Every year on Thanksgiving, family and friends gather to host visitors, eat turkey, and express gratitude for their life and the people they cherish most. 

This national holiday is also an excellent opportunity to develop strong business ties with your valued staff and clientele. 

They are, after all, the reason you are still in business. 

So, giving out Thanksgiving gifts and other holiday presents can demonstrate to your employees and business clients how much you value their dedication, providing appreciation that lasts.

In today’s piece, we’re sharing 11 Thanksgiving gift ideas to share your gratitude and 3 ways to celebrate the occasion remotely to encourage inclusivity!

Let’s jump right in.

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When Is Thanksgiving Celebrated?

Gift Idea #1: Bamboo Cutting Board with Knife

Gift Idea #2: Modena Wine Gift Set

Gift Idea #3: Glitzy Dark Chocolate Almonds Gift Box

Gift Idea #4: Minted Lavender and Sage Candle

Gift Idea #5: Luxe Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Gift Idea #6: 5-Piece Oversized Steak Knife Set

Gift Idea #7: Solar Power Mason Jar Light

Gift Idea #8: French Rolling Pin with Storage Bag

Gift Idea #9: La Cuisine Silicone Baking Utensils

Gift Idea #10: Growing Gourmet Gift Set

Gift Idea #11: White Marble Mini Rectangle Board

3 Meaningful Ways to Enjoy a Virtual Thanksgiving

When Is Thanksgiving Celebrated?

Thanksgiving Day is a yearly holiday in the US and Canada that honors the harvest and other benefits from the previous year. 

It all started with the colonists in New England and Canada often holding “Thanksgivings,” which were days of prayer for things like safe travel, conquering armies, and good harvests. 

The holiday is based on a harvest feast that English colonists and Wampanoag people had together in 1621. 

In addition, Canadians can track down their first Thanksgiving back to 1578, when an expedition led by Martin Frobisher praised a safe journey.

Therefore, the American holiday is especially rich in folklore and profound symbolism.

The Thanksgiving feast traditionally consists of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberries, and pumpkin pie. 

Regarding travel, the holiday is frequently the busiest of the year as family members get together, (it’s always a wonderful time for everyone to get together!) spend some quality time, and enjoy the yummy Thanksgiving turkey and accompaniments.

Thanksgiving Day will be celebrated this year on November 24, 2022, so it’s really coming up soon!

How is Thanksgiving celebrated?

On this holiday, friends and family gather to share dinner together; that sense of family and belonging is at the root of Thanksgiving after all!

Many people like to give thanks at the table and pray during the food festivities; others like to have baking contests and see whose pie is best!

In addition, some families like to have outdoor barbecues, grills, and potlucks.

Instead of one person taking all the responsibility for the food situation, potlucks are great as all the guests can bring diverse dishes and even give each other home-related gifts.

For games and fun, friends and family like to hunt for pumpkins, craft family trees, play football together, celebrate with loved pets, and even have a best-dressed pet competition!

When it comes to work, celebrating with your employees and staff is the perfect way to create a sense of solidarity and encouragement.

Many managers create a gratitude wall and let their staff members hang notes describing what they’re thankful for; this creates a bright and positive atmosphere.

Also, staff members can bring their dinner leftovers to the office after Thanksgiving, with everyone digging in and enjoying the bonus of having zero food waste!

And of course, office potlucks can be lots of fun!

Instead of purchasing precooked turkeys for your gathering, supervisors encourage workers to join “Turkey Championship” cook-off teams and have a turkey cook-off on the big day. 

They allow a specified number of teams to enroll to showcase their turkey cooking skills, with the corporation purchasing the turkey and certain cooking ingredients for each group.

All in all, there’s always something warm and fun to do at Thanksgiving that boosts that sense of coming together and belonging.

And Thanksgiving gets 100 times better with thoughtful gift-giving!

Let’s check together some of our employee gift collections that will take your celebration to a whole new level!

Gift Idea #1: Bamboo Cutting Board with Knife

A bamboo cutting board will make a great corporate gift for Thanksgiving, as it can be especially useful for someone who’s hosting for the first time.

This natural bamboo cutting board is equipped with silicone corner accents to avoid slippage, and a swivel stand for displaying the surface upright.

It also comes with a premium stainless steel knife with a soft grip.

Gift Idea #2: Modena Wine Gift Set

Wine and turkey are the perfect combo!

And this custom gift box will take popping a wine bottle to the next level.

The Modena wine gift set is a fantastic addition for wine lovers; it consists of a bottle stopper, a corkscrew, a drip ring, and a pourer. 

Another great bonus is that this gift comes with a beautifully crafted UltraHyde box, giving it a deluxe feel.

Author’s Tip: You can combine this unique gift with some wine bottle stickers and a wooden serving board, and you’ll have an unforgettable Thanksgiving gift basket.

Gift Idea #3: Glitzy Dark Chocolate Almonds Gift Box

Dark chocolate almonds will always make the perfect gift for any occasion!

Especially when they come in a gorgeous gift box like the one below.

Everyone will love to have heaps of these after a nice dinner.

In addition, this pretty gift box makes a great employee appreciation gift for a happy Thanksgiving at the office. 

Gift Idea #4: Minted Lavender and Sage Candle

Scented candles are one of the best Thanksgiving gift ideas.

There’s nothing better than creating the right celebration ambiance and filling the room with beautiful aromas on such a special day!

The minted lavender and sage candle is made of high-quality soy wax and is lead-free which is a great plus.

Also, it can burn for up to 65 hours.

Absolutely amazing, right?!

Gift Idea #5: Luxe Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Cozy blankets are in for the win.

This luxe faux fur throw blanket will make a great hostess gift and beautiful addition to any home decor.

The short, thick fake fur gives a contemporary design when thrown over a couch or armchair. 

It also looks very attractive and is ideal for embroidery.

What’s more, this is an appropriate gift for any of your remote employees and team members as it adds a nice touch to their workspace. 

You can also add gift options like a succulent or customized coffee mug to make it extra special.

Gift Idea #6: 5-Piece Oversized Steak Knife Set

This 5-piece oversized steak knife set is quite a thoughtful gift, as it will make the turkey cutting or any Thanksgiving barbecue an absolute breeze!

This classic-looking set features five knives with stainless steel blades and wood handles.

Also, the knives are kept in a hardwood souvenir box with a clearly displayed logo.

Author’s Tip: Feel free to add a greeting card with this one for a nice oomph!

Gift Idea #7: Solar Power Mason Jar Light

The solar power mason jar light can add light to any Thanksgiving meal in an outdoor area for a great feel; it can also add amazing vibes to any indoor office.

When completely charged, solar technology that charges continuously with the sun keeps this light running for 6-8 hours. 

Author’s Tip: You can add yummy snacks like pretzels or chocolate cookies to this one for a wonderful holiday gift; don’t forget to add a personalized gift card to draw some smiles!

Gift Idea #8: French Rolling Pin with Storage Bag

Your employees’ and clients’ pies for this Thanksgiving will come out amazing with the help of this handy rolling pin.

The streamlined, handle-free design of this French rolling pin enables precise and consistent dough handling while allowing for optimum movement. 

Also, it comes with a 22-inch length that allows the rolling out of pie and pastry crust, as well as cookies, pizza, and other items, more quickly and simply.

Gift Idea #9: La Cuisine Silicone Baking Utensils

With this set of La Cuisine silicone spatulas, you can mix, scoop, bend, and scrape your path to success.

This thoughtful Thanksgiving gift contains a standard spatula and spoonula—both useful requirements for better baking, icing, and meal preparation—and a little offset scraper, ideal for smaller chores like removing every bit of peanut butter from the container. ?

In addition, the silicone heads are thermal resistant and non-scratch, which means they can be used at temperatures up to 400°F and keep your bakeware and coated pans looking new.

For this special occasion, your gift receivers will enjoy cooking with their loved ones and showing off their new sets!

Gift Idea #10: Growing Gourmet Gift Set

This assortment of herb-inspired kitchen staples is ideal for aspiring cooks who want to grow a countertop garden.

Also, the inspirational gift is great for self-care and relaxation, as you can never go wrong with some seed-planting action!

This beautiful set comes with organic basil seeds, a hydroponic growth system, chrome-plated and compact shears, a cotton tea towel, and a herb pull and pinch dish.

Author’s Tip: Add some bath bombs, a personalized journal, a reusable water bottle or tumbler, and a yoga mat for the perfect appreciation gift idea combo with green beauty.

Gift Idea #11: White Marble Mini Rectangle Board

With this stylish and sturdy white marble board, you can create the snack board of your dreams.

This earthy piece of art is both lasting and unforgettable. 

Before hand-assembling each board, the craftsmen at Be Home take extreme care in hand-selecting only the most beautiful marble cuts available.

Plus, this beautiful gift is a great option for the holiday season.

Author’s Tip: You can combine it with a tangy snack box and a bottle of wine for the perfect thank-you gift or add it to a fuzzy blanket, a tumbler, and some office gift supplies, and you have an amazing Christmas gift

Now that you have checked out our gift collection for inspiration, let’s check below how to celebrate Thanksgiving if you have remote employees and want to create a warmer ambiance between your team members.

3 Meaningful Ways to Enjoy a Virtual Thanksgiving

If you have a bunch of remote workers at Thanksgiving who can’t make it to the office, you still need to express gratitude and include them in your festivities.

Here are three ways to celebrate Thanksgiving virtually and unite the whole team.

  1. Send out thank-you letters

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for our blessings. 

Because work plays such an essential part in a person’s life, embracing the spirit of Thanksgiving at work is important. 

Encourage your managers to arrange an enjoyable virtual meeting to discuss how their team members’ efforts have contributed to the organization’s overall progress.

Following that, each team member could discuss how their boss and colleagues have assisted them in growing and succeeding. 

A simple thank you can go a long way. 

If you can’t arrange a virtual gathering for any reason, allow your staff to exchange virtual messages of thanks, thanking their colleagues or managers for their assistance. 

This will build the bonds between your team members, allowing them to operate more effectively together. 

This will also boost your workers’ emotional well-being, making them happier, healthier, and more productive at work.

  1. Give out Thanksgiving presents

Giving presents is a natural element of every celebration, including Thanksgiving. 

You can show appreciation to your staff by providing them with some thoughtful gifts.

This might brighten their day and make them feel cherished and cared for!

If you can’t decide what to give, try giving virtual gift cards or paid holidays. 

Keep in mind that you can always give your employees and staff any of our above-mentioned recommendations! ?

  1. Encourage online volunteerism

Giving back to society is the best way to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

Consider providing your staff with volunteer opportunities. 

If you don’t want your staff to volunteer during certain periods physically, there are various digital options. 

All your workers have to do is volunteer some of their precious time and expertise to help a worthy cause. 

Volunteering should result in a more cohesive and empathetic attitude among your staff. 

Overall, ensure you notify staff about the festivities a week in advance so they can organize their work.

In addition, make sure to hold these events throughout the day so that more team members can participate. 

Now Over to You

The Thanksgiving holiday is a good reminder for bosses, managers, company owners, and other organizational leaders to recognize and convey the most precious asset in their workplace: the individuals who work there.

So never forget to showcase your care and appreciation in any way possible!

We have your back if you’re looking for the best swag items for your team to make the occasion unforgettable.

Contact us anytime and let’s discuss the options that suit you most.

Thank you for reading and happy Thanksgiving!

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