14 Thoughtful & Fun Ways to Welcome New Employees in 2023

Introducing and welcoming a new team member can be challenging for both parties.  It’s difficult for an employee to absorb […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

Introducing and welcoming a new team member can be challenging for both parties. 

It’s difficult for an employee to absorb all knowledge about the employer’s plans, current initiatives, and corporate culture. 

Still, you’re also required to get to know your coworkers so you can engage easily with them while accomplishing duties together.

On the other hand, there is always some anxiety connected with this process; it takes patience to adapt to various people’s personalities or work methods, which may not immediately match yours.

Hence, we have created you a list of 14 thoughtful and fun ways to welcome new hires and get to know them smoothly.

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

Way #1: Say ‘Welcome’ with a Thoughtful Gift

Way #2: Hold a Casual Q&A

Way #3: Throw an Office Party

Way #4: Organize a Team Lunch

Way #5: Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Way #6: Give New Recruits a Grand Entrance

Way #7: Conduct a Group Yoga Session

Way #8: Build a New Member Library 

Way #9: Have an Off-site Happy Hour

Way #10: Reward New Recruits’ Accomplishments

Way #11:  Write Welcome Notes

Way #12:  Organize a Virtual Mixology Class 

Way #13:  Have a Corporate-wide Video Call

Way #14:  Integrate the Buddy System 

Way #1: Say ‘Welcome’ with a Thoughtful Gift

First impressions are crucial, and on an employee’s first day, they’re paying close attention to every detail, so you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

According to SHRM, new workers who participated in a well-structured onboarding program were 69% more likely to stay at a firm for up to three years. 

Hence, employers must use the onboarding experience to win over the minds and hearts of their entire team members.

This is something that SwagDrop can help with, as welcome kits, care packages, and branded company swag come in handy!

To begin with, free branded merchandise keeps any new hire feeling motivated and enhances the positive experience for new workers by giving them a sense of your business culture. 

Consider the viewpoint of the new employee: beginning a new job can be a stressful and daunting experience; a simple corporate gift can make the whole process more relaxed.

When you welcome a new employee, make sure they have their own new hire onboarding kit – and we’re not just talking about customized office supplies.

A branded hoodie – like the one shown below – or a cool coffee mug as a present can make the new hire’s day. 

When creating a welcome package, it’s critical to consider your target demographic, branding requirements, and ultimate aim.

Way #2: Hold a Casual Q&A

There’s nothing better than getting to know all of your new employees outside of a work environment. 

You want to figure out who that individual is when they leave the workspace each day. 

The following questions go beyond work-related topics; they are fun icebreakers to provide you with a greater understanding of what makes that individual tick:

  • What would you become an expert in if you could just snap your fingers?
  • What advice would you offer your adolescent self?
  • Outside of work, what energizes you?
  • What was the most influential vacation you’ve ever taken, and why?
  • What is your favorite memory from last year?
  • What is one fact about you that most people don’t know?
  • What is the finest piece of advice you’ve ever received? Who did it come from?
  • Who would you select if you could swap places with anybody for a day?
  • Which age would you select if you had to be that age forever?
  • What are three adjectives that your friends would use to describe you?
  • Who would portray you in a film based on your life?

Let’s see what’s next.

Way #3: Throw an Office Party

Throwing office parties for new hires is a great group activity to let loose and let everyone get to know each other in a more relaxed setting.

In addition, an office party comes in very handy if you have just gone through a mass hiring and you’re welcoming a lot of new people.

It can also be an excellent opportunity to share your branded merchandise and boost feelings of belonging and solidarity. 

We recommend starting with the theme, as that is one party-planning component that’s sometimes disregarded (but shouldn’t be).  

The theme you pick for your party will help you establish the perfect mood to create.

In addition, you must clearly define your party type; will this be an after-hours or on-site celebration? Formal or informal? Is there a philanthropic activity you’d want to add?

Don’t forget that a celebration isn’t complete without a delectable array of food, so don’t ignore the menu!

Throwing a party can have many benefits, including:

  • Strengthens team bonds

When workers have the opportunity to chat about subjects other than work, they get to know each other on a more personal level, which aids in developing trust.

  • Increases employee engagement and morale

Office parties allow workers to relax and unwind, which can increase productivity when it’s time to return to work.

  • Provides networking opportunities

While your workplace party shouldn’t involve shop talk, allowing workers to mix in a relaxed atmosphere may inspire new friendships and connections that improve office cooperation.

Moreover,  parties can assist workers in developing rapport with the management team away from the stresses of the workplace.

  • Employees feel more appreciated

Employees who are acknowledged, respected, and rewarded for their accomplishments frequently feel more loyal to their employer and are more likely to remain with them for an extended period, improving retention rates

Way #4: Organize a Team Lunch

When it comes to that “outsider” feeling, the first day of work is unmatched. 

On day one, a scheduled midday lunch with the manager and a few employees can quickly shatter feelings of isolation and begin the engagement process.

Furthermore, the first-day lunch with chosen team leaders and employees helps break down the barrier. 

A group lunch creates a friendly social atmosphere that transcends beyond work and into the distinctive personality features of those in the group. 

A single lunch hour introduces the new employee to the right style of humor, personal hobbies they may share with others, and the business culture.

In addition, team lunches can be a guide for new hires to know different departments and whom to ask when they need something; for instance, any organization has a plethora of hidden human resources that assist in getting things done. 

On the other hand, new employees have many questions; they need to recognize who welcomes inquiries and who just wants to get on with their work without interruption. 

While the first-day lunch should not be wholly focused on work, the introduction to coworkers offers the new recruit information about what their colleagues do, how they may assist, and how eager everyone is to respond to questions during the new staff member’s early stages.

In many circumstances, one or more persons at the table should welcome questions and give various types of support that can help assure success throughout the early stages of employment.

Way #5: Organize a Scavenger Hunt

While it’s crucial for your new workers to establish ties with one another, you should also urge them to engage in rapport with other members of the firm.

A colleague scavenger hunt is an ideal approach to do this.

You can create a quest in which your new hires must locate a colleague who has a certain attribute.

Topics for a scavenger hunt can include:

  • Look for someone who drives a black car
  • Find someone who has been with the business for at least ten years
  • Find someone who likes the color pink

You can let coworkers sign off on a paper that new recruits carry, or better yet, the new recruits can snap a photo with each colleague who fulfills one of their specific traits.

Way #6: Give New Recruits a Grand Entrance

Announcing the new hire to the rest of the team is one of the most effective methods of welcoming new colleagues online. 

This step is critical to allow them to greet their new coworker and notify the rest of the firm that a job is no longer vacant.

At the very least, you should get an employee picture as well as their name, function, and a brief bio.

Here are a handful of online methods for announcing new teammates:

  • Write a message for a team announcement on Slack, Microsoft Teams, or any similar application’s channel
  • Set up a video conference meeting
  • Send a company-wide email
  • Make announcements on an organizational bulletin board online
  • Create a welcome thread on a company forum

Furthermore, you can surely go outside the box when it comes to a remote employee grand entrance. 

For example, you and your team can utilize video games to connect. You can ask your new recruit to create a character and add the new player to the roster.

Regardless of how you introduce the employee, make sure that other coworkers react with a warm welcome and support.

Remote work can be isolating, but a pleasant greeting can set the tone for a welcoming and rewarding encounter.

Way #7: Conduct a Group Yoga Session

Organizing yoga sessions for new hires will show how much the business cares for mental wellness and wellbeing.

To start with, incorporating yoga into your workers’ health routines is one of the simplest team-building activities and can be done with any sort of budget.

A yoga session requires simply a few floor mats and a group of eager individuals with a strong desire to live a healthier life.

Moreover, yoga classes can be held almost anywhere, such as a meeting room or an empty dining area.

Also, yoga sessions can be tailored to accommodate the schedules and space restrictions of companies as well as the unique demands of participants.

Way #8: Build a New Member Library

Even if your current team is friendly, joining a new company can be scary.

While you should encourage new workers to approach senior colleagues, your new team members can mix with other novices more comfortably.

Building a digital new member area and library can be a great idea. It will also help provide a pleasant atmosphere for your incoming staff.

You can start by collecting valuable materials such as staff manuals, style guidelines, contact lists, organizational charts, and a dictionary of corporate words in a Google Docs or Dropbox folder to construct the library.

In addition, you can limit a chat channel or video meeting room to new hires, and use it as the ‘new member lounge’ so that these folks have a secure environment to explore and network with other participants.

Way #9: Have an Off-site Happy Hour

Another wonderful way to boost the social vibes is to invite new recruits to a happy hour with the rest of the company, so they can see how people interact and collaborate.

It will seem much more natural with other workers of varying levels there than a one-on-one with your supervisor.

Another critical step is to invite the new recruit ahead of time.

This allows them to prepare for their new day.

Some individuals – but not all – are spontaneous planners; if your workers have families and other obligations outside of work, don’t expect them to drop everything to attend a happy hour.

Way #10: Reward New Recruits’ Accomplishments

Employee happiness and retention are greatly enhanced by recognition. 

We advise always making an effort to keep your staff feeling valued and appreciated when they do a good job, meet their goals, or go above and beyond what is required of them.

You can honor important occasions with gift cards, high-end branded presents, and goodies (such as achievement badges, high-end tech ware, or fancy glassware) for the best employee experience. 

Have  a look at this cool speaker: 

Many of these items will still be manufactured at a cheap cost while maintaining a high perceived value.

A sleek and beautiful decanter with a wide engraving space for customization – either your company picture or a message to a particular employee or team – is one unique concept. 

Let’s see what’s next.

Way #11: Write Welcome Notes

Postcards and handwritten notes have practically vanished from our daily lives. 

As a result, when we do get a handwritten message, it truly stands out.

Here are a few tips to help you out with your welcome letter or welcome message note:

  • Look for a high-quality blank card
  • Try to stay away from the excessively marketed cards
  • Tell newbies how happy you are to have them on board
  • Mention a few unique characteristics about the recipient to make it clear that this is a customized communication

Tell them why you believe they’re a good match for the job and what skills they have that will help them succeed.

We believe that if you write a message and place it on the employee’s desk on their first day, they will cherish it for years to come.

Way #12: Organize a Virtual Mixology Class

Send everybody on your team a cocktail-making kit and have a professional bartender teach everyone how to make a couple of upgraded cocktail recipes. 

Alternatively, keep things low-key by having a novice cocktail maker on your team lead you through their favorite drink recipes

Don’t forget to add a drink recipe for any non-drinkers on the squad so that everyone can engage and feel included.

Moreover, remember that creative ways of showing employee appreciation, and participation in team-building events, don’t necessarily have to be large or costly.

Think outside the box, be innovative, and ask your employees what they want; that’s the most effective technique for ensuring everyone feels involved, driven, and a part of a team.

You can’t go wrong as long as you’re focused on rewarding your staff for a job well done and enhancing your work environment.

Way #13: Have a Corporate-wide Video Call

It’s one thing to have someone greet you through a messaging app or email. 

On the other hand, it’s a totally unique team bonding experience when you can put a face to the names that have welcomed you. 

We recommend taking time for your staff to greet the new recruit via video conference. 

Moreover, set aside some time for a company-wide video call so new remote workers can start introducing themselves and be introduced to the rest of the team.

This helps new workers put a face and character behind the names they’ll be hearing, which is important when they begin to collaborate with the rest of the team.

If scheduling a company-wide video chat is too difficult for any reason, or if your organization is too large, plan smaller team calls.

As a result, your new employee will be presented to all of the important individuals they will be engaging regularly as part of their position.

These kinds of gestures may go a long way to making your new remote employee feel accepted and a part of the team.

Let’s check our last way on the list.

Way #14: Integrate the Buddy System 

According to studies, 87% of organizations that use a buddy program throughout the employee onboarding process efficiently accelerate new employee competency. 

A buddy system is simple to set up and won’t cost you anything. 

You just need to pair your new remote employee with a senior remote employee and seek frequent check-ins throughout the first few months to verify they are getting accustomed to their new position and remote work.

In addition, the culture buddy system enables workers to mentor new employees on all aspects of the company culture and principles. The buddy is expected to collaborate closely with the new hire manager to develop the onboarding process and serve as a mentor for position-specific inquiries.

Before their first day, new remote employees should be introduced to these pals and coached through the onboarding process with regular contact and check-ins. 

Since communication with virtual workers must be more purposeful and recurrent than in an office environment, check-ins should be done frequently – every two weeks or so, at the very least.

Our piece has come to an end; let’s wrap up. 

Now Over to You

Remember that onboarding is a critical phase that sets the tone for future work interactions. 

If you do onboarding correctly, you will have a dependable, valuable workforce for years to come. 

If you do it incorrectly, you might spoil a relationship before it even begins, leaving an employee feeling detached, undervalued, and disheartened.

If you have any questions regarding employee engagement methods and the onboarding process overall, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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