7 Corporate Gifting Companies & How to Choose One

Giving your coworkers and clients fantastic corporate gifts is the best way to express your thanks, respect, and acknowledgment.  However, […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

Giving your coworkers and clients fantastic corporate gifts is the best way to express your thanks, respect, and acknowledgment. 

However, if you’re new to corporate gifting, it might be challenging to find presents that your customers and workers would appreciate.

Hence, we have created this guide to give you a detailed understanding of corporate gifting and the best providers out there. 

Check out our list to help you acquire the best corporate presents this year and wow your clients and staff as soon as possible!

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Corporate Gifting 101

Corporate Gifting Company #1: SwagDrop 

Corporate Gifting Company #2: Swag.com

Corporate Gifting Company #3: Caroo

Corporate Gifting Company #4: Gifts for Good

Corporate Gifting Company #5: SwagUp

Corporate Gifting Company #6: CorporateGift.com

Corporate Gifting Company #7: Tinggly

What to Look for When Choosing a Corporate Gifting Company

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Corporate Gifting 101

You don’t need Freud to tell you that your serotonin levels rise when you receive a pleasant gesture. 

But did you know that most individuals experience a bodily reaction when they are in the company of generosity? 

It’s no surprise that gift-giving has become popular among companies to retain customers and employees.

The psychological phenomenon behind this concept is known as the endowment effect

Moreover, this behavioral model hypothesis states that most items are more valuable when given as gifts than they would have been if bought with the recipient’s money.

When used in a company’s marketing plan, the gifting paradigm has improved staff engagement and customer loyalty while surpassing sales predictions.

What is corporate gifting? 

Corporate gifting is giving a customer, employee, potential client, or partner a branded present to convey gratitude and appreciation or to provide an incentive. 

Depending on the event and job description of the receiver, several presents can be handed out, such as gift vouchers, swag products, experience tickets, quality products, and luxuries.

What are the benefits of corporate gifting?

Positive word-of-mouth benefits businesses greatly. 

The more people speak about your brand, the more visible it becomes. 

In addition, corporate gifts are one of the most effective strategies to improve your reputation and keep your company at the forefront of people’s thoughts.

Personalized gifts demonstrate your care and attention to people’s likes and preferences, establishing you as relationship-driven. 

A thoughtful present from an employer will have a favorable influence on their workers 81% of the time.

Furthermore, this little effort can boost your reputation and attract additional investors and the general public to test your services and become a part of your brand. 

A well-chosen present will persuade 71% of customers to continue doing business with a company.

On a general note, corporate gifting helps with:

  • Creating and maintaining long-term corporate relationships
  • Boosting employee productivity and morale
  • Showing gratitude to employees and clients
  • Enhancing brand awareness
  • Enhancing employee loyalty
  • Helping with trade show success and product launch visibility

How big is the corporate gifting industry?

In their 2022 results, Coresight Research and GiftNow examined the corporate gift- giving industry.

They analyzed data from recent surveys of corporate gift-givers to review market trends over the last year (including the effects of the pandemic) and estimate the corporate gifting industry’s prospects.

The following statistics showcase how big corporate gifting services and gifting itself have become:

• The gifting industry is vast and expanding. 

According to estimates, the corporate giving industry’s worth in the United States is expected to reach $258 billion by 2022. 

This marks a 6.6% year-over-year increase, demonstrating an acceleration in the corporate gifting industry in the United States.

• As working models (e.g., home, office, hybrid) evolved, so did corporate giving. 

Nine out of ten studied firms that modified their working paradigm said that their donation frequency rose (61%) or stayed stable.

• Corporate giving isn’t only for the holidays. 

Two-thirds of respondents indicated giving presents to workers to express gratitude or to recognize milestones.

Also, more than four in ten (43%) respondents say that one of the top three benefits of corporate giving is making the receiver feel appreciated.

• Outsourcing corporate gifts might help to reduce problems. 

Organizations that handle end-to-end corporate giving internally experience more obstacles than organizations that outsource corporate gifting partly or entirely (whether through a service provider or a gifting platform).

Author’s Note: Outsourcing can help any corporation take their gifting experience to the next level as it evades any related stress and helps the gift-giver to focus more on the aesthetics and the required gift quality. 

Society is becoming more aware of its issues and the need to be more proactive.

This has highly affected corporate gift ideas for the last period. 

In addition, since the pandemic hit in 2020, remote/hybrid work models have been in vogue more than ever; this has also affected the gifting trends.

The following trends have been taking over and will continue to do so:

Corporate Gifting Company #1: SwagDrop

SwagDrop has 28 years of experience in the corporate gifting world.

We help you set a corporate gifting strategy and create what suits your audience best.

Our gifting process includes everything from promotional products to customized client gifts, custom gift boxes, and handpicked items.

Moreover, our Swag Pack Builder allows you to build customized swag bundles, including our available products.

Several options include branded tumblers, custom backpacks, clothing, and snacks.

Our corporate gifting program allows you to submit your logo so that it may elegantly adorn all of your selected objects, providing the ideal brand appearance.

Our Pop-Up Shop feature is another cool bonus we have here at SwagDrop.

It facilitates collecting and processing orders from numerous customers. 

The artwork and retail pricing of the goods are pre-approved by you, so they are always consistent with your brand. 

In addition, the retail price enables you to add a profit margin to the sale of your promotional goods, so you can also benefit from the shop.

Pop-Up Shops do not impose minimum numbers since purchases of small amounts may be merged into a single sales order that meets product minimums. 

Moreover, our shop option can be secured by a password, collect credit card payments, and even provide coupons.

Ideal for: Gifts for Employees / Gifts for Clients / Gifts for Business Partners

Gift Boxes & Gift Sets: YES

Personalization Options: YES

Corporate Gifting Company #2: Swag.com

Swag.com has a wide selection of gifts, including water bottles, custom sweatshirts, t-shirts, bags, office equipment, and more. 

Each present can be personalized with your brand slogan and company logo, making it great for onboarding and sending customizable gifts to remote teams.

Image Source: Swag.com

Furthermore, Swag.com simplifies the process by enabling you to choose a suitable present, create it, and have it shipped straight to your recipients.

Ideal for: Gifts for Employees / Gifts for Clients / Gifts for Business Partners

Gift Boxes & Gift Sets: YES

Personalization Options: YES

Corporate Gifting Company #3: Caroo

Caroo is a simple online corporate giving service that allows companies of all kinds to deliver gift boxes to their workers, colleagues, or existing customers with a tasty little snack inside.

Caroo recognized that eating is always enjoyable and produced something for everyone.

Image Source: Caroo

Also, their approach is built on many gift boxes for the whole company and a customized package called Concierge.

Moreover, any receiver may customize the box’s contents to get a selection they will love and appreciate. 

Companies can also customize some items and packaging with their logos and styles.

Ideal for: Gifts for Employees / Gifts for Clients / Gifts for Business Partners

Gift Boxes & Gift Sets: YES

Personalization Options: YES

Corporate Gifting Company #4: Gifts for Good

Gifts for Good is a corporate giving company that provides curated gifts ranging from accessories to cosmetics, food and drinks to perfumes, fashion to technology, and many more.

Image Source: Gifts for Good

This corporate swag provider is known for its support of many causes.

Whether you are concerned with fighting breast cancer, supporting indigenous craftspeople, recycling, empowering women, or just caring about the environment, this corporate giving service will help your contributions and your organization to make a difference.

You can also create swag packs and personalized presents with your brand design to distribute to your staff on corporate occasions and so give back.

Furthermore, you can design bespoke boxes and holiday gifts that include your branding in the packaging, stickers, gift cards, and a variety of customizable products like custom socks, mugs, sweaters, gadgets, and more. 

Ideal for: Gifts for Employees / Gifts for Clients / Gifts for Business Partners

Gift Boxes & Gift Sets: YES

Personalization Options: YES

Corporate Gifting Company #5: SwagUp

SwagUp is a platform that simplifies the design, automation, and delivery of high-quality swag and employee gifts.

Image Source: SwagUp

SwagUp can simplify the giving process for you, whether you want to boost your workplace culture, immediate prospects, or develop deeper client ties.

For example, its swag shops and inventory management functions help with gift-finding and even keep your swag packs if you don’t have enough room.

Furthermore, you can use this to create swag bundles that people will utilize. 

Also, SwagUp will send personalized gift boxes directly to your customers or staff. 

Ideal for: Gifts for Employees / Gifts for Clients / Gifts for Business Partners

Gift Boxes & Gift Sets: YES

Personalization Options: YES

Corporate Gifting Company #6: CorporateGift.com

CorporateGift.com has a large assortment of personalized gifts. 

This includes food, clothing, alcohol, personal care products, and home and office supplies. 

Image Source: CorporateGift

You can personalize your messages and gifts and send them to several people at once.

Additionally, the company’s corporate giving platform links to a marketplace of thousands of gift possibilities, such as premium VIP unique gifts and branded swag, and interfaces with your ERP or CRM.

 Furthermore, its automated software allows you to handle continuing giving programs.

The admin portal is handy for making purchases and payments, tracking gift redemption, and seeing reports. 

Corporate Gifts’ gifting professionals can provide strategic advice based on your inquiries if you want assistance.

Ideal for: Gifts for Employees / Gifts for Clients / Gifts for Business Partners

Gift Boxes & Gift Sets: NO

Personalization Options: YES

Corporate Gifting Company #7: Tinggly

Tinggly is a corporate gifting platform specializing in globally designed travel experience gift boxes. 

Image Source: Tinggly

Their emphasis on adventure and travel makes them an excellent choice if you’re looking to give lifetime experience gifts and memorable gifts with simplicity.

They offer client and employee appreciation gifts, retirement presents, rewards, and event prizes.

Moreover, Tinggly includes free personalization with all branded corporate gift boxes. 

Your business logo, slogan, or corporate colors may be included in their collections by their design team (or your in-house designers).

Ideal for: Gifts for Employees / Gifts for Clients / Gifts for Business Partners

Gift Boxes & Gift Sets: YES

Personalization Options: YES

What to Look for When Choosing a Corporate Gifting Company?

Setting up your assessment criteria is the first step in locating, assessing, and selecting the best swag business. This can significantly help you streamline the process of creating and sharing the best corporate gifts and company swag. 

Some of the characteristics you should examine while selecting an excellent, reliable seller are as follows:

  • Options for personalization and customization
  • Product excellence 
  • Product variety
  • Shipping capacities and efficiencies
  • Customer service capabilities
  • Pricing range
  • Case studies and previous projects

More precisely, you must assess each swag business’s skills and possibilities according to numerous criteria, such as customization choices.

Do they allow their customers to customize their items completely, or do they just provide minimal customization options?

Similarly, you must consider each firm’s product quality and variety.

If you want to create custom t-shirts to advertise your company’s rebranding, make sure that all of the swag firms on your list provide a variety of high-quality items such as t-shirts, hoodies, and clothing alternatives.

Also, ensure that your assessment criteria include the firms’ shipping capabilities; you need a partner that can meet your shipping requirements.

Now Over to You

Corporate gift-giving is the answer to developing a new client’s trust, acquiring new clients, encouraging employees, or just demonstrating your appreciation for them.

We hope we have helped you narrow your search for your next gift provider. 

Remember that we at SwagDrop, have your back in case you need to set up new gifting campaigns or you’re looking to customize all types of gifts. 

Feel free to reach out anytime. 

Thank you for your time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following gift options are considered popular corporate presents:

  • Office plant
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Wellness gift basket
  • Bottle of wine
  • Snack box
  • Handwritten notes or letters
  • Gift card
  • Digital gifts
  • Office supplies
  • Branded backpack
  • Customized coffee mug
  • Coffee or tea blend
  • Course subscription

 Q2. Is it worth it investing in corporate gifts?

Yes, it’s worth investing in corporate gifts and gifting solutions as it enhances business relationships and boosts customer loyalty, employee appreciation, and employee recognition.

Also, it helps any business stand out from the competition. 

How can we help?

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