18 Great Baseball Team Gift Ideas (for Teams, Merch, & Fans)

Are you searching for some unique baseball gifts?  If you’re wondering what promotional items to give baseball players and coaches, […]

Mark Jackson

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Are you searching for some unique baseball gifts? 

If you’re wondering what promotional items to give baseball players and coaches, which gifts to sell online for baseball fans, or the baseball-related gifts to hand out to your employees, this post is for you.

We have made the gifting task easier for you; just keep reading to find useful suggestions and out-of-the-box gift options!

We have divided our post into three categories so you can quickly navigate through what you need:

  • Branded gifts for baseball teams
  • Gift ideas for baseball teams to sell online
  • Swag items for baseball fans

Let’s jump right in!

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6 Branded Gifts for Baseball Teams

7 Gift Ideas for Baseball Teams to Sell Online

5 Swag Items for Baseball Fans

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

6 Branded Gifts for Baseball Teams

Whether you want to give your ballplayers and baseball coaches unique birthday gifts, team-joining anniversary presents, or simply branded items to showcase team pride, you want to choose some of the best baseball gifts that keep on giving. 

The below player gifts are high-quality, durable, and leave a long-lasting impression. 

You can also use these customized items for promotional purposes to get your team enthusiasts on board to support you!

1. Thor Tritan sport bottle

The Thor sport water bottle makes a great gift idea since encouraging your team to stay hydrated is super important.

This sports bottle is shatter-, stain-, and odor-resistant, and composed of BPA-free Tritan material for a satisfying hydration experience. 

It can also be carried anywhere thanks to the spill-proof stainless steel screw-on cover, which has a spacious opening for ice cubes and a sturdy metal handle loop.

2. Verve vintage ballcap

You shouldn’t forget to protect your players and coaches from the sun, and this 100% cotton-made twill cap is here to save the day!

The Verve vintage ballcap is ready for your next game or activity, with a pre-curved peak, semi-structured top, and metal buckle clasp. 

In addition, you can engrave your team name on the clasp, adding a subtle yet attractive touch to this cap for men and women.

Author’s Tip: You can add a customized t-shirt with your team logo, custom Rawlings gloves, and a branded tumbler with this one to create a beautiful sports gift box for players of all ages, even the little league ones.

3. DuraHyde zippered padfolio

The DuraHyde zippered padfolio is an excellent option for the coach on the field or your favorite baseball player’s desk.

It has an inside organizer, a gusseted file pocket, a zipper closing, a clear ID or calculator sleeve, a front slot compartment, and an 8.5″ x 11″ writing pad.

Author’s Tip: You can pair this branded item with a gift card to give your coach a thoughtful Father’s Day gift.

4. NBN whitby duffel

The NBN Whitby duffel is a great Christmas gift for coaches and players.

This duffel has a spacious zippered main compartment with inside organization, a side water bottle pocket, and a magnetic clasp front slash pocket. 

It also has a zippered shoe compartment with ventilation and a hook and link closing side pocket. 

Plus, it comes with a rectangular vegan leather lash for attaching keys or a carabiner and features a cushioned adjustable shoulder for convenience.

5. Branded athletic socks

These custom socks are ideal for your coach working long hours and needing additional comfort or your ballplayer improving their baseball skills on the field.

The performance socks include additional spandex in the arch for a tight fit and a terry fabric lining for an extraordinarily soft and absorbent footbed. 

You can choose from three styles: ankle, midi, or calf. They can also be customized with your team colors to make them pop.

Author’s Tip: If you’re looking for your next holiday stocking filler, this one’s for you!

6. Clubman sunglasses

Ready for a day of training, to hit the slopes, or go on a team adventure? 

The Clubman sunglasses will make the best gift.

This pair is a one-of-a-kind retro style that’s sure to turn heads, as it also comes with Pantone matching on the frames and arms, and multicolor imprinting on both temples.

Another great perk is that you can completely personalize these sunglasses to fit your brand with options such as inner arm printing, PMS coordinated metal beneath the lens, metallic lenses, and two-tone.

7 Gift Ideas for Baseball Teams to Sell Online

Baseball teams sell online merch to build community, share memories with fans, and let all the game lovers collect memorabilia of their favorite teams.

And the more unique items a baseball team can sell online, the more of a memorable experience they get to create with their fans.

We’re featuring the below baseball-themed gifts from official baseball teams to spark your imagination if you’re planning your sports gift online store anytime soon!

1. Branded ornament set

The perfect Christmas gift does exist; just check how unique this New York Mets 3-piece ornament set looks!

Image Source: MLB Shop

What’s great about ornament sets is that they can be used year after year, as they’re not disposable items, so your team fans get to show their team pride every holiday.

They’re also effortless to customize, as the color and size options are endless.

2. Home plate pet bowl

How about letting the game enthusiasts share their game love with their furry pals with this custom home plate pet bowl?

Image Source: MLB Shop

The St. Louis Cardinals home plate pet bowl is made of sturdy melamine and can hold up to 3 cups of food or water.

It also features a non-slip bottom to guarantee no food-spilling incidents.

Made from 100% metal, these classy Los Angeles Dodgers team logo cufflinks are a must-have.

Image Source: MLB Shop

These cufflinks make excellent groomsmen presents for guys who like attending sports together or hanging out in the man cave watching the game. 

They’d also make an excellent present for team devotees who love to dress up for a game to look unique!

4. Custom leather wallet

This one-of-a-kind Houston Astros wallet is an excellent anniversary present for a partner, loved one, or friend in your baseball supporters’ lives.

Image Source: MLB Shop

Whether that baseball follower has spent their whole life playing or watching the game, this leather wallet is a thoughtful present that they will keep using for years to come.

It’s also the ideal location for storing ticket stubs from every season game.

Author’s Tip: A leather wallet is one of the best baseball coach gifts your team fans could ever give! This item can be paired with a matching keychain for a killer gift set.

5. Personalized baseball bat

Nothing beats giving personalized bats to baseball fan buddies and taking them to a game.

Image Source: MLB Shop

They’ll undoubtedly value this customized piece because a baseball bat is one of those gifts that gets it right from emotion to quality, from room decorating to coaches and team gifts to graduation presents.

6. Logo baseball display case

Display cases are among the best baseball gift ideas because they protect valuable memorabilia.

Image Source: MLB Shop

What’s also cool about them is that they make great decor additions to nightstands, work desks, and even offices, as they can be a conversation starter and a way to show off a game followers’ interests and passions to friends, workmates, and family.

Also, they can add a personal touch to room decor and make it feel more like the gift receiver’s own!

What’s also really awesome about them is they’re usually made of sturdy acrylic and come with solid wooden bases for a guaranteed long life.

7. Personalized pint glass

With this classic customized drinkware item, the gift-giver will show their favorite beer drinker that they’re a home run to them.

Image Source: MLB Shop

These customized beer glasses can be personalized with the gift receiver’s name using cool laser technology. 

Author’s Tip: To create the perfect gift for baseball lovers, you can combine this item with customized baseball gloves and a bag tag, and this set will just wow any gift searcher, as it can rock any occasion.

5 Swag Items for Baseball Fans

As a business owner, you should show appreciation for your employees and their hard work. 

One way to do this is by giving them swag items that reflect their interests and passions. If you have employees who are baseball fans, here are five swag items that they’ll appreciate, and you can also get in bulk:

1. Baseball stress reliever

This baseball stress reliever looks exactly like a real baseball.

How cool is that!

It’s made of squeezable polyurethane foam that can be used to release stress at home, and the workplace, or on the go.

2. Magnetic bottle opener & cup holder

The Cuisinart magnetic bottle opener and cup holder set makes a great addition to watching the baseball game anywhere!

It magnetically attaches to barbecues, smokers, cars, and other flat metal surfaces.

If your staff members need to open a bottle, they can just use the built-in bottle opener and let the magnet capture the cap.

3. Custom luggage tag

You can customize these high-quality luggage tags with your employees’ favorite team names and add a great touch.

This leather tag has an adjustable metal buckle and a flap cover with a snap fastening and accommodates the most common-sized business cards.

4. Large colorful notebook

Notebooks are so easy to give in bulk at baseball-themed corporate events or any office game-watching party.

You can customize this colorful notebook with your employees’ names and their favorite team logos, and you’ll have an unforgettable gift!

What’s more is, this fun colored notebook has 80 white ruled pages, a matching elastic clasp, and a matching colored ribbon bookmark.

5. Recycled cotton drawstring bag

A sustainable baseball swag item? 

Sounds like a great idea!

Your fellow baseball fans will get to carry their favorite team logo and names everywhere they go while incorporating an environmentally friendly message.

This recycled cotton drawstring bag is made from pre-consumer waste created by companies during the fabric-cutting process, making it really awesome.


We hope our gift suggestions have checked every mark on your list.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The below gift options are among the most popular baseball swag items:

  • Custom baseball bats
  • Branded keychains
  • Baseball gloves
  • Custom baseball caps
  • Personalized night lights
  • Baseball jerseys
  • Beer mugs

You can give your team members baseball promo gifts if you’re:

Q3. What baseball swag gifts can I give away if I’m on a budget?

You can give away these baseball swag items if you’re on a budget and in bulk too:

  • Custom keychains
  • Baseball-themed stress relievers 
  • Bottle openers
  • Beer mugs
  • Tote bags
  • Sticker packs

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