How to Place an Order Using Our Swag Pack Builder in 5 Easy Steps

At SwagDrop, we aim to serve you in the best ways possible.  In fact, we have revamped our website with […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

At SwagDrop, we aim to serve you in the best ways possible. 

In fact, we have revamped our website with some brand new tools to enhance your swag purchasing experience. 

Today, we are introducing you to our Swag Pack Builder

Before we start, we want you to understand why swag really matters.

Long story short, company swag will help you attract top personnel to your company. 

Plus, when workers wear your promotional apparel, your company’s name is promoted. 

People will become interested in you and may inquire about you or check you out online.

Keep on reading to learn more about our tool and how to use it in 5 easy steps

Let’s get into it.

Table of Contents

A Few Words About Our Swag Pack Builder

Step #1: Choose Your Products

Step #2: Design a Fab Logo & Upload it to the Builder

Step #3: Add Your Company & Contact Info

Step #4: Get Your Product Mockups

Step #5: Approve the Mockups & Place Your Order

Bonus Step: Chat with Us 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Few Words About Our Swag Pack Builder

First things first: our Swag Pack Builder lets you create branded swag packs filled with our available items.

From tumblers, backpacks, and apparel, to even snacks, you have a variety of options to choose from. 

We have 12 categories, and 10 high-quality items in each one.

Our tool lets you upload your own logo so it can beautifully decorate all of your chosen items, creating the perfect branded look.

We have created a 5-step guide so you can fully understand how the process goes!

Let’s jump in.

Step #1: Choose Your Products

We have a lot of different product categories. Choose whichever item(s) suit your taste and best align with your brand.

Before you upload your logo, you will first pick your required category; then, you will choose what’s needed from all the different items we have, as shown below.

All you need to do is pick the item you like most and add the required quantity to your cart!

Once you add the required quantity into the cart, the amount and the pricing will reflect instantly.

Keep in mind how more beneficial it is when employees and consumers actually take your gift home and utilize it.

If it’s a water bottle or a nice branded notebook, your employees will not only be happy about them, but also, when they travel, they will be promoting you with those items, exposing more people to your business.

What many people don’t consider when purchasing swag is the impact you’ll be able to make after customers wear their branded clothing outside of the business.

Putting your name on something that people can purchase on their own – even if it takes more time and money – will be profitable in the long run.

Step #2: Design a Fab Logo & Upload it to the Builder

Start by uploading your logo to the “Upload Logo Here” section on the checkout page.

We have used our SwagDrop logo for illustration in the below screenshots. 

Once you have uploaded your logo, you shall find it appearing on our swag options, as shown below. 

Author’s Note: You get a basic representation of standard imprint location when you upload your logo. You will have the chance to request any changes when you officially start your project with us. 

Furthermore, we have packing options if you need to order customer mailer boxes with customized sticker labels.

Author’s Note: If you’re looking for a different type of box or packaging, you can contact us to make a custom request.

Step #3: Add Your Company & Contact Info

Before you proceed with the whole checkout process, you will add your company and contact details, as you can see here.

Make sure to fill in all of the information correctly.

If you have any further suggestions, need to receive your order on a specific date, or need your order shipped to multiple addresses, you can fill that in the “Additional Information” section (as shown below).

Step #4: Get Your Product Mockups

Before you commit to your order, there is another step: “Product Mockups”.

Our design team will produce and share branded mock-ups based on your preferences, free of charge

We want you to see the product mock-ups before you commit to an order so that you can ensure you are happy with how your promotional products look and are 100% satisfied with the end results.

After we finish the mock-ups, you will get to share your thoughts with us!

Step #5: Approve the Mockups & Place Your Order

We will begin working on your order after you have approved the mock-ups.

After you review the mock-ups and everything is confirmed, payment is the next step. 

That’s it!

Bonus Step: Chat with Us

Don’t hesitate to chat with us regarding any of your order or merch needs.

It helps us develop a clearer view of what you need and how to properly serve you. 

In addition, when you contact us through the ordering process, we can guarantee that your requests are being fulfilled how you want, and that you’re ending up with products you love. 

This helps both ends save time and money!

Your feedback and recommendations help us improve our process. 

Now Over to You

Remember that creating a sense of business identity is an important aspect of maintaining a good workplace culture. 

Using business swag is a simple but incredibly effective technique to establish company identification.

Company swag will help you make a lasting impression on present and future customers, in addition to promoting a unique office culture.

We hope you start using our Swag Pack Builder and enjoy the ride with us. 

Make sure to contact us if you have questions or if you need any help with our tools or choosing the best swag options.

Thank you for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can anyone use SwagDrop’s Swag Pack Builder?

Our tool can help businesses of all sizes promote their brand, increase public awareness, and build deeper, long-term connections with workers and consumers.

Anyone can use SwagDrop’s Swag Pack Builder; the tool is accessible and easy to use. 

We are also here to help if you feel stuck at any step. 

Q2. Do I have to commit to an order before I get to see how the products will look?

No, you don’t commit to any orders before you review how your products look.

Once you return back to us with your approval, we start working on your order, and the payment gets deducted.

Q3. Will you charge me for creating product mockups?

Product mock-ups are free of charge.

Q4. What product categories SwagDrop’s Swag Pack Builder offers?

We offer the following product categories:

How can we help?

If you need a hand, have an unanswered question, please fill out our contact form and our friendly sales staff will get back to you ASAP!