circuit Expandable Tech Organizer

Six Simple Tips for Meaningful Corporate Gifting This Christmas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Plaid Fleece Blanket

Christmas is all about warming up, so how about a branded blanket?

The bullet plaid fleece blanket unfolds to 50″ x 60″ and rolls to 12.5″ x 5″. 

This holiday gift has a simple and classic design that makes it suitable for any occasion or space in your house.

2. Cotton Weekender Duffel

This weekender duffel is the perfect employee gift for traveling. 

The Cutter & Buck cotton weekend duffel makes commuting easy with a big zipped main pocket that allows you to bring all your essentials. 

In addition, this personalized gift has an adjustable, detachable padded shoulder strap, tarp grab handles, and Cutter & Buck trademarked snap-button fasteners.

3. Unisex Peaceriver Toque

Everyone loves a good-looking toque, and this unique gift is no exception. 

The Roots73 Peaceriver knit slouch beanie is a cozy double-layer design for a warm and comfortable fit. 

This flexible slouch beanie, available in various colors, goes nicely with office wear and your favorite weekend hoodie. 

Also, the Peaceriver features a unisex design that goes well with men’s and women’s clothing.

Author’s Tip: You can twin this one with a custom backpack, a reusable water bottle, and a sherpa blanket for the perfect holiday gift basket. Don’t forget to add a personalized message and a card for a beautiful touch.

4. Whammo Bluetooth Speaker

The Bullet Whammo Bluetooth speaker has a power output of 2 watts. 

Its small size makes it an ideal portable speaker on the go.

It is also powered by two AAA batteries and has a playing duration of up to three hours at full blast.

Author’s Note: You can add a power bank and a wireless charger to give away a great business gift that will leave a long-lasting impression.

5. Herschel Fifteen Hip Pack

The Herschel fifteen hip pack looks deluxe and makes a cool corporate gift idea.

You can use it as a waist bag or wear it over the shoulder, making it highly versatile.

Author’s Tip: Feel free to add a gift card and some colorful office supplies to this cool gift for an unforgettable corporate holiday gift.

6. Hydro Flask Coffee Mug 

The Hydro Flask coffee mug combines your favorite morning cup with the perks of insulation and the durability of a hydro flask. 

So, take your time and enjoy the day, or begin multitasking early, as the insulation keeps drinks cold or hot.

Additionally, the closable lid glides shut to contain splashing and trap heat; it also opens wide enough to accommodate a straw. 

Another great plus is the soft touch finish for a comfortable grip.

7. Camp &  S’mores Gift Set

This gourmet gift basket includes super yummy snacks from Graham crackers to peanut butter and delicious vanilla hot chocolate.

All Grahams and marshmallows are created from scratch, using ingredients sourced from local suppliers that provide exceptional goods.

Author’s Tip: You can add high-quality savory goodies, a cocktail kit, and some brownies to this incredible gift to create the perfect gift box.

8. Rainier National Park Candle

We love sustainable gifts for employees, and this one won’t disappoint, as it’s made of 100% natural soy and is fully recyclable.

The fragrance was inspired by Rainier National Park and consists of balsam fir, earthy crushed pine needles, and citrus. 

Author’s Tip: You can add this beautiful scent to any corporate gift basket, and everyone will love it.

9. Welly Traveler Vacuum Tumbler 

The Welly Traveler copper vacuum tumbler is made of a double-walled stainless steel vacuum design with copper shielding, which keeps your beverage cold for up to 48 hours or hot for at least 12 hours.

Additionally, the design avoids condensation on the bottle’s outside. 

The bottle also has a long-lasting powder finish and natural bamboo wrapping.

10. Cheers To You Lush Spiced Wine Mix

Send your appreciation with this gift of lush spiced wine mix

Spiced wine is a classic sweet and spicy combination that will warm you on the coldest evenings.

You can check how elegant this item looks in reality right here:

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Furthermore, each box of this combination contains real apples, oranges, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and star anise for a beautiful hot wine-like cider beverage. 

Author’s Tip: Imagine some cheese mix and a cutting board with this swag item; it sounds like a brilliant idea!

11. Pickleball Paddle and Ball Set

The pickleball paddle and ball set will rock your company logo.

This fun set comes with two balls and two paddles to enjoy outside and unwind.

12. Music Beat Activated String Lights

These colorful and festive plastic lights flash in rhythm with your favorite tracks by synchronizing to the beat, making them ideal for brightening up any space.

How cool is that?!

You can also choose from various lighting styles, such as constant light, flashing light, slow light pulses, and light wave effects.

13. 3-in-1 Function Lantern

This 3-in-1 lantern allows you to create the atmosphere of a flame without the risk of a fire.

This lantern is ideal for any event since it has three modes: torch light, full orange, and clear white.

14. Picnic Time Verona Wine Basket

Casual picnic folks will fall in love with the Verona picnic basket.

This elegant set comes with two wine glasses, one bottle stopper, a corkscrew, a cutting board, and a cheese knife to make your wine adventure a breeze.

15. Umbrella Gift Box

Your clients and staff will remember you every time it pours down with this gift box.

This umbrella gift box holds an umbrella that folds down to less than 17 inches.

16. Bloody Mary Craft Cocktail Gift Set

This package includes a traditional, delicious Stonewall Kitchen Bloody Mary cocktail mixer, two Tillen Farms toppings, and a cool bartender tool, making it a colorful and brilliant present for any brunch enthusiast.

Plus, this gift comes with two two-pint glasses made of BPA-free copolyester.

17. Hydrate On-the-Go Set

Whether heading to the studio or out for a jog, this gift package is ideal for carrying all your essentials.

Additionally, there are separate zippered sections for carrying your exercise towel, keys, phone, and even a snack.

This bundle has a hydration bottle sling, and a quick-dry towel carried in a sporty sling bag.

18. Aries True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Your gift recipients will thank you for this pair of Aries wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

They feel so sleek and come with a playback time of 6 hours.

They also charge fully in one hour.

What else can we ask for?

19. Bourbon Connoisseur Playing Cards Gift Set

This gift set of bicycle bourbon playing cards with the great-looking canvas card case is perfect for a night of memorable card play.

The cardholder keeps the deck tidy and ready for game night, and the bicycle deck comes with everything you’ll want to play a fantastic game of spades.

20. Circuit Expandable Tech Organizer

Let your cable setup creativity run wild with this neoprene zippered cable and accessories storage bag.

The zippered side gusset provides extra storage space, which is a great bonus.

Six Simple Tips for Meaningful Corporate Gifting This Christmas

Giving Christmas presents might be tricky if you have a big group to shop for or if everyone has different interests and dietary needs. 

However, with some preparation, this process can turn stress-free.

1. Make a list of everyone’s addresses

Begin with an organized list of all the present recipients to ensure the whole procedure goes well. 

You should also take notice of their present working position, such as if they work from home or in the office. 

If the bulk of your staff is still working from home, you will need to acquire their addresses as well, to give them sustainable gift boxes.

Author’s Note: You can automate and simplify the gift-sending process by using our swag pop-up shop tool and allowing staff and customers to pick their own Christmas presents.

2. Make sure to send gifts earlier than expected

We understand that this time of year can be quite hectic, but placing your orders early might help you prevent later stress and worry. 

We find that the busiest season for mailing gift hampers is between the 1st and 17th of December. 

Therefore, we always recommend placing your orders as early as possible to prevent disappointment or delayed packages.

3. Set a clear budget

Before you begin thinking and investigating ideas, it’s usually a good idea to establish a budget and have it signed off on – remember to include any branding and shipping fees as well.

4. Include a personal message

Why not include a thank-you message or a note praising the recipient’s accomplishment on a project or presentation? 

Being specific will help encourage your staff and show appreciation for their efforts.

5. Be considerate

Corporate giving is meant to foster solid connections. 

So, to ensure that your present is appropriately received, it’s essential to consider topics like religion, dietary preferences, health, and so on while purchasing your gifts. 

For example, if you’re giving a gift to a vegan coworker, you can choose customized products that better meet their dietary needs.

6. Promote your company’s core values

Sending a nice present to your employees is lovely, but what if your corporate gift also had a beneficial social effect? 

With a greater emphasis on corporate responsibility nowadays, it’s critical to explore how you may highlight your company’s values and sustainability activities. 

Moreover, your corporate gifts give you a one-of-a-kind chance to connect with your employees and customers while helping with social and environmental problems.

Now Over to You

Giving presents in December is a great way to end the year on a good note. 

Remember that your staff has worked tirelessly for you over the year. 

Even a modest gesture, such as some tasty Christmas cookies during the hectic holiday season, can do wonders to boost morale

So surprise them with great gadgets and cool customized gifts, and we can surely help you pick nothing but the best.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime; we look forward to seeing your inquiries and messages! ?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following items are popular Christmas gifts:

Q2. Should I give my clients Christmas gifts?

You should give your clients Christmas gifts.

You can always use a simple gift like a greeting card to show appreciation.

Q3. What gifts should I add to a Christmas gift box?

The following products make excellent options to add to a Christmas gift box:

  • Wine gift set
  • Cozy scarf
  • Wireless earphones
  • Plant growth kit
  • Pretzels and truffle snack bundle
  • Chocolate gift set
  • Eco-friendly tote bag

Q4. How much should I spend on a client’s Christmas gift?

Even though Christmas presents provide a chance for subtle marketing, avoid going overboard. 

It’s about appreciation and not trying too hard to leave an impression, as it’s not about the monetary value itself.

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