Gifts for Business Owners: 22 Practical Custom Gift Ideas & Tips

Gifts can help preserve or improve a professional connection that’s already in place, especially if you’re establishing your startup or […]

Mark Jackson

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Gifts can help preserve or improve a professional connection that’s already in place, especially if you’re establishing your startup or own business. 

Plus, business gift-giving helps in the development and establishment of new professional connections and entrepreneurship.

With that, you must be sure that the gift you give truly describes you or your company.

We’re here to help you with our list to keep you inspired. 

Our list includes:

  • Personalized mugs
  • A journal book set
  • A self-care gift set
  • A wireless charging desk clock
  • A herb grow kit

Plus, we have 17 more items to explore together. 

Let’s jump in.

Table of Contents

1. Personalized Mug

2. Journal Book Set

3. Self-care Gift Set

4. Wireless Charging Desk Clock

5. Herb Grow Kit

6. Premium Backpack

7. Wireless Earbuds

8. Tumbler

9. Travel Bottle Set

10. Premium Luggage

11. Pack-n-Fold Packing Folder

12. Travel Folio

13. Snacks and Candy

14. Wine and Spirits Valet

15. Reusable Lunch Bag

16. Personalized Card Holder

17. Memo Board

18. Felt Board with Letters

19. Cinema Light Box

20. Crossbody Padfolio

21. Tripod

22. Ring Light

4 Tips for Choosing Gifts for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Side Hustlers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Personalized Mug

Consider buying personalized mugs as a gift for your clients or business partners to mark a special occasion or a job well done. 

Personalized mugs are very adaptable and make perfect gifts for any occasion, especially for business owners.

A mug is a significant enough item to leave an impact on the receiver, showing that you care and are thinking about them. 

You’ll need to leave a positive lasting first impression, especially if you’re just starting your business and still building your connections. 

Let’s check our next item. 

2. Journal Book Set

You can never go wrong with a journal book set as a present.

It’s a timeless, practical gift for business entrepreneurs or anybody who feels tempted to scribble or doodle on paper.

This thoughtful gift will definitely showcase your business as functional.

A journal book set is also considered minimalistic, yet it’s handy, so that’s a plus too!

Author’s Tip: A journal book set makes a great gift for the holiday season; you can pair it with a matching pen too.

Our next item is a self-care gift set.

3. Self-care Gift Set

It’s been pretty noticeable over the past few years that self-care and wellness is more than simply a phrase; it’s a way of life.

With self-care at the forefront of many people’s minds, priorities are evolving and a demand for new daily activities and products is emerging. 

Why not offer a self-care gift set to others?

It makes a unique gift for any occasion, it works perfectly for a Christmas gift, or for a birthday gift.

For new business owners, you should be catching up on the newest trends out there

This gift will earn you lots of attention, for sure.

You can include the following in a self-care gift set:

  • Body lotion
  • Face cream
  • Headphones
  • Essential oils
  • Pillow mist
  • Yoga mat
  • Blanket

4. Wireless Charging Desk Clock

A wireless charging desk clock is incredibly cool.

You can both check the time and charge your phone with no cord whatsoever, and the best part? 

You get to keep it right on your desk all day long.

This is considered to be an entrepreneur gift that suits anyone from small business owners to clients or any employee with a desk.

The benefits of wireless charging include:

  • It’s a secure method of charging your phone
  • It reduces the pressure on your phone’s charging port

Wireless charging desks and pads are being installed in different locations throughout the globe, allowing you to charge your phone even if you’re out of energy and don’t have a cable.

5. Herb Grow Kit

Herb grow-kits are fun gifts that are also considered eco-friendly as well.

Growing herbs and plants like succulents can be incredibly relaxing and it adds a beautiful touch to the office surroundings. 

This gift choice will show how much you care for your client’s well-being, so make sure to send this to your favorite entrepreneur.

Author’s Tip: You can include a herb grow kit in your self-care or wellness gift basket.

Let’s see what’s next.

6. Premium Backpack

A premium backpack is useful throughout the day since it can be used for a variety of purposes and on various occasions.

A branded backpack will be beneficial and essential to your clients or fellow entrepreneur friends when traveling, on the road, or when they require a bag to carry their laptops and business gear.

They can use your cool gift for running errands or going to the gym; they’ll always have you on their mind as they carry your item on the go!

7. Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are a member of the useful gifts squad.

While wireless earphones have been available for a long time, their popularity skyrocketed with the introduction of smartphones. 

These gadgets allow us more access to media while we were on the go, so they make awesome gifts.

They are now a necessity as they are so versatile and audible. 

Your recipient will thank you since anyone can use this item at the office in a meeting, at the gym listening to music or podcasts, or even when they just want to unwind.

Moving forward to our next item on the list. 

8. Tumbler

Tumblers are low-cost freebies that can be personalized to promote your business.

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Custom tumblers, which are available in a variety of types and bright colors, are an excellent method for businesses of all kinds to promote their brand. 

To complement the promotional concept and budget, choose from a variety of popular types such as metal tumblers, plastic tumblers, or even porcelain tumblers.

Because of its practicality, all of your recipients will love this gift. 

Tumblers will undoubtedly be used often enough for your business to be remembered.

They’re both fashionable and efficient, and they’ll be a welcome addition to your audience’s drinkware collection. 

Furthermore, personalized tumblers have grown to be not only practical but also stylish accessories in order to adapt to the audience’s current lifestyle.

9. Travel Bottle Set

A travel bottle set is a lifesaver. 

No one wants a bulky bag with loads of bottles in it.

This kit will keep your client’s travel necessities organized and well-packed.

It’ll become their favorite buddy while traveling and it’ll always remind them of your business and brand.

Author’s Tip: You can include the travel bottle set in a summer gift pack or Christmas gift kit since those occasions scream travel time.

10. Premium Luggage

Premium luggage is a great business gift; it looks and feels elegant and professional. 

Your clients and recipients will go on long weekends and enjoy using this item. 

When traveling, the last thing you want to deal with is damaged luggage. 

Consider how unpleasant and annoying it will be to spend your time repairing your baggage rather than enjoying the scenery. 

When you’re on a business trip, this scenario might be even more stressful.

When you use high-quality luggage, you’ll avoid having to deal with a broken bag entirely. 

They are also exceptionally long-lasting

Overall, it’ll be much simpler to travel with high-quality baggage; you won’t have any difficulty hauling your stuff across railway stations or airports.

11. Pack-n-Fold Packing Folder

This item should be every business owner and entrepreneur’s best friend. 

The pack-n-fold packing folder reduces wrinkles, as it has compression sides that allow for two-way compression.

The set includes an instructional foldable board. 

On a business trip, your clients will look extremely polished and will have no worries about their professional attire.

12. Travel Folio

Travel folios are extremely sleek and minimalist for every business card holder.

The travel folio is a tiny passport-sized wallet that also stores your boarding tickets, cash, and cards before zipping them up securely.

It makes the perfect travel companion. 

Let’s see our upcoming item. 

13. Snacks and Candy

You can never go wrong with giving snacks and candy as gifts. 

Giving away individually packed snack products is terrific to thank your business partners, and approach to attract new and prospective consumers’ attention. 

Promotional cakes, pretzels, chocolates, nuts, personalized candies, and caramel cookies, for example, can make initial impressions of your company more memorable and pleasant.

Author’s Tip: Greet guests at your new facility with promotional candy, hold a tasty social media giveaway, or distribute personalized cookies at your next event.

14. Wine and Spirits Valet

Everyone loves a good glass of wine.

The wine and spirits valet is an insulated container that keeps your bottled beverage at the optimum temperature. 

You can gift this item with a bottle of wine already inside for the perfect gift box.

This item comes in a variety of colors and materials; leather valets look very classic and chic if that’s the look you’re going for when giving holiday gifts in particular. 

15. Reusable Lunch Bag

Reusable lunch bags preserve food and drinks at a temperature that’ll help them last much longer.  

In other words, fresh and flavorful meals are always guaranteed.

If you offer such lunch bags as promotional goods as part of your giveaway or marketing campaign, you will totally appeal to environmentally concerned people. 

These bags protect not just the environment, but also the food contained inside them. 

Furthermore, the lack of plastic makes them more accessible and popular on a broad scale, as more businesses are discouraging the use of plastic bags and products.

Since we’re talking about plastic, we should highlight that you’ll almost certainly discover eco-friendly lunch bags to complement your green marketing plan. 

A reusable lunch bag will endure for years.

16. Personalized Card Holder

Personalized card holders are efficient marketing tools since they allow for endless branding and advertising. 

Because so many people currently use cell phones, customized cardholders can be a quick and cost-effective solution to get your brand impressing everyone, from the target audience to clients and fellow entrepreneurs.

Our next item is a memo board.

17. Memo Board

A memo board is the right gift to keep track of all those stray notes, invoices, and reminders.

It’s quite similar to a whiteboard.

Memo boards keep everything organized in the office. 

Anyone can pin their important business cards and notes on the memo board. 

It helps decrease desk clutter and keeps what’s important right in front of your eyes

18. Felt Board with Letters

Felt boards with letters are easy to customize and they are for sure incredibly cute.

Anyone can create their custom messages and daily affirmations.

This gift is definitely a source of positivity and inspiration and will leave a kind impact on your recipient. 

Let’s see what we have in store next.

19. Cinema Light Box

A cinema light box will make your client’s workplace appear a hundred times nicer and warmer, increasing wellbeing.

They illuminate photographs or graphic presentations.

The graphics are displayed through the light-permeable thin cloth or thin plastic, as seen in the picture above.

They’ll add to anyone’s office decor and it’s a great gift for a new office. 

Let’s move forward.

20. Crossbody Padfolio

Crossbody padfolios are extremely practical gifts.

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A crossbody padfolio makes it easy to separate documents and notes for each meeting.

It’s easy to keep writing instruments inside with plenty of compartments for every item.

It can also be used as a bag for daily use as it comes in a crossbody shape, making it easier to move around; so send this item to your fellow new entrepreneurs. 

21. Tripod

Tripods can come in very handy for home offices and online businesses. 

A tripod enables you to utilize a long exposure and longer shutter rates of up to several seconds without the danger of moving the camera.

You can also use the flash to illuminate your object while taking advantage of long exposure to keep the backdrop from becoming too dark so it works effectively late at night. 

If your recipient has a lot of photography and video-making to do, sending this gift will be a great idea so no more brainstorming and go for it! 

Moving to our last item in our list.

22. Ring Light 

A ring light can be a wonderful tool especially for those who work at home.

A ring light is a round light that wraps around or shoots through the lens of a camera.

The primary function of the ring light is to throw an even light on the subject.

This decreases shadows and imperfections on the face while also brightening the eyes. 

As a result, ring lights are often employed in portraits and even videography when just one subject is being captured.

This item works nicely for video virtual meetings at home.

4 Tips for Choosing Gifts for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Side Hustlers

Relationships can be strengthened by sending gifts. 

However, it can be difficult to choose what’s suitable for a new business owner, an entrepreneur, or a client.

You want to ensure that your gift is considered helpful and applicable to the entrepreneur’s mission.

Check out our tips to make your gift choosing journey a lot easier. 

Tip #1: Give something that’s actually useful

It’s difficult for small company owners to go wrong with a practical and helpful present, even for small company owners. 

Concentrate on products that’ll make the entrepreneur’s life simpler in any manner.

For example, consider providing a coffee maker for your coffee shop-obsessed buddies who keep the hustle going in the early mornings, long nights, and through the long days. 

You can get an essential oils diffuser to fill the office with great relaxing aromas; this type of gift will benefit the whole workspace.

Tip #2: Give personal gifts

Personalized gifts are one of a kind and far from forgettable. 

A customized gift printed with the company’s logo or name will make a great deal.

Consider notebooks, coffee cups, and even luggage tags. 

A gift that showcases a business owner’s personality always gives a great sense of achievement.

Tip #3: Quality matters

You should also think about the quality of your gift in terms of how long it’ll last and how beneficial it’ll be. 

Choose something trustworthy and certain to last a long time when making your decisions.

Tip #4: Less is more

Appreciation gestures should be subtle, straightforward, considerate, and honest.

You don’t have to go overboard to show your gratitude. 

Giving gifts and sending greeting cards is a marketing strategy that’ll help you build your brand recognition.

Our piece has come to an end! 

Check below for our FAQ section, too. 

Now Over to You

Our list of 22 practical custom gifts for business owners has come to an end.

Remember that corporate gifting is significant because organizations that provide gifts are more likely to enhance sales, increase productivity, and build long-term business connections.

Establishing a positive reputation with people you deal with, from local businesses and partners to suppliers, is vital to set yourself on the right business strategy and path.

If you need a gift guide or need any tailored advice about corporate gifts, don’t hesitate to contact us

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Corporate gifts help increase team spirit and morale. They also help in building an incredible feeling of solidarity.

The most popular corporate gifts include:

  • Professional notebooks
  • Calendars
  • Padfolios
  • Coffee or tea blends
  • Portable phone chargers
  • Coffee mugs
  • T-shirts
  • Smart water bottles
  • Noise-canceling headphones

 Q2. What is a good gift for a business owner?

Gifting business owners is all about building trust and maintaining good relationships.

The most popular gifts for business owners include:

  • A travel folio
  • Wireless earbuds
  • A Bluetooth speaker
  • An essential oil diffuser
  • A desk organizer
  • A portable charger 

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