Healthcare workers are some of the most important professionals out there considering they’ve always got their hands full.

During the pandemic, they spent most of their time on the front line helping keep people safe. 

Instances like that might make them feel undervalued.  

As a leader, taking the time to find thoughtful gifts for them, besides a stethoscope or other work-related items, can go a long way toward making them feel special.

Even if you know how much they mean to you, it will mean much more to them if you give them gifts as a reminder. 

To make it easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of meaningful presents that you can gift healthcare workers, aside from new scrubs, including:

  • Convertible tote bags
  • Massage ball
  • Yoga mat

So, let’s dive right in. 

Table of Contents

1. Slowtide Throw Blanket

2. Comfort Fit Ankle Socks

3. Athletic Headband

4. Eco-Insulated Tumbler 

5. Nara Bento Lunch Box

6. Self-Care Kit

7. Copper Vacuum Bottle 

8. Clarke Convertible Tote

9. Wireless Power Bank with UV Sanitizer

10. Massage Roller Ball

11. Fitness Yoga Mat 

12. Recycled Journal Book

13. JanSport Crosstown Backpack

14. Spiced Wine Mix

15. Pasta Night Gift Set

16. Coffee Press and Glass Set

17. Gourmet Pairing Gift Set

18. Soap Gift Set

19. Scented Candle

20. Playing Cards Gift Set

21. Kahuzi Eco Jacket 

1. Slowtide Throw Blanket

The throw blanket is an ideal gift for healthcare workers who sometimes have to work the night shift. 

Actually, take a quick look at the Slowtide throw blanket and you can begin to imagine all the purposes it can serve.  

It’s a pure cotton fabric that’s suitable for just about any location.  

In other words, it’s a gift they can use to stay comfortable at work during their long shifts or even during their time off. 

Plus, the blanket can be used as a throw or as a beach blanket during the summer for outdoor activities. 

2. Comfort Fit Ankle Socks 

Healthcare workers spend a lot of time on their feet walking and standing. As such, they require an item that will make them comfortable and curb any discomfort.

A good pair of cozy compression socks helps ensure there’s better blood circulation in the legs. 

Aside from their health benefits, socks are an exceptional gift that everyone loves because they’re always needed and adorable. 

3. Athletic Headband

A branded athletic headband is a good gift to give health workers because it shows how thoughtful you are.

Healthcare workers can use them to keep hair away from their faces while working out. 

In addition, getting this gift in bulk for your employees can be used as an accessory in the next company’s sporting event.

They’ve got two options to choose from—tie-back closure and tubular headband.

4. Eco-Insulated Tumbler

Everyone loves a cup of beverage in the morning or whenever they need something to cool off. 

Healthcare professionals aren’t exempted so getting eco-insulated tumblers for them sounds good. 

They will get to drink their favorite drinks at home or in the workplace. 

Make sure to personalize the tumbler and you will have given them their own personal eco-friendly Starbucks-like cup. 

This reusable drinkware is durable and scratch-resistant meaning it will serve your workers for a long time.

Plus, they’ll always think of you when they use it.  

5. Naro Bento Lunch Box

A Naro Bento Lunch Box is one of the best gifts to give your employees that they can use during their break time.

The only thing missing is the lunch meal as everything needed to eat the meal has already been packed into the box.

What’s more, the lunch box is made from food-grade materials and is BPA-free.

Additionally, anyone getting this gift will be able to use and enjoy it for years to come. 

6. Self-care Kit

A take-care package is another unique gift you can give hardworking professionals who work for you.  

This gift box comes with a lavender plant they can start growing for its calming qualities, an hourglass to time their meditation, and a relaxing essential oil you can use as a lotion. 

Aside from the fact that it’s an ongoing trend, self-care kits let your employees know that you’re very concerned about their well-being.

7. Copper Vacuum Bottle

A vacuum bottle is a great gift that can be used anywhere. 

It helps keep water clean and odorless with its built-in purification system. It comes with a safe UV bulb that sterilizes your water and displays the results on the cover. 

The vacuum bottle can also keep beverages cold for about 48 hours and hot for 12 hours. 

Also, considering it’s a reusable bottle, you’re certain it’s going to last for a long time. 

8. Clarke Convertible Tote

Convertible tote bags are the perfect nurse gifts.

It’s a great way to transport their essentials when they’re heading for a long night shift. Plus, it’s an alternative to regular plastic bags. 

This high-quality convertible tote bag comes with added features for its users including webbing straps when it is used as a cinch pack and a toggle cinch closer for security. 

It also has two bags in one for versatility. 

9. Wireless Power Bank with UV Sanitizer

Power banks help ensure our devices remain connected at all times. 

But this particular power bank cranks up the notch a little bit by tripling as a regular power bank, wireless charging pad, and portable sanitizer.

It can sanitize just about anything that fits inside it such as keys or smartphones, more like a digital hand sanitizer. 

It’s the ideal thank-you gift your healthcare workers can use at work, during vacation, or when they’re traveling. 

There’s no telling when one will be without an outlet or phone charger, so having this wireless power bank will be useful

10. Massage Roller Ball

A handheld massage roller ball is a perfect item you can give medical professionals. 

This thoughtful gift is a good way to tell them they mean a lot to you

Healthcare workers are always working long hours—moving from one place to another and as a result, they’re usually stressed out. 

By getting them this gift, they can quickly recover from the day’s stress

All they have to do is to roll the massage over the sore muscles for quick relief.  

If they don’t have time for a shiatsu massage, the massage ball that doubles as a foot massager will do.

11. Fitness Yoga Mat

The cobra and fitness yoga mat allows your workers to work out or practice yoga on a safe cushioned surface. 

As you can see in the image above, it comes with a pouch that makes transporting it easy. 

12. Recycled Journal Book

Another cool item you can give health professionals is a journal book

Not just any kind, a journal made from plastics and wastes collected from the ocean. 

The journal comes with an elastic closure, ribbon page marker, pen loop, and 96 pages of recycled white paper.

You can pair this with a non-medical facemask so they use them off-duty while writing down their thoughts. 

Let’s continue with our list. 

13. Jansport Crosstown Backpack

Everyone needs a backpack for different reasons—to keep a laptop or carry essentials. 

This one is sustainable and designed for functional simplicity.  

The zipped front pocket is a good location to display your brand including a haul loop and a side water bottle pocket.

The bag has a padded back panel that makes it comfortable to carry including a padded shoulder strap that has its unique straight cut. 

Irrespective of where they’re headed, the crosstown backpack is an accessory they’ll surely need. 

It’s the perfect gift to give a new nurse.

Author’s Tip: You can pair this item with the vacuum bottle and a personalized nurse appreciation message to make it more memorable and thoughtful. 

14. Spiced Wine Mix

The spiced wine mix is a great gift choice for relaxation hours and house parties.

It’s a traditional blend of sweet spices that will keep your workers warm and hearty after a long day at work. 

The spiced wine mix has apples, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, oranges, and a star of anise in each package. 

All that’s required is to add wine, pour it into your wine glass, and drink. 

Author’s Tip: You can pair this with drinkware, a personalized note, and a customized badge reel for a memorable gift. 

15. Pasta Night Gift Set

Everyone loves a nice meal of pasta and with this hand-picked collection of delicious Italian favorites, your workers are in for a treat.  

This gift set comes with a box of Montbello spaghetti, tomato herb bruschetta, classic Italian dressing, and Basil marinara—all in a fancy tote bag. 

 It’s a good holiday gift that can be matched with the spiced wine mix for a good time. 

16. Coffee Press and Glass Set

Everyone loves a good cup of hot coffee on a cold morning; as such, giving a coffee press and glass set as a gift feels like a great option.  

The set comes in a modena box so your employees can brew coffee comfortably at work or at home. 

You can only imagine that they will be reminded of their value each time they use it. 

17. Gourmet Pairing Gift Set

Another best-selling gift you can give healthcare professionals is this unique set of coffee and chocolate pairing. 

It has everything they need to enjoy a unique coffee experience. 

That includes onda origins coffee, Taza dark chocolate organic vanilla disc, untapped coffee waffle, and a pairing card and mocha coffee recipe for their next cup of coffee.

There’s also an insulated coffee mug that they can use for as long as they like. 

This gift is one they will be impressed with. 

18. Soap Gift Set

With this soap gift set, your team will value how much you care for them.

This gift set comes in an avery cotton pouch and is paired with two soap boxes.  

The signature soap was thoughtfully crafted with paraben-free, vegan-only products such as olive oil and shea butter to ensure well-nourished skin. 

In getting this product, you’re putting a smile on your worker’s face and on the face of someone in need too.  

You can pair this gift set with a special gift card just to show them how much you appreciate them and their hard work.

19. Scented Candle

Considering how much medical professionals work, it’s important that they truly relax during their days off. 

A scented aromatherapy candle can help them achieve that. 

The candle’s scent is a combination of sage, oakmoss, citrus, and damp earth

Plus, it is made of natural soy which makes the candle eco-friendly and recyclable. 

20. Playing Cards Gift Set

Playing games is a great way to unwind after a long day’s work so gifting your employees a playing card gift set will allow them to have fun with their best friend or loved ones. 

This gift set comes with a canvas card holder that keeps the bourbon-themed cards neatly kept away for the next game. 

Playing card games might just be what ignites team-building during events such as nurses week in your organization. 

You never can tell. 

It’s a unique gift that’s capable of getting workers to have fun without being in front of a screen. 

21. Kahuzi Eco Jacket

The last unique gift on our list is an eco-friendly jacket

This eco kahuzi sherpa is made from the most recycled plastic around the world. 

It’s very soft and comfortable to wear which makes it a good piece of clothing to switch into just after a long day of work. 

The sherpa has zippered pockets on both sides meant to keep your belongings safe. 

Your employees can decide to wear it alone or as a layer, but it’s good either way. 

You can also decide to throw in a personalized ID badge to the mix.

It’s time to bring this post to a close!

Now Over to You

We implore you to appreciate your health workers as often as you can

They will acknowledge the effort you put into making them feel special and valued

Now that you’ve got this comprehensive gift guide, we hope you swing into action real soon

If you feel overwhelmed with what gift to get, here’s what you can do:

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