Top 13 College Promo Items w/ Examples from Great Institutions

Promotional products are now more critical than ever in college branding.  While online teaching remains a popular trend among undergraduate […]

Mark Jackson

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Promotional products are now more critical than ever in college branding

While online teaching remains a popular trend among undergraduate colleges, students still desire a way to express their school enthusiasm, even if they are not physically present on campus. 

Investing in the proper college freebies can help fill the spaces caused by the absence of human ties and provide you with a new and unique chance for brand activation.

Hence, we have made this post for you, including 13 exceptional college items for your upcoming events and to help you get prepared!

Table of Contents

1. Mix Bound JournalBook

2. Miller Backpack

3. Sona Reusable Bottle

4. Riley Patterned Cinchpack

5. Monroe Short Sleeve Pocket Tee

6. Vacuum Insulated Mug

7. Hand Sanitizer with Portable Neoprene Holder

8. Hang In There Lanyard

9. Poppy 2-Pack Stainless Straw Set

10. Sleek Aluminum Power Bank

11. Customized Athletic Socks

12. Swift Earbuds with Mic & Volume Control

13. Non-Woven Can Lunch Cooler

5 Examples of Fabulous College Promo Items from Famous Institutions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Mix Bound JournalBook

Many people still prefer notebooks, even with all the tech buzz we are currently witnessing. 

Journals have grown reasonably popular among younger generations, as many college students use bullet journaling to organize and maintain their to-do lists, schedules, and agendas in one spot.

Hence, we recommend a practical giveaway item such as the mix bound journal.

This journal doesn’t only look nice, but it also includes a pen loop and a page marker, which is a great plus.

2. Miller Backpack

Backpacks are everyone’s best friend from high school right through to college.

They make classic promotional products due to their practicality. 

The miller backpack is made of sturdy polyester and has padded shoulder straps to make every school day a breeze.

Author’s Note: This item makes a great promotional item choice for college fairs. You can pair this one with a branded planner and a flash drive to create the perfect college gift kit.

3. Sona Reusable Bottle

It is critical for your institution to create an image of environmental conscience for prospective students nowadays. 

People often link reusable water bottles with being environmentally conscious. 

Therefore,  associating your promotional items with the green movement increases your school name’s relevance and value.

What makes the Sona reusable bottle very special is that it’s made entirely of recycled plastic

In addition, it’s single-walled and comes with an eye-catching bamboo lid.

Author’s Tip: You can match this eco-friendly drinkware item with a customized tote bag to create an impressive college giveaway bundle.

4. Riley Patterned Cinch Pack

The riley patterned cinch pack is ideal for days when students simply have nothing heavy to carry and don’t have many courses. 

It’s lightweight and suitable for carrying anything from school books to extra clothing. 

Simply defined, it’s similar to a usual backpack but with a smaller storage capacity and dimensions.

Furthermore, the lightweight design of this backpack will work great for student-athletes, as it easily accommodates a pair of shoes or additional clothing.

5. Monroe Short Sleeve Pocket Tee

Whether your campus is attending virtually, or in person, customized t-shirts are an excellent way to boost school spirit and a sense of solidarity.

That’s why branded t-shirts will always stay trendy back to school promo items.

The Monroe short sleeve pocket tee comes in a super comfortable blend of polyester and cotton, making it perfect for daily use.

It also comes in styles for both men and women and a large selection of colors for you to choose from.

Author’s Tip: You can create a blended design of your school mascot and logo instead of going for your college emblem on its own. 

6. Vacuum Insulated Mug

Both college students and teachers survive on coffee, so gifting insulated mugs seems like a fantastic choice as they can be used by anyone anytime.

This Rover vacuum insulated mug has a double-wall stainless steel vacuum structure that keeps your drink hot for five hours and cold for fifteen. 

It also stops condensation from gathering on the piece’s exterior and boasts an on-trend matte finish with a sliding closure on the press-on lid.

Overall, insulated mugs don’t contain BPA, as they’re made of stainless steel.

They also endure longer, eliminating waste from disposable and less expensive solutions. 

What’s the point of this, other than the fact that it’s vital for the environment

According to the ASI global ad impressions survey, eco-friendly promotional products get higher impressions from 42% of users.

For one individual, saving one single-use cup every day for 40 years saves 24 trees

Drinkware that is environmentally friendly saves carbon emissions, wood, petroleum, and other toxins, making it healthier for both individuals and the environment.

Author’s Tip: You can twin this sturdy mug with branded highlighters, pens, and a colorful drawstring bag for a valuable-looking new student promotional giveaway.

7. Hand Sanitizer with Portable Neoprene Holder

The hand sanitizer with portable neoprene holder conveniently attaches to bags, tote bags, and other items for convenient access while on the road.

Another great feature of this healthcare swag item is that it’s made with a blend of alcohol and vitamins.

8. Hang In There Lanyard

The Bullet Hang In There lanyard is a 20-inch long lanyard with a 1-inch broad breakaway neck clasp.

This multipurpose lanyard also comes with a removable plastic clip and a broad metal swivel hook; it can be used for carrying keys, IDs, and badges.

Author’s Tip: You can get your hands on some reusable straws, reusable face masks, scented hand sanitizer, full-color pop sockets, and glossy carabiners to pair up with this item, creating a superb kit for tradeshows and fundraiser events

9. Poppy 2-Pack Stainless Straw Set

Being mindful of our environment is an ongoing theme.

This poppy 2-pack stainless straw set is ideal for students walking around school or drinking a beverage at home.

It has a travel pouch and a cleaning brush for easy care.

10. Sleek Aluminum Power Bank

The Sleek aluminum 4000 mAh power bank is a lithium polymer rechargeable power bank. 

With a total output of 5V/2A, this battery device can charge smartphones, tablets, and various mobile gadgets.

In addition, the dual output of the power bank enables you to charge two gadgets simultaneously. 

It also has a battery check button, letting you see how much battery life remains.

11. Customized Athletic Socks

When it comes to college swag, socks are an obvious favorite.

These athletic socks provide arch support, a moisture-wicking fabric, and are made of breathable and comfy material.

They are available in various colors and sizes and can include your school’s name or emblem on both the front and back.

12. Swift Earbuds with Mic & Volume Control

The swift earbuds come with an in-line microphone and a single button for answering and ending calls, allowing a seamless transition between music playing and mobile phone usage.

In addition, these earbuds come with extra silicone tips, which is a fantastic bonus.

13. Non-Woven Can Lunch Cooler

This non-woven lunch cooler has a large zipped main area that can hold up to nine 12oz cans.

It also has a front slash pouch for keeping small items and is foil-lined.

5 Examples of Fabulous College Promo Items from Famous Institutions

Colleges are more than simply intellectual havens

They are also highly tuned marketing machinery that spends a significant time and money to make their schools a sought-after location. 

Campus marketing initiatives begin before a student enrolls and continue into adulthood as alumni and prospective university contributors.

Promotional items are excellent for raising awareness, developing unity, promoting programs, instilling school spirit, and persuading new students to apply. 

Moreover, everything points to promotional products as an excellent advertising alternative for establishing a meaningful connection between your organization and prospects. 

They can’t ignore it like a paper advertisement or mute it like a TV commercial—instead, a branded product is immediately in their minds.

The below examples showcase the above-mentioned.

1. University of British Columbia

This flex hat includes a stretchable band around the bottom to suit most head sizes comfortably.

Image Source: UBC Store

The UBC Thunderbirds emblem is embroidered in an eye-catching design on the front of this promo cap.

2. University of California, Los Angeles

The UCLA women’s arch over b long sleeve tencel knit tee features a silky texture and a Bruin (UCLA mascot) attitude that provides great comfort.

Image Source: UCLA Store

Just look at how great this color combination is!

Also, this item comes in various sizes, which is a plus.

3. University of Toronto 

Tote bags are timeless college swag items.

Image Source: UOFT Store

This tote bag is made of 100% natural cotton, and is designed to carry all the essentials every day.

4. University of Manitoba

These branded beanies are the definition of college pride with the logo imprinted on the front.

Image Source: UManitoba Store

They’re made of 100% acrylic, providing warmth in the tough Canadian weather.

5. University of the Arts London

This UAL mug looks absolutely radiant. 

The best part about this mug is the cool logo imprinted on it; the logo looks durable, and it gives the mug a deluxe feel.

Are You Ready to Create Cool College Promo Items? 

These college gifts will draw attention to your institution, bring students together digitally and in person, and make you stand out among other universities. 

There is no better way to get high school students’ attention than by providing practical products that favorably reflect your organization.

We encourage you to stay in touch with us to help you create the best college promo items and assist you in any way possible.

Thank you for your time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What products do college students buy the most?

College students buy the below items the most:

  • Highlighters
  • Journals
  • Pens
  • Laptop backpacks
  • Drawstring bags
  • Coffee mugs

Q2. What items do college students need most?

College students need these items the most:

  • Pens and pencils
  • USB flash drives
  • Power banks
  • Desk clocks
  • Storage bins

Q3. What is in a typical college swag bag?

The typical college swag bag includes:

  • Branded earbuds
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Drawstring bag
  • Portable charger
  • Custom popsocket

The most popular college swag includes:

  • Branded t-shirts
  • Lanyards
  • Branded socks
  • Insulated mugs
  • Branded backpacks
  • Journals
  • Sports bottle

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