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23 Golf Tournament Gifts to Elevate Your Sports Events in 2023

You are in the middle of planning your next golf event and are already swamped by the number of tasks […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

You are in the middle of planning your next golf event and are already swamped by the number of tasks you need to complete. Then you suddenly remember that you missed getting your hands on tournament-branded gifts.

There’s no need to panic, as we have your back!

Our article will provide you with 23 of the best golf tournament ideas, so feel free to worry about one less thing.

Table of Contents

1. Slowtide Links Golf Towel

2. Golf Links Cooler

3. Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit

4. CORKCICLE Whiskey Wedge

5. Petite Gourmet Gas Grill

6. Hole-in-one Golf Bundle

7. Stemless Wine Cup Gift Set

8. Golf Buddy Kit

9. Auto Open Folding Golf Umbrella

10. Roll-Up Sun Visor with Pouch

11. Outdoor 5-Piece Wellness Set

12. Allen Sunglasses

13. UNTUCKit Performance Polo

14. Golf Links Shoe Bag

15. Oversized Folding Chair

16. Game Day Folding Table

17. Plaid Picnic Blanket Tote

18. Easy Inflate Air Couch

19. Spinning Charcuterie Board

20. Bullware Bottle Opener

21. Connoisseur Wine Tote

22. Peak Single Sphere Ice Mold

23. CORKCICLE Sport Canteen

The Slowtide links golf towel will be handy for any tournament because it keeps clubs and grips clean.

Especially in damp or muddy weather, high-quality towels are always helpful for wiping sweat off your forehead and wiping down anything else you may come across throughout your loop, such as a wet bench.

What’s really cool about this towel is that it’s made of 100% recycled microfiber polyester and has a double-sided waffle weave design that absorbs water, keeps clubs and balls clean, and is absorbent.

It also has a metal carabiner clasp for easy attachment and removal from a golf bag.

Nothing matches a chilled drink after a long match!

The golf links cooler can take up to 6 cans and comes with a durable bottle opener which makes it ideal for any sports tournament break and celebration.

It can also be used as a sling bag or attached to a more oversized bag if needed.

Author’s Tip: You can combine this promotional product with a branded golf shirt, a golf cap, a reusable water bottle, a koozie, and a golf club to create the ultimate golf giveaway.

3. Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit

Mixing refreshing cocktails on your golf outing will definitely take it to the next level.

And the W&P Moscow mule cocktail kit is here to help you!

This cocktail kit comes with tangy ginger syrup, a lime concentrate, and capsicum to make two top-shelf Moscow Mules wherever you are on the golf course. 

It also includes a ½ oz jigger, a recipe card, a miniature bar spoon, a beautiful linen coaster, and a unique berry nut mix, all wrapped in an elegant pouch, as you see in the above image.

Author’s Tip: You can twin this promo cocktail kit with a stainless steel tumbler to leave a great impression and ensure that your clients and employees drink in style.

4. CORKCICLE Whiskey Wedge

This beautiful-looking whiskey wedge from CORKCICLE will impress your fellow golfers; it’s the perfect glass for someone who appreciates sipping their whiskey smoothly, and it chills any spirits in the chicest way!

It also includes an ice silicone mold and can carry up to 4 oz of liquid with the wedge ice cube.

Just imagine how great everyone will look holding these at your golf events or enjoying their drinks at a post-match bbq party.

Author’s Tip: You can add a nice touch to this elegant swag item by including a golf kit with your custom logo and a pair of golf gloves. That sounds like an impressive goodie bag!

5. Petite Gourmet Gas Grill

A good game of golf and some cocktails; what’s missing?

A tasty meal!

The tiny, high-performance Cuisinart petite gourmet gas grill delivers superb grilled taste every time, and you’ll get to carry it easily thanks to its lightweight and compact design.

Despite its small size, the grill’s practical cooking grate is big enough to cook meals for a gathering—for example, 8 steaks, 8 burgers, 6–10 chicken breasts, or over 4 pounds of fish.

The grill warms up rapidly and consumes far less gas than a full-sized barbecue which is a great feature.

Another bonus is that the grill features a spill-resistant drip tray, so no one will stain their golf tee anytime soon!

6. Hole-in-one Golf Bundle

When offering sponsor gifts for golf tournaments, this hole-in-one golf bundle is a winner.

The gift includes two exclusive brand products that any golfer will love and use: a dry golf towel with a weave design on both sides to absorb water with clean clubs and balls, and a lemon twist cocktail kit to prepare a killer drink.

7. Stemless Wine Cup Gift Set

If you’re looking for your next golf tournament prize, the stemless wine cup gift set you see here makes a wonderful choice.

Not only do the cups look stylish, but they also keep any chilled drink cold for 9 hours and any hot beverage hot for up to five hours.

In addition, these branded cups are made of sturdy stainless steel material for guaranteed quality.

You’ll also have plenty of space to make your business logo pop with a choice of various colors.

8. Golf Buddy Kit

The most useful golf gift does exist and it’s this golf buddy—a beaded plastic chain containing 12 golf ball tees and three golf ball markers.

It also boasts a small design that makes it simple to put in your bag, making it the ideal complement to your next round of golf for new or experienced players.

Author’s Tip: Why not add a branded bag tag, a caddy, a cooling towel, and a color-matching keychain to this custom golf tool? These simple additions can surely take this gift to the next level.

9. Auto Open Folding Golf Umbrella

You always have to be ready for any weather scenario.

Whether it’s rainy or sunny, the auto-open folding golf umbrella will save the day on the golf course.

The umbrella has a large vented canopy with strong pongee material; it also incorporates a foldable, two-section, hexagonal metal pole joined to light fiberglass ribs for extreme support.

In addition, this branded item is windproof, folds up to 21″ when closed, and includes a robust foam handle with an attached wrist strap. 

What’s more, the case that comes with it matches the color of the canopy and includes a comfortable shoulder strap, and your fellow players can use it to store the umbrella neatly.

Consider hooking your playing mates up with custom sun visors for added protection during their games.

10. Roll-Up Sun Visor with Pouch

The roll-up sun visor has a hook and loop closure, and a handy 70-gram non-woven polyester drawstring carry sack.

And the best part is that it comes in a variety of fun colors that you can match with any of your giveaway golf accessories.

Another great feature is that it’s made of paper, so you have a sustainable golf swag item at hand.

11. Outdoor 5-Piece Wellness Set

The outdoor 5-piece wellness set has everything your tournament players need to protect themselves from any circumstances.

First, this set comes with sunscreen and afterburn spray, an important combo for all outdoor activities; we all know how easily someone can forget to wear sunscreen and end up badly burnt. 

Plus, the set includes a hand sanitizer, a bug repellent, and an after-bite spray, and the contents come in a strong travel case for your players to put anywhere without hesitation.

12. Allen Sunglasses

Check how cool the Allen sunglasses are; they’re an absolute must-have for all of your fellow golfers.

This folding eyewear has a fashionable fake wood finish and UV 400 protection lenses to safeguard your eyesight from the sun’s glare. 

Also, these standard-lens sunglasses are comfortable and unisex, with a polycarbonate structure that makes them a perfect wearable item for all of your outdoor activities.

13. UNTUCKit Performance Polo

Looking for high-quality golf apparel?

The UNTUCKit performance polo is one of the best options you can get your hands on, as it’s made for an active lifestyle.

The short-sleeved polo is knit with a considerable amount of elasticity for movement and athletic-looking side panels. 

Also, the casual fit and structured collar help to keep its shape for the long haul.

The Golf Links shoe bag enables you to carry and store your golf shoes.

It also comes with a grommet feature that allows for ventilation while also enabling debris and dust to fall out when needed.

Plus, it has a wipeable interior for easy cleaning and a top carry handle for convenience. 

15. Oversized Folding Chair

Finished your matches? Looking for some rest with your golf buddies?

That’s where the oversized folding chairs will come in handy.

This chair can hold 500 lbs thanks to its extra-sturdy steel structure and tough 600D fabric. 

Also, this XL chair includes two mesh cup holders, and packs up small for convenient travel and storage in the carry case supplied.

16. Game Day Folding Table

We’ve got folding chairs, so we definitely need the folding table for a great match.

The Game Day folding table is the ideal addition to your golf day, as you’ll get to gather everyone together for a meal or some entertainment.

This table has a 600D polyester surface supported by a strong steel frame and four functional mesh cup holders. 

What’s more, the table is lightweight and simple to install and remove. It can also be dismantled and placed in a compact carrying case when not in use.

17. Plaid Picnic Blanket Tote

The plaid picnic blanket tote is fantastic for unwinding, lying down, and enjoying the weather after a few matches. Or your spectators can use it for seating while watching everyone play.

This picnic blanket is 70″ by 80″ and has a warm, fuzzy fleece interior and a waterproof exterior. 

Also, the tote has an additional carrying strap for convenience.

18. Easy Inflate Air Couch

This easy inflate air couch will bring a pop of color to your golf surroundings, and will provide a guaranteed seat to anyone in need of one.

The compact sofa is simple to inflate and does not need an extra pump! 

In addition, the fabric measurements are roughly 90″ by 50,” with the final sofa size variable depending on inflation.

19. Spinning Charcuterie Board

A good match day needs great snacks, and preparing a charcuterie board ticks the box.

The 14″ spinning charcuterie board by Graze is suitable for dressings, relishes, spices, and condiments. 

It also has plenty of capacity and turns 360 degrees, allowing everyone at the table convenient access. 

Another benefit of this board is that it’s composed of Acacia wood and accented with stainless steel, so it’s both great looking and sturdy.

20. Bullware Bottle Opener

Need to open a few beers? Hunting for a great tool?

The Bullware bottle opener will add a touch of sophistication to your next tournament or dinner party. 

This elegant wood-handled bottle opener has a leather wrist strap that can also hang anywhere you need.

21. Connoisseur Wine Tote

Your tournament barbeque or dinner party at the country club will be made complete with the connoisseur wine tote.

Of course, you’ll be bringing your bottle in style!

This tote is made of vegan and sustainable paper material, so if you’re looking for an eco-friendly gift, this one is a great option.

22. Peak Single Sphere Ice Mold

You’ll have sleek-looking cocktails that’ll impress everyone as well as the perfect ice shape with the peak single-sphere ice mold.

This mold creates a 2½ ” huge ice sphere, ideal for all beverages.

The novel design incorporates a slanted interior mold to produce a smooth sphere and an elastic two-piece silicone structure for simple ice sphere release.

23. CORKCICLE Sport Canteen 

The CORKCICLE sport canteen lets everyone play and answer their thirst with no slipping whatsoever.

This tumbler is fully insulated and features a non-slip bottom, so it can be put down anywhere without worrying.

In addition, it comes with a wide top so you can add ice cubes anytime you want.

Get Top Golf Tournament Gifts

We hope we have helped you brainstorm the best golf swag options for your golf function. 

We have you covered if you need help picking swag items for your next tournament or sports event; we can make your event a smashing hole-in-one, from the more basic golf-related promotional freebies to more high-end goodies for presents and prizes.

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