Virtual swag boxes are a great way to promote your company and brand.

In addition, they can be used for company events or conferences, which provide a great platform to present your business to employees or business contacts. 

Hence, we have created a list of 13 virtual gift boxes to help you establish great relationships – from your employees to potential clients and new business relationships.

Our list includes various gift box ideas like:

  • Snack boxes
  • Tumbler gift boxes
  • Relaxing gift sets
  • Hand sanitizer sets

Plus, many more ideas to suit all your needs, so let’s get started.

Table of Contents

What are Virtual Gift Boxes?

Gift #1: Kitchen Farmhouse Breakfast Gift Set

Gift #2: Snack Box

Gift #3: Tumbler Gift Box

Gift #4: Relaxing Gift Set

Gift #5: Hand Sanitizer Set

Gift #6: ”On the Road” Gift Set

Gift #7: Kitchen Pasta Night Gift Set

Gift #8: Basic Work from Home Kit

Gift #9: Plant Care Set

Gift #10: Ceramic Cup Gift Set

Gift #11: Massage and Recovery Kit

Gift #12: Insulated Pouch Set

Gift #13: Cheese Board Serving Set

What are Virtual Gift Boxes?

Virtual gift boxes are made exclusively for virtual events.

Usually, the creator of the gift boxes will handle all of the curating, packing, and delivery so the event attendee can just click a button and focus on the details of the occasion itself.

Furthermore, virtual gift boxes are suitable for virtual events, from a virtual colleague’s birthday party to a virtual seminar or meeting.

The demand for virtual gift boxes has been rising due to the pandemic since 2020.

The way events take place has changed, and so is the related gifting options.

According to LinkedIn’s recently published State of Virtual Events research, 75% of event marketers globally want to continue operating virtual events in the long term.

In addition, the average event marketer intends to host more virtual events (40%) than in-person ones (36%).

Image Source: LinkedIn

No one wants to give up the unique benefits of virtual events. 

The scalability and adaptability can take a few hundred people and turn them into thousands

Moreover, there is the possibility of working with a far broader choice of professional speakers without making time in their schedules to fly them over to your event venue. 

There’s also a longer lifetime of material, which allows you to continue receiving value from your function as an on-demand encounter

Wanna see some fantastic gift ideas for any virtual events?

Gift #1: Kitchen Farmhouse Breakfast Gift Set

This traditional breakfast gift set makes the perfect gift for any event experience.

It includes a pancake and waffle mix, a coffee maker, wildberry jam, and maple syrup.

Check the below video to see the great contents of this gift set yourself: 

This gift set is excellent for in-person events, and it can be fantastic for virtual event attendees as well. 

Plus, it’s unique and looks lavish.

In times of need, a morning routine will be benefited by this nice gift basket set, especially for remote employees

A good breakfast helps anyone become more productive and active, and this gift set can help create a strong habit for a better lifestyle.

Gift #2: Snack Box

A delicious snack box is usually filled with yummy candies and goodies.

It can be a fantastic thank-you gift for your office colleagues and buddies.

It is also very favorable for meeting gifts and hybrid conferences and seminars as it can get anyone instantly excited. 

Keep in mind that sending customized branded food as part of a custom-designed swag pack or as a standalone swag box is ideal for corporate milestones, new staff onboarding, or work celebrations since they’re super easy to customize.  

Hence, you all have a lot of open options.

Gift #3: Tumbler Gift Box

A tumbler makes a great virtual event gift, as any remote or on-site employee will probably be sipping coffee all morning. 

One of the most significant advantages of a promotional tumbler gift box is its low cost. 

These promotional tumblers are inexpensive and adaptable enough to be used in various marketing endeavors in corporate events and virtual conferences.

The set comes with some cookies, nuts, and good coffee!

Hence, this box is the best alternative for any business looking for an excellent and economical gift option.

Gift #4: Relaxing Gift Set

A relaxing gift set is the care package that everyone needs. 

This custom gift includes a lavender plant, a sound machine, and a blackout eye mask to create the perfect ambiance for relaxation and high-quality sleep. 

Another great bonus is that you can customize every single item in this kit. 

This is the best gift to display your care for your employee’s mental health and wellness, as remote workers especially can’t always disconnect in a work-from-home environment, leading to increased stress levels that may even disrupting their sleep.

Gift #5: Hand Sanitizer Set

As the pandemic continues, hand sanitizers are not going anywhere anytime soon.

This hand sanitizer set comes with customized face masks, making it a practical corporate gift. 

On a general note, one of the most common concerns regarding hand sanitizers is their impact on the skin. 

A product with the required quantity of alcohol might leave your hands feeling harsh and dry.

To prevent this, invest in promotional hand sanitizers containing aloe vera, a natural element that keeps skin supple and hydrated even when exposed to alcohol.

Prospects and customers will notice a significant improvement in the moisturizing power of aloe vera-based sanitizers, which can lead to a good brand connection for your customers and help promote consumer loyalty.

Gift #6: “On the Road” Gift Set

Since safety always comes first, the on-the-road gift set is quite the unique gift for all of your upcoming virtual events and conferences. 

This safety gift box includes glow sticks, gloves, gas siphons, a warning triangle, a flashlight, and more items.

According to Forbes, driving safely and efficiently may seem to be another criterion that small company owners must meet, but promoting it in your workers may also have economic advantages. 

Driving more safely results in fewer accidents and injuries on the road, which can be expensive in terms of repairs, insurance, and downtime. 

Gift #7: Kitchen Pasta Night Gift Set

Everyone enjoys a good plate of pasta, but how about making it?

This kitchen pasta night gift set has everything anyone needs to make a great dish.

The kit also comes in a great-looking cotton tote, making it a fantastic choice for a holiday gift.

You can send this custom box to all of your employees and enjoy an online cooking session together for a great virtual experience.

Virtual team building activities are an excellent method for remote employees to connect, even if they are stationed in different locations. 

Online games and activities can all be carried out virtually using platforms such as Zoom

Furthermore, planning an afternoon of virtual team-building activities will remind everyone why they joined to be a team member in the first place, promoting open communication and establishing trust.

Remote team activities provide a suitable environment by encouraging team spirit and togetherness.

When your business organizes remote team-building activities and events, workers have the opportunity to interact with one another in new ways. 

In addition, they will have more intimate and enjoyable encounters than they would typically have throughout a standard workday.

As a result of these factors, the correct team-building activities increase optimism and enthusiasm in your teams. 

All of the above will get your staff enthused about working remotely, making them feel more satisfied, so hop on and send some virtual event gift boxes.

Gift #8: Basic Work-from-Home Kit

Work-from-home survival kits provide a plethora of valuable and thoughtful tools to balance an individual’s workload.

Since the pandemic, many people have been working remotely, so this gift set will come in very handy.

This remote work kit can include desk organizers to help create an organized environment, a promotional backpack to keep everything together, or a pair of headphones to stay focused.

Furthermore, you can include some handy office supplies and a coloring book for the perfect touch.

Gift #9: Plant Care Set

A plant care set is a great appreciation gift, as it shows how much you care for the other party’s wellness and need for relaxation. 

Indoor plants can help improve the comfort and ‘zen’ of a room which is great for all employees.

Furthermore, a Washington State University research found that plants decreased dust in rooms by 20%. The research shows that plants can effectively remove particulate matter from the air. 

In addition, the research showed that plants might assist increase humidity in a space. 

Consequently, individuals in rooms with plants may breathe less dry, dusty air than those without plants. 

Greenery also reduces the likelihood of inflamed airways, runny noses, and itchy eyes, enhancing the immune system overall.

Gift #10: Ceramic Cup Gift Set

Cups and mugs of all sizes are the best companions for all remote and on-site employees.

Hence, a ceramic cup gift set is perfect for including in your live event or virtual seminar gift options.

With a wide range of sizes and colors available, it’s simple to create custom coffee cups that stand out and are distinctive to your company.

Classic ceramic mugs are always popular, but there are a variety of additional forms available, including tall cups, campfire mugs, travel mugs, and other shapes that will look wonderful with your logo. 

Speaking of logos, many printing processes can make your trademark stand out. 

For instance, screen printing is the norm and typically suffices, but if you want to go a step further, having your logo printed in full color offers it a higher chance of being seen. 

Gift #11: Massage and Recovery Kit

The massage and recovery kit will help all employees relax and recuperate after a long training day.

It contains everything anyone needs to enhance their quality of life by increasing blood flow, preventing injury, reducing muscular discomfort, and assisting muscle recovery.

The set includes a soft spiky ball, a PVC solid ball, and a muscle roller stick, which fits into the provided carrying bag for easy on-the-go treatment.

In addition, the pouch is great for custom branding as your corporate logo can be easily printed, and it’s the perfect solution if you’re looking for an out-of-the-box type of gift.

Author’s note: You can include a reusable water bottle with this kit for a great workout gift idea.

Gift #12: Insulated Pouch Set

An insulated pouch set is a great organizing buddy. 

It can be used for organizing items like food, medication, and personal belongings. It’s also an excellent choice for storing items that need heat protection.

Plus, it has an aluminum carabiner which makes it simple to attach pouches for travel.

You can keep this kit in mind for your next virtual holiday party as it’s great for traveling and camping.

What also makes insulated pouches great is the use of materials like polypropylene, nylon and others, as they are more robust and durable than plastic.

You will totally appeal to the eco-conscious if you employ such pouches as promotional materials as part of your giveaway or marketing campaign.

The lack of plastic makes this item more attainable and popular on a broad scale, since more and more businesses discourage the use of plastic bags and products.

Let’s check out the last item on our list.

Gift #13: Cheese Board Serving Set

A cheese board serving set screams fun and a lot of happy hours.

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, a wooden cheese board helps with cheese cutting. 

Round cheese wheels can be cut into wedges, and tougher cheeses – such as Parmesan or Pecorino – can be sliced into manageable blocks to shave and slice.

This contemporary wood cheese board and the serving set include everything you need to serve an appetizer or charcuterie snack, which looks premium and elegant. 

You can send this item to your guests and pair it with some white wine at your next virtual happy hour, and they will be thrilled.

Our post has come to an end; let’s wrap up.

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