Corporate office party games, events, and ideas are essential for workplace festivities. 

A well-organized work social event allows workers and staff to interact personally while partaking in enjoyable party activities that are ideal for a large group environment.

Also, office parties are an excellent chance for employees to enhance their sense of belonging and engagement. 

In our post, we have compiled 23 fun office party ideas to make your next event an absolute blast.

Let’s get reading!

Table of Contents

Idea #1: Virtual Talent Show

Idea #2: Combined Birthday Party 

Idea #3: Cooking Competition

Idea #4: Group Scavenger Hunt

Idea #5: Winter Wonderland

Idea #6: Morning Breakfast Party

Idea #7: Hollywood Dress-up

Idea #8: Virtual Escape Room

Idea #9: Happy Hour

Idea #10: Murder Mystery

Idea #11: Office Movie

Idea #12: Themed Office Parties

Idea #13: Santa’s Workshop

Idea #14: Sports Day

Idea #15: Photo Booth

Idea #16: 60’s Throwback Party

Idea #17: Fun Potluck 

Idea #18: Virtual Karaoke Party

Idea #19: Online Jeopardy Game

Idea #20: Vacay in Hawaii 

Idea #21: Pajama Party

Idea #22: Halloween Costume Day

Idea #23: Arabian Night

6 Office Party Essentials

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Idea #1: Virtual Talent Show

A virtual talent show is a great way to bring together distant workers and build camaraderie.

It allows employees to showcase their abilities and perform something they’re talented in or passionate about in front of a safe audience. 

A range of performances can be done including singing, dancing, acting, stand-up comedy, drawing, cooking, and so on, and individuals can even offer spontaneous acts to make them more exciting.

This can occur on video conferencing services like Zoom and Teams with the ability for individuals to upvote for the performances as part of their support for the participants. 

Moreover, polls might be launched to choose the winners if the host intends to organize several competitions.

Employees are also urged to participate in the virtual talent show with their relatives and friends for moral support and fun. 

Isn’t it true: the more, the merrier? Guests can engage in icebreaker sessions led by the emcee, vote in entertaining polls, and have a good time. 

They can also help generate funds for the virtual talent event and spread the news.

Idea #2: Combined Birthday Party

This low-cost workplace party idea is a terrific way to celebrate your coworkers. 

Whenever a team member celebrates a birthday or a work anniversary, plan a celebration for them, even if it means asking the rest of the team to take a break from work for 30 minutes so that cake and refreshments can be enjoyed. 

Try to combine the several days you’re celebrating since people are busy, which is also beneficial for your finances. 

If there are two birthdays in the same week (or work anniversary, etc.), hold just one celebration to fit both dates.

This concept may also be used to recognize a teammate’s longest tenure, a promotion, a retirement, or good team/company PR.

Idea #3: Cooking Competition

Instead of purchasing all the food yourself, host a cooking contest and have some fun!

Test your team by providing them with a nice treat to have a culinary competition. 

You can also have a salsa or guacamole competition; for this, it is advisable to choose a cuisine type that can be prepared quickly without the use of a kitchen appliance. 

A tasting station with paper plates should then be put up to determine which team executed it best.

Author’s Note: A cooking competition is a wonderful chance to sip on some margaritas, so why not give your fellow mates some cool margarita-making kits like the one you can see here?

This kit has everything you need to make two delightful margarita cocktails and will liven everybody up.

Idea #4:  Group Scavenger Hunt

Everyone enjoys a good scavenger hunt, right?

Your summer workplace party can be ideal for participating in this challenging-but-fun team-building activity.

You can also concentrate on getting food and beverages by using products already at the workplace for this activity.

Depending on the number of workers you have, divide them into pairs or groups and offer each group a set of printed clues to solve along with items to find.

Set a 2- to 3-hour time restriction and choose a location where all teams will gather. 

The place is up to you; it might be an outdoor or indoor area, or it could even be across the entire city! 

Personalize the workplace scavenger hunt’s clues depending on employee interests and ask them to snap photographs of each item they locate using their smartphones.

Idea #5: Winter Wonderland

It’s crucial to be inclusive when planning holiday parties, but picking a theme might be challenging. Something simple yet effective that highlights the season is a winter wonderland theme.

Attendees love to dress up for the holidays, so you probably won’t need to establish a strict dress code to encourage everyone to come dressed to impress. Simply let them know that things will be a bit more formal.

If the gathering is more formal, choose classic plated selections like tenderloin, chicken, trout, or grilled portabellas for a veggie meal.

Serve hot toddies, blueberry martinis, red wine, and dark winter brews to match the season’s tastes.

Since it’s the end of the year, it is the ideal moment to release a business Christmas video and a summary of the year’s successes, too.

Then, a little dancing and music can’t hurt!

A white-on-white color scheme or shimmering jewel tones seem like attractive alternatives for the office décor.

Winter staples like poinsettia plants, fireplaces, and warm blankets will enhance the ambiance. 

You should undoubtedly add a few snowflakes to give the perfect touch to this holiday office party idea.

Author’s Note: This type of event calls for giving away some nice cozy beanies that will match the winter vibes.

Idea #6: Morning Breakfast Party

This workplace party idea is inexpensive, fast, and straightforward. 

Local coffee shops often provide healthy breakfasts and discounts to local companies. 

You can start the day off right for your team with a breakfast of fresh fruit, smoothies, nutrient-rich juices, and premium coffee.

You can also take this breakfast to a new level if you don’t want to be too simple.

Do you want a tray of bagels? 

For a little bit extra, mix lox with cream cheese (pre-portion quantities on tiny plates if you’re worried about just ordering what you need). 

Also, a high-quality cheese board isn’t out of place at breakfast, but it’s unique enough to make the occasion unforgettable. 

These little details convey that breakfast is an occasion to recognize a job well done and take a break from the daily grind.

Idea #7: Hollywood Dress-up

Many people enjoy movies and would love to be treated like a star.

You can start by reserving a local movie theater, gala hall, or anywhere a red carpet can be rolled out.

Decor can be inspired by the Golden Age with lots of gold and silver decor or simply by black and white.

Not to mention that popcorn and movie theater candies make great options for light snacks, or, for a more luxurious alternative, steak and lobster will do.

Several movie theaters will allow you to arrange a special advanced screening of a new movie as part of your event; however, any film will do!

You may even go a step further and hire someone to take guests’ handprints in wet cement outside your building, like the Chinese Theater.

Idea #8: Virtual Escape Room

There’s nothing like collaborating with someone to achieve a goal. 

Your team won’t only be solving clues in a virtual escape room; they’ll also be developing ties that will translate into a positive and fun company atmosphere.

Teams end with virtual high-fives and even organize virtual happy hours to review those crucial moments that either won or lost them the game. 

So, whether your team escapes in 60 minutes or not, they’re developing connections that will help them tackle any challenge at work together. 

It’s a victory no matter what!

Moreover, communication is essential to team success in a virtual escape room and the workplace. 

When you’re up against a deadline, you need to be able to depend on your team to interact simply and efficiently.

You don’t want to be trapped in a situation where development is slowed because your team isn’t communicating correctly. 

Everything happens so quickly as you enter through the virtual door of the escape room. 

Hence, the team must communicate to progress.

When your team tries to figure out that last hint to help them move on to the next series of puzzles, they will learn to communicate like never before!

Idea #9: Happy Hour

One of the best ideas for a work party is to host cocktail parties or workplace happy hours. 

The staff will get an excellent opportunity to unwind and chat while enjoying a drink at these gatherings. 

You might have the party at a neighborhood bar, book an event venue, or bring a bartender to the workplace.

You can even create custom cocktails for the occasion or teach the group how to mix drinks as a way to enhance team bonding and make it more memorable.

Idea #10: Murder Mystery

There has been a murder, and it’s up to you to figure out who committed it! 

The game has begun, so you and your squad must hurry up the pace and solve this riddle before anybody else is wounded (theoretically speaking, of course). 

Solving a murder mystery as a group will bring you closer together and give you many memories to last a lifetime.

Several classic murder mysteries and “whodunnits” are available for purchase online or at any reputable toy/game shop. 

There are mysteries to solve. For example, Murder Aboard, Murder in the Red Room, and The Reading of the Will

All three of these games are inexpensive and will be a lot of fun for the participating teams.

However, if your team prefers to go out and about and turn this office party idea into an all-day affair, CluedUpp is a terrific option!

CluedUpp is a “city-wide, crime-solving adventure game” that sends you on a strange treasure hunt across your neighborhood using your mobile GPS!

The software directs you to meet and question virtual suspects to solve the crime and crack the case. 

Despite being somewhat more costly than comparable boxed board games, this fun game experience is designed to generate memories that will last a lifetime.

Idea #11: Office Movie

This concept can work at any time of day; you could do a poll to see what sorts of movies your employees prefer to watch. 

Make a comfortable location for everyone to assemble to enjoy a movie with plenty of tasty refreshments. 

Author’s Tip: You can give away customized tumblers to serve refreshments and let your team members keep them afterward, creating a great, long-lasting impression.

Also, you can simply put up an outdoor movie theater if you have a large outside area. 

If not, contact your city to inquire about setting up at a nearby park. 

Otherwise, consider renting projectors, speakers, and screens to set it up yourself.

Idea #12: Themed Office Parties

A themed office party might help break the ice and create a sense of solidarity, especially for the holiday season.

“Ugly Christmas Sweater” parties can put party goers in a friendly and lighthearted mood. 

Having something to chat about immediately alleviates some of the uneasiness that might accompany business gatherings, shifts the emphasis away from work, and fosters socialization.

If you’re searching for a theme other than ugly sweaters, we recommend going full-on ’70s basement. 

Consider embarrassing family vacation photographs and an Elton John playlist.

You can even take group shots near the fireplace using disposable cameras or an Instax (or the crackling logs station on Netflix). 

Alternatively, you can channel a Danish hygge mood with tea candles, gingerbread cookies, hot chocolate, and lots of aquavit.

Other office party themes to consider are:

  • Retro (e.g., 1960s, 1970s, 1990s)
  • Medieval
  • Winter Wonderland in black tie
  • Night at the movies
  • Luau Hawaiian party 

Idea #13: Santa’s Workshop

What is Santa up to at the North Pole? Why don’t you investigate? 

Set up your party area to resemble Santa’s workshop with a place for Santa to visit, stacks of presents ready to be loaded into the sleigh, and various workstations where industrious elves have entertaining tasks for visitors to do.

You should be able to find someone willing to wear a Santa suit at your business. 

Everyone can also take turns getting their photo taken with Santa – the images will undoubtedly grow sillier and sillier as the night goes on. 

It might be fun to include a few accessories to make the images more engaging.

Furthermore, each elf’s “workstation” contains a variety of tasks that either challenge the guest’s inventiveness or team-building abilities. 

Make popsicle stick bridges, make your own sushi, or color each other’s faces. 

A “Santa’s Workshop” theme is also a terrific way to get your employees involved in a worthwhile cause by bringing them food and supplies for charity baskets and assisting with gift wrapping.

You could even hold a “hands-free” gift wrapping contest—everyone partners up for this. 

One person places their hands behind their back while the other stands behind them, hands passing between the openings in their arms. 

Also, each team then attempts to wrap a gift in pairs, with the person in front stooping and providing directions to assist the person in the back, who can’t see what they’re doing. 

Idea #14: Sports Day

Tailgates are great office party ideas for important sports events like the Super Bowl or the playoffs for your local team, but you could also arrange tailgates for workplace softball games or simply for fun.

Section off the parking space for the occasion if you want to conduct a workplace tailgate. 

If your building has a parking garage, we suggest using the top level so your employees can enjoy the sunlight. 

In addition, only a few approved personnel should park and open their vehicles, particularly those with large vehicles such as trucks and minivans.

Some ideas for corporate tailgate parties include:

  • Allow staff to wear team jerseys or colors
  • Give away themed brand merchandise such as caps, sunglasses, and foam fingers
  • Organize a car-decorating contest
  • Order pizza and wings, or rent grills or food trucks
  • Have a BBQ party

Idea #15: Photo Booth

Photo booths are a popular addition to any event space or office Christmas party, as your employees will love how all of their selfies turn out and the unforgettable photos they take.

DJs and event businesses can rent photo booths for a few hundred dollars. 

Event photo booths should ideally meet the following criteria:

  • Be tiny and portable from one event to the next 
  • Looks excellent in the event atmosphere 
  • Rapidly post photographs to social media by using customizing options such as themes, overlays, logos, and chroma-key social media sharing
  • Capture customer data such as email addresses, phone numbers, names, and custom data fields

Idea #16: 60’s Throwback Party

If you want to go hippie, getting decorations and materials for your party will be a breeze. 

Think tie-dye, peace signs, and brilliant wacky hues to get into that groovy mood! 

To create a hippie theme, get your hands on the following:

  • Tie-dye tablecloths 
  • Plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery with a peace symbol on them
  • Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, the Beatles, and other prominent 1960s musicians/bands’ photographs or posters
  • Lava lamps
  • Large yellow happy faces, peace signs, and surreal decorations

You can also switch your light bulbs to brightly colored ones to make the corporate party cooler.

In addition, give all of your guests love beads and flowers to wear so that they can match the theme perfectly.

To create a theme, get the following:

  • Balloons in various colors (yellow, red, blue, and orange)
  • Chandeliers made of crystal or glitter
  • Champagne flutes (or punch bowl and match glasses if you don’t want to use champagne)
  • Posters of pop art 
  • Flags of Great Britain

Idea #17: Fun Potluck 

Bored of everyone rushing out for a fast meal at lunch? 

Then plan a monthly team potluck and encourage everyone to bring a dish to share and spice up the work environment.

Encourage each of your coworkers to bring a home-cooked meal to share with the group, whether a simple appetizer or an exquisite dessert, and then plan an office luncheon so everyone can try one another’s cuisine.

Employees will get to know one another better through their food, and potlucks are popular events since, after all, who can say no to a free buffet?

What people get is entirely up to them (ideally home-cooked, but leaving it to them), but keep note of who is bringing what. 

As the coordinator, you can fill in any meal gaps, such as if there aren’t enough vegetarian or meat alternatives or if a dessert is missing.

You might also hold a cultural potluck lunch with cuisine from everyone’s culture if you collaborate with others from various states or nations. 

Another idea is to ask them to bring in local dishes if they are from a similar city or country.

Author’s Note: This is an excellent opportunity to give out reusable lunch boxes and impress all your staff members.

Idea #18: Virtual Karaoke Party

If you didn’t play in a band in high school or college, here is your opportunity to do so virtually! 

A virtual karaoke is held using meeting platforms; the hosts will oversee the event, go through the rules with participants, and present the music choices. 

Furthermore, ask if anybody has access to the lyrics of a song that the group would want to perform.

After an hour, you may continue the session using Zoom or the Karaoke Online Chrome plugin

It has an extensive playlist with lyrics that flash on the screen as you share it, allowing everyone to give the song their best!

Idea #19: Online Jeopardy Game

Jeopardy! is a famous American trivia game created by Merv Griffin in the mid-1960s.

You can build your own Jeopardy game – accessible online and via mobile gaming applications – to share with your teammates.

The structure of online jeopardy is that participants are given general knowledge hints to which they must respond. 

Moreover, you can test your wits against everyone else to determine who knows the most about international events! 

Idea #20: Vacay in Hawaii 

You can set the tone for your party with very little cash. 

If you incorporate pineapples and coconuts in your design, you may even plan on eating your decorations after the luau is finished! 

 Decoration ideas include:

  • Placemats made of bamboo
  • Orchid, hibiscus, birds of paradise, and other tropical flower arrangements
  • Seashell decorations 
  • Leaves or palm trees
  • Floral lei

All of the above can be included in a campy beach party, but you can also incorporate any of the following Hawaiian icons:

  • Hula dancers made of plastic
  • Surfboards
  • Leis made of plastic
  • Paper umbrellas

Also, don’t forget to dress your visitors in bright Hawaiian shirts and straw hats, and greet them with a flower lei.

Idea #21: Pajama Party

Because pajamas are the new business clothes, your party goers have the dress code down pat! 

Host a pajama party with a “casual” theme with everyone dressed in loungewear. 

You can even select a movie or miniseries episode to stream for everyone to watch together. 

A movie night with snacks and ice cream is a great opportunity and a fun way for your employees to relax as a group before saying farewell to a coworker who’s leaving the business.

Idea #22: Halloween Costume Day

This is one of the most incredible virtual holiday party ideas for sparking people’s imaginations. 

Dress everyone in scary costumes and award a prize for the most horrific outfit ever. 

The reward can be a thoughtful swag item, a gift exchange, a gift card, or a voucher redeemable at online businesses. 

Also, employees who work from home can dress up as ghosts, Dracula, Annabelle, or any other figure. 

You can even give extra points if they can create mood-setting items like DIY paper skulls, black cat drawings, and pumpkin carvings. 

Hold a round-the-circle storytime once everyone shares frightening tales, or go trick-or-treating.

Idea #23: Arabian Night

This will undoubtedly be the year’s biggest celebration. 

Make the place mysterious by decorating it with Moroccan décor. 

Also, you can rent a marquee complete with stools, tables, and elegant lighting. 

Make sure there will be plenty of food, shisha, and even belly dancers.

6 Office Party Essentials

Office parties are an excellent opportunity to give away fantastic swag items and make events more memorable.

The below freebies can be used for several events.

1. W&P Champagne Craft Cocktail Kit

The original champagne cocktail kit includes all of the quality ingredients required to make two top-shelf champagne cocktails wherever you are; just choose your favorite champagne and blend it up.

This item makes a great addition to happy hours and get-togethers. 

2. Breakfast Gift Bag

This kit is here to make anyone starve!

A typical New England breakfast is a memorable, hearty feast. 

This gift bag includes everything from coffee, to yummy pancake & waffle mix, to Maine maple syrup, and delicious blueberry jam.

You can check how the kit looks right here:

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Furthermore, this great freebie makes a lovely choice for breakfast parties and is great for Christmas giveaways.

3. Portable Beach Blanket and Pillow

This portable beach blanket and pillow fold neatly into the supplied compact bag for convenient storage.

This branded item is a cool gift for pajama parties, summer functions, or Hawaiian-themed parties.

 4. Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set

You can never go wrong with customized snacks, especially popcorn.

This snack gift box will impress your staff members at any movie night!

5. Unisex PARALLEL Knit Scarf

This stretchy knit scarf comes in several beautiful colors and has built-in handwarmer pockets to keep you warm in cold weather.

We’re sure this cozy fan favorite will rock any holiday party or Christmas event.

6. Soirée Tritan Pint Glass

The barware of this Tritan pint glass is worry-free because of its durable and shatterproof structure.

Therefore, it’s perfect for any indoor or outdoor event.

Now Over to You

Creating a low-stress and enjoyable workplace is an excellent way to keep staff happy and boost organizational motivation.

There is no reason why you can’t make gatherings more economical, efficient, and enjoyable for everyone. 

By doing some preparation and research, you can keep coming up with new and exciting events that won’t cost the firm too much time or money. 

Remember that fun can go a long way towards making people happy and developing a stronger company.

If you have any questions or are looking forward to combining cool party ideas with meaningful swag items, feel free to reach out anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the difference between a company party and an office party?

The difference between a company party and an office party is that an office party is often held for the company’s employees and departments. 

In contrast, a company party can include corporate clients, consumers, and employees.

Q2. What is a good decoration for an office party?

Good decorations for an office party can include the following:

  • Photo booths
  • Photo backdrops
  • Balloons
  • Letter banners
  • Stand-up paper cutouts

Q3. What do you need for an office party?

You need to do the following to organize an office party:

  • Set a budget
  • Choose your party committee
  • Select who will take part
  • Choose a theme
  • Select a date and place
  • Decide on a menu
  • Consider giving away rewards
  • Publicize your event

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