The beauty of the hotel and resort sector is that promotional gift options are almost limitless. 

You can search around your house and locate some items you might have gotten from a hotel visit.

Everyone appreciates receiving something as a souvenir of their stay. 

So hospitality’s assortment of branded swag items always comes with a feel-good factor, and we have created this guide just for that.

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

Item #1: Adult Wellness 5-Piece Kit

Item #2: Throw Blanket

Item #3: Bungalow Tote

Item #4: Organic Cotton Travel Pouch

Item #5: Recycled Lanyard Pouch

Item #6: Ballpoint Pen

Item #7: Digital Business Card

Item #8: Bottle Opener with 3-in-1 Charging Cable

Item #9: Hanging Toiletry Bag

Item #10: Stainless Steel Tumbler

Item #11: Pocket Beach Towel

Item #12: Leather Luggage Tag

Item #13: All-Natural Lip Balm

Item #14: R&R Eye Mask

Item #15: Safe Travels Traverse Wallet

Item #16: Lunch Cooler

Item #17: Padfolio

Item #18: Deluxe Memo Booklet

Item #19: Deep Moisture Bar Soap

Item #20: Glass Jar Candle

Item #21: Marble and Bamboo Coaster Set

Item #22: Travel Adapter Set

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Item #1: Adult Wellness 5-Piece Kit

This wellness 5-piece kit is a practical promotional product.

It has dental hygiene care items you’ll need while on the go.

This kit includes dental floss, a toothbrush, a matching toothbrush cap, and a mini toothpaste tube in a reusable pouch.

Item #2: Throw Blanket

The Hilana upcycled Fethiye throw blanket looks so good!

This beautiful swag item is made with hand-knotted tassels and is composed of fifty percent recycled cotton, making it extra special.

This branded blanket is also foldable, allowing you to toss it in your backpack for the beach or the park.

Item #3: Bungalow Tote

This tote bag features a black backdrop with a grid design, an open main pocket, double carry straps, a side beverage-holder pocket, and a front slash pouch.

The Bungalow tote is also made of robust polyester, which is a great bonus.

You pair this promo item with some sticky notes, a planner, some stickers, a reusable water bottle, a keychain, a notepad, and a hand sanitizer, and boom!

You’ll have a great giveaway kit ready for any hospitality-related trade show or event!

In addition, you can give this cool tote bag to guests to use at the beach or the pool or for a walk around the city or town where the hotel is located.

You’ll impress your guests while promoting your business everywhere they go!

Item #4: Organic Cotton Travel Pouch

Everyone needs a good travel pouch, and the organic cotton travel pouch does the job right.

It’s average-sized, yet it’s designed to carry many items and accessories. 

And the best part is?

The composition of this promotional gift is 100% recycled cotton, so you have an eco-friendly swag item on board.

Also, everyone uses toiletry bags no matter where they are, whether it’s during their hotel stay or some time afterward.

Your visitors will always have something to remember about your accommodation, and this practical item checks that brand-reinforcement box.

Item #5: Recycled Lanyard Pouch

The NBN recycled lanyard pouch is the perfect combo of sustainability and coolness.

This pouch brings your phone and other small things within easy reach wherever you go. 

Your guests will get to use this gift while roaming around, shopping, or discovering their surroundings and the place they traveled to.

Moreover, the bag has a zippered main compartment and a zippered rear compartment. The adjustable lanyard strap has two buckles and can be adjusted from 33″ to 59″ long.

Item #6: Ballpoint Pen

The Richmont ballpoint pen is genuinely like no other.

This writing instrument comes with an antimicrobial additive to kiss goodbye to any bacteria.

The pen is also made of high-quality aluminum, guaranteeing a long user life.

Your guests and business partners will keep this item around for a long time and always remember your business or their stay.

Moreover, this item looks great with any custom imprint, so you’ll end up with a stylish hotel promotional product.

Item #7: Digital Business Card

Looking for an out-of-the-box promo item?

This one is a head-turner!

This quality polyvinyl card has Popl tech and the famous circle QR code for fast sharing. 

Just tap your Popl Card to the backside of any compatible smartphone or use the QR code to exchange your contact information, social media, websites, payment applications, and more.

Furthermore, this premium gift makes a great choice for any special or VIP guests; this digital business card will impress all your important visitors and clients.

Author’s Tip: This gift makes an excellent choice for business partners; feel free to add drinkware of choice and a premium credit card holder to this one and you’ll have an impressive business gift set.

Item #8: Bottle Opener with 3-in-1 Charging Cable

The Bullet bottle opener with a 3-in-1 charging cable comes with a USB A cable and a 2-in-1 integrated tip for charging Android and iOS smartphones.

This helpful item comes with a Type-C end that is compatible with the latest Android handsets.

Also, with a 2A current, this swag item is ideal for opening bottles and charging electronics at home or on the move. 

Your visitors will be able to open a beer and also charge their devices.

Item #9: Hanging Toiletry Bag

The hanging toiletry bag has a zippered main compartment, an internal organizer, and a side zippered pouch for extra storage.

Just look at how many personal care items you can pile in there!

Anyone can hang this in any hotel’s bathroom and keep all their required items in one place.

Author’s Note: Add some quality SPF and body lotion to this toiletry bag, and you’ll have just created a premium hotel kit that leaves a long-lasting impression.

Item #10: Stainless Steel Tumbler

The Gusto stainless steel tumbler has a contemporary solid matte surface and a colorful matching silicone cover. 

It also has a reusable stainless steel straw with a silicon tip for convenient on-the-go drinking.

Author’s Tip: You can twin this cool tumbler with a beach ball, a colorful t-shirt, a key ring, and sunscreen for the ultimate hospitality summer swag set.

Item #11: Pocket Beach Towel

This soft, absorbent pocket beach towel is made from 100% responsibly sourced cotton.

It also comes with a hanging hook and a corner pouch feature that is ideal for keeping keys and mobile phones close at hand.

Your guests will thank you for how versatile this gift is and for keeping their phones safe too!

In addition, this eco-friendly bad boy comes with a one-sided pattern, a nylon pocket with a zipper, and a hanging loop.

Item #12: Leather Luggage Tag

This luggage tag comprises premium Colombian leather, making it a super premium gift.

This tag ID comes with an inner ID display and an adjustable strap, which is ideal for identifying your baggage in any circumstance.

No more bag mix-ups in the lobby or anywhere!

Item #13: All-Natural Lip Balm

This all-natural lip balm is manufactured from beeswax and coconut oil in the United States and complies with FDA standards.

The white base of this lip balm can be customized in four different print styles, which is a fantastic feature!

Item #14: R&R Eye Mask

We’re all here for a relaxation gift!

The R&R eye mask is great for restorative sleep, relaxation, and taking some time for yourself.

In addition, it’s made from a super-soft fabric.

If you pair this item with a scented candle, your visitors and gift receivers will thank you for this wellness-focused present.

Item #15: Safe Travels Traverse Wallet

The safe travels traverse wallet is a must-have item, as you’ll keep all your clients and staying guests extra safe,

You can check how this excellent item looks right here:

Learn More

This PVC-free gift comes with RFID blocking technology that prevents illegal access to your credit cards and key cards and comes with several card compartments.

Item #16: Lunch Cooler

The Forester 9-can non-woven lunch cooler has a natural wood grain that provides a classic and sophisticated appearance. 

It has a foil-lined zippered clasp with a nine-can capacity and a front pocket for further storage. 

Also, this layered polypropylene cooler features an internal identification sticker, simplifying identification during group activities.

Item #17: Padfolio

Padfolios make great gifts for anyone because of their great looks and practicality.

It’s everyone’s work buddy! You can give this item to hotel employees, clients, and visitors, and it will always be put to good use.

The Miamian padfolio features a refillable, 8.5″ x 11.5″ ruled notebook with 30 pages.

In addition, it has a document compartment, an ID display pocket, and a pen clip.

Item #18: Deluxe Memo Booklet

The deluxe memo booklet is a tri-fold that includes a sticky yellow memo pad for jotting down important thoughts. 

The notepad is 3″ x 3″ and has 25 sheets with a handy adhesive backing for easy attachment to tables, workstations, and other surfaces. 

This recyclable booklet also includes five brightly colored flags for marking your spot on paper.

Anyone can take notes on the go; whether they’re staying in the room or exploring outdoors, this small item will come in handy.

Item #19: Deep Moisture Bar Soap

This bar of soap, enriched with olive oil and shea butter, will truly nurture your skin like no other.

Your skin will feel smooth and nurtured due to the dual hydration. 

Also, this bar will keep you hydrated and leave a pleasant, creamy, tropical scent on your skin.

So keeping this beauty in any hotel room will vamp up the ambiance; it sounds like an absolute dream!

Item #20: Glass Jar Candle

This glass jar candle contains food-grade soy wax and is free of phthalates and toxins.

It also smells just divine!

The Seventh Avenue Apothecary candle smells like the beach, all mixed with gold lilies.

Feel free to add this beauty to any wellness kit or gift it on its own.

It won’t disappoint any of your guests, as this will take relaxation to the next level.

Item #21: Marble and Bamboo Coaster Set

The marble and bamboo coaster set is the definition of lush.

The four coasters have rounded sides, making them ideal for your tabletop, workstation, or nightstand. 

In addition, these coasters are genuinely one-of-a-kind due to the natural differences in the marble that give each item a handcrafted appearance.

Item #22: Travel Adapter Set

The BRIGHTtravels travel adapter is compatible with US, UK, EU, and AU outlets and boasts a sleek, all-in-one style. 

It operates between 110V and 250V and produces a peak of 1,300W at 220V and 650W at 110V.

Another cool bonus is that the parts of the adapter click together into one space-saving unit to minimize packaging. 

So no matter where your visitors come from or are heading to, plug-socket differences won’t be a problem!

This item also comes in gift wrapping, which is a special bonus.

Hospitality Marketing Advice

Regarding hospitality marketing, consider how you may re-purpose one piece of promotional material in many ways to keep your budget in control.

Always match your message to what your users want to see the most. 

You can always pay attention to what message resonates the best using the data analysis options provided through your website and social media reports. 

For example, if a hotel wishes to advertise a summer campaign on Facebook, the messaging should be tailored differently for the potential audience (those yet to visit your website or book a stay) and the remarketed audience (those who have already done so).

When having different options, people can lose interest quickly, and they are more drawn to try new activities, particularly if they get promised enhanced facilities, excellent lodgings, and unique additions that make one resort more exciting than another.

Therefore, paying careful attention to what’s being said online is one of the greatest ways to understand how your visitors feel about your hotel, travel service, or restaurant. 

Both reputation management and social media reactions are critical for maintaining a positive company image and encouraging visitors to return for more.

However, being proactive is the first step in addressing emerging hospitality marketing solutions and prospects. 

So, make sure to show the most remarkable aspects of your business and provide your visitors with nothing less than the best experience possible.

Now Over to You

Overall, it’s challenging to stand out in the hotel sector.

However, offering an exceptional and unforgettable experience and investing in a high-quality promotional item will help distinguish your hotel. 

You will make your guests’ stay more delightful and memorable, and you’ll be enhancing your brand name – a win-win situation for your business.

If you need any help taking your promo items game to the next level, feel free to contact us anytime so we can start this journey together.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are some promotional items hotels give out?

The below items make great choices for hotel promotional products:

Q2. Should hotels and resorts invest in promotional items?

Of course! Hotels and resorts should invest in promotional items to build a personal connection with guests, enhance employee relationships and boost brand loyalty.

Q3. What are the benefits of hotel and resort promotional items?

Some benefits of giving away hotel and resort promotional items are:

  • Increasing bookings and attracting guests
  • Standing apart from the competition
  • Boosting revenue

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