Choosing the right gift for an executive can be tricky

We definitely feel for you!

That’s why we’ve created this post so you can check out all sorts of thoughtful gifts and give “feeling lost” a kiss goodbye!


 Our piece is divided into four different categories for you to browse:

  • Cool office supplies
  • Unique tech gadgets
  • Outdoor enthusiast gifts
  • Premium travel & leisure selections

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Cool Office Supplies

Unique Tech Gadgets

Outdoor Enthusiast Gifts

Premium Travel & Leisure Selections

Executive Gifting Tips that Work!

Cool Office Accessories

Office supplies are practical gifts that everyone loves.

The key is to always get your hands on high-quality items to make a great lasting impression. 

Desk accessories and office items branded with your logo, slogan, or company colors provide a considerably better quality finish than generic and off-the-shelf items. 

More significantly, they assist in establishing your business’s professional image.

1. Parker Leather Padfolio

A leather padfolio never goes out of style.

This Parker leather padfolio makes a great executive gift due to its durability and looks.

You can check this item’s interior and great style right here:

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Another great feature is the scratch-resistant inside pocket, which is excellent for holding a tablet, paperwork, or tools.

2. Moleskine Smart Writing Set 

This smart writing set is unique. 

This cool gift set gives you instant access to every written page, as it’s connected directly to the Moleskine Notes app. 

It also comes with a matching smart pen.

Isn’t that super cool!

3. Waterman Hemisphere Rollerball

Look how elegant this rollerball pen looks!

This sophisticated pen comes in a great-looking luxury gift box, taking it to the next level.

Author’s Tip: You can pair this item with a high-end leather portfolio for the ultimate executive gift basket.

4. Sidekick Seat Organizer

The sidekick seat organizer is designed to keep all of your mobile office essentials within easy reach and keep your belongings, laptop, paperwork, and more in order.

So, whether your fellow executive is working at home, at a cafe, or even in their car, this corporate gift will make everything seamlessly accessible.

5. Olympus Computer Backpack

Computer backpacks make great business gifts, and the one we’re mentioning here is no exception.  

Just check how spacious and practical the Olympus backpack is:

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Furthermore, this bag has an adaptable roll-top opening to a roomy main compartment with solid fasteners to lock it when closed.

Author’s Tip: You can match this versatile backpack with a laptop case, business card holder, and pen set to create an excellent-looking gift bundle.

6. Daylight Desk Lamp

Working in a dim room with no sunlight peeking in? The daylight desk lamp is a great solution.

This item makes the perfect gift for executives who are currently working at home, as it can brighten their day with three different color modes to choose from!

Author’s Tip: You can make this gift extra special by adding a matching desk clock. This will make a great desk combo!

7. Titus Wireless Charging Journal

The Titus wireless charging journal is a unique executive gift, and it comes with many great perks. 

This refillable journal includes a 5000 mAh power bank with a cable.

In addition, you can charge the power bank wirelessly or with any compatible device through the integrated USB connection. 

It also has a phone stand, a flexible pen loop, and a zip-closure flap with a designated smartphone compartment.

8. Metropolitan Acrylic Frame

The Metropolitan acrylic frame makes a special executive gift idea as it looks exquisite and is also sturdy. 

This gift will make your company logo shine through and will be a great addition to any office desk.

Author’s Tip: This gift will become more impressive when coupled with a nameplate. This gift combo can also work as a wonderful birthday gift, so keep that in mind for extra inspo! 

Unique Tech Gadgets

Everyone wants electronic gadgets in today’s tech-obsessed environment

As a result, you should choose high-quality tech promotional materials that are safe to use and fit your staff’s current trends. target audience, and prospects.

1. Smart Wifi Video Doorbell

The smart wifi video doorbell is one of the best corporate gifts for its functionality and uniqueness. 

This item has an in-built speaker and microphone that allows you to chat with guests and sends an alert to your phone anytime a visitor pushes your doorbell, in addition to infrared technology that enables its camera to function in low-light conditions.

 2. Foldable Drone with Wifi Camera

This foldable drone is one special corporate gift idea if you’re looking for something out of the box. 

The drone can help save videos and photos straight to your phone, and it also has a great flight time of 6 hours.

3. Ultrasonic Cleaner Wireless Charging UV Sanitizer

The ultrasonic cleaner has a 10W wireless charging capability, a five-minute UV sanitizer, and a three-minute ultrasonic cleanser. 

It also kills 99% of bacteria evaluated using UV-C light technology that is free of chemicals and mercury. 

Moreover, it comes in a premium gift box, adding a fantastic touch.

4. Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker with Amazon Alexa

Take Alexa’s accessibility outside by connecting over Bluetooth rather than WiFi, which is a super cool feature. 

Simply click the microphone button to enable Alexa with this outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Also, this gadget charges in two and a half hours and has a playing duration of more than six hours at max volume on a single battery charge. Plus, it has a 33-foot Bluetooth reach and a built-in mic for hands-free music management.

5. Ifidelity Bluetooth Headphones

The Ifidelity Bluetooth headphones provide high-quality stereo sound and great active noise cancellation.

With the memory foam earpads, built-in music controls, and microphone, you can listen to music without being distracted. 

These headphones are also foldable and flexible, and they come with a carrying case.

6. Bamboo Fast Wireless Charging Dock Station

The bamboo wireless charging dock station comes with many great features, and it looks absolutely amazing.

It is made in one piece and includes a fast wireless charging mat (5W/7.5W/10W), a smartwatch charging holder, true wireless earphone charging space, a phone/tablet stand, and two organizational slots, so instead of having a solo charger feature, you get all of these benefits!

Author’s Tip: You can twin this gift with a color-matched document holder to vamp it up.  

7. Trio Wireless Charging Stand

The trio wireless charging stand can charge all of your Apple products at once, including your Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone.

It also comes with various charging options to suit other smartphones.

8. Skullcandy Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

The Skullcandy wireless Bluetooth earbuds recharge in one hour and have a playback life of 30 hours. 

It also comes with one USB Type-C charging cable, one pair of ear gels, and one set of stabilizing ear gels, so you won’t really need anything else!

Moreover, this pair lets you accept calls, enable your voice assistant, and adjust the music or level using built-in touch sensors—all without having to reach for your phone.

Outdoor Enthusiast Gifts

Nothing matches spending some time in the sun and just getting some fresh air.

Outdoor promotional items can boost your marketing efforts, and they’re a unique alternative to a standard workplace or corporate gifts and an excellent way to promote your business over the autumn, spring, and summer seasons.

Hence, we have collected some cool outdoor gift options below that will definitely turn some heads.

1.  Portable Gas Grill

This portable gas grill is a flexible and small cooking solution that is ideal for use outdoors.

The stack ‘n’ go design enables the barbecue to travel almost anywhere, including the beach, a barbecue party, or on a boat, providing the ideal communal grilling experience.

The wooden lid also functions as a chopping board; just detach the cutting board from the top to prep your dinner or use it to eat cheese and crackers while drinking a glass of wine.

Moreover, the grill plates are made of porcelain-enameled cast iron, which produces more heat and retains heat better than steel. 

In addition, the base has a flip-out rack that keeps your gas tank upright and safe.

2. Tabletop Patio Heater

This tabletop patio heater will take your gift-giving to a whole other level.

It’s lightweight and compact enough to carry anyplace and install on a table; ideal for camping and barbecuing.

Also, this heater is tiny yet powerful, heating an area of around 30 square feet.

With an optional hose/regulator, the propane heater can easily be linked to a 20-pound propane tank for extended usage. 

3. Renegade Box Cooler 

The renegade box cooler will keep any water bottles or drinks cool all day!

You can see all of its great features right here:

Renegade Collection

The cooler is a stain-resistant and easy-to-clean tarp and has grommets for dirt drainage, daisy chain webbing trim, and a front flap compartment with a hook and loop clasp.

4. Grill Master Set

The grill master set is the perfect summer gift.

It has all the necessary tools to cook anything from steaks to vegetables to whatever you’re craving!

Also, all items come in an aluminum accented carrying box to keep everything protected.

5. Powerstation Go Rugged AC

The power station go rugged AC is the greatest outdoor companion.

It has an LCD that shows the remaining battery life and the current voltage.

Furthermore, it has a powerful lithium battery and functions as a power bank with two USB-A outputs and extension cords that can jump-start a full-sized vehicle or 12V car battery in moments.

6. Osprey Sportlite

The Osprey sportlite has multiple pockets and compartments, making any outdoor day a breeze. 

It’s also made of recycled high-tenacity nylon, making it extra special.

By converting to environmentally responsible promotional items, your company can:

  • Conserve resources and reduce your environmental impact
  • Lower your carbon impact
  • Promote your company as environmentally conscious and responsible
  • Increase your brand’s recognition and esteem
  • Inform and educate your market about new items or services
  • Reach out to new consumers that are searching for authentic green solutions or companies to work with

Moreover, according to ASI Central, the proportion of customers who see an organization more positively if they get an eco-friendly promotional item is reaching 50%

Nearly a third of respondents aged 55 and older report purchasing more environmentally conscious items in 2019 compared to 2018. 

Over one-third of women reported increasing their environmentally-conscious spending in 2019 compared to 2018.

Premium Travel & Leisure Selections

Your fellow executives will be looking forward to relaxing and unwinding after long periods of hard work and lengthy meetings.

Therefore, we have gathered some premium selections to indulge in and just leave the world behind for a moment, whether for travel or just for self-care. 

1.  Vanilla Absolut Soap & Lotion Gift Set

This gift lotion set is an absolute treat.

It’s made of goat milk to provide significant moisture and prevent irritation to sensitive skin, which is a great plus.

Also, it smells incredible, and it’s free of any parabens.

2.  Whiskey Business Gift Set

This whiskey business gift set is just to die for.

It comes with multiple cocktail snacks, so just pour a nice glass of whiskey and enjoy the moment.

Author’s Tip: You can add a nice bottle of whiskey or wine to this excellent bundle for extra oomph. 

3. Wine Bottle & Tumbler Gift Set

The wine bottle and tumbler gift set make drinking wine an elevated experience.

We know you want it!

GIF Source: Giphy

Just check how beautiful this set looks right below.

Both the bottle and the tumblers are made of stainless steel for durability and practicality.

4.  Eco Knit Quarter Zip

The eco knit quarter zip for men is constructed from an eco-friendly polyblend double-knit material. 

This classic shape is an adaptable layering item that can be worn everywhere, from the boardroom to cocktails after work.

Author’s Tip: This item makes a great holiday gift; you can pair it with a cozy blanket for the perfect combo.

5.   Organic Cotton Juniper Blanket

This organic cotton juniper blanket is perfect for those cold mornings when you need some warmth.

The natural design offers an additional sense of comfort, and the material is 100% organic cotton.

6.   Packing Cubes Set

This three-piece set of polyester packing cubes has a space-saving design for convenient storage between uses. 

The set includes a small cube, a medium cube, and a big cube to provide you with a variety of storage possibilities.

7.   American Tourister Spinner Carry-On

With a sleek, sporty design and a number of organizing compartments for your stuff, the American Tourister spinner carry-on seems to have it all!

You can check out all of its cool features right below:

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In addition, this travel bag includes a special pocket for toiletries to keep them away from clothes, which is just brilliant.

Executive Gifting Tips that Work!

When in doubt, present a gift voucher to the recipient’s favorite cafe or restaurant for lunch. 

Also, gift Christmas cookies since they never disappoint. 

However, before presenting a food gift, ensure you know any dietary restrictions or allergies.

A bottle of wine or bourbon is a traditional present, but before ordering booze, ensure that your employer enjoys the occasional glass of wine or spirit.

Remember that the most thoughtful present appeals to the interests of the employer or executive; this can be a shirt or cap of a favorite sports team or a gift to a charity your employer cares about.

Another fabulous gift idea is a good mug with gourmet tea for a tea lover or a box of tasty chocolates.

Other alternatives include a desk accessory, such as a frame or power bank, or an electronic device accessory.

On a general note, we recommend you avoid gag presents since the chance of offending someone is too great.

Now Over to You

We hope our list has helped you gather some cool ideas when gifting fellow executives.

Remember that keeping it simple and personalized always wins!

If you need any further help elevating your gifting options, we’re here to help! Feel free to contact us anytime.

Thank you for reading.

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