Providing workplace snacks is a terrific way to improve your workers’ lifestyles. 

It not only reminds staff that the company cares about their well-being, but it also helps build positive vibes.

Whether you’re looking to give away your office snacks regularly or looking for office snack boxes for special occasions, this post is for you.

We’re discussing:

  • What’s an office snack box? 
  • Great occasions for gifting personalized office snack boxes
  • Savory office snack boxes
  • Sweet office snack boxes
  • Office snack services

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What’s an Office Snack Box? 

5 Great Occasions for Gifting Personalized Office Snack Boxes

Savory Office Snack Boxes

Sweet Office Snack Boxes

6 Office Snack Services

What’s an Office Snack Box?

An office snack box is a corporate gift box or basket that includes all sorts of yummy snacks, candies, and food items.

Office snack boxes can be given away on various occasions, enhancing the office ambiance.

Also, igniting your employees’ and team members’ taste buds and giving them a wide variety of snacks comes with some nice perks:

1. Allows employees to choose

Allowing your staff to choose their snacks is a great way to make them feel appreciated as individuals.

Giving them the ability to pick means they’ll be even more satisfied with their munchies. 

They can choose precisely what they want, and any dietary needs or preferences will be considered, such as plant-based diets, low-carb, and keto.

Moreover, you could give them a customized snack box at work or mail them your work-from-home snack box.

2. Encourages a healthier lifestyle

Employees will be more likely to use healthy snack packs if they are visibly accessible in the workplace. 

In addition, employees frequently don’t have time to stop and think about what to grab for a fast snack during a hectic working day, so a healthy snack can make their lives easier.

Employees will feel valued and cared for if you take health seriously in the workplace by providing nutritious and healthy office snacks.

3. It helps to break up the day

Regular breaks can increase productivity, despite the guilt associated with taking too many breaks at work. 

Also, getting up and moving around helps a tired brain. 

So, what better tool to motivate staff to take breaks than delectable food boxes?

4. It saves time

How often do workers leave the workplace in search of a quick snack?

If refreshments were constantly accessible in the workplace, there would be no need to leave and go on a snack quest outside the office.

Hence, this can save you a lot of time!

Since they won’t have to go about in search of anything, employees will also be able to enjoy their snack break more.

According to the 2018 Employee Benefits report published by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the number of companies offering their employees free snacks is growing. 

In 2018, 32% of firms offered snacks and drinks to their employees, compared to just 20% in 2014. 

The findings were based on a poll conducted in February 2018 with 3,518 HR professionals who were members of SHRM.

5 Great Occasions for Gifting Personalized Office Snack Boxes

Everyone loves a good snack.

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Giving away snack box baskets is a guaranteed way to employee satisfaction.

The following occasions mark great opportunities to give away some fantastic snack options and freebies.

Occasion #1: Office parties

Office parties, retreats, and holiday events are brilliant for presenting some of your high-quality snacks, care packages, and swag bags.

This boosts office morale and helps everyone share the exact moment of getting free snack selections.

Author’s Tip: For Christmas and holiday-themed parties, make sure to give away beautiful-looking snack assortments in chic wrapping to boost the holiday spirit.

Occasion #2: Employee anniversaries

Without the personnel in your firm, it wouldn’t be what it is today. 

Even if you already know how much you appreciate your team members, a kind reminder might go a long way. 

Hence, work anniversaries are an opportunity to thank your team for all of their hard work and accomplishments, 

For this occasion, you can make things more memorable and give your employees snack gift cards, coupons, and grocery store subscriptions; this will make such an event unforgettable.

Occasion #3: Employee Birthdays

Yes, birthday cakes can do just fine for this one.

Or you can vamp things up with curated snack gifts to take the celebration to another level.

You can always customize the snack boxes according to the birthday person and give them their favorite treats and individual snacks.

Occasion #4: Staff Onboarding

When new employees join the team, it is the ideal time to make them feel at ease. 

A welcome aboard snack box attached to their workstation upon arrival can be one distinctive touch. 

This can also come in the shape of a gift, a new employee orientation, or another unique gesture.

Occasion #5: Employee Appreciation Day

Nothing tops feeling appreciated and recognized.

Therefore, this is a great occasion to pick unique snacks and variety boxes and pay attention to details since going the extra mile on this occasion will help your employees feel like they truly belong.

Make sure to share with your staff their favorite snacks and pay attention to their dietary restrictions; this will showcase how you care for their health and wellness.

Savory Office Snack Boxes

Food and candy items are ideal promotional products, whether you give out branded chocolates at an office party or tell your staff how much you love them with customized popcorn gift sets. 

There are an infinite number of possibilities to pick from. 

From comforting salty snacks to sumptuous sweets and baked goodies, promotional snack boxes just hit every checkpoint.

Let’s check together some savory office snack boxes that your employees will devour.

1. Govino Sip & Snack Gift Set

This gift set is here to give anyone an exceptional cocktail experience.

It includes a handcrafted mix that you can add to your favorite wine, a cool stemless wine cup, and a delicious snack mix.

In addition, this kit screams fall and holiday vibes, so consider this beauty for any upcoming occasions.

2. Hammonds Super Snack Mix

Send this delectable treat with a greeting card to say thank you for your excellent work, start a discussion, or turn it into a fun promotional gift with your choice of colorful drinkware, personalized notebooks, customized backpacks, or office supplies.

Also, this super snack mix is gluten-free and kosher.

3. Sami Sweet N Cheesy Popcorn Sack

The Sami snack sack with treats is a thoughtful and tasty employee appreciation gift made of 100% recycled laminated nonwoven fabric with a stylishly subtle fleck accent.

Inside the cooler is a variety of sweet and salty delicacies such as chocolate hazelnut-filled cookies, brittle nut crunch, and a refreshing nut-free dark chocolate sea salt seed bar.

4. Tahiti Revive Gift Box

This eco-friendly gift set contains a sleek bamboo glass bottle as well as a variety of thoughtful goodies to taste,

This yummy snack box includes salty almond cookies, berry mix, and a cucumber and apple ice-tea mix.

5. Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set

The gourmet popcorn gift set comes with a popper, 4 packets of popping corn, a bowl, and great seasonings.

It makes an excellent workplace, college welcome, customized event swag, or a memorable thank you or client gift.

Sweet Office Snack Boxes

Savory or sweet snack boxes should carry both.

The items below are perfect for any sweet tooth out there or anyone looking to satisfy their sugar cravings.

1. Because You’re A Favorite Gift Bag

This 3-ounce cotton gift bag has a berry-mix snack fill.

This gift looks absolutely beautiful, so it makes a great standalone option.

2. Artisan Gourmet Gift Bag 

This gourmet gift bag is ideal for pairing with a cooler, sling backpack, tote, or drinkware item of your choosing, or as a beautiful welcome present on its own.

The reusable string gift bag contains pistachio cherry cookies, dipping pretzels, tangy and sweet mustard, berry nut mix, cinnamon seed bar, and a maple waffle to help you get through the day on naturally occurring energy.

3. Simply D-Lish Gourmet Tower

In this simple D-Lish 13″ tall tower, artisanal gourmet delicacies take center stage, making it ideal for everyone and any occasion.

A complimentary cream ribbon is wound around the present to fasten the boxes towering as shown. 

You can also print silver or gold foil on the small ribbon tag at the top of the tower.

Author’s Tip: This gift box is a beautiful choice for a holiday office party; your staff will thank you for the size and variety of this one.

4. Celebrate Good Times Gourmet Cooler

This trendy cooler filled with gourmet sweets is an excellent thank you present and will be utilized long after the contents have been consumed.

Choose a complementary ribbon in one of these colors: white, red, navy blue, royal blue, black, or gray.

5. Sweet Thanks Bundle

The Sweet Thanks gift set comes with a cotton bag filled with delectable gourmet treats.

It contains a berry nut mix and milk chocolate almond toffee.

Author’s Tip: twin this gift set with a branded coffee mug for the perfect touch.

6. Welcoming Wonder Tumbler Gift Box

This gift set has a great-looking tumbler and an excellent snack blend.

The Corkcicle Wonder tumbler will become your go-to beverage container since it keeps liquids icy cold for 9+ hours.

Also, this kit includes a tasty berry mix, salted caramel almond cookies, and a delicious ice tea mix.

6 Office Snack Services

Office snack delivery services make it easier for you and your staff to get your hands on the most delicious items.

You can easily customize your required items with a simple online order or a phone call and ask for sizing, shipping, and dietary options.

1. SwagDrop

At SwagDrop, we provide swag in all shapes and forms, even delicious snack items.

Our primary focus is high-quality office snack boxes and baskets; we love you to leave a long-lasting impression on your staff.

In addition, our snack baskets and candy variety packs make great options for holidays and Christmas parties with their special wrapping, which is a great plus.

2. Caroo (previously known as SnackNation)

SnackNation was formed in 2014 in Los Angeles and has since supplied snacks to firms such as Microsoft, Wayfair, and MailChimp. 

The company’s purpose is to give affordable, nutritious snack choices. 

Moreover, some snack alternatives include protein bars, jerky, chips, almonds, and cereal.

Image Source: SnackNation

The boxes include a broad assortment of food, offering your staff plenty of alternatives for an afternoon snack. 

Also, shipping and setup are included in the price, and you are not required to sign a contract; however, you can choose a contractual, monthly membership if you like.

3. NatureBox

NatureBox is a snack delivery service that focuses on delivering healthy alternatives for your workers. 

NatureBox’s workplace snack service is paid per employee and includes unlimited monthly snacks. 

Image Source: NatureBox

NatureBox might be a suitable option for smaller businesses wishing to give their workers various nutritious options.

Moreover, you can work with an account executive to choose from 50 different snack selections each month. 

4. The FruitGuys

The FruitGuys was formed in 1998 and is the number one fruit delivery service in the United States. 

They bring fresh fruit and nutritious, all-natural food to your workplace. 

There’s something for every size of business, with counter-ready tray choices and case options for snacks and fruit.

Image Source: FruitGuys

The FruitGuys’ most obvious advantage is that they give fruit. 

Most snack businesses only offer packaged snacks, while FruitGuys provide both. 

You can also schedule delivery to your workplace daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

5. SnackPerk

SnackPerk provides snack delivery services to businesses of all sizes. 

Healthy and normal snack alternatives are available in a variety of quantities. 

In addition, employees can be rewarded, distant teams can be connected, and gifting alternatives are provided. 

The company also offers organic, non-GMO, keto-friendly, paleo, plant-based, and other natural snacks in their healthy snack boxes. 

Image Source: SnackPerk

When it comes to their classic snack boxes, they include favorites such as potato chips, Doritos, crisps, cookies, crackers, granola bars, dried fruit, candy, and so on. 

Snacks can be bought as a one-time purchase or as a regular subscription. 

Furthermore, there are no obligations or commitments, and orders are simple to handle from your desk or phone. 

6. Simpalo Snacks

Simpalo Snacks provides nutritious workplace snacks on your terms. 

They have no obligations and provide one-time purchases, weekly, and monthly snack delivery choices. 

Image Source: Simpalo Snacks

Also, they offer customized solutions to meet the demands of any of your employee wellness programs.

Now Over to You

The fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and we hope our post has given you all the needed insight for your next snack box-making adventure.

If you’re looking for any recommendations or if you’re looking to customize some snack gift baskets yourself, feel free to message us anytime.

We look forward to helping you choose how to impress your staff in the best way possible with our wide variety.

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