You almost certainly have branded to-go paper bags, toothpicks, and napkins if you engage in marketing for your restaurant or bar. 

These single-use items provide good brand exposure but the impact of multi-use restaurant merchandise can be even more significant—in terms of raising awareness and sustainability.

In addition, customer value is boosted when restaurant merchandise is combined with attractive artwork and logos, so maintaining high-quality and fresh promotional items is vital. 

It can definitely take your business to the next level.

This is where we come in!

Our post is divided into three categories for you to easily navigate through and check the latest swag items you can get your hands on.

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

Swag for Business Promotion

Promotional Items for Clients

Swag for Restaurant and Bar Staff

4 Tips for Selecting Your Restaurant/Bar Swag Items

Swag for Business Promotion

One of the most important ways to keep a restaurant or bar buzzing is to build a vibrant community eager to share the word. 

Gifts and promotional items are ideal for keeping a brand’s name front of mind for customers.

Our promotional giveaway selection below ensures that your customers will be coming back very soon and will even become regulars.

1. Reusable Food Storage Bag

Imagine you need some leftover food wrapped up for later or takeout, and the server gets you this good-looking reusable food storage bag.

The below solution will definitely impress you!

This reusable bag is made of food grade silicone and is the ideal replacement for wasteful plastic bags. 

Also, the closure keeps food fresh and safe to eat, and the bag’s microwave-friendly.

2. Soirée Tritan Pint Glass

Everyone owns restaurant/bar-branded drinkware, and classic promo items such as glassware never go out of style.

What’s really cool about the Soiree Tritan pint glass is that it’s worry-free because of its sturdy and shatterproof composition.

Also, it’s made without any BPA, so we’re saying no to harmful plastics!

Author’s Tip: You can combine this bad boy with mints, a custom carabiner, and a few shot glasses, and you’ll have the ultimate barware custom gift set that your customers won’t forget anytime soon!

3. Li’l Cleaner Hand Sanitizer

We can no longer survive without our hand sanitizers close at hand, so this item has to be on your list!

The Li’l cleaner is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer packaged in a squeeze container with a flip-top cap. 

It also includes a neoprene carrying case with a plastic clasp for convenience and contains 62% alcohol.

Yes, to protection!

4. Puffer Lunch Cooler

The Puffer lunch cooler is a practical gift that all your customers will use, making your restaurant’s logo shine everywhere.

This cooler has a main compartment with a pocket that can accommodate an ice pack or cutlery.

Another cool bonus is that it’s foil insulated and comes with cotton handles for comfort when being carried.

5. Aluminum Bottle & Can Opener

This bottle and can opener has both a bottle opener and a flip-top can opener.

The best of both worlds combined!

It also includes a split key ring made of metal with space for house, office, and car keys.

Author’s Tip: You can add a beer mug and a few cork coasters to this gift to create a lovely restaurant promotion or a bar-branded gift basket.

6. Tie-Dye Shopper Tote

This shopper tote bag just looks super cool!

Jump on the tie-dye trend with this sturdy tote, whether you want to make a statement or make your business stand out. 

This bag also has a big open pocket and easily cleanable material, which is great for fighting bacteria.

Author’s Tip: You can give these super cool looking and, most importantly, reusable bags to takeout customers for lasting impressions!

7. Custom Coloring Book

A custom coloring book is a great promotional gift for engaging with kids and even adult customers.

It can bring lots of fun to your bar or restaurant, and it’s pretty original.

This coloring journal set is a coloring book for adults with customizable front and back covers in full color and there are 28 predesigned coloring pages included. 

In addition, the kit includes a box of colored pencils to help bring the pages of the coloring book to life.

8. Graze Coaster Set

Why use onetime coasters when you have a reusable giveaway option?

This Graze coaster set looks elegant and is an excellent addition to any home or workplace decor.

The set is made of robust acacia wood and aluminum and comes with four coasters.

Promotional Items for Clients

Aiming to impress some of your business clients?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Our below promo item selection will give your restaurant or bar premium quality that aims to impress.

1. Wheat Straw Food Storage with Utensils

A great-looking food storage box? 

Sign us up!

The Bullet wheat straw food storage with utensils provides an easy way to pack your lunch. 

The container also comes with a band to secure the lid and tools in place.

What’s more, the best part is your business partners will have you on their minds when they carry their lunches around.

Author’s Tip: Match this great gift with some reusable plastic cups, a reusable water bottle, or a flask for an unforgettable lunch set.

2. Sona Reusable Bottle 

Sustainable gifts are great for brand awareness and putting your business in the best light.

There’s nothing more attractive than showing that you’re woke!

The Sona reusable bottle’s body is made entirely of recycled plastic.

It also comes with a bamboo lid that looks sleek and is eco-friendly.

3. Session Padfolio

The Session padfolio comes in handy as an excellent business gift.

It features a 30-page ruled notepad and has an inside file compartment with card slots and a pen loop, making it the perfect organizer for any meeting or to use on the go.

Author’s Tip: If you want to take this cool gift to the next level, you can combine it with a custom planner, a wall calendar, and a flash drive for a great business gift box. This gift idea can also work perfectly for trade shows and conferences.

4. Luxe Cocktail Shaker

With this beautiful gift, your clients and business partners will serve up plenty of glamour at their next cocktail parties.

The Be Home luxe cocktail shaker is made of stainless steel and comes with a food-safe coating.

5. Nested Stoneware Measuring Cups

Just look how beautiful these measuring cups are!

The Be Home nested stoneware measuring cups are functional for wet and dry measuring.

When not in use, this set of four porcelain nesting cups is a lovely complement to open shelves.

So you’ll be hitting both the looks and practicality check marks.

Plus, they are microwave and dishwasher-safe, which is an excellent bonus.

6. Reverie Carafe and Glass Set

The Reverie carafe and glass set are absolutely stunning.

The glass tumbler features a flush cover and nestles over the carafe for a convenient fit and storage.

Also, this set is constructed of single-walled borosilicate glass and is only suitable for cold liquids.

Swag for Restaurant and Bar Staff

Your staff represents your business identity and what you’re all about.

So, you should be giving them nothing but the best promotional items.

1. Trek Computer Backpack

The Trek computer backpack has a big zippered U-shaped flap with a sleeve for a 15″ laptop.

In addition, this computer bag has a cushioned back, a zipped front pocket, and adjustable shoulder straps.

Your employees will thank you for the versatility and sturdiness of this one.

2. Reusable Pleated Face Mask

You can customize the color or design to create a distinctive reusable face mask that your team will enjoy.

This reusable mask is made of 100% reusable cotton and comes with elastic ear loops to fit everyone.

3. BBQ Now Apron and 7-piece BBQ Set

Your chefs will love this bundle.

This set comes with elastic back and neck straps making the apron comfy for a day spent in front of the grill.

It also has everything your staff will need, from a spatula, tongs, salt and pepper shakers, and an oven mitt, to the star of the show (the apron, of course!).

4. Unisex GALVANIZE Ballcap

Both men and women will like this unisex cap, made from 100% cotton chino twill, and available in several fashionable hues. 

This branded hat offers a traditional design thanks to its pre-curved sandwich peak, snapback clasp, and semi-structured crown.

Author’s Tip: You can get your hands on a stadium cup, a matching color badge holder, a cardholder, a lanyard, some custom stickers, a premium stylus pen, highlighters, sticky notes, a koozie, a branded tumbler, and a custom-printed umbrella to give out the best staff back-to-work gift set.

5. Lewis Ballpoint Pen

The Bullet Lewis ballpoint pen has a smooth metallic body with a comfortable black rubberized grip that offers beautiful elegance and outstanding performance.

This writing instrument also has a straightforward click-action system for right- and left-handed workers. 

6. TAKU Short Sleeve Tech Tee

The TAKU short sleeve tech T-shirt features a wicking finish that keeps moisture away from the skin and will help your staff maintain a regulated body temperature while participating in any activity.

The airy, lightweight 100% polyester fabric is snag-proof, UV protective, and available in various colors, allowing you to choose the one that best represents your business.

7. Recycled Plaid Folding Umbrella

The 42″ recycled auto open plaid folding umbrella has a striking plaid design and a 4″ fixed hem ideal for branding.

This product is made from 100% recycled PET material and has a natural hardwood handle.

The best part is that any restaurant or bar owner could use some spare branded umbrellas so staff can leave work hassle free on a rainy day!

8. Dagon Wheat Straw Mug

The Dagon wheat straw mug with stainless liner has a twist-closure press-on lid and is compatible with most K-Cup coffee makers. 

Its exterior wall and lid are made of wheat straw and plastic, with a robust double-wall structure. 

Also, the lining helps keep all beverages tasting good for a long time; a perk all of your employees will enjoy during long shifts.

4 Tips for Selecting Your Restaurant/Bar Swag Items

  1. Select a signature item

It’s always beneficial to have a noteworthy item that buyers like. 

This establishes a good relationship with your restaurant’s brand and helps create a memorable identity for your company. 

Therefore, consider utilizing a unique design for this item as well; you may use anything from tumblers to coffee mugs or keychains.

  1. Provide a range of options

Even if you have a hallmark item, having a broad array of products for your clients would be appreciated. 

This is especially important if you want your restaurant to appeal to a diverse group of clients, such as families or couples.

  1. Experiment with unusual options

Thinking outside the box is an excellent approach to distinguishing your business from the competition. 

Including a sense of humor or a distinct style in your swag helps consumers remember their experience and makes them feel more connected to the ambiance of your business.

  1. Include your workers in the swag process

Make sure to give your staff freebies, as it fosters a strong connection between the crew and management.

This can be highly beneficial when attempting to develop a favorable image of your business in a local community.

In addition, this sense of solidarity encourages your consumers to stick around and be excited to get their hands on your promotional items.

Now Over to You

Consider your clientele and staff when selecting the perfect promotional items for your restaurant or bar. 

What would they find valuable? What would they appreciate and find appealing? 

If you select a promotional item that benefits your client, your efforts will always be praised, boosting your brand’s awareness.

We have you covered if you need help selecting your following swag items or corporate gifts.

Just contact us anytime and let’s get this journey started.

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