The 16 Best Startup Swag Ideas to Stand Out in 2023

Looking for ideas for business swag for your staff?  You’ve landed in the right place!  Company swag ideas are branded […]

Mark Jackson

President at SwagDrop

Looking for ideas for business swag for your staff?

 You’ve landed in the right place! 

Company swag ideas are branded products that promote your business. 

These gifts are intended to increase brand awareness for your startup or established business and make your business stand out in a crowded market.

Our list includes:

  • A laptop LED light
  • Stackable bamboo fiber bento boxes
  • A smart reusable bottle
  • An RFID phone wallet

Plus, 12 more items that you should definitely consider for your swag packs. 

Check our list so you know about all your options and get some great ideas. 

Table of Contents

1. Laptop LED Light

2. Stackable Bamboo Fiber Bento Box

3. Wireless Charging Dock and Desk Organizer

4. Smart Reusable Bottle

5. RFID Phone Wallet

6. Wireless Solar Power Bank

7. Unisex Heat Panel Vest

8. Photo Frame with Wireless Charging Pad

9. Computer Backpack

10. Fitness and Yoga Mat

11. VR Headset 

12. E-writing and Drawing Tablet

13. Aloe Vera Grow Kit

14. Branded T-shirts

15. Bluetooth Speaker

16. Branded Tote Bag

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Laptop LED Light

A laptop LED light can help remote teams look more visible during meetings when their at-home lighting isn’t so lit.  

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It also helps with typing if your team is working somewhere dim and you want to protect their eyes from squinting at the keyboard.  

Hence, it makes one of the best office and work-at-home gifts.

This item comes with a micro USB charger, so you know there won’t be any battery or power worries.  

Author’s Note: You can clip it to your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet, making it super versatile. 

Moving on to our next item. 

2. Stackable Bamboo Fiber Bento Box

This trendy bento box’s two food storage compartments includes built-in utensil storage between the two levels. 

Using bamboo helps the environment by reducing the amount of plastic used.

It says “yes” to sustainability and doing good for the environment, and it says “yes” to being part of the cool swag squad. 

You can’t go wrong with this freebie! 

Let’s check what’s next on our list.

3. Wireless Charging Dock and Desk Organizer

When it comes to completing your tasks, being well-organized is vital. 

Having an organized desk makes it easier for your team to get their work done efficiently.

A traditional desk organizer helps everyone stay put together, having all their important documents, notes, or pens in one place. 

Plus, our item here has a modern twist. 

The wireless charging dock and desk organizer has a magnetic board that attaches to an iPhone 12 and 13 to charge without any cords. 

It also includes a foldable phone holder that can be used to wirelessly charge other phones.

Author’s Tip: This item is considered super high-quality swag; offering it to any employee will take it to the next level. 

4. Smart Reusable Bottle

Technology can make your life simpler in many ways and smart water bottles are no exception.  

Being well hydrated is essential to anyone’s health.

A smart bottle will catch the attention of people who you give it to by glowing or sending you a phone notification to drink water. 

It also looks like a tumbler, just with extra features.

Smart reusable bottles include a battery – either standalone or rechargeable through a USB cable – that reminds the user to drink water. 

With smartphone app technology, some smart water bottles can even measure how much you consume throughout the day.

Including this item in your swag packs is great business advertising, as staying healthy should be anyone’s number one priority. 

Let’s see what’s coming up next.

5. RFID Phone Wallet

Keep your phone safe, along with your cash and credit cards with an RFID phone wallet which adds extra protection and organization where you need it most.

This item protects credit and ID cards by encasing them and protecting them from contactless card scanners. 

For added convenience, the phone wallet can be attached to the back of your phone, so it makes for a great promotional product that gets seen a lot. 

A phone wallet is an excellent method to reduce the number of items you need to carry daily. 

It’s a brilliant accessory that allows you to keep cards and cash in your phone cover, solving a few long-standing issues.

You don’t have to worry about forgetting your phone or wallet when you leave the house. 

Let’s check the wireless solar power bank next.

6. Wireless Solar Power Bank

Wireless solar power banks are portable power units that gather energy from the sun and convert it to electricity. 

You can utilize this energy to charge up electronic devices such as phones and laptops without connecting them to an outlet.

It can be difficult to charge your phone if you’re on a lengthy trip and don’t have access to a wall socket. 

Charging on the go is now possible thanks to the availability of solar power banks on the market, so make it your next onboarding gift to your new team members. 

Solar power banks provide a few advantages: 

  • Environmentally friendly – One of the most important benefits is that they’re eco-friendly and will help minimize power usage when charging gadgets. 
  • Safe to use – Some types come with silicone or rubber shells that guard against damage in transit.
  • Compatibility -Solar power banks can also be universally compatible with a wide range of electronics since they usually charge through a USB connection.

Moving on to our swag idea number seven. 

7. Unisex Heat Panel Vest

Lightweight and water-repellent heat panel vests combine cozy warmth with cutting-edge technology. 

A power bank charges the inside heat panels in the chest and back that can be regulated with the press of a button.

Using a heated vest also has the benefit of allowing the gift recipient to use their arms with the full range of motion while working, making it a practical office gift once the weather gets colder. 

Here are three health advantages to wearing heated clothing:

  • Controlling body temperature – Heated clothing gives the wearer the ability to control their body temperature better, perfect for locations with extreme climates. You’ll never overheat or get too chilly.
  • Reduced chances of injury – By relaxing your joints, heat increases blood circulation in the body and helps you avoid injury; heated clothing is a great way to keep muscles and joints healthy and functioning.
  • Avoid body pain – The cold can rapidly turn a good day into a not-so-great one for those with arthritis or aging bodies, so a heated panel vest can help people avoid the aches and discomfort of being outside in the cold. 

Moving on.

8. Photo Frame with Wireless Charging Pad

The photo frame with wireless charging pad makes the perfect corporate gift for its premium packaging and great looks. 

Even if your phone doesn’t have wireless charging capabilities, you can use an external wireless charging receiver or a receiver case and still use the features of this item. 

Some of the great things about this item include:

  • It’s compatible with the majority of plastic phone covers.
  • It comes with a USB to micro-USB drive connection for charging.
  • Wireless charging works when the phone is held vertically.

Let’s get to the next one. 

9. Computer Backpack

A computer backpack is a lifesaver at work. 

A custom backpack has several partitions to carry all of your items; it also includes a laptop partition and sleeve with additional padding for security. 

This item includes a USB port with a cable, too. 

You can also customize its design by adding your company logo and company name for brand recognition.

Author’s Note: If you’re looking for custom swag, this is your go-to item as you can play around with the design as much as you like.

Let’s move forward with our next item. 

10. Fitness and Yoga Mat

Yoga strengthens, balances, and stretches the body.

Holding a position can help you improve strength while increasing your blood flow and warming up your muscles.

Caring for your employees means caring for their health and well-being; a fitness and yoga mat will make a unique gift or giveaway for that purpose. 

Regular yoga practice can help work-at-home staff deal with stress in three ways:

  1.  Energy booster – A lack of energy at the start of the day can lead to increased stress and early burnout; yoga is a great way to kick off the day. You can even offer virtual sessions as part of your employee benefits package.  
  2. Mind cleaner – Lots of tension is caused by multitasking and overthinking so a short yoga session will help to focus on one job at a time, allowing you to cleanse your thoughts and control breathing to reduce stress and anxiety. 
  3. Feel better – Every emotion you experience results from interactions in your body, and yoga helps you feel better by encouraging the release of feel-good chemicals like oxytocin which can balance out stress hormones.

Next up is…

11. VR Headset

VR headsets are often used with video games, but they’re also used in other areas such as simulations and training.

VR creates a safe environment for employees to interact with and learn in dynamic settings. 

VR simulations are used to educate soft skills, boost knowledge of diversity, equality, and inclusion, and lets your team rehearse challenging workplace scenarios.

A VR headset is considered a cool company swag item for its futuristic look.  

If you’re looking for unconventional corporate swag, we recommend this item.

12. E-writing and Drawing Tablet

Note-taking and sketching on the go are a breeze with an e-writing and drawing tablet.

You can draw or write right on the screen with the included plastic stylus. 

It’s possible to wipe the screen using the bottom erase button or safeguard a message by pressing the screen-lock button.

This type of gadget can be used to collect handwritten signatures, such as those seen in some retail outlets or when renewing your ID digitally.

You can use it to trace your artwork too! 

Suppose you sketched something you loved and wanted to replicate it digitally, but you weren’t sure how to go about it.

You can then photograph your sketches, open them in a new window, and add further details to the originals. 

Finally, trace your design onto the tablet, and bam, your drawing is ready for use.

Overall, this is a great promotional item to help your team remain creative and active. 

Let’s see our next idea.

13. Aloe Vera Grow Kit

The aloe vera grow kit is a complete garden kit that includes natural seeds and special growing material.

Simply place it on a sunny windowsill and make sure to water it daily.

In 14-21 days, the first sprouts will appear. 

Keep it hydrated and you’ll be amazed at how quickly it grows. 

Aloe Vera has terrific benefits like:

  • It’s loaded with beneficial antioxidants
  • It has the effect of speeding up the healing process of wounds
  • It decreases the buildup of tooth plaque
  • It helps with constipation
  • It has the potential to enhance skin and prevent wrinkles

Let’s get to the next swag idea for startups.

14. Branded T-shirts

When your team wears company-branded clothing, they’re helping to build a sense of community and team spirit that’ll remain for years.

Branded swag isn’t simply thrown away after one use.

Promotional items such as t-shirts and branded hoodies are used often and enhance your brand recognition to a broader audience and potential customers – four out of five people own at least one. 

Also, branded t-shirts are part of the cool swag family, and they look good on everyone in trade shows and social media events.

Moving on to natural bamboo Bluetooth speakers.

15. Natural Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

The only difference between Bluetooth speakers and other types is that they don’t require wires. 

Like any standard speaker, they accept digital audio from your phone or other device and convert it to analog audio. 

These speakers work great in the house and the office for small gatherings and occasions.

Yet a natural bamboo Bluetooth speaker isn’t like your typical Bluetooth speaker. 

The sound of the bamboo Bluetooth speaker is as natural as the bamboo it’s derived from, making a sustainable promotional item like no other.

Let’s check the last item on our list.

16. Branded Tote Bag

Personalized tote bags are a terrific way for entrepreneurs to promote their brands without having to worry about the cost. 

In addition to being functional, they can be turned into attractive fashion items with a little effort and sticker decorations, making them excellent marketing tools and promotional items for brand awareness. 

We also recommend getting sustainable and visually appealing eco-branded tote bags. 

It serves as a walking billboard for your company, promoting it to potential consumers and clients alike!

Passers-by are sure to ask questions, “Where did you buy that bag?” when they see your company’s logo on an eco-branded tote bag.

That was our final item on our list!

Let’s wrap up.

Now Over to You

Our list of 16 best startup swag ideas to stand out in 2022 has come to an end.

It’s essential to provide your staff with something practical and enjoyable. 

Employees will be more appreciative of presents that demonstrate originality and style.

As seen by these thoughtful gifts, employers care about their employees’ well-being. 

Not to mention, a memorable gesture is enhanced by the addition of intriguing and distinctive freebies.

We are always here to help you select the best corporate swag items; don’t hesitate to contact us for more ideas and recommendations. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Q1. Why is startup swag important?

Startup swag is important because it boosts company awareness which means making more people aware of the startup’s products and services. 

Brand awareness and brand recognition are critical for organizations competing for investment funds. It’s essential to distinguish yourself from the competition and understanding where to place your company logo is a vital part of that.

Last but not least, these gifts are frequently presented to current and new customers, but they are also given to employees as tokens of appreciation.

Q2. Where to buy swag for a startup?

To buy swag for your startup you simply need to partner with a reliable swag partner

A good partner will offer great bundles for startups including all sorts of promotional items, from branded t-shirts and hoodies to wellness kits and tech swag.

Q3. What is good startup swag?

The best startup swag includes branded t-shirts, branded tote bags, and fitness and yoga mats. 

The most popular type of swag is a branded t-shirt, and for a valid reason. 

If your workers or clients love working for you, they’ll want to promote your brand – especially if the shirt is high-quality clothing.

How can we help?

If you need a hand, have an unanswered question, please fill out our contact form and our friendly sales staff will get back to you ASAP!