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16 Promotion Gifts with which to Congratulate Your Employees

Hello, boss people!  Do you want to celebrate your team’s promotions and show them how much you value their hard […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

Hello, boss people! 

Do you want to celebrate your team’s promotions and show them how much you value their hard work by giving them special gifts? 

Look no further.


We’ve put together a list of the best 16 promotion gifts for employees to make them feel valued and motivated. 

From wellness presents you can personalize to practical items, there’s something on this list for every type of employee. So let’s get started and find the perfect gift to celebrate promotions!

Table of Contents

1. Bamboo Writing Lap Desk

2. Computer Briefcase

3. Premium Crossbody Organizer

4. Wireless Charging Stand

5. High-end Bluetooth Headphones

6. Sophisticated Wheeled Duffel Bag

7. Premium HD Webcam

8. Aromatic Oil Diffuser

9. Sustainable Impact Ceramic Bundle

10. Ball of Fun Gift Set

11. Picnic Table & Carrier

12. Glimpse Photo Frame

13. Wine Down Gourmet Gift Set

14. Special Edition Cup & Blanket Gift Set

15. Modern Sprout Rooted Candle

16. Luxe Hanging Bar Tool Set

3 Tips for Selecting Your Employee Promotion Gifts

Beyond Gifts: 4 Ways to Celebrate Employee Promotions

Raise the Bar for Your Promotion Gifts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Bamboo Writing Lap Desk

As a manager or an HR professional, you know the value of finding practical and stylish gifts to congratulate your employees on achieving promotions.

And the Auden bamboo writing lap desk makes a unique gift for any promotion with its sustainable bamboo construction and stylish design.

This lap desk is also perfect both for employees who work from home or who are always on the go. 

The design provides a stable and comfortable surface for writing or working on a laptop, and its compact size makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. 

2. Computer Briefcase

The Velocity 17″ computer briefcase is the perfect gift for a busy professional who has just received a promotion. 

It features a padded laptop compartment that ensures durability and protection for the device. 

Not only that, but its spacious design allows for ample storage for all the essentials needed for the increased responsibilities and work-related activities that come with a promotion.

Overall, it has a sleek design and various pockets and compartments, making it an excellent gift for organizing all the work essentials.

3. Premium Crossbody Organizer

Whether you want to congratulate an employee with a gift box or just want to wish them good luck for their new job, this premium crossbody organizer from Heritage Supply is a promotion gift idea that’s sure to be appreciated.

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This stylish padfolio is made from sturdy material, has a crossbody strap for easy carrying, and it comes with a notepad and pen making it a perfect choice for notes for the new position!

Additionally, this messenger bag-looking crossbody has various pockets and compartments for organizing documents and business cards as well as a zipper pocket for secure storage.

4. Wireless Charging Stand

The Nimble Apollo 15W wireless charging stand makes a great gift for any promotion with its compact size and sleek design; this stand is a practical and stylish addition to any desk or nightstand.

It also has a 15W power output, ensuring a fast and efficient charge. 

Another great perk is that it’s made from high-quality materials and features a non-slip base, making it reliable for any workspace.

5. High-end Bluetooth Headphones

Looking for a cool corporate gift? 

Consider the Bradford Bluetooth headphones, as they suit any employee, whether they’re climbing the corporate ladder or just need some tunes to help them get through their workday.

With their sleek design and high-quality sound, these headphones offer a convenient listening experience due to their long battery life. 

They’re also comfortable to wear for extended use and come with a carrying case for on-the-go convenience. 

6. Sophisticated Wheeled Duffel Bag

Congratulations are in order for your employee’s promotion, and what better way to celebrate than with a practical and stylish gift? 

The High Sierra Forester wheeled duffel is a responsible choice, made from recycled materials for a sustainable and eco-friendly gift

Also, its 22″ size and wheels make it easy to carry and maneuver all of your essentials, and its various compartments and pockets make it a great choice for organizing your belongings. 

So whether your employee is jetting off on a business trip or just needs a durable bag for their daily commute, this wheeled duffel is a coworker gift that shows you care about their needs and the environment.

7. Premium HD Webcam

The Anker PowerConf 300 HD webcam is a must-have congratulations gift for anyone who works remotely or frequently participates in video meetings. 

Your gift recipients will thank you for its high-definition video and clear audio, making conference life easier.

It also has a compact design that makes it easy to use on any desktop or laptop. 

Plus, it has a built-in privacy shutter and adjustable focal length, allowing users to customize their viewing angle and ensure privacy during meetings.

Author’s Tip: When creating a gift basket for a remote new promotion, consider including a desk organizer, a charger, and a coffee mug with this gift. This will help the recipient stay organized and productive with each new task right from the start.

8. Aromatic Oil Diffuser

Congratulating an employee on their promotion calls for a gift that’s as special as the occasion. 

The bamboo aromatic oil diffuser fits the bill perfectly with its elegant looks and eco-friendly design. 

This diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to turn essential oils into a fine mist, creating a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere in any room. 

With a large 300ml water tank and a run time of up to 10 hours, it’s a convenient choice for all-day use. 

What’s more, the diffuser boasts a built-in LED light with seven different colors, allowing users to customize the ambiance to their preferences. 

How cool is that!

Author’s Tip: You can pair this beauty with a wine bottle and a luxurious scented candle for the perfect relaxing touch; your newly promoted team members will start their new roles all refreshed, thanks to you.

9. Sustainable Impact Ceramic Bundle

When promoting an employee, a useful gift that reflects your company’s values is a good idea. 

The W&P ceramic bundle hits both marks with its recycled materials and modern feel. 

This bundle includes a ceramic mug, plate, and bowl, all made from recycled materials and designed with a minimalistic aesthetic. 

Additionally, this gift isn’t only environmentally responsible, durable, and dishwasher safe; the mug and plate also have silicone grips for added convenience, and the bowl has a non-slip base.

10. Ball of Fun Gift Set

Promoting an employee calls for a celebration, and what better way to do it than with a gift set that combines fun and functionality? 

The W&P ball of fun gift set is just the thing! 

This gift set includes a silicone ice ball mold, a silicone ice sphere mold, and a silicone ice cube tray, all perfect for making uniquely shaped ice for any drink.

A great perk is that the ice molds are made of food-grade silicone, safe for use in the freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher. 

Not only are these molds fun and unique and keep drinks colder for longer, which is perfect for those long work days, but they also make a great addition to any home bar!

11. Picnic Table & Carrier

Promotions are a big deal, and the best gift to celebrate it should be just as special, and the La Cuisine picnic table & carrier is the perfect gift for that occasion. 

This portable and compact table has a built-in handle for easy transport, and the top is made from sustainable and durable bamboo wood.

That’s why It’s fantastic for picnics and outdoor events or even a convenient option for employees who like to eat in their office. 

The carrier also features a built-in cooler bag to keep drinks and food cool while on the go.

12. Glimpse Photo Frame

It’s always nice to have a personalized gift that can serve as a keepsake for years to come, and the Glimpse photo frame does that by adding sentimental value. 

This digital photo frame displays your favorite photos and can be easily updated via the Glimpse app. 

What’s more, it has a built-in wireless charging pad, making it a convenient and stylish addition to any desk.

Author’s Tip: This gift also makes an attractive choice for a retirement gift as it presents value and appreciation all in one. You can twin it with a customized desk nameplate for an unforgettable gift that celebrates their achievements and marks the beginning of their next chapter.

13. Wine Down Gourmet Gift Set

This gift set includes an assortment of gourmet snacks and a lush wine mix, all nestled in a stylish wooden crate. 

Now, that’s an indulgent way to say congrats!

Whether your employee is a wine aficionado or just enjoys an occasional glass, they’ll appreciate the thought and effort that went into this gift. 

Author’s Tip: Take this gift to the next level by adding a personalized tumbler or water bottle, a leather money clip, and a business card holder for an extra special touch.

14. Special Edition Cup & Blanket Gift Set

This camp cup & blanket gift set from MiiR and Slowtide is the ultimate outdoor enthusiast’s dream, so if you have newly promoted team members who like to relax under the stars, this is the one for them!

This gift set includes a durable and insulated MiiR camp cup, for enjoying hot drinks around the campfire, and a cozy Slowtide blanket, perfect for snuggling up on a chilly night. 

In addition, the items are made of high-quality and sustainable materials; the cup is made of stainless steel and has a leak-proof lid, and the blanket is made of soft fleece, which is big enough to wrap up warm in.

15. Modern Sprout Rooted Candle

The Modern Sprout rooted candle is an out-of-the-box gift to show appreciation for an employee’s promotion. 

This candle, made with all-natural soy wax and essential oils, has a clean and refreshing scent that will uplift any workspace, and it comes with a seed packet for added magic.

It also comes in an eco-friendly and reusable vessel that you can use to grow your green baby or store small office items once the candle is finished.

Last but not least, this beautiful-looking gift is hand-poured in small batches, so you can be sure that your employee is receiving a quality product, and it comes with no plastic packaging whatsoever.

16. Luxe Hanging Bar Tool Set

These bar tools will impress your newly promoted employee and will take their bar setup to the next level!

Made with premium quality kitchen gadgets in a glamorous gold finish, this set includes four hanging bar tools & a marble stand, making it perfect for any home bartender. 

Aside from this, the tools consist of a cocktail strainer, double-sided jigger, bottle opener, and a bar knife that can slice citrus and other garnishes and can also be used to cut cheese. 

The set is ethically crafted in small batches and is ingrained with a food-safe coating, ensuring durability and longevity.

3 Tips for Selecting Your Employee Promotion Gifts

Choosing cool, high-quality gifts to celebrate promotions is one thing, and making your gifts thoughtful and unique is another. 

And both are equally important! 

How can you make your job promotion gifts extra special?

Choosing something that speaks to your employees’ interests and personalities.

Here are a few tips to help you select a gift that your employee will truly love:

1. Consider their hobbies or passions

What does Nora, your new Customer Success Manager, enjoy doing in her free time? 

Does she have a particular hobby or interest you could cater to with your gift? 

For example, an elegant duffle bag could be a hit if she’s an avid traveler.

2. Think about their work style

When choosing a gift for your recently promoted employee, it’s important to consider their work style and preferences. 

Are they traditional, preferring classic gifts like a leather briefcase? 

Or do they prefer more modern and tech-savvy options like a wireless charging stand? 

Once you understand their preferences and interests, you can use that information to select a gift that will be both useful and enjoyable in their daily work life.

3. Pay attention to their personal style

When choosing a gift for an employee, consider their personal style and preferences in all aspects, not just fashion. 

For example, do they prefer minimalist design or bright and bold colors in their office supplies? 

A gift that aligns with their style, such as a sleek and simple notebook or a set of colorful pens, could be a thoughtful and meaningful choice. 

Beyond Gifts: 4 Ways to Celebrate Employee Promotions

You can celebrate your employees’ promotions by adding a few things to your gift sets. 

Here are some ways to show appreciation and put the cherry on top.

1. Throw a party

Plan a celebration or special event to mark the occasion. 

This could be a small gathering with the team, a bigger bash with other departments, or even external guests.

2. Shout it from the rooftops

Show your employees some love by publicly recognizing their promotions through company-wide announcements or social media posts. 

This helps build a sense of community and belonging within the company.

3. Help them grow

Offer your employees the chance to participate in professional development or training programs to help them succeed in their new roles.

This could include remote work options or the ability to set their own schedules.

4. Time to relax

Think about giving your employees extra time off as a way to celebrate their promotion and allow them to recharge.

Overall, keep in mind that it’s essential to consider the needs and preferences of your employees when planning how to celebrate their promotions. 

What might be meaningful and motivating for one employee may be different for another.

Raise the Bar for Your Promotion Gifts 

As an employer or HR professional, you know how important it is to celebrate and recognize your team’s achievements. 

Finding the perfect gift to mark this special occasion can be challenging, but we hope our list of the best employee promotion gifts has given you some great ideas. 

Remember that choosing something that reflects your employee’s personality and interests is the most important thing. 

If you’re looking for the right gift or want to customize promotion gifts for your team, don’t hesitate to contact us

We’re here to help you find the perfect way to celebrate your employee’s promotion!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is an appropriate budget for a promotion gift?

There’s no specific rule for how much to spend on a promotion gift, as it all depends on your gifting budget.

Yet, consider spending more on a long-time employee or key team member.

Q2. When is the best time to give a promotion gift?

The best time to give a promotion gift is when the employee starts their new role. 

This is a special time for the employee, and a gift can be an excellent way to mark their achievement.

Q3. Can I give the same gift to all employees who are being promoted?

It’s generally better to give individualized gifts to show that you value each employee’s unique interests and preferences. However, if you have a large group of employees being promoted, you could give away wellness kits that all team members will appreciate.

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