New Employee Announcement: 9 Great Ideas with Examples

Sending out new employee announcements can help your new hire feel at ease in their new environment.  This is a […]

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Sending out new employee announcements can help your new hire feel at ease in their new environment. 

This is a critical stage in the onboarding process to ensure that you have done everything necessary to provide your new hire with the resources they need to succeed. 

That’s why we have created this post for you so that you can tackle the new employee announcement in-depth and be inspired for your next recruitment stage.

Let’s jump in.

Table of Contents

Idea #1: Create and Share a Staff Family Tree

Idea #2: Make a New Hire Announcement via Email

Idea #3: Throw a Party for the Newcomer

Idea #4: Post a Photo of New Hires on the Office Wall

Idea #5: Give New Employees a Shout-out on Social Media

Idea #6: Send Out New Employee Announcement Newsletters

Idea #7: Organize a Casual In-Person Meeting with New Employees

Idea #8: Invite New Members to a Trivia Game

Idea #9: Use the Multiple Channel Approach

6 Great Examples of New Employee Announcements on Social Media

Tips on How to Make Your New Recruits’ First Day Easier

Idea #1: Create and Share a Staff Family Tree

This minimal approach can work well for organizations involving a close-knit workforce that believes itself to be like a family. 

Take this idea to heart by making a ‘family’ tree in the staff lounge or utilizing a tool like Visme or Canva. 

In addition, you could request that each employee provides a casual picture of themselves and a few notes about their likes, hobbies, pets, favorite vacation spots, etc. 

Request new workers to make their branch and add it to the board to announce their presence and introduce themselves to their coworkers.

This can be a beautiful conversation starter giving your company a friendly approach.

Idea #2: Make a New Hire Announcement via Email

The welcome email should contain essential information about the recent hiring.

Aside from your delicate tone, the language you choose should convey warmth and acceptance.

The new employee introduction email should include the following:

  • Specified goal

The aim of your new employee announcement email should be stated clearly by asking other staff members to greet the newest team member.

Moreover, make sure you start on a positive note by expressing your delight at the new hire’s arrival.

  • New employee introduction

After welcoming the new employee, introduce the new colleague and explain how he/she will fit into your firm.

You should include facts about the new coworker’s previous employment background, the job title he/she will have, the department/team to which they will belong, and to whom they will directly report.

Idea #3: Throw a Party for the Newcomer

If you’re feeling particularly light-hearted, why not throw a staff party to announce your new hire?

Keep it accessible and throw it after work with food, beverages, and a few icebreaker games. 

This relaxed approach is ideal for large corporations to announce a big number of new hires, as bulk-hiring is always one of the most implemented techniques in enterprises.

Furthermore, meeting your coworkers over sandwiches and beers can make coming in the door on the first day far less intimidating

Remember that even the tiniest efforts will give your new employee a warm feeling that no amount of ‘formal’ onboarding can match. 

Moreover, if you’re hiring new remote employees, you could consider organizing a virtual happy hour where the company interacts online over a drink and some games.

Author’s Tip: Giving out branded swag will create great welcoming vibes since employees always feel enthusiastic about their new company. At the same time, things are still fresh, so this is a perfect moment to urge them to be active brand advocates. 

Idea #4: Post a Photo of New Hires on the Wall

This idea is simple but never goes out of style.

You could post a picture of new staff with a witty comment only a day or two before they start; just make sure the image is published in an area where everyone walks by.

Moreover, it might be difficult for everyone to meet a new individual at times because many of those informal in-person encounters depend on office colleagues’ availability and continuous schedule. 

Therefore, this casual approach allows current employees to adjust to having someone fresh on board.

The placement of the picture and the text description can reveal a lot about the new recruit, so we advise you not to go overboard as an executive or the person in charge of this. 

Also, you can always go for something simple like “Have you seen this person?” and “Have you met Karen?” notes, as they’re excellent icebreakers

Everyone will know the new hire’s name by the time they walk through the door

Idea #5: Give New Employees a Shout-out on Social Media

If you’ve just hired a new employee, show them some social media love

You could always recognize new hires with brief announcement examples such as an enthusiastic tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram post.

Here’s an example/template of material you could write for a similar post:

“We’re thrilled to have James join the XYZ family. James, who has over ten years of  professional consulting experience already advocates the values at XYZ. James, welcome aboard! We absolutely can’t wait to see what you’ll do here!”

Furthermore, some social media channels are better than others for employee recognition. 

Instagram, for example, is ideal for Employee of the Month shout-outs due to the ease with which employee headshots can be posted.

However, since posts don’t have to be image-based, Facebook can be the perfect venue for performance assessments.

 Twitter is more suited for quick recognition snippets than lengthy posts.

Idea #6: Send Out New Employee Announcement Newsletters

Newsletters are an excellent way to announce a new recruit and give them some attention at the start

This sort of announcement is more for long-term collaborations as it mainly applies to new personnel who are promoted to higher positions.

To guarantee maximum accuracy and usefulness, utilize a standard questionnaire to collect information and ask the new employee to reread the item before publishing.

A new hiring announcement should contain the following elements:

  • The employee’s preferred name: Employee names may not necessarily correspond to those on their driver’s licenses, as some workers want to identify themselves by a nickname, middle name, or maiden name
  • Job description and duties
  • Employee’s direct supervisor
  • Basic information regarding qualifications and prior job
  • Brief biographical information

Idea #7: Organize a Casual In-Person Meeting with New Employees

In-person meetings can be amicable and provide a lovely experience for new workers on their first workday. 

These sessions can be scheduled to give your new hires a deep understanding of your company culture

In addition, you could use the tried-and-true method of inviting the individual to get up during the meeting and introduce themselves, their history, their interests, etc. 

You may also do a quick round of introductions in which other participants mention their names and some interesting facts about themselves to help them feel at ease.

Idea #8: Invite New Members to a Trivia Game

At the workplace, everyone will be ready to let loose and enjoy a game of trivia. 

This is your chance to make a fantastic debut for newcomers.

Set up a trivia quiz competition and make sure newbies are invited to them to ensure success. 

Furthermore, you can make the new hires lead the game and ask their coworkers questions to introduce themselves and get themselves out there.

If the new staff are the ones playing and they get the correct response, they should  recount the narrative that led them to that information in the first place; this will create space to relax and have open conversations. 

Idea #9: Use the Multiple Channel Approach 

Using several channels to announce a new employee is an excellent way to guarantee that everyone who needs to learn about the latest employee receives the information.

This strategy is known as a multichannel communication approach; with the development of remote working, new recruits may not always have the chance to be shown around and introduced to each team member one-on-one.

Even in a typical office setting, an email or a face-to-face greeting may not reach the relevant individuals. 

For example, if someone works part-time or is always on the go, they may not get the email announcing the new employee and may also be absent from the office when they are presented. 

Hence, sharing information over at least four or five communication channels helps overcome these mishaps.

6 Great Examples of New Employee Announcements on Social Media

Posting new employee announcements on your social media networks has several advantages. 

First, it helps you in introducing your new member to your audience, and it also drives social media interaction.

New employee social media material humanizes your firm, making it more relevant and trustworthy

Furthermore, existing workers will often respond to new team members’ postings with likes and comments, boosting your post and assisting your content in reaching new audiences

So, let’s check out some original and noteworthy examples of new employee social media postings to help inspire your own!

1. Guardio

Guardio kept things simple and straightforward with a cool LinkedIn post.

Image Source: LinkedIn

When making the welcome to the team post, they added the following in their visual and caption:

  • New hire’s name
  • Photo
  • Job description or title
  • Visual branding  (company name and company logo)

2. ImagineX Consulting

ImagineX Consulting gave a personal touch to their social media post by quoting a new team member.

Image Source: LinkedIn

On a broad scale, such a quote can include: why individuals joined the organization, what they want to accomplish, their years of experience, start date, or even a personal mantra.

3. TriSpark Media

Including a fun fact or two about the new hire helps your audience connect with the new employee and personalizes the business.

Image Source: Twitter

TriSpark Media did an excellent job with the aesthetics, making the welcome post more enjoyable.

4. Gobel

If you work for a big corporation with many workers, it makes more sense to welcome numerous new team members in a single post

Gobel did this through a video compilation.

Image Source: Twitter

These posts save time and energy; social media videos are excellent for greeting several people at once. 

5. Left Hand Agency

With a brief employee description, you can build trust by outlining why your new team member is a good match and how they will benefit your consumers. 

You can include this in the graphic, the caption, or both, just like Left Hand Agency did with their post below.

Image Source: Facebook

In addition, we suggest keeping the text on the graphic brief and using the caption if you want to express more.

6. Digital Zone

Why not take advantage of the announcement opportunity like Digital Zone did to promote your organization as a wonderful place to work? 

Image Source: Twitter

In your welcome post picture or description, describe your employee value or what it’s like to work at your organization. 

As a result, each ‘welcome new joiner’ post contributes to developing your employer’s brand.

Tips on How to Make Your New Recruits’ First Day Easier

We recommend preparing a unique onboarding plan for the department and the incoming employee ahead of time. 

Ensure that the onboarding plan only takes up a portion of each day so that the new employee can feel productive in their first few days of work. 

Furthermore, make sure that the new employee interacts with human resources personnel on the first day so that they may ask questions regarding benefits, policies, and salary. 

HR works with the manager and mentors to teach the new employees what they need to know and to explain the culture and expectations of the organization’s workers. 

Also, this is an excellent time to start talking about the value of your complete benefits package.

We recommend you plan to lunch with the new employee’s colleagues on the first day and create a schedule to ensure that the new hire has a colleague to eat with each day of the first week. 

This lunch should also include the new employee’s employer and mentor; the idea is for the new employee to meet many new employees from around the business, making them feel welcomed and a part of their new office.

Now Over to You

While most businesses have nailed the technical aspects of onboarding, many overlook the significance of a pleasant welcome

So, the next time you assess your onboarding process, why not add a couple of the above suggestions? 

Whether you keep it simple or go all out, there’s nothing to lose by greeting a new team member publicly. 

Even something as basic as an email can help a new employee feel welcomed, valued, and incorporated into the organization’s culture right away.

If you need help customizing gifts to make new employee announcements unforgettable, feel free to contact us anytime.

We look forward to reading your messages. 

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