28 Real Estate Swag Items to Attract Clients & Wow Partners

Real estate agents are constantly on the hunt for unique and original real estate promotional products, whether it’s closing presents […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

Real estate agents are constantly on the hunt for unique and original real estate promotional products, whether it’s closing presents or swag for potential customers. 

Promotional items can help you remain top-of-mind with your clients and customers. Clients may then be more likely to return to you when they’re ready to purchase or sell property again.

So we have created this post for you with four different gift categories to browse from to help your customers stick with you.

After all, the goal is to be exceptional and memorable and for clients to see something and say, “That’s our agent!”

Let’s jump right in.

Table of Contents

4 Reasons Why Real Estate Swag Is a Good Idea

Promotional Swag

Partnership Gifts

Closing Gifts

Realtor Giveaways

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

4 Reasons Why Real Estate Swag Is a Good Idea

Investing in good real estate swag can take your business to the next level.

There’s much to reap, from brand visibility to more loyal customers and other fantastic benefits.

  1. It can boost your brand’s visibility and recognition

You can see many advertisements every day. Do all of them leave you with a lasting impression?

Possibly not, but many certainly do. 

If you enjoy checking out the advertisement of the promoted product, that means the promoted business is definitely doing something right!

Therefore, those whose profession is as dynamic as realtors and real estate agents should go one step further and get to use real estate swag items

These create a great impression of your presence and influence future clients and consumers. 

  1. It can help to boost client loyalty

It’s usual not to expect prospective clients and customers to return favors of any type when using promotional items and gifts to promote yourself and your business. 

However, using promotional items generates a sense of familiarity and trust that brings customers back to your business in an indirect way. 

There’s always a huge potential that these individuals will use your services or recommend you to others, so make good use of that. 

  1. It enables you to improve your conversations with potential customers

Most people begin by handing out business cards so individuals can contact them whenever necessary. 

However, business cards might become lost or misplaced somewhere.

As an alternative, promotional items can come to your aid; they’re also a terrific discussion starter. 

  1. It helps prolong the life of your marketing efforts

Based on the longevity of your promotional real estate gifts, your marketing plan will have an extended lifespan. 

For instance, if you provide a branded calendar, potential prospects can view it numerous times during the year and may even call you if they need your service at some point.

They might even pass over your contact information to anyone who needs it.

Also, don’t forget that your swag item may end up reaching other hands or households, as people sometimes do share branded giveaways and pass them around.

Now that you understand why it’s worth investing in real estate promotional swag, let’s check together what types of branded items you could give away.

Promotional Swag

If you’re looking to give away some cool gifts to your existing customers or you need some items to kick-start a journey with prospective buyers, you’re in the right place.

The below selection will do the trick and can definitely help you promote your business.

1. Wave Insulated Outdoor Blanket

The Wave blanket is a fantastic eco-friendly gift made of recycled polyester; this can highlight your brand in a good light as sustainable gifts are so in!

The custom blanket comes packaged in a 7″ x 13″ packing bag.

Also, the bag has a front slashed compartment for easy access to your phone or keys. This compact blanket is waterproof and insulated to provide additional heat.

2. Field & Co. Eco Utility Tote

Everyone likes a practical tote bag, and this Field & Co bag is no exception!

This tote bag makes another incredible sustainable gift option as it’s made of recycled polyester.

Also, you can comfortably carry your essentials in style, as this tote comes with enough storage and compartments.

Author’s Tip: You can pair this item with a branded planner, custom coasters, some stickers, a tumbler, a stylus pen, and some calendar magnets and you’ll have an excellent tradeshow gift bundle.

3. Hand Sanitizer Pen Sprayer

This hand sanitizer pen sprayer is scratch-resistant; your company logo is here to stay!

You can customize this item with a cool-looking holographic design or with four different colors.

Another nice feature is that it is made of 80% alcohol.

4. Wide Premium Pet Leash

With this great gift idea, your clients will love how you’ve thought of their pets as much as you’ve thought about them.

It can make a wonderful gift choice for new property owners moving to their new neighborhoods. 

The wide premium pet leash with a metal snap clasp is manufactured in the United States. 

In addition, it combines high-quality, heavily loaded, seamless polyester webbing with higher tensile strength.

5. Scrubber Golf Towel

We’re sure this out-of-the-box gift will impress any receiver!

The heavyweight golf towel features a trifold pattern for washing golf balls and equipment.

It also has a metal carabiner clasp for golf bag attachment.

6. Auto-Open Folding Umbrella

The Blue Skies auto-open folding umbrella is decorated with an amusing cloud motif. 

Its collapsible two-section metal shaft is only 17 inches long when collapsed, allowing for convenient storage within the accompanying polyester container. 

In addition, the umbrella includes a soft wooden handle with an attached wrist strap, allowing you to hang or carry it without using your hands.

A few spare umbrellas at the office can help with a tough rainy day—your prospects will thank you for your thoughtfulness.

7. Cutter & Buck Bainbridge Hangtag

A hangtag is one of the classic real estate promotional items.

You can use it when handing over the property key to your new owners.

With the Cutter & Buck Bainbridge hangtag, your logo will shine on these fine gold tags with adjustable/removable bands.

Partnership Gifts

Looking forward to making your business partners feel more valued?

We have you covered with the below selection of premium promotional gifts; we care about you strengthening your relationships; hence we choose nothing but the best!

1. Auden Bamboo Writing Lap Desk

Your business partners will thank you for this handy gift choice.

The Auden bamboo writing lap desk is an excellent tool for working remotely.

The bamboo work surface is perfect for taking notes, scribbling, and utilizing a laptop computer (sized to hold a 15″ laptop).

Also, it includes two built-in docks that are great for holding a phone or a tablet, allowing anyone to view movies and engage in virtual meetings anytime.

2. Daytripper Wine Tote

This elegant insulated wine carrier is perfect for taking your favorite wines anywhere.

The Daytripper wine tote features a mesh pocket for a bottle opener, and it also has dual handles with cushioned wraps for premium comfort.

Author’s Note: Feel free to twin this high-quality present with a bottle of wine, some mints, and a business card holder for a beautiful business holiday gift set.

3. Midlands Roller Ball Pen

Just check how chic this ball pen looks!

Your partners will find this high-quality pen useful when signing contracts and doing important paperwork.

The Cutter & Buck Midlands roller ball pen includes a distinctive Cutter & Buck design, polished nickel sheen, and linear etching on the base. 

The pen clip of this unique roller ball pen has the Cutter & Buck logo, and the pen comes with a high-quality black ink cartridge.

4. Lotus Porcelain Infuser Mug

This mug has an incredible premium feel and is like no other!

The porcelain tea infuser mug is ideal for loose-leaf or packet tea.

During a busy day at the office, your partners will get to prepare their favorite loose-leaf tea with the infusion basket made of stainless steel.

Also, this infuser mug is dishwasher safe which is a great plus!

5. Anker PowerConf HD Webcam

The Anker PowerConf HD webcam is to die for!

Your business partners will make great use of it, and they will never forget about this practical promo gift, as it comes with multiple perks.

You can see how cool it looks and all of its specs in detail right here:

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This webcam comes with dual ultra-sensitive microphones that allow you to be heard clearly through the HD webcam when working from home or in the office.

In addition, it features an AI-powered automatic low-light adjustment that ensures that you stand out, even in dim lighting.

Closing Gifts

A closing gift is often a token of appreciation from a real estate agent to a buyer at the successful closure of a property purchase.

This type of gift reveals a great deal about your relationship with your buyer and highlights that you made an effort to get to know them and wish to work with them in the future.

The below gift options can help you achieve just that!

1. MagGo Portable 5k Battery with Kickstand

You can show how you genuinely care about your buyer by giving them a top tech gift!

Using cutting-edge technology, the MagGo can magnetically connect to the back of your phone, giving wireless charging and a secure hold. 

You can see how this item looks and feels here:

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Additionally, the battery features a detachable bracket that allows you to stand your phone anywhere you choose.

This gift also features a built-in stand that enables wireless charging of your iPhone 12 or 13 in any position.

With a thickness of under 0.5 inches and an easy-to-grip design, you’ll have no issue transporting this power bank anyplace.

2. 4 Piece Bamboo Wine Gift Set

You can never go wrong with a wine gift set!

The 4 Piece Bamboo wine gift set is a timeless gift set, and every new homeowner will just love it.

Included are a wine cork, foil cutter, opener, and pouring spout with bamboo accents, making this organizer just beautiful looking.

3. Modena Black Cheese & Serving Set

The Modena cheese and serving set is the definition of sleek.

This gift will provide a lovely memory of a new home signing!

The set consists of a slate serving board and three cheese blades. 

Also, it’s packaged in a wooden box suitable for storage and display.

4. Black Marble and Wood Cutting Board

This fashionable cutting board is made of a stunning, high-contrast blend of elegant black marble and genuine acacia wood. 

This ageless item is ideal for any kitchen since it is elegant and functional.

5. Live Green Gardeners Gift Set

There’s nothing more beautiful than decorating a new house with some plants!

And with this gift set, your new home buyers will get to do that in the most straightforward steps.

The Live Green Gardeners gift set features the necessary tools for digging, seeding, aerating the soil, growing, and weeding—a cultivator, trowel, and hand fork.

It also comes with carefully chosen seed varieties.

6.  Tabletop Patio Heater

The Cuisinart tabletop patio heater is an elegant complement to any outdoor gathering area. 

When placed on a patio, it enhances the overall ambiance while dining with friends and keeps guests warm as night falls.

What’s more, this portable, tabletop heater is ideal for camping due to its portability and compact size.

7. Modesto Picnic Carrier Set

This seven-piece set includes a wine opener, two stainless-steel forks and knives with beautiful wood grips, a glossy wood cutting board, a fabric wrap with a zipper, and a canvas bag that can accommodate up to three bottles of wine.

The Modesto picnic carrier set is also great for travel with its robust poly canvas structure and comfortable shoulder straps for easy transport.

Realtor Giveaways

Once you have acquired exceptional real estate agents and brokers, you must invest in them in the same manner you invest in your most significant customers. 

They directly reflect your organization and need to feel appreciated and cherished. 

This will not only go a long way toward developing a pleasant and healthy business culture, but it will also improve your brand’s reputation. 

From online evaluations to recommendations, nothing can be as beneficial to your business as investing in your best employees.

That’s why we have gathered the best real estate gift selections below, to make your employees feel valued and make their job easier!

1. Classic Business Computer Backpack

This Samsonite business computer backpack can store numerous laptops, electronics, and accessories and provide plenty of storage space.

It has a pocket with organization for storing necessities, a lined phone pouch, two pen sleeves, and business card sleeves.

This cool backpack will be a lifesaver for any real estate agent or broker having a long working day.

Author’s Tip: You add a reusable water bottle, a coffee mug, a reusable straw set, and Bluetooth earphones for the perfect realtor work gift kit.

2. Business Perfect Two Gusset Portfolio

The design concept of the two gusset portfolio from Samsonite shows a contemporary, personalized approach to business while retaining a versatile, daily appeal.

It fits most upright handlebars for hassle-free combo travel and features a zippered storage pocket to keep valuables close at hand.

Plus, it comes with a comfort cushion which is part of the adjustable, detachable carry strap.

3. NBN Trails Refillable Journal

The NBN Trails refillable journal is a contemporary journal created to meet all your needs.

This custom notepad offers an inside panel for organizing your items and comes with a lined refill.

4. Branded Letter Opener

The Bullet letter opener has a stainless steel blade that is ideal for sliding through letters and opening documents and envelopes.

This small practical gift also comes in full-color options for you to customize easily.

5. Skullcandy Jib 2 True Wireless Earbuds

Every realtor needs a pair of premium earbuds to have the best quality calls and meetings. 

These powerful earbuds can work for up to 33 hours.

In addition, both earbuds are equipped with Tile technology, so if you lose one, you can just “call” it using the Tile app to find it easily.

6. Osprey Arcane Zip Wallet

The Arcane zip wallet is designed with space for up to eight cards and an RFID-blocking passport/phone pocket.

How amazing is that!

It also features a secure pocket for cash and other small items and a stretch pocket.

7. Avocado Sticky Pad

The Avocado sticky pad doesn’t look like any ordinary sticky note item. 

It looks pretty stylish!

It comes with 30 sheets of paper, and the exterior has plenty of space to rock any company logo.

8. Rugged Locking Tape Measure

The Bullet Rugged locking tape measure is a foldable 10-foot tape measure that measures in both standard and metric units. 

It contains a rubber exterior, a durable plastic wrist strap, and a steel belt clip to make it easy to carry. 

What’s more, this tape measure’s sliding locking button enables precise measuring by securing the tape in place.

9. Modena Key Organizer

The Modena key organizer is designed to accommodate up to six conventional keys.

Realtors can keep multiple property keys safe with this one. 

It’s also made of high-quality ultra hyde material for superior durability.

Now Over to You

Remember that promotional products assist you in maintaining your brand’s credibility and your relevance as a real estate agent. 

Promotional products will help you to stand out more since they provide a personal touch to items that might be tangible reminders of your service and work ethic.

We have your back if you want to customize your real estate promo items; we have various gifts that can work for every story!

Feel free to reach out anytime, and let’s get this conversation going.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I attract more real estate clients? 

To attract more real estate clients, you can consider the following:

  • Be active on social media
  • Ask for client referrals
  • Invest in quality promotional items
  • Focus on cold calling

Q2. What are the best ways to advertise my real estate business? 

The best ways to advertise your real estate business include:

  • Keeping up with social media trends
  • Building a great-looking and easy-to-browse website
  • Hosting webinars
  • Trying virtual staging
  • Giving out branded swag

Q3. Can I give real estate swag to clients and partners? 

Of course! You can give real estate wag to clients and partners. 

The below items are some of the most popular real estate swag items:

How can we help?

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