Finding a gift for a new company owner can be difficult, even if you’re just a colleague or you simply want to support your local startup.

You want to ensure that your present is meaningful, whilst practical and valuable for the entrepreneur’s mission.

When there’s room for creativity while selecting gifts, you can achieve such a target.


Therefore, we prepared this post so you can choose from various gift options without feeling confused anymore!

Table of Contents

Gifts for Entrepreneurs Who Love Tech

Gifts for Entrepreneurs Who Travel Often

Sustainable Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Personalized Work Essentials for Entrepreneurs

Gifts for Entrepreneurs Who Love Outdoor Activities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Gifts for Entrepreneurs Who Love Tech

Technology makes our lives easier, especially when we have to work at home most of the time.

The best part about tech gifts is that they can easily impress anyone and are always useful. 

1. Aluminum 4-port USB hub

The aluminum 4-port USB hub has 4 USB outlets and a Type-C adapter, making it compatible with computers and other electronic devices such as mouses, USB sticks, keyboards, and so on.

It also enables data transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps through USB 3.0.

2. Dual-band WiFi extender

The dual-band WiFi extender makes a unique gift.

The extender has a transfer speed of up to 450 Mbps, a 2.4 GHz band that enhances WiFi by 20 m, and a 5.0 GHz band that expands WiFi by 10 m, which is super practical. 

Moreover, any small business owner will significantly benefit from this item, especially when working from a home office.

3. Light-up logo WiFi smart plug 

This WiFi smart plug has a USB output that connects to any designated WiFi network.

It helps you turn off and on any device right from your tablet or smart device.

How cool is that!

This device is also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, which is a great bonus.

4. Flash portable wireless mouse

The flash portable wireless mouse is ideal for work or traveling. Its built-in Nano receiver can receive signals from up to 10 meters away.

The power-off feature extends battery life, and the gadget is compatible with all major operating systems, such as Windows and Mac.

Author’s Tip: You can create the ultimate tech bundle by matching this wireless mouse with a waterproof notepad and a Bluetooth speaker.

5. Light-up logo Bluetooth speaker

This light-up logo Bluetooth speaker is composed of plastic and comes with a rechargeable battery inside. 

It has a two-hour charge time, a three-watt speaker output, and an LED panel underneath the front section.

In addition, any corporate logo can be engraved on the front section, where a bright light shines through when the speaker is used.

6. Solekick true wireless auto pair earbuds

Bluetooth 5.0, auto pair, and automatic power-on are all features of the Solekick true wireless auto pair earbuds.

The case also functions as a power bank for your earphones and can be charged using the USB-A-to-Type-C connector.

7. Auto object tracking phone holder

Are you attempting to take the ideal selfie or film a seamless video? 

The auto object tracking phone holder is the item for you!

Place your phone in the customizable mobile phone stabilizer, and the process will be much easier.

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The phone holder can turn 360 degrees and is compatible with the most recent iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Gifts for Entrepreneurs Who Travel Often

Travel is all about packing smart and feeling comfortable.

The below items will help make your entrepreneur friend’s journeys a complete breeze as they’ll have all the necessities. 

8. Pedova travel wallet

The Pedova travel wallet has a passport pocket, a coin pocket, and many spacious compartments for the traveler’s receipts or other necessities. 

Also, any belongings will be kept securely inside, thanks to the zipped closure.

9 . Renegade weekend duffel

The Renegade weekend duffel is the perfect adventure companion.

You can check out all of its excellent features and stylish look right here:

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One of the best things about this duffel is that it’s wipeable and super easy to clean.

This practical gift also has a removable shoulder strap, so you can turn it into whatever style you like.

10. Aero snooze travel kit

The aero snooze travel kit is the perfect gift for sleeping well during a flight, in a hotel, or at any destination.

This travel kit includes a comfortable eye mask, ear plugs, and a pouch to keep it all together.

11. Carry-on kit

The carry-on kit is quite a useful gift.

It includes three refillable bottles (80 ml each) and a spray bottle (80 ml) to keep all of your favorite entrepreneur’s products with them.

12. Stojo collapsible bowl

The Stojo collapsible bowl saves room like no other. 

You can fill it up for at-home storage or a spill-proof dinner on the road.

13. Case Logic lectro accessory case

The Case Logic lectro accessory case is perfect for storing power banks, cables, and other computer accessories.

This item will help your busy entrepreneur friend gather all their electronics for a quick trip or meeting.

The case has many inner compartments and elastic loops for storing tiny accessories, and the outer slip pocket is ideal for holding a power cord or phone.

14. Accel portable wireless mouse and pad

The Accel portable wireless mouse and pad are perfect for anybody who works in different places. 

When not in use, the mouse pad can be utilized as a safe travel case for the wireless mouse.

Sustainable Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Let’s face it, the eco-conscious mindset is taking over and everyone has to keep up with it.

Keeping the planet in mind isn’t just a trend, it’s here to stay, and the below items will help you display eco-friendliness the right way. 

15. Vesta glass tumbler

The Vesta glass tumbler with a recycled sleeve is both stylish and durable. 

It is also made of high-quality borosilicate glass and has a detachable pebble grain embossed recycled sleeve with faux-stitch details.

The spill-resistant lid includes a color-matched sliding latch for easy on-the-go drinking.

16. Renew rPET sling bag

This sling bag makes a great personalized gift due to its sustainability and functionality.

Look at this thoughtful gift right here:

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The Renew rPET sling bag has a front zippered pocket for holding small items, and the wide main compartment has a dual-zipping entrance.

Also, it has an adjustable, versatile shoulder strap that allows for customized positioning.

17. No-waste lunch set

A sustainable set for enjoying lunch?

We’re definitely here for it!

This no-waste lunch set includes a small set of stainless steel cutlery packaged in a silicone carrying bag to keep things clean. 

It can also keep everything from soup to all kinds of food, thanks to its leak-proof lid.

18. Recycled cotton and cork bound notebook

The recycled cotton and cork bound notebook has 80 pages of recycled note paper.

It also contains an elastic pen loop and a handy ribbon page divider to keep your position between usage.

Author’s Tip: You can pair this sustainable notebook with a customized water bottle and a portable charger for a great-looking gift bundle.

19. Bali bamboo glass bottle

This trendy drink bottle is made of glass and bamboo components, and it also looks incredible.

Just check how elegant it is:

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The Bali bamboo glass bottle is made of extra-thick borosilicate glass, making it odorless and tasteless, which is a huge plus.

20. Aft recycled computer rucksack

The Aft recycled computer rucksack is composed of RPET material, which is both eco-friendly and fashionable

The rucksack also has a front zipped pocket with an organizing panel, as well as two side water bottle compartments, in addition to a cushioned 15-inch laptop sleeve.

Author’s Tip: This item makes a fantastic gift for new business owners; you can twin it with a pair of noise-canceling headphones for a great addition. 

21. Fireside eco computer rucksack

Another cool eco-friendly bag?

We love it!

This environmentally friendly bag is composed of RPET and has sherpa accents.

The Fireside eco computer rucksack also has zipped side pockets to keep your water bottle and other essentials close at hand.

Hence, it’s extremely suitable for travel, any workspace, or for working remotely in a coffee shop.

22. Out of the Woods iconic shopper

The Out of the Woods iconic shopper is one of the best gifts for entrepreneurs

This tote is made of sustainable super natural paper, and you can basically take it anywhere.

It also makes a fantastic gift choice for female entrepreneurs because of its comfortable design.

23. Sigrid eco mug 

The Sigrid eco mug with recycled plastic has a stainless steel exterior wall with a recycled PP inner, lid, and grip.

This sleek mug‘s spill-resistant, press-on cover with sliding closure makes it ideal for sipping your favorite drinks on the road.

24. Fireside eco picnic blanket

The Fireside eco picnic blanket is lightweight and water-resistant, making it great for your outdoor activities.

It also has a slash pocket on the front and webbing carry loops.

Personalized Work Essentials for Entrepreneurs

Customizing work essentials and office supplies makes for timeless gifts.

Everyone needs a handful of office supplies that not only help but add a nicer touch to the work atmosphere.

25. LCD e-writing & drawing tablet

This LCD e-writing and drawing tablet comes with a stylus pen that lets you draw and write directly on the screen.

You can also delete anything with a simple touch, just like a whiteboard.

26. Cedar leather padfolio

The Cedar leather padfolio is the definition of chic.

Take a look at its premium leather material:

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It comes with two mesh pockets for storing all the accessories you need, so it combines style and practicality all in one.

27. Desktop UV sanitizer and Bluetooth speaker

Superior sound, three UVC indicators, music controls, and a microphone are all included in the desktop UV Sanitizer with Bluetooth speaker

These qualities make this speaker an excellent choice for any desktop! 

To begin the cleaning procedure, just open the top lid and place your phone or jewelry inside. 

Furthermore, the desktop speaker has a complete range of music controls, including the ability to activate your voice assistant (Siri or Hey Google), change the audio, manage the volume, and accept/reject phone calls.

Author’s Tip: This gift is quite special, so pair it with a business card of yours to take it to the next level.

28. Desktop whiteboard

The desktop whiteboard is an excellent addition to any workspace, so keep it in your gift guide inspo.

Rather than wasting sticky notes, put your everyday to-do list on the desktop whiteboard and place it in front of your computer for a constant reminder.

Also, your fellow entrepreneurs can write down motivational quotes to kick start the early mornings right!

29. Moleskine smart writing set 

The Moleskine smart writing set is a creative gift option that anyone will fall in love with.

Take a look at its cool features and how it works right below:

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With this item, not only will you be able to have a digital copy of everything you take down, but you will also get to transcribe, edit, and dry erase any required material.

30. Quill meeting briefcase

The quill meeting briefcase has a zipped main compartment, a front zipper pocket, and a hook and link side pocket

Carrying is straightforward and convenient thanks to the two 11-¼-inch top reach handles and an adaptable shoulder strap.

31. 5-in-1 charging cable with coating

On one end of this charging cable made of plastic, there is a USB Type-A tip and a USB Type-C tip.

The opposite side has a two-in-one dual compatible tip (up to 2A current) for both Apple iOS and Android smartphones, a micro USB input (up to 3A current), and a USB Type-C output point (up to 3A current). 

It also includes an antibacterial additive that aids in the reduction of undesirable germs and fungus.

32. Set in Stone wireless charging stand

The Set in Stone wireless charging stand comes with a limestone bottom and a wireless charging pad constructed of cork that can be used independently. 

The two components can hold a phone together, but can only provide 5W of wireless charging when the phone is upright.

Author’s Tip: You can couple this gift with an essential oil diffuser for a beautiful desk display.

33. Bistro ceramic mug 2-in-1 gift set

The Bistro ceramic mug 2-in-1 gift set features two ceramic mugs that come in a stylish gift box.

Each piece has a 16-ounce capacity and is composed of single-wall, microwave-safe ceramic material.

Gifts for Entrepreneurs Who Love Outdoor Activities

Outdoor gifts deserve more recognition as nothing can replace some fun outside.

The below collection will definitely encourage all of your fellow business owners to step outside and get some fresh air. 

34. Graze wood and metal wine set

The Graze wood and metal wine set comes in a refined acacia wood box with metal embellishments for efficient storage.

It has all you need to pop a nice bottle of wine at a party or in the backyard.

35. Quick-dry park blanket

The quick-dry park blanket is very roomy and it can be used anywhere at any time.

This is the perfect item for gathering friends and family members for an outdoorsy day or picnic

Moreover, it comes with a cell phone pocket, which is a really nice bonus.

36. Organic cotton cable blanket

The tentree organic cotton cable blanket looks great in a backpack for weekend travels or thrown over your legs while sitting by the fire late at night.

This soft throw blanket is ideal for curling up with a good book and a cup of steaming coffee, whether you’re under the stars or on the couch.

Author’s Tip: Combine this cute blanket with a gift card and a coffee maker for an impressive new year gift idea. Your startup buddies will love this holiday kit.

37. Mini drone with full-color wrap

Once fully charged, the mini drone with a full-color wrap can fly for five minutes and can be controlled from up to 250 feet away from the owner.

This item can add lots of fun to any outdoor ambience, and it also comes in a colorful box, which makes it suitable for holiday and birthday gift giving.

38. JanSport waist pack

The JanSport waist pack has an adjustable strap that allows you to wear it around your waist or as a sling on your back. 

You can personalize this bag in various colors to suit every taste.

39. Adjustable tripod stand

With the cell phone adjustable tripod stand, you can take the ideal shot or video. 

The stand has a ¼-inch screw for most cameras and a fit-for-all phone holder.

The phone holder accommodates phones ranging in width from 2 ¼ inches to 3 ¾ inches. 

Furthermore, the tripod height changes from 10 inches to 40 inches, and the built-in clamps let you adapt it to your preferred height.

Ready to Create Branded Gifts for Entrepreneurs?

Keep in mind that making a gift personal is always the best method.

We hope our list has enticed you to get your hands on some gifts really soon.

If you’re looking forward to customizing any gift options for your fellow business owners and entrepreneurs, get in touch with us anytime.

Thank you for your time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is a good gift for someone who is starting their own business?

You can pick any of the below gifts for someone who’s starting their business:

  • Customized coffee mug
  • Branded laptop bag
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • Office succulent 

Q2. What is a good gift for a business owner?

The following is a good list of gifts for business owners:

  • Moleskine notebook
  • Whiteboard
  • Wireless headphones
  • Travel wallet
  • Leather padfolio

Q3. What do you get a business owner for Christmas?

These gifts make great Christmas gifts for business owners:

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